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Written by Barry Kowal   
Sep 07, 2018 at 08:52 AM



I was rather sad yesterday when I learned that "Dan Ingram" died on June 24,2018.
Probably no one has had a bigger impact on my life.I was born in 1953.Up until I 
was 28 years old I lived in the Metropolitan New York City area (1956 to 1965 on
Long Island and New Jersey 1965 to 1981).Dan Ingram was a Disc Jockey on WABC in
New York City from 1961-82.Dan Ingram always hosted the afternoon show 
(usually 2-6 PM).On Tuesday afternoons "Dan Ingram" would unveil the new WANC 
survey.In February of 1963 I began following the WABC surveys listening to 
Dan Ingram. I wrote down every WABC survey from February,1963 until the station 
became Talk Radio in May of 1982.You can find all of WABC's weekly single charts 
from 1960-82 on my website.
  Even after I moved out west when I went to law school in August of 1981,I would 
mail WABC a self-addressed stamped envelope to have them send me a copy of the 
new survey.Less than a year later the station bellied up.A friend of mine in 
New Jersey mailed me a cassette tape of the final program.You can hear it below.
   After WABC bit the dust I began following Casey Kasem and later in the 1980s 
Shadoe Stevens.I also began following charts in other parts in the USA.Then the 
1990s came along and I began following charts from other countries.With the 
internet today I still follow the current charts on line. 
  But it all began with "Dan Ingram".What would have my life turned out without  
"Dan Ingram".Would I have had such a strong passion for the charts? Then there was 
also a negative impact from Dan. Music charts was a hobby for me.There is not that 
big of a demand for music charts.I was never able to break into the music business.
So during the working years of my life I did work that I really did not like.I was 
a teacher and I went into business.I primarily worked just to pay bills and put 
food on the table.Now that I am retired I work on my website 10-12 hours a day.
I make no money for it.But I am doing what I like. Probably,there are many people 
in similar circumstances.Most people would probably prefer going to the beach 
rather than the office.
  With advances in technology the Finnish model should be the wave of the future.
In Finland everyone regardless of age or background gets free money from the
government. Enough to satisfy your basic needs-food and shelter.Then one will not 
have to work just to eat.A person like me then can stay at home and do what one 
likes.Without a regular job one can enhance their creativity.Further with AI many 
jobs will soon become obsolete.People are saying by 2050 lawyers and judges will
become obsolete.Robots will be doing their job and probably better. So it makes 
sense with less jobs to go around basic income may be the way of the future.
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