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Written by Barry Kowal   
Sep 11, 2015 at 11:03 AM
 Seventeen (17) years ago today on the morning of September 11,2001 planes crashed both towers of the 
New York City World Trade Center.It is believed that the actions were orchestrated by Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.
  Many members of the US congress label this a terrorist attack committed by a bunch of cowards.
  Cowards-most members of the US Congress never served in the military.I don't know of any of those who served 
in the military who were engaged in actual combat.With these members of Congress they have no problem with 
spending over 700 billion dollars on defense.Unlike when the question comes up about the US acting like all other 
western nations by providing universal health care for all their citizens;the US Congress does not say "where 
will we get the money". When questions of defense spending arise there is no push back and no debate.Further,
when these soldiers leave the military and return to the USA many commit suicide or wind up homeless while 
these members of Congress refuse to provide any support for them.In other words they are expendable once they
serve their purpose the government throws them under the bus.
  You know one fact Americans seem to disregard is that those people who perpetrated the acts of September 11 
put their lives on the line.So tell me who is a bigger coward. The perpetrators of September 11 or someone 
sitting behind a desk in Nevada guiding a drone in another part of the world so he can dislodge a bomb that would 
kill many small children.Who is the bigger coward?
  Terrorist attack-Yes most Americans consider the actions of September 11 to be a terrorist attack. But there are 
others who believe Americans brought September 11 upon themselves.The believe September 11 was blow back.

  Fast forward 17 years Al-Qaeda rebrands itself as Al-Nusra and the US now supports them in an effort to overthrow the 
legitimate government of Syria.That must be comforting for the victims of the September 11 attacks to know that their
government is using their tax dollars to support the murderers of their loved ones.The Syrian government now has
Al-Nusra surrounded.The US is outraged at the humanitarian crisis that might result from a Syrian offensive.That is
a joke,America who just last month in Yemen aided Saudi Arabia in bombing a school bus that resulted in the death 
of over 40 small children.The USA is one of the last countries to be concerned about a humanitarian crisis.That
accusation is just laughable.
  Then Russia is alleging Al-Nusra will stage a false flag chemical attack,blame it on Syria to bring the USA
into the conflict.John Bolton says Al-Nusra would never do something like that.I guess they only attack the World Trade
Center and the Pentagon and don't stage false flag attacks.

  In another development today the ICC (International Criminal Court) is investigating the USA for War Crimes.
  In retaliation the USA says they will not co-operate with the ICC and Washington will sanction and prosecute 
ICC judges who open an investigation into US war crimes committeed by the USA.

  I remember once reading the greatest threat to peace and stability in the world is not Russia,it is not China,
it is not Syria,it is not Iran,it is not North Korea,it is not ISIL,it is not Al-Nusra,it is not Al-Qaeda,it is the USA.

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