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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jan 18, 2018 at 02:46 PM
Christia Freelander-US Puppet
  Shit Stirrer

   Just this week (January 18.2018)there has been positive progress in talks between North & South Korea.North Korea will be participating in the winter Olympics which are to be held in South Korea in about three more weeks. Both Korean teams will march in unison at the Olympics opening and closing ceremonies and there will be an ice hockey team comprising of both North and South Korean players. When you consider just a couple of months ago the world was on the verge of nuclear war that this latest development would be hunky dory and welcomed by the world community. Wrong! The USA,UK and Canada want war. As peace was being materialized on the Korean peninsula,in Vancouver,Canada the US,UK and Canada were pounding war drums.At the meeting in Vancouver,China and Russia who share
borders with North Korea and both hold seats on the UN security council were not even invited. Both countries could care less weather or not North Korea has nuclear weapons. They know North Korea will not use those weapons unless provoked. However,the USA,UK and Canada who are situated thousands of miles away allege to feel threatened.I remember Pierre Trudeau who stood up to the USA and refused to have Canadian troops go to Vietnam.Now his son who is spineless cow tows to the USA. Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland who was at the meeting is doing the sucking up to the USA for the Trudeau government. Remember the USA does not have friends-Just vassal states and enemies.If you don't kiss America's ass the USA will demonize you.
  Trump says these peace talks between the two Koreas are not fruitful.The Americans, UK and Canadians claim the only path forward would be more sanctions on North Korea.Whatever there is left to be sanctioned,they think only by tightening the noose around Kim Jong Un is the only road to peace.From hearing this rhetoric. It would appear, the US,UK and Canada do not want there to be peace and stability on the Korean peninsula. That is a no brainer.Here are two very good reasons why the USA does not want peace on the Korean Peninsula,For one, defense contractors and weapons manufacturers will lose money if they can't make a profit. No war
or threat of war,no profits.Second,the more important reason,is hegemony. China is destined to overtake America as the world's #1 superpower.However,The USA will not go quietly.The last thing China wants is a war on their doorstep. But America would just love it.As long as the USA can create instability in northeastern Asia,this will prevent China from establishing a free trade zone in the area and there then will be no need for US troops to be stationed in Korea or Japan. Hence,the USA will remain at #1,while the UK and Canada go along for the ride.
    People,the greatest threat to world peace is not Russia,not China,not North Korea,not Iran,it is the USA.These are the results of a survey conducted where the respondents were from 30 countries.Most of these countries are considered America's so called friends (Canada,UK,Australia)
On August 1,2017,Pew Research Center had issued results of their polling of 30 nations in which they had surveyed.
  You know the first Korean War,lasted three years,the USA killed over 20% of the nation'spopulation,within the first year the US Air Force destroyed every structure more than one story tall.After the first year an American's pilot's biggest gripe was "I have nothing to bomb". Now in September on a podium before the entire UN Trump is threatening to do this again.
   So,now if nuclear war breaks out on the Korean peninsula it will not be the fault of North Korea.I will blame the USA,UK and Canada.They will have blood on their hands!!!
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