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Written by Barry Kowal   
Dec 09, 2018 at 09:21 AM

One quality that Just Trudeau the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada is
lacking that his father the 15th Prime Minister of Canada had is
obstinance.When Pierre Trudeau was PM of Canada unlike Australia and New
Zealand he refused to send troops to Vietnam.Not following the USA Pierre
Trudeau followed the rest of the world and introduced the country to the
metric system.Pierre Trudeau tried to give Canada an identity independent
of the USA.
   Even Jean Chretien the 20th Prime Minister of Canada had integrity.
In 2003 when George W, Bush asked Chretien to send troops to Iraq he
told Bush to "show me proof Iraq has WMDs".Bush never did and Canada
never sent troops.
  In 2003 just prior to the US invasion of Iraq,an Iraqi citizen who
had family in Winnipeg fled Iraq.He flew first to Hong Kong Then he
flew to Vancouver changing planes in Honolulu then on to Winnipeg.The
US found out he had changed planes in Honolulu and demanded Canada
extradite him to the USA.Once again Jean Chretien said "show me
proof he committed a crime".
  However,times have changed.While Stephen Harper was Canada's 22nd
prime minister,on Friday,November 21st,2014 an anti-nazi resolution
was presented before the entire UN General Assembly.The resolution
would condemn attempts to glorify Nazi ideology and to deny German
Nazi war crimes,including the Holocaust.The resolution overwhelmingly
passed.But the USA,Ukraine and CANADA voted against the resolution.
You can read all about it at:
  During the 2016 Olympics WADA (based in Toronto) without presenting
any proof accused the Russian Olympic team of doping violations.
Resulting in destroying the careers of many Russian athletes,many
who never tested positive for doping.Clearly,the Canadians were
acting under the direction of the USA.
   Then at the 2018 G7 Summit in June in Quebec Donald Trump humiliates
Justin Trudeau. Trudeau just shrugs it off. Then in November of 2018
Ukrainian ships illegally enter Russian waters and are detained.
Canada joins the USA in labeling Russia as an aggressor.If US Warships
went into waters outside Vancouver would the Canadians consider
themselves an aggressor.
  Now Canada may have bitten off more than they can chew.Now acting like
a puppet of the USA (something Canada is good at doing) Canadian police
at Vancouver International Airport on December 1,detained Meng Wanzhou
who is a Huawei,a Chinese telecom corporation,CFO and daughter of its
founder.She is like Chinese royalty.How would the Canadians like it if
China detained Wayne Gretzkey,Justin Bieber,Celine Dion or Shania Twain.
If Justin Trudeau had spine he would have told the USA we will not do your
dirty work.China is now vehemently demanding the Canadian government
release Meng Wanzhou.For being America's puppet Canada is now on China's
shit list.America only has 300 million people while China has five times
as many people.When I lived in Vancouver in 1985 it was gaining the
nickname of "Hongcouver".There are also big Chinese communities in Calgary
and Toronto (Markham).China is now telling Canada if Meng Wanzhou is not
released there will be serious reprecussions.The Canadian government is
now probably scratching their heads,asking themselves "was it worth it to
be sucking America's dick?".

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