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Written by Barry Kowal   
Dec 18, 2019 at 05:30 PM
Hello people,
     we have nine (9) birthdays today.Three singers,four actress,an ice hockey player and an actor.
      Let's start with the singers.

1) Born on Tuesday,January 14,1969 in Warren,Ohio,USA is is a musician,singer,
songwriter,record producer and film director.He was the longest serving drummer for the grunge band "Nirvana" and the frontman and founder of the rock band
"Foo Fighters",of which he is the lead vocalist,rhythm and lead guitarist,and
primary songwriter.

2) Born James Todd Smith on Sunday,January 14,1968 in New York City is a rapper,
actor,author and entrepreneur.He has appeared in numerous films,including "In Too
Deep","Any Given Sunday","S.W.A.T.","Mindhunters", and "Edison". He currently
stars in an action role as NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna,on the CBS crime drama
television series "NCIS:Los Angeles".In 2003,accompanied by a female who is also from New York City,together they had a #1 single on the US Billboard Hot 100.


3) Born on Saturday,January 14,1967 in Bayonne,New Jersey,USA is a musician,singer,
songwriter,multi-instrumentalist and occasional actor who is best known as the
guitarist for "Ozzy Osbourne",and founder of the heavy metal band "Black Label

4) Born on Monday,January 14,1974 in Palm Beach,Florida,USA is an actress and
model.She appeared in the 1995 movie "Embrace Of The Vampire" and was the Penthouse
Pet for October 1993.

Stacy Moran

5) Born on Wednesday,January 14,1959 in Beloit,Wisconsin,USA is an actress and model.
She grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and participated in wet t-shirt contests in
Las Vegas.She was discovered by "Playboy" photographer Robert Scott Hooper.She was the
Playmate of the Month in the September,1981 issue of "Playboy." She had previously
appeared in the pictorial "The Girls of Las Vegas" in the February,1979 issue of
"Playboy." She participated in a no-holds-barred wrestling match with eccentric
comedian Andy Kaufman for the "intergender championship of the world" belt.Although
she clearly defeated Kaufman in this fierce bout,he was nonetheless still declared
the winner of said fight.A sexy pictorial of this match was featured in the
February,1982 issue of "Playboy." She had roles in two movies made in the 80s:She's
a woman who gets stalked in a supermarket by a vicious misogynist mama's boy psycho
in the splendidly sick'n'sleazy horror slasher cult favorite "Don't Go In The House"
and a call girl in the lowbrow adult comedy romp "Working Girls." She now owns and
runs her own construction business in the southwest.
Susan M. Smith.jpg

Susan M. Smith

6) Born on Thursday,January 14,1954 in Shreveport,Louisiana,USA is an actress and
model.She was the Playmate of the Month in the November,1973 issue of "Playboy." She
has the distinction of being the first Playmate who was younger than the magazine;she
was just nineteen when her centerfold was published.She went on to be featured as one
of the Bunnies of 1974 in the October,1974 issue of "Playboy." She acted in roles in
the movies "Suicide Cult," "The Yum-Yum Girls," "Nocturna," "Robin," and "New York
Nights." More recently,she was the primary producer of the Off-Broadway play "Mindgame."
Monica Tidwell.jpg

Monica Tidwell

7) Born on Tuesday,January 14,1941 in Bascom,Florida, U.S.A. is an actress.She is
the recipient of many accolades,including an Academy Award,an Emmy Award (Primetime),
three Golden Globe Awards and a BAFTA Award.In 2011,the government of France made her
an Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters.
Her career began in the early 1960s on Broadway.She made her screen debut in the
1967 film "The Happening", and rose to fame that same year with her portrayal of
outlaw Bonnie Parker in Arthur Penn's "Bonnie And Clyde",for which she received her
first Academy Award nomination.Her most notable films include the crime caper "The
Thomas Crown Affair" (1968),the drama "The Arrangement" (1969),the revisionist western
"Little Big Man" (1970),an adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas classic "The Three
Musketeers" (1973),the neo-noir mystery "Chinatown" (1974),for which she earned her
second Oscar nomination,the action-drama disaster "The Towering Inferno" (1974),the
political thriller "Three Days Of The Condor" (1975),the satire "Network" (1976),for
which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress and the thriller "Eyes Of Laura Mars"

Faye Dunaway.jpg

Faye Dunaway
8) Born on Friday,January 14,1977 in St. John's,Newfoundland,Canada is a retired
professional ice hockey player.He was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens eighth overall in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft and played eight games with the organization
between 1996 and 1999.Due to such a short NHL career,he is often considered a draft
bust.His hockey career continued with the Fredericton Canadiens where he was named
Rookie of the Year in 1998,claimed second in goals (21) and led the league in fights.
Terry Ryan.jpg

9) Born on Wednesday,January 14,1948 in New Orleans is an actor and former
professional football player.He is best known for portraying Apollo Creed in the
Rocky series of films,George Dillon in "Predator",Chubbs Peterson in "Happy
Gilmore" and "Little Nicky", and a fictionalized version of himself on the comedy
series "Arrested Development". As a football player,he played for the "Oakland
Raiders" of the National Football League and the "B.C. Lions" of the Canadian
Football League.

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