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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jan 05, 2015 at 06:45 PM

   This is a story making a lot of news not just in Thailand.It is about Rahaf al-Qunun an 18 year old Saudi girl who was being forced into an arranged marriage in
Saudi Arabia.She also denounced Islam which is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia.She was on vacation with her family in Kuwait when on January 5,2019 she escaped with an Australian visa.She was changing planes in Bangkok when Saudi officials forcibly took her passport from her.The Thailand government was going to send her back to Saudi Arabia.But while in the transit lounge of Suvarnabhumi Airport where she used her Smartphone,from an airport transit lounge hotel room,that she barricaded her self in.She then went online telling people she will be killed if she returns to Saudi Arabia and because of large international pressure On January 8 Thailand said they won't send her back to Saudi Arabia and the UNHCR intervened.The internet saved her life. She was then held by the UNCHR in Thailand in an undisclosed location.The UNCHR had granted her refugee status.Then on January 11 Canada granted her asylum.On January 11,2019 at 11.15 PM (local time)(1615 GMT) she flew out of Bangkok to Seoul where she changed planes and arrived in Toronto on the morning of January 12,2019.

I remember about 15 years ago in Berlin a Muslim brother shot his sister in cold
blood in broad daylight just because she got her own apartment.They call it an
honor killing.

In April of 2018 a Saudi woman like Rahaf tried to escape Saudi Arabia and go to
Australia.She was changing planes in Manila when she was kidnapped at the airport
by two Saudi thugs.After yelling and screaming she had duck tape put over her mouth
and was put on a plane back to Saudi Arabia.No one has heard from her since. My
heart cried out for Rahaf that poor 18 year old Saudi girl when I first heard this

The reason the culture Rahaf Alqunun lives in exists in Saudi Arabia is because
the USA and the UK give tacit approval to the government of Saudi Arabia in the
name of cheap oil and money.Go back to 1979 when Jimmy Carter was president of the
USA.Zbigniew Brzezinski who was his National Security Advisor wanted to overthrow
the government of the Soviet Union.So the CIA recruited some radicals from
Saudi Arabia to create chaos in Afghanistan forcing the USSR to come to the aide
of the Afghan government.Brzezinski's attitude is what do we care about some
fanatical Muslims if we can overthrow the Soviet Union.That came back to bite him
in the ass.One of those fanatics was Osama-Bin-Laden.

On the day of the September 11,2001 World Trade Center attacks,15 of the 19
hijackers were Saudi Arabian nationals.In retaliation, the US goes and invades
Afghanistan and Iraq and none of the hijackers were Iraqi or Afghan nationals.

      Then in May of 2011 Barack Obama does not arrest but kills Osama Bin Laden.
Obviously Obama did this because he did not want Bin Laden to talk.Bin Laden would
have probably revealed some truths that the USA does not want the world to know.

   In 2015 the USA and UK began selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and assisted Saudi
Arabia in their bombing of Yemen.Now there is a genocide going on in Yemen.
Last year Saudi Arabia dropped an American bomb on a Yemenis school bus killing 40
small children.The US and UK did not express any disapproval or remorse.

In October of 2018 Jamal Khashoggi a Saudi national and US resident,a journalist
working for the Washington Post was murdered and had his body dismembered at the
Saudi Arabian Embassy in Istanbul,Turkey. Evidence was presented that the Crown
Prince of Saudi Arabia ordered the execution of Mr.Khashoggi. When this evidence
was presented to US president Donald Trump,he said he would not take any action
against Saudi Arabia.He said Saudi Arabia gives us too much money for the weapons
we sell them and there are too many jobs at stake.He added "if we don't sell them
weapons,Russia or China will". On the other hand Canadian Prime Minister Justin
Trudeau gave a different kind of response.Trudeau said Khashoggi's murder was
unacceptable and has demanded a full explanation from Saudi Arabia.

This was not Trudeau's first spat with Saudi Arabia.Last year Saudi Arabia barred
the Canadian ambassador to Riyadh after Ottawa criticized Saudi authorities for
detaining female activists.

You see as long as countries like the USA and UK don't condemn Saudi Arabia's
behavior,Saudi Arabia will feel embolden and continue to perpetuate the oppressive
culture which Rahaf Alqunun found herself in.Some say Donald Trump is the
leader of the "free world".Perhaps Justin Trudeau should be the leader of
the "free world".

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