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  1-ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL-PINK FLOYD-APRIL                            716
  2-(JUST LIKE)STARTING OVER-JOHN ONO LENNON-December                     706
  3-BRASS IN POCKET(I'M SPECIAL)-PRETENDERS-June                          688
  4-MISUNDERSTANDING-GENESIS-July                                         674
  5-COCAINE-ERIC CLAPTON-August                                           622
  6-EMOTIONAL RESCUE-ROLLING STONES-August                                618
  7-LET MY LOVE OPEN THE DOOR-PETE TOWNSEND-July                          584
  8-ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST-Queen-October                              582
  9-ALL NIGHT LONG-Joe Walsh-August                                       582
 10-CALL ME-Blondie-April                                                 578
 11-Don't Stand So Close-Police-December                                  576
 12-Hungry Heart-Bruce Springsteen-December                               574
 13-I Got You-Split Enz-November                                          558
 14-Dreamer-Supertramp-November                                           530
 15-Fire Lake-Bob Seger-April                                             526
 16-Touch And Go-Cars-October                                             516
 17-Coming Up (Live At Glasgow)-Paul McCartney-July                       508
 18-Making Plans For Nigel-XTC-March                                      492
 19-Boulevard-Jackson Browne-September                                    490
 20-Turning Japanese-Vapors-December                                      482
 21-Crazy Little Thing Called Love-Queen-February                         480
 22-Don't Do Me Like That-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-March             472
 23-Ride Like The Wind-Christopher Cross-April                            454
 24-Tired Of Toein' The Line-Rocky Burnette-July                          450
 25-You May Be Right-Billy Joel-April                                     440
 26-Come Back-J.Geils Band-March                                          440
 27-Against The Wind-Bob Seger-June                                       430
 28-Fool In The Rain-Led Zeppelin-January                                 416
 29-Rock Lobster-B52s-May                                                 406
 30-Cool Change-Little River Band-January                                 404
 31-Little Jeannie-Elton John-July                                        404
 32-Sara-Fleetwood Mac-February                                           396
 33-Romeo's Tune-Steve Forbert-February                                   390
 34-Don't Ask Me Why-Billy Joel-September                                 382
 35-Drugs In My Pocket-The Monks-October                                  378
 36-She's So Cold-Rolling Stones-October                                  372
 37-Real Love-Doobie Brothers-October                                     364
 38-Break Down Dead Ahead-Boz Scaggs-May                                  358
 39-Whip It-Devo-November                                                 350
 40-You'll Accompany Me-Bob Seger-September                               348
 41-It's Still Rock And Roll To Me-Billy Joel-July                        338
 42-Hit Me With Your Best Shot-Pat Benatar-November                       330
 43-Late In The Evening-Paul Simon-October                                328
 44-This Is It-Kenny Loggins-February                                     326
 45-Love Stinks-J.Geils Band-May                                          320
 46-Cars-Gary Numan-April                                                 320
 47-Deep Inside My Heart-Randy Meisner-December                           316
 48-Echo Beach-Martha & The Muffins-May                                   310
 49-Play The Game-Queen-August                                            308
 50-Stop This Game-Cheap Trick-December                                   308
 51-The Biggest Part Of Me-Ambrosia-June                                  306
 52-I'm Alright-Kenny Loggins-November                                    304
 53-Spirit Of Radio-Rush-March                                            302
 54-Under My Thumb-Streetheart-January                                    298
 55-Jane-Jefferson Starship-January                                       296
 56-We Don't Talk Anymore-Cliff Richard-January                           294
 57-Set Me Free-Utopia-April                                              284
 58-Head Games-Foreigner-January                                          282
 59-Send One Your Love-Stevie Wonder-January                              270
 60-99-Toto-February                                                      268
 61-Holiday-Nazareth-March                                                268
 62-Any Way You Want It-Journey-May                                       264
 63-Free Me-Roger Daltrey-August                                          262
 64-And The Cradle Will Rock-Van Halen-August                             262
 65-All Over The World-Electric Light Orchestra-September                 256
 66-Games Without Frontiers-Peter Gabriel-August                          256
 67-Clones (We're All)-Alice Cooper-July                                  256
 68-Back On My Feet Again-Babys-March                                     252
 69-Baby Talks Dirty-The Knack-March                                      252
 70-Jo Jo-Boz Scaggs-August                                               238
 71-How Do I Make You-Linda Ronstadt-March                                238
 72-I Can't Tell You Why-Eagles-April                                     224
 73-Escape (Pina Colada Song)-Rupert Holmes-February                      216
 74-Sometimes A Fantasy-Billy Joel-November                               216
 75-Dreaming-Cliff Richard-November                                       212
 76-He's So Shy-Pointer Sisters-November                                  208
 77-Ashes To Ashes-David Bowie-December                                   208
 78-We Live For Love-Pat Benatar-July                                     208
 79-Remember (Walking In The Sand)-Aerosmith-February                     202
 80-Gimme Some Lovin'-Blues Brothers-July                                 192
 81-Refugee-Tom Petty & Heartbreakers-March                               186
 82-Keep The Fire-Keny Loggins-March                                      182
 83-Damned If I Do-Alan Parsons Project-February                          174
 84-I'm Alive-Electric Light Orchestra-June                               174
 85-Money-Flying Lizards-January                                          172
 86-Teacher Teacher-Rockpile-December                                     172
 87-Into The Night-Barry Mardones-September                               168
 88-Give Me The Night-George Benson-October                               164
 89-Run Like Hell-Pink Floyd-May                                          160
 90-Somethin' On My Mind-Teenage Head-May                                 158
 91-Young And Restless-Prism-August                                       158
 92-Why Me-Styx-February                                                  158
 93-Train In Vain (Stand By Me)-The Clash-April                           150
 94-Need Your Loving Tonight-Queen-December                               150
 95-Wait For Me-Daryl Hall & John Oates-February                          140
 96-Third Time Lucky-Foghat-January                                       138
 97-The Long Run-Eagles-January                                           136
 98-Hurts So Bad-Linda Ronstadt-May                                       124
 99-Let Me Love You Tonight-Pure Prairie League-August                    124
100-Upside Down-Diana Ross-October                                        122
101-You're The Only Woman (You & I)-Ambrosia-September                    120
102-Switchin' To Glide-The Kings-October                                  120
103-John And Mary-Robert Palmer-November                                  120
104-All Out Of Love-Air Supply-October                                    118
105-Fine State Of Affairs-Burton Cummings-August                          118
106-Save Me-Queen-April                                                   114
107-Innocence-Harlequin-December                                          112
108-Rapper's Delight-Sugar Hill Gang-February                             110
109-Janine-Trooper-March                                                  110
110-The Kid Is Hot Tonight-Loverboy-November                              106
111-I Thank You-ZZ Top-March                                               84
112-Take A Little Rhythm-Ali Thompson-August                               76
113-Voices-Cheap Trick-January                                             76
114-Heartbreaker-Pat Benatar-April                                         74
115-Coward Of The County-Kenny Rogers-February                             72
116-Love And Lonliness-Motors-May                                          72
117-Turn It On Again-Genesis-October                                       68
118-Everything Works If You Let It-Cheap Trick-July                        68
119-Life Begins At The Hop-XTC-April                                       38
120-My Mistake-The Kingbees-August                                         36
121-Look What You've Done To Me-Boz Scaggs-October                         36
122-Even The Score-Toronto-August                                          34
123-I Can't Let You Go-Linda Ronstadt-August                               34
124-Nyet Nyet Soviet (Soviet Jewellery)-B.B. Gabor-May                     34
125-Rock With You-Michael Jackson-February                                 34

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