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Written by Barry Kowal   
Mar 04, 2015 at 10:54 AM

Adolf Hitler's Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels once said:

"If you repeat a lie often enough,it becomes the truth.If you tell a lie
big enough and keep repeating it,people will eventually come to believe it.
If you repeat a lie long enough, it becomes truth.If you repeat a lie many
times,people are bound to start believing it.
It seems the USA,Canada and now the UK are following the teachings of Joseph
Goebbels.The USA has a long history of doing this. In 1964 the USA blamed the
North Vietnamese of firing at a US naval vessel in the Gulf of Tonkin.This was
used as a pretext for starting a war in Vietnam which resulted in 58,000 dead
Americans and approximately millions of dead Vietnamese.
In 2003 in the US congress it was revealed that the North Vietnamese never
fired at the Americans in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964.
   In 2003 Colin Powell appeared before the UN declaring that Iraq had weapons of
mass destruction. This was a pretext for the US invasion of Iraq.It was later
discovered there were no weapons of mass destruction.
    In 2014 the EU was rather reluctant to impose sanctions for what the US called
"Russia's annexation of Crimea". What the Western media fails to mentions is the
fact that the USA backed a coup d'etat to overthrow the democratically elected
government of the Ukraine. Or the fact that between 1791 and 1991 Crimea and Russia were part of the same country.That people living in Crimea mostly speak Russian and they mostly attend the Russian Orthadox church.Also,the people in Crimea did not like this coup d'etat,so as a reaction to the illegal government in Kiev the Crimean people held a referendum and overwhelmingly decided to be part of Russia.
   So the USA not liking Crimea joining Russia,wanted the EU to impose sanctions on Russia.The EU was reluctant to impose sanctions on Russia. So America with the
help of the Ukraine shot down a commercial airline flying over the Ukraine and
blamed it on Russia even before investigators arrived on the scene.America claimed
the Russians transported a BOK missile into the Ukraine.Shot down the plane
returned to Russia crossing the border undetected. Believe that one and I got some
nice swamp land to sell you in Minnesota.However,it worked the US got the EU under
their thumb and got them to impose sanctions on Russia.
    In 2016 Hillary Clinton blamed Russia of hacking into the DNC.The DNC then
refused to let the FBI examine her server.Julian Assange stated it was not a hack
but a leak provided by Seth Rich a Bernie Sanders supporter working at the DNC,who
in July of 2016 was murder.The DC police say it was a botched robbery yet no money
or anything of any value was taken from his.Yet the US media and Democrats without
any evidence for 18 months continue running this absurd story.
     In 2016 Canada under WADA,a puppet of the USA,made accusations without any
evidence being provided that Russia used doping in the 2014 Olympics.As a result
in the 2018 Olympics,clean Russian athletes competed but not under the Russian
flag and they could not play the Russian national anthem. Whatever that has to do
with doping beats me.If that decision wasn't political I don't know what is.
   You see,Americans are brought up to believe they are exceptional.They believe
they are the best and everyone else in the world is sub-human.So,they have no
problem with killing innocent people in Vietnam,Iraq or shooting down commercial
airlines or preventing young athletes from attaining a goal they prepared all
their lives for.
    Now the UK just like the US and Canada is Following Joseph Goebbels.Former
double agent Sergei Skripal,66,and his daughter Yulia,33, have been in hospital in
a critical condition since March 4, when they were found unconscious on a bench in
the southern English cathedral city of Salisbury. It is believed they were injected with nerve gas. The UK media,and the UK Conservative government without
completing an investigation are quick to point fingers at Russia.
    Now take a step back.Skripal a Russian born double agent was convicted of
espionage in 2006.He spent 4 years in a Russian prison before being pardoned.
Since 2010 he has been living in the UK. He spent 4 years in a Russian prison.
If the Russians wanted to eliminate Skripal they could have arranged for him to
have an accident while in prison.Why use nerve gas.It would be easier to have Skripal die in his sleep.What does Russia have to gain by killing someone who has been living the UK for eight years,just before the Russian elections and less than 100 days before the World Cup is held in Russia. Clearly if America and the UK can create enough thunder they can rain on Russia's parade.If you ask me everything has the fingerprints of the CIA and MI5.
   Looking at the bigger picture. America and the UK don't give a fuck about truth,justice and democracy. There main objective is world hegemony-dominating and
controlling the world. Russia and China are the USA's two biggest obstacle's
from obtaining this goal. It would be easier for the USA to take Russia out
first,then go for China.
     I just hope that people get wise and see through the bullshit and propaganda
the USA and UK are spreading.

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