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Written by Barry Kowal   
Aug 02, 2019 at 12:00 PM

  In Fort Lauderdale,Florida a 90 year-old US World War II Veteran was arrested for giving food to homeless people.

  In Arizona a 36 year old man is facing 20 years in prison after being charged for giving food and water to migrants.

  Also in Arizona,Scott Daniel Warren,an instructor with Arizona State University is facing federal charges for leaving water bottles in the
dessert in order to prevent migrants from dying of dehydration trying to enter the USA through the dessert.

  Immigrants detained at concentration camps in Texas were told to drink water from toilets.

  Is this a sign of the times?

  After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 Americans felt as if they were invincible.Many people in US think tanks wanted it to be 
enshrined in the UN charter because Americans are such exceptional people,that the US should be allowed the right to topple any government that
they so desire.

  Believe the Washington line that the USA topples governments to spread democracy and I'll tell you about a bridge I want to sell you.
Americans are selfish and greedy and usually when the US wants to topple a foreign government is because that country has natural resources
the USA so desires or does not bow down and kiss America's ass.After the collapse of the USSR the US with impunity were able
to topple several governments-Yugoslavia,Bosnia,Haiti,Afghanistan,Iraq Libya and Hondorus.But in 2015 Americans ran into problems.

  America's bellicose language and belligerence forced Russia and China to become good friends.The unipolar world has come to an
end.We are now living a multi-polar world.The USA tried to topple Syria but Russia said "STOP RIGHT THERE".Syria was never toppled.
Afghanistan has been resurrected and the Taliban is back in control.The USA tried to topple Venezuela but again Russian troops
presence in Venezuela makes the USA think twice.Trump used a lot of bellicose language with North Korea threatening to demolish the country.
But America knows China has North Korea's back so again they back off.So,the USA is now going after Iran.But at the same time,
if the USA goes to war with Iran,this is not Iraq or Libya.The USA will have a war much bigger than Vietnam.Trump also knows if he now starts
a war with Iran he could kisses his chances of winning re-election goodbye.

   This doesn't mean the Americans stop being shit stirrers.Many believe the Americans are agitating the unrest of Hong Kong.But being
the USA is unable to topple foreign governments the top one percent focus on the bottom 99%.Since Ronald Regan was president the income 
gap between the rich and poor has grown expotentially,especially with Donald Trump.Since the Middle ages there has never been such 
a great income disparity as that,that exists in the USA today.In 1970 the CEOs of big companies on average earned 45 times as much as 
the person at the entry-level position.Today the average CEO earns 1000 times as much.

  In most Europen countries this is illegal.Since Ronald Reagan's presidency CEO's have been able to buy back their own stocks.
  US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) got Daniel O'Day, a CEO of California-based biotech firm Gilead Sciences, Inc.,admit they
are charging Americans close to $2,000 for an HIV prevention drug that only costs $8 in Australia.

 Now Americans travel to Canada to buy diabetes drugs at one-tenth of the price in the USA.

 When Donald Trump gives a huge tax breaks to the top 1% percent that means that the government now has less money to take in,in order to
opearate.So,in order to compensate for the deficit the US government extracts more money from the bottom 99%.

  New York City Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo,who was captured on a video wrapping his arm around Eric Garner's neck,after Garner said eleven times
"I Can't Breathe",resulting in Garner's death was never charged with any crime for his dirty deed.

  This is a sign of the times.People of color,homeless and immigrants are considered sub-human by those in power in the USA.Much of the
middle class are now feeling the crunch.Many people who were from the lower end of the middle class are now poor.Many so called Christians quote 
the Bible and say "if you don't work you don't eat." In America,you have people who work three jobs and live in their cars.63% Of Americans 
don't have enough savings to cover A $500 emergency.
 I never hear these Christians saying "if you work 3 jobs you still don't eat".

  The millennials will be the first generation to have it worse than their parents.College tuition costs have skyrocketed.Coming out of university
these millennials are up to their eyeballs in student-loan debt and buying a new home has become so expensive that many are not willing to marry and raise

  Then we have AI and robots.AI and robots are replacing many entry-level positions.In the future many more jobs and profession will
become extinct due to AI and robots.They claim by 2050 judges and lawyers will become extinct.

  Lawyers and judges are considered the epitome of the middle class.When they disappear so will the middle class. By the end of the century
it looks like America will go back to the Middle Ages.You will have the lord of the manor and his serfs.



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