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Talk on Corners cover

No.-Song-Artist-Peak Month
   1-TALK ON CORNERS-CORRS-MARCH                                            3456
   2-COME ON OVER-SHANIA TWAIN-December                                2976
   3-ABBA GOLD-ABBA-June                                               1992
   4-PERFORMANCE & COCKTAILS-STEREOPHONICS-March                       1870
   5-YOU'VE COME A LONG WAY,BABY FATBOY SLIM February                  1354
   6-BY REQUEST-BOYZONE-August                                         1242
   7-WESTLIFE-November                                                 1176
   8-HUSH-Texas-May                                                    1004
   9-FORGIVEN, NOT FORGOTTEN-Corrs April           (1997)               996
  10-MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE-Whitney Houston-July                          868
  11-The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill-March                              690
  12-Steptacular-Steps-November                                         674
  13-The Party Album-Vengaboys-July                                     612
  14-All The Way...A Decade Of Song-Celine Dion-November                608
  15-The Very Best Of Dean Martin:Capitol/Reprise Years-June            586
  16-Fanmail-TLC-May                                                    564
  17-Ricky Martin-July                                                  492
  18-Surrender-Chemical Brothers-June                                   462
  19-Gran Turismo-Cardigans-April                                       448
  20-Synkronized-Jamiroquai-June                                        410
  21-Unplugged-Corrs-December                                           356
  22-Invincible-Five-November                                           350
  23-A Brand New Day-Sting-October                                      328
  24-Equally Cursed And Blessed-Catatonia-April                         320
  25-Greatest Hits-Cher-November                                        286
  26-Sogno-Andrea Bocelli-August                                        278
  27-Millennium-Backstreet Boys-May                                     266
  28-Greatest Hits III-Queen-November                                   262
  29-Californication-Red Hot Chili Peppers-June                         258
  30-Euphoria-P.F. Project/Various Artists-February                     250
  31-The Very Best Of Elvis Costello-August                             234
  32-13-Blur-March                                                      224
  33-Schizophonic-Geri Halliwell-June                                   208
  34-Charlotte Church-December                                          206
  35-Songs From The Last Century-George Michael-December                204
  36-Rhythm And Stealth-Leftfield-October                               202
  37-The Best Club Anthems '99...Ever-Various Artists-January           198
  38-Believe-Cher-March                                                 188
  39-Turn It On Again-The Hits-Genesis-November                         184
  40-Supergrass-September                                               182
  41-The Clubber's Guide To Ninety Nine-Various Artists-January         168
  42-Liquid Skin-Gomez-February                                         154
  43-Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too-New Radicals-April               152
  44-Americana-Offspring-May                                            138
  45-Awake And Breathe-B*witched-November                               130
  46-No Exit-Blondie-February                                           130
  47-Clapton Chronicles-Eric Clapton-November                           124
  48-Willenium-Will Smith-November                                      120
  49-Love Songs-Various Artists-February                                120
  50-Chef Aid:The South Park Album Soundtrack-January                   120
  51-Head Music-Suede-May                                               118
  52-Kiss House Nation-Various Artists-February                         108
  53-Another Level-Another Level-February                               106
  54-One From The Modern-Ocean Colour Scene-September                   104
  55-A Secret History-The Best Of-Divine Comedy-September               104
  56-Millionaires-James-October                                         102
  57-Remedy-Basement Jaxx-May                                           100
  58-Peace-Eurythmics-October                                            98
  59-Us And Us Only-Charlatans-October                                   98
  60-Rides-Reef-April                                                    98
  61-Going For The Gold-The Greatest Hits-Shed Seven-June                92
  62-Star Wars Episode 1-The Phantom Menace-Soundtrack-May               88
  63-The 1999 Brit Awards-Various Artists-February                       82
  64-Kiss Smooth Grooves '99-Various Artists-February                    80
  65-The Best Of Me-Bryan Adams-November                                 72
  66-The Best 60s Love Album...Ever-Various Artists-February             58
  67-Beacoup Fish-Underworld-March                                       56
  68-The Middle Of Nowhere-Orbital-April                                 54
  69-Hours-David Bowie-October                                           52
  70-Mary-Mary J. Blige-August                                           52
  71-Magic Hour-Cast-May                                                 50
  72-Love And The Russian Winter-Simply Red-November                     50
  73-Bury The Hatchet-Cranberries-April                                  48
  74-Nightlife-Pet Shop Boys-October                                     48
  75-Nexus-Another Level-September                                       48
  76-Rainbow-Mariah Carey-November                                       46
  77-Yellow Submarine Soundtrack-Beatles-September         (1969)        46
  78-Yesterday Went Too Soon-Feeder-September                            46
  79-Love Songs-Dr.Hook-February                                         46
  80-Heart And Soul/New Songs From Ally McBeal-Vonda Shepard-November    44
  81-Twenty Four Seven-Tina Turner-November                              44
  82-Forever-Puff Daddy-August                                           44
  83-Twisted Tenderness-Electronic-May                                   44
  84-Mule Variations-Tom Waits-April                                     44
  85-Peasants,Pigs & Astronauts-Kula Shaker-March                        44
  86-There Is Nothing Left To Lose-Foo Fighters-November                 42
  87-The Fragile-Nine Inch Nails-October                                 42
  88-Greatest Hits-Daniel O'Donnell-September                            42
  89-Guerrilla-Super Furry Animals-June                                  42
  90-Euphoria-Def Leppard-June                                           40
  91-Happy Mondays Greatest Hits-May                                     40
  92-Back On Top-Van Morrison-March                                      40
  93-A Love Like Ours-Barbra Streisand-October                           38
  94-Run Devil Run-Paul McCartney-October                                38
  95-Premiers Symptomes-Air-September                                    38
  96-The Prodigy Presents The Dirtchamber Sessions 1-Various Artists-Mar.38
  97-There It Is-911-February                                            38
  98-From Here To Eternity-The Clash-October                             36
  99-Trunk Funk-The Best Of-Brand New Heavies-September                  36
 100-Burning Red-Machine Head-August                                     36
 101-More Abba Gold-July                                                 36
 102-Tiger Milk-Belle & Sebastian-July                                   36
 103-Golden Greats-Ian Brown-November                                    34
 104-You,Me & Us-Martine McCutcheon-October                              34
 105-On The 6-Jennifer Lopez-July                                        34
 106-Leisure Noise-Gay Dad-June                                          34
 107-Mike & The Mechanics-June              (1986)                       34
 108-All The Hits & All The New Love Songs-Kenny Rogers-May              34
 109-The Very Best Of The Love Album-Various Artists-February            34
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