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Written by Barry Kowal   
Dec 23, 2017 at 10:56 AM
Hello Everyone!!!!
This is one of those group e-mails that are shot out at the last minute to
wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS or whatever you celebrate (or If you celebrate
anything at all) and a HAPPY NEW 2018!!! Sort of just realised that Christmas
is tomorrow!! For those of you who are new to my mailing list I do this year-end
review every year.I have been doing this for every year since 2004.These reviews
are fairly lengthy so I reckon most of you probably don't even read it. Those of you who do,thank you. The review is available all year round on my
website at: This year like last year and the year before I have images that shaped 2017.
Each one of these images will be addressed in my year-end review. Now I will begin the year-end review. Every year I start with the news and
first discuss issues related to the USA and then I will discuss issues regarding other parts of the world. Some issues are intertwined as they
involve more than one country.Then I do the obituaries,then sports,then
entertainment and the closing.The topics look at several events of the past year.
So hold your breath now and let's begin by looking at what has transpired in this
world that we live in over the past 365 days. First we will take a look at a historical view of the USA.


The News I display here is not CNN,MSNBC or FOX News.It is real news.I will
post things you will not read or hear in the mainstream media. Before you start it might be good to play "Bye,Bye Miss American Pie" by
Don McLean from 1972.Then follow it up with David Bowie's "China Girl", as you
read about "The Rise And Fall Of The American Empire"

go to:

then go to:



Many Americans may not want to hear this but through out history all empires
that rise also fall. The American empire is obviously in decline though many do not realize this fact. I could probably write a 500 page book on this topic.But
for the sake of the year-end review I will provide a condensed version.
The American Empire is an empire founded on violence,racism and fear.Claiming
that the USA is an empire based on democracy and rule of law is laughable at best.
This is just a smoke screen for spreading fear. In 1492 when Christopher Columbus landed in North America he did not land in
the USA he landed in the present day Dominican Republic.He committed genocide on
the native population of that Caribbean island.Because of this fact Columbus Day
is now not celebrated in some US states.However,the Europeans who colonized the
USA have seemed to take a page from the Christopher Columbus handbook. In 1607 the first English settlers settled in Jamestown,Virginia. Not long after
they brought slaves from West Africa. They used guns,religion and fear to coerce
the slaves into perform their duties on the big plantation. Many plantation owners
would refer to the passage in the Bible about the "curse of Ham" (Noah's son) to
make the slaves believe their fate on earth is doomed. In 1776 the US declared it's independence from Britain.However,slaves were
counted as 3/5 of a person. Although slaves couldn't vote counting them as 3/5
of a person would benefit representation to representatives in states that had
large slave populations. In 1835,at the end of two long articles about religion and slavery in the
"Charleston Mercury",it was said that both the Old and New Testament give
permission to hold others as slaves.In the Old Testament,God and the Patriarchs
approved.As for the New Testament,Jesus and the Apostles show that slavery is
permissible.Therefore,slavery,to those who wrote the article,was not an
anti-Christian institution.It was just the opposite.Furthermore,they added,it
is impious to say slavery is anti-Christian because such a conclusion contradicted
God. After the abolition of slavery religion was used again to justify segregation. For hundreds of years,once again the so-called "curse of Ham" was frequently
taught by religious leaders as the source for racial differences,and in more
recent times was seized on as a Biblical excuse for segregation and slavery.
But really,bigotry knows no color and religion was used to justify hatred toward
Catholics from Ireland and Germany immigrating to the United States in the
mid-19th century:Some believed that the Catholic Church was the Whore of Babylon
in the Book of Revelation.In his best-selling book of fiction "A Connecticut
Yankee In King Arthur's Court",author Mark Twain indicates his hostility to the
Catholic Church.He admitted that he had "...been educated to enmity toward
everything that is Catholic." This is what happens when people cloak their bigotry with the Bible. One would
think that by this point in US history,society as a whole would see through this
facade of religion covering for bigotry,but time and time again it continues to
happen. During the 19th century the USA expanded west. Again, following Christopher
Columbus' playbook many native American were annihilated,using their guns. At the
beginning of the 19th century the USA acquired a big chunk of land from France
while France was involved with it's own wars in Europe. Then in the 1830s oil was discovered in Texas and a war was started with Mexico.
"Remember The Alamo". In the 1980s I was living in an apartment in Nevada and an
American citizen of Mexican extraction had a sign on the wall in his apartment
that read "FUCK THE ALAMO". He viewed the war in Texas as nothing more than US
imperialistic aggression. The in 1840s the US started another war with Mexico focusing this time on
California. Funny how in 1849 gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in California.
Obtaining natural resources is a good reason to go to war.
On May 10,1869 the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads met at
Promontory Point,Utah which now linked the USA by rail from New York to
San Francisco. But having a country that goes from one ocean to another was not enough for
Americans.They had to go beyond.In 1893 the USA overthrew the government of
Hawaii. Then in 1897 the Spanish-American War saw the USA went beyond Hawaii
and acquired the Marshall Islands,Samoa,Guam and the Philippines. Between 1897
and 1945 the Philippines were part of the USA. Still today the USA maintains
military bases in the country. It once again is laughable. The Chinese occupy a few islands off of their
mainland and the USA considers this as an act of Chinese aggression. But it is not aggression for the USA to occupy islands thousands of miles
from their shores. By the time World War II rolled around the USA was pretty much the big boy
on the block.Although many historians see the 1956 Suez crisis as the turning
point. This crisis was an invasion of Egypt in late 1956 by Israel,followed
by the United Kingdom and France.The aims were to regain western control of
the Suez Canal and to remove Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser from power.
After the fighting had started,political pressure from the United States,the
Soviet Union and the United Nations led to a withdrawal by the three invaders.
The episode humiliated Great Britain and France and strengthened Nasser. On October 29.1956,Israel invaded the Egyptian Sinai.Britain and France
issued a joint ultimatum to cease fire,which was ignored.On November 5 Britain
and France landed paratroopers along the Suez Canal.The Egyptian forces were
defeated,but they did block the canal to all shipping.It later became clear that
the Israeli invasion and the subsequent Anglo-French attack had been planned
beforehand by the three countries. The three allies had attained a number of their military objectives,but the
Canal was now useless.Heavy political pressure from the United States and the
USSR led to a withdrawal.U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower had strongly warned
Britain not to invade;he now threatened serious damage to the British financial
system by selling the US government's pound sterling bonds. Historians conclude the crisis "signified the end of Great Britain's role as one
of the world's major powers". After World War II Britain had to rid itself of many of its colonies.The British
Empire had fallen.The USA became the major world power-politically, militarily
and economically. The Brenton Woods Conference set the USA up for being the #1 economic power.
The Bretton Woods Conference,formally known as the United Nations Monetary and
Financial Conference,was the gathering of 730 delegates from all 44 Allied
nations at the Mount Washington Hotel,situated in Bretton Woods,New Hampshire,
to regulate the international monetary and financial order after the conclusion
of World War II. The conference was held from July 1-22, 1944.Agreements were signed that,
after legislative ratification by member governments,established the International
Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Monetary
Fund (IMF). The Bretton Woods Conference had three main results:(1) Articles of Agreement
to create the IMF,whose purpose was to promote stability of exchange rates and
financial flows.(2) Articles of Agreement to create the IBRD,whose purpose was
to speed reconstruction after the Second World War and to foster economic
development,especially through lending to build infrastructure. (3) Other recommendations for international economic cooperation. The Final Act
of the conference incorporated these agreements and recommendations. This clearly put the USA at #1 ecomically.The Suez crisis put the USA at
#1 politically. The USA became #1 militarily under the administration of President
Eisenhower in the 1950s when the military-industrial complex was created.In 1953
US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles created what people now know as the
military-industrial complex.On January 17,1961 when US President Dwight David
"Ike" Eisenhower in his farewell speech warns the world to be aware of the
military-industrial complex.He knew exactly what he was talking about because
his Secretary of State from 1953-1959 created the monster.He was basically saying
that when the military and big business go to bed together wars will be fought
and many people will die for unjust causes. Ever since World War II the USA has
always been involved in war (Cold War,Vietnam.Wat on Drugs,War On Terror,Iraq,
Afghanistan,Nicaragua and many more) or creating wars. The USA has about 1000
military bases all over the world and spends ten times as much on defense as
Russia but considers Russia a threat.The US spends more on propaganda for the
military defense than it spends on education. The war machine works like this.Defense contractors build factories all over
the USA.This means jobs.Jobs equal votes. So if a bill comes up in Congress
advocating war a politician will more than likely vote for it. To do otherwise
may result in people losing jobs who the voters will blame it on the politician
at the ballot box.After all,the military and defense contractors only care
about the bottom line. In the 1980s the USA openly supported Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War. However,
covertly the USA supported Iran.Remember,Oliver North in the Iran Contra Scandal.Years later when the US invaded Iraq then these same weapons
which were sold to Iraq would be pointed at US soldiers.Defense contractors don't
care. Now the USA is also instilling fear into the Europeans about Russian aggression,
advising them to buy their weapons to protect themselves. During the 1950s,1960s and 1970s (excluding the wars) life was good for the
average American.In the 1980s when Ronald Reagan became president this began the
decline of the US empire.First of all he created Reaganomics.He claimed giving
tax breaks to the wealthy will benefit all because the wealth will trickle down.
For example he claimed if a factory owner got a tax break he'd be able to purchase
extra machines.Then he would be creating more jobs.It would be nice if that did
happen. But instead the factory owners put their money they received from their
tax breaks into tax shelters. Also Reagan had laws passed that allowed CEOs of big corporations to purchase
their own stock options. Before Ronald Reagan became president a CEO would try
to work with management & labor to try and improve productivity and the quality
of the work place.But once the CEOs could buy back their own stock options.
Reducing the size of the labor force,reducing wages became a greater priority.In
other words do whatever needs to be done to increase profits. In 1970 the CEO of
a big corporation (i.e. "Walmart") would earn about 40 times as much as the entry
level associate. Today the top CEO at Walmart earns 1000 times as much.In the
1950s,60s & 70s at least each year the USA had at least 3% growth.Since Reagan
no year has had 3% growth. Also other industries have been deregulated.In the 1970s there were over 200
companies controlling the media in the USA.Today there are six. University
tuition has skyrocketed. University graduates are up to their eyes balls in debt
from student loans which they can't be resolved of their obligation to repay
their loan in bankruptcy court.This prevents university grads from purchasing
homes,marrying and starting families.It is no surprise many millennials prefer
a socialist government.See: Without mentioning the mass shootings at Sandy Hook-2012,Orlando-2016,
Las Vegas-2017 at least one mass shooting occurs every day in the USA. A mass
shooting is defined as a murder of at least 4 persons. Due to the fact that the
NRA (part of the military-industrial complex) has politicians of both parties in their pocket,the US government has no intention of curbing this epidemic.
More people have died from gun violence since 1968 in the US than in all the
all-u-s-wars-combined-n807156 Not only does the military-industrial complex have the politicians in their
pocket.They have Hollywood in their pocket. The Rambo movies were used to
whitewash history by portraying the Americans as the victors in the Vietnam War.
More recently the Pentagon wrote a book about the Vietnam War but never mentions
anything about all the protests or all the bombings of recruitment centers. If the military-industrial complex were to admit the truth they'd have
to answer the question-WHY? The answer-perpetual war feeds the military industrial
complex. Although over 58.000 Americans and over 3 million Vietnamese died during
the Vietnam War,this was irrelevant to the people of the military-industrial
complex.One defense contractor who manufactured helicopters was about to file for bankruptcy during the Vietnam War,but due to the war this
never happened. This mentality continues through to today in Iraq, Afghanistan,
Syria and Somalia.As long as the USA stays in perpetual war Lockheed Martin and
McDonald-Douglas improve their bottom lines.That is what is most important to them. Before I continue go
signs_of_a_declining/ and look at what historians describe as the seven characteristics of a declining
empire and we will see how they apply to the USA. 1-The empire should be attempting to reform itself; however, there are clear
signs that reform has stalled in key areas, has not successfully addressed
underlying problems, and that elites are deeply divided on the question with a
strong reactionary cohort. The Ottoman Empire, Tsarist Russia and the Soviet
Union are good examples of this (though the USSR's status as an empire is
sometimes pejorative and usually debated, it should be noted). 2-The personality and characteristics of the monarch, emperor or empress can
be key. The degree of personal power they've accumulated in their person means that weak, ineffectual monarchs (Tsar Nicholas II), monarchs obsessed with
building a navy (Kaiser Wilhelm),older monarchs out-of-touch with present
realities (Franz Josef) or well-meaning reformers unaware of the flood they're
about to unleash (Mikhail Gorbachev), can have an unusually powerful effect in
tipping an empire into decline in the first place or hastening the process along. 3- Tax revenues may decline or stagnate while costs (for modernizing a military,
importing machine tools to industrialize the economy, paying off debt from past wars, etc.) should escalate, placing the state in a fiscal bind.
This can stress the state's capacity to defend itself and limit expenditures on public works and improvements. 4-A notable short-term change in daily life takes place for ordinary people.
Maybe the price of bread suddenly escalates. Maybe the army cracks down on protesters in a way they hadn't before, shooting and killing some this time.
There are shortages of staple goods; people had gotten used to long lines and rationing for other things before, but there had always been potatoes and beer.
But suddenly bare shelves. 5-Scandals at 'the top' the people gossip and joke about, revealing corruption
or moral foibles at the top. Nothing that causes revolutionary outrage, but which
breaks the myth and magic of monarchy. I'm thinking particularly of the allegedly
perverse sexual access Grigoriy Rasputin was said to have enjoyed to the Tsarina
and her lady-in-waiting during World War I while Nicholas II was away at the
front, but other examples from the other empires exist. 6-Military defeats. The fundamental responsibility of an empire, like a state,
is to protect its subjects/citizens and, often, to project power in a way that burnishes the reputation of the empire and subjects' 'buy-in' and
pride in belonging to the empire. The USSR in Afghanistan,the defeats in WWI that toppled Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottomans,the poor performance
and humiliating defeats the Russian Army suffered in Galicia and Poland-they all
strike a blow at the prestige and competency of the empire. 7-Dissatisfied fringe elites. I'm making up that term for now. Essentially,
empires are by nature multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-religious,etc. They're multi-. And therefore, while they might have a 'core' group (or even
two - see Austria-Hungary!) they also rely on fringe elites in the Baltic
republics, or in Bohemia, or in Palestine, to help keep the peace and in-flow
of tax revenue at a reasonably low cost of administration.Given that another
characteristic of empires in decline might be fiscal problems, empires in decline
are uniquely vulnerable to fringe elites' desire for increased autonomy and
control of tax revenue/political independence for themselves. Hence Tsarist
Russia and the Soviet Union saw a somewhat similar pattern unfold in 1918/1990-91
as outlying regions, responding to crisis in the imperial center, began to
withhold tax revenues and assert independence, which only further weakened the
empire and deepened the crisis at the center, which further stimulated actual autonomy in the periphery in a downward spiral of rapid decline. Further the top one percent are committing genocide on their own people.
See: Even in a Bloomberg report this past November-The Gap Between Rich and Poor May
Be Reaching Its Peak
see: In Fort Lauderdale,Florida a 93 year old veteran was arrested for feeding homeless
This Bloomberg report claims it is beneficial for the top one percent if
the poor people die young.This is why they attack this 93 year old man for
feeding the homeless people.If poor people die young the government does not have
to provide them with Medicare or Social Security and the big companies don't have
to pay out pensions.
The pharmaceutical companies benefit too from this.They charge exorbitant
prices for drugs that are so expensive that the middle class person can not afford
these drugs.That is why the top one percent doesn't want universal health care.You
seriously don't believe that some white cracker is going to want to spend money
to keep black people alive.Being there is no universal health care in the USA,the
poor rely on hospital emergency rooms for medical party.However,the TEA party
wants this opportunity to be no longer available to the poor.The TEA party
believes if the poor don't have money for medical care they should die. The police now have licenses to kill.They get caught on camera killing poor
people and don't even get charged.The ones that do get charged later get acquitted
by a corrupt judicial system. With the US government making RT America register as a foreign agent.This is
the governments first step to suppressing voices that don't follow the
government's narrative (like CNN,MSNBC or FOX). After RT America they will
probably be stifling social media sites with opposing opinions like "Jimmy Dore"
and "The Real News." Also abandoning "net neutrality" and having Google decide
what is fake news or not fake news is further evidence of the government
endeavoring to suppress views that contradict theirs. People say "You know how good you are by your enemy not your friend. If the USA had a viable counter-narrative to that of RT they would not be trying
to censor RT. This is similar to the Soviets during the cold War repressing
"Radio Free Europe". The top 1 percent are not only attacking the poor,they are also attacking the
middle class. Right now the USA has two major political parties that don't have the interests of the common person in mind on their platforms. You have
third parties but the main stream media does not provide them with any platform
and out of fear most people vote for one of the two candidates from the major
political parties. In the 2016 election choosing between Hillary and Trump is
like choosing between syphilis and gonorrhea. The recent tax bill approved by the US Congress increases taxes for the middle
class (people earning between 50,000 to 75,000 USD) and decreasing taxes for
people earning over 3 million dollars a year. The middle class can't afford to
pay a lobbyist $300,000. To have congress get them a tax break. Trump has appointed people to the EPA who want to destroy the agency.So that
just the poor and the middle class will have poor and unhealthy air to breathe
and unhealthy water to drink. The prices for homes rise while wages stay stagnant. This hits home for me.I
am a 64 year old US citizen living in Thailand.I can not afford to buy a home
on the USA and I have no desire of living with family members in the USA.But in
Thailand I live all alone in a three-story home.I will probably be spending my
golden years here. This probably explains my harsh anti-USA rhetoric. Also the infrastructure in the USA is worse than that of a third world country.
The USA spends more money on defense than the next 16 countries in the world combined.That explains why the nation's infrastructure and health
care is shit. What is going on now is similar to how the Nazis behaved just before they
were defeated. They were selling gold and clothes from Holocaust victims.Like
the Nazis the USA now thrives on their own citizens' death. When they came for the socialists I did not speak out.I did not speak out because I am not a socialist. 
When they came for the trade unionist I did not speak out.I did not speak out because I am not a trade unionist. 
When they came for the Jews I did not speak out.I did not speak out because I am not Jewish. When they came for me no one could speak out. The USA is now trying to cling on to its hegemonic control as the world's
only superpower. However there is a rising power.September 11,2001 was a blessing
for China. Before September 11 (even today) the USA was the biggest basher of
China. However,September 11 came and the USA became obsessed with dropping bombs
on men with beards. When this happened China went to Latin America and Africa and made all kinds of trade agreements. In a little over 40 years China has pulled over 800 million people out of
poverty. How many people has the USA put into poverty or killed and murdered with
their bombs.Here in Thailand I watch Chinese television (CGTN) and there are still
people living in poverty. They have programs on the channel showing how the
Chinese government is planning to get these people out of poverty. They are
building drones to send food and medical supplies to people living in impoverished
rural areas. While in the USA they go to Niger to establish drone military bases so they can spy and drop bombs on people. In about six years China built high speed railway all over the country.
Having more high speed rail than the rest of the world combined. The 19th national congress of the Communist party of China (which I will
discuss in more detail further down) met at the Great Hall of the People,
Beijing,between October 18 and 24 in 2017.2,280 delegates represented the
party's estimated 89 million members convened to discuss China's future for at
least the next five years. One of the topics of primary interest was the "One
Belt and One Road Initiative".This is like a multi-national trade agreement
between many Asian,African and European nations. Also China is now allowing people to trade oil in gold or Chinese yuan.The
Chinese have started BRICS and their own bank to counter the IMF.BITCOIN has
also been helpful in helping countries,who get strong armed by US sanctions,to
circumvent these sanctions. Right now China is advancing so quickly that they have left the USA in the
dust. The only thing the USA has going for the nation is a strong defense.But is
it really all that good. You make a bomb,once it explodes it has served its
purpose and it is worthless.You build a bridge or a road you will have that for
some time. The Spanish had Catholicism as the empire's soft power.The "free market" was
the soft power for the British.The US has used "Democracy and Rule of Law" as
their soft power. But with vote rigging,torture,water boarding,CIA prisons,
spying on people, dropping bombs on innocent civilians and illegally invading
foreign countries,the USA's soft power has turned to shit.They are not the guy
with the white hat,they are more like Tony Soprano. Their military isn't all that mighty. North Korea saw what the USA did to
Libya and Iraq.So they nuclearly armed themselves.Now with all their might they
will yell,holler and scream but they will not invade North Korea. Perhaps more
countries in the future will arm themselves with nuclear weapons.So much for the
strong mafia style rule being orchestrated by the USA. The big military in more ways than one will destroy the American empire. This
is what happened in the Soviet Union. When an empire has to provide a big
military budget they have to sacrifice other things.That is why the infrastructure
in the USA is like shit,why they are too cheap to provide a decent wage and
health care for it's citizens.China knows war is no good.They also don't believe
on interfering with the domestic matters of other countries. China has even
written books on how they plan to overtake the USA as the World's superpower.
One of the ways they claim is that many countries will get tired of being arm
twisted by the USA and they will run to China for protection. In the past I have predicted a 3rd World War. That was premised upon the
assumption that Hillary Clinton would be president.It still is a strong
possibility. The USA in the hope of clinging on to their world's dominance may
invoke a war because the victor's of war usually reap the spoils.However,
although the USA spends 10 times as much on defense as China, the Rand
Corporation Think Tank in the USA thinks the US could lose a war to China.
See: The computers and technology in China is so far advanced to that of the USA that
easily and more quickly they would be able to cue in on America's vulnerabilities. At the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Chinese
president Xi Jinping is planning for China to be the World Superpower by 2050.
It may be sooner.The US is now 20 Trillion dollars in debt.When US debt gets to
40 or 50 trillion which should happen around 2025 or 2030 that's when China
will takes over. If I live to be 100 I should die with China as the world
Super power. Jim Rogers a businessman,investor,traveler,financial commentator and author in
2007 is quoted as saying: "If you were smart in 1807 you moved to London, if you were smart in 1907 you moved to New York City and if you are smart in 2007 you move to Asia." In December 2007,Rogers sold his mansion in New York City for about 16 million
USD and moved to Singapore.Rogers claimed that he moved because now is a
ground-breaking time for investment potential in Asian markets.Rogers's
daughters speak fluent Mandarin to prepare themselves for the future.

The future may not be so gloomy for Americans.When China becomes #1 you won't
hear loud mouth obnoxious Americans shouting "We are number two.We are number two."
Look at the French and the British.The British enjoy the best music in the
world-Beatles,Rolling Stones.Led Zeppelin,Pink Floyd,Elton John,Adel &
The Spice Girls.Both Britain and France have good social and health programs and
nearly all their citizens live comfortable life styles.So the best may be yet
ahead for the USA.

The greatest threat to world peace is not Russia,not China,not North Korea,not
Iran,it is the USA.These are the results of a survey conducted where the
respondents were from 30 countries.Most of these countries are considered America's
so called friends (Canada,UK,Australia)
See: On August 1,2017,Pew Research Center has issued results of their polling of 30
nations in which they had surveyed,first in 2013,and then again in 2017,posing a
less-clear but similar question (vague perhaps because they were fearing a similar
type of finding,embarrassing to their own country,the USA), in which respondents had been asked "Do you think that the United States" power
and influence is a major threat,a minor threat,or not a threat to (survey country)?"
and which also asked this same question but regarding "China," and then again but
regarding "Russia," as a possible threat instead of "United States".
(This wasn't an open-ended question;only those three nations were named as
possible responses.)
On page 3 of their 32-page pdf is shown that the "major threat" category was
selected by 35% of respondents worldwide for "US power and influence",31%
worldwide selected that for "Russia's power and influence," and also 31% worldwide
said it for "China's power and influence".However, on pages 23 and 24 of the pdf
is shown the 30 countries that had been surveyed in this poll, in both 2013 and 2017,and most of these 30 nations were US allies;only Venezuela
clearly was not.None of the 30 countries was an ally of either Russia or China
(the other two countries offered as possibly being "a major threat").And,
yet,nonetheless,more respondents among the 30 sampled countries saw the US as "a
major threat",than saw either Russia or China that way. Furthermore,the trend,in those 30 countries,throughout that four-year period,
was generally in the direction of an increase in fear of the US' increase in fear
of the country that had been overwhelmingly cited in 2013 by people in 65 countries
in WIN/Gallup's poll,as constituting,in 2013,"the greatest threat to peace in the world today". Consequently:though WIN/Gallup never repeated its question,the evidence in
this newly released poll,from Pew,clearly suggests that the percentage of people
in the 65 nations that WIN/Gallup had polled in 2013 who saw the US as being "the
greatest threat to peace in the world today" would be even higher today than it
was in 2013,when 24% of respondents worldwide volunteered the US as being the
world's most frightening country. Perhaps people around the world are noticing that,at least since 2001,the
US is wrecking one country after another:Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya,Syria and Ukraine.
Which is next? Maybe Iran? Maybe Russia? Maybe Venezuela? Who knows? And this country has just increased its "defense" spending,which already
is ten times China's,and nine times higher than Russia's.Do the owners of
America's military-industrial complex own the US government,and own the US "news
media,to permit this rabid military to control the government's budget,in a
"democracy"? JANUARY 6,2017 ODNI REPORT:DEMOCRATS DESERVE LOSING THE 2016 ELECTION On Friday,January 6,2017 The US intelligence community released the unclassified
findings of its investigation into what it says was Russian meddling in the 2016
presidential election,hours after President-elect Donald Trump received a briefing
on the probe.

The ODNI devoted seven pages to RT (Russia Today) and its influence on the
election "by serving as a platform for Kremlin messaging to Russian and
international audiences." The report claimed "Russian media made increasingly
favorable comments about President-elect Trump as the 2016 US general and primary election campaigns progressed while consistently offering negative
coverage of Secretary Clinton." RT's pro-Trump campaign began in March 2016, according to the ODNI,by
"consistently" casting Trump "as the target of unfair coverage from traditional US media outlets" that were "subservient to a corrupt political establishment." The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released the report
called "Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections". The report did not provide any hard evidence of Russian interference,relying
instead on analyses from the CIA,FBI and NSA that drew on intelligence collected
by the three agencies. The CIA and FBI have "high confidence" in the results of
the report, while the NSA only has "moderate confidence." The key judgments made by the US intelligence community came from "a body of
reporting from multiple sources that are consistent with their understanding of Russian behavior," which was based on "the behavior of Kremlin-loyal political
figures,state media and pro-Kremlin social media actors, all of whom the Kremlin
either directly uses to convey messages or who are answerable to the Kremlin."
Similar tactics, the ODNI concluded, were also used to drive "consistent,
self-reinforcing narratives" about Ukraine and Syria. As per the report,high confidence is defined as judgments "based on high-quality
information from multiple sources," while moderate confidence means the information is "credibly sourced and plausible but not of sufficient quality or
corroborated sufficiently to warrant a higher level of confidence." 
There are several things I find disturbing about this report.For one this  
report was conducted by the CIA.The same CIA that said in 2002 that Sadam Hussein
had weapons of mass destruction.Which turned out to be false.Yet we should believe
the CIA.

Further,James Clapper released this report for the NSA.The same James Clapper
who lied before the US Congress in 2013 when he said under oath that the NSA
doesn't conduct massive surveillance on US citizens. Edward Snowden later proved
this to be false.Clapper lies to congress and nothing happens to him.While
Snowden reveals the truth and is living in exile in Russia facing many years in
prison back in the USA.

Now when the NSA says they have "moderate confidence" that means they do not
know. They only have jealously. Julian Assange has stated on numerous occasions
that the Russians were not involved in hacking the DNC.Who do you believe Assange
or a man who has lied to congress under oath?

Another disturbing fact to this report is when it says:
"Russian media made increasingly favorable comments about President-elect
Trump as the 2016 US general and primary election campaigns progressed while
consistently offering negative coverage of Secretary Clinton." That statement implies that Americans are unable to make comprehensive decisions
insulting their intelligence. What is even more frightening is that this report may be used as a pretext for
censorship.Then Americans will only have access to the narratives being
orchestrated by CNN,ABC,MSNBC,Fox (so-called) News,the Washington Post,New York
Times and other outlets of the main stream media. This fiasco started last year when Wiki-Leaks released the John Podesta
emails revealing that the DNC stole the primaries away from Bernie Sanders.Rather
than addressing the substance of the emails Hillary Clinton attacks the messenger
by accusing Russia. Then when Hillary lost the election in November President Obama jumped on the
bandwagon because the election was a referendum on his legacy. He acted like a
petulant child by trying to box Trump in by creating tension in US-Russian
relations by doing such things like banning drilling in the Arctic,imposing
sanctions on Russia and ordering Russian diplomats and their families to leave
the USA in 72 hours. Obama leaves the White House on January 20 and he is
slamming the door while leaving feces on the welcome mat for Trump. The US media had no problem going along for the ride. After all,they were making
avorable comments about Hillary just like RT was making favorable comments about
Now,the NSA,CIA and FBI have no problem promoting the propaganda. After all
they are part of the war machine and the war machine needs a boogie man.As long as the USA can create a narrative that Russia is nefarious many countries
especially in Europe would be more than willing to purchase weapons,aircraft and
bombs which increases the bottom line for defense contractors. All this is not good for the US electoral process nor is it good for US-Russian
relations. It is also not good for the world. Remember, Russia has nuclear weapons
and it might not be good for "Ronald McDonald" to continue poking the
"Dancing Bear". All this has occurred because the Democrats are angry about losing the 2016
election and they are digging their own grave. They are just whistling in the
wind.There was a much more viable issue the Democrats could have raised to
protest the "Trump" victory. This is a report submitted by Greg Palast of voter
suppression and voter fraud committed by Republicans and Donald Trump surrogates
after the 2016 election.This was later made into a movie.
Before a single vote was cast,the election was fixed by GOP and Trump
operatives. Starting in 2013 "just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act" a
coterie of Trump operatives,under the direction of Kris Kobach,Kansas Secretary
of State,created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter
rolls of GOP controlled states.

The system, called Crosscheck, is detailed in Palast's Rolling Stone report,
"The GOP's Stealth War on Voters," 8/24/2016. Crosscheck in action: Trump victory margin in Michigan: 13,107 Michigan Crosscheck purge list: 449,922 Trump victory margin in Arizona: 85,257 Arizona Crosscheck purge list: 270,824 Trump victory margin in North Carolina: 177,008 North Carolina Crosscheck purge list: 589,393 On November 9,2016 we saw Crosscheck elect a Republican Senate and as President,
Donald Trump.The electoral putsch was aided by nine other methods of attacking the
right to vote of Black, Latino and Asian-American voters,methods detailed
in Palast's book and film,including "Caging," "purging,: blocking legitimate
registrations and wrongly shunting millions to "provisional" ballots that will
never be counted. Trump signaled the use of "Crosscheck" when he claimed the election is
"rigged" because "people are voting many,many times." His operative Kobach,who
also advised Trump on building a wall on the southern border,devised a list of
7.2 million potential "double voters" 1.1 million of which were removed from the
voter rolls by Tuesday.The list is loaded overwhelmingly with voters of color and
the poor. Here's a sample of the list: No, not everyone on the list loses their vote.But this was not the only
racially poisonous tactic that accounted for this purloined victory by Trump and
GOP candidates. For example,in the swing state of North Carolina,it was reported that 6,700
Black folk lost their registrations because their registrations had been
challenged by a group called Voter Integrity Project (VIP).VIP sent letters to
households in Black communities "do not forward." If the voter had moved within
the same building,or somehow did not get their mail (e.g. if their name was not on
a mail box), they were challenged as "ghost" voters.GOP voting officials happily
complied with VIP with instant cancellation of registrations. The 6,700 identified in two counties were returned to the rolls through a
lawsuit.However,there was not one mention in the press that VIP was also behind Crosscheck in North Carolina;nor that its leader, Col. Jay Delancy, whom Palast
tracked for years has previously used this vote thievery, known as "caging," for
years.Doubtless the caging game was wider and deeper than reported.And by the way,
caging,as Palast's Rolling Stone co-author, attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,tells
Palast,is "a felony,it's illegal, and punishable by high fines and even jail time." There is still much investigation to do. For example, there are millions of
"provisional" ballots, "spoiled" (invalidated) ballots and ballots rejected from
the approximately 30 million mailed in. Unlike reporting in Britain,US media does
not report the ballots that are rejected and tossed out" because,after all,as
Joe Biden says,"Our elections are the envy of the world."Only in Saudi Arabia,Joe.
But,the evidence that has already been exposed makes me sadly confident in
saying,Jim Crow,not the voters,elected Mr. Trump.
Donald Webster accused double voter What about those exit polls? Exit polls are the standard by which the US State Department measures the
honesty of foreign elections. Exit polling is,historically, deadly accurate. The bane of pre-election polling is that pollsters must adjust for the likelihood
of a person voting. Exit polls solve the problem. But three times in US history,pollsters have had to publicly flagellate
themselves for their "errors." In 2000,exit polls gave Al Gore the win in Florida;
in 2004,exit polls gave Kerry the win in Ohio,and now, in swing states, exit polls
gave the presidency to Hillary Clinton.
So how could these multi-million-dollar Ph.d-directed statisticians with decades
of experience get exit polls so wrong?
Answer:they didn't.The polls in Florida in 2000 were accurate.That's because exit
pollsters can only ask, "How did you vote?" What they don't ask, and can't,is,"Was your vote counted?" In 2000,in Florida, GOP Secretary of State Katherine Harris officially
rejected 181,173 ballots, as "spoiled" because their chads were hung and other nonsense excuses.Those ballots overwhelmingly were marked for Al Gore. The exit
polls included those 181,173 people who thought they had voted,but their vote
didn't count.In other words, the exit polls accurately reflected whom the voters
chose,not what Katherine Harris chose. In 2004,a similar number of votes were invalidated (including an enormous
pile of "provisional" ballots) by Ohio's GOP Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell.
Again,the polls reflected that Kerry was the choice of 51% of the voters. But the
exit polls were "wrong" because they didn't reflect the ballots invalidated by
Blackwell. And here we go again.2016:Hillary wins among those queried as they exit the
polling station,yet Trump is declared winner in GOP-controlled swings states. And,once again,the expert pollsters are forced to apologize,when they should be
screaming,"Fraud! Here's the evidence the vote was fixed!" Now there's a new trope to explain away the exit polls that gave Clinton the
win. Supposedly,Trump voters were ashamed to say they voted for Trump.Really? ON WHAT PLANET? For Democracy Now! and Rolling Stone Palast was out in several
swing states.In Ohio,yes,a Black voter may have been reluctant to state support for Trump.But a white voter in the suburbs of Dayton,where the Trump signs grew
on lawns like weeds,and the pews of the evangelical mega churches were slathered with Trump and GOP brochures, risked getting spat on if they even
whispered, "Hillary." This country is violently divided,but in the end, there simply aren't enough
white guys to elect Trump nor a Republican Senate. The only way they could win was to eliminate the votes of non-white guys,and
they did so by tossing Black provisional ballots into the dumpster,ID laws that turn away students "the list goes on. It's a web of complex obstacles to voting
by citizens of color topped by that lying spider, Crosscheck. Now "Hillary" who got a lot of money from donators rather than blaming Russia
for hacking should be using her donations and hollering "voter fraud" at the top
of her lungs. The leadership of the DNC ignore this issue even with the black
caucus wing of the DNC hollering.This is an issue with much more merit. If "Hillary" were successful this could lead to an impeachment of Trump or
delegitimize the "Trump" victory and many of the Republican congressional
victories.At the very least it would have made Republicans quite more vulnerable
in 2018 and 2020. But instead the Democrats pursue the frivolous accusation of hacking the DNC.
Democrats are locked out of power in Washington after losing the White House and
failing to win back Congress.Hillary Clinton's defeat has left the party without
a unifying leader,and its hold on state legislatures has eroded significantly
during President Obama's time in office.But as bleak as current circumstances are
for the Democratic party,the political landscape ahead may be even more
challenging. To start,Democrats must confront what looks like a punishing Senate map in 2018.
The party that controls the White House tends to lose congressional seats in
midterm elections,but it seems unlikely that Democrats will regain control of the
Senate two years from now,much less the House of Representatives.Republicans
significantly outnumber Democrats in the House and only need to protect eight
Senate seats in 2018 while Democrats must defend twenty-five seats. Adding to the challenge, Democrats have 27 senators up for reelection while
Republicans only 9.Some are in states Donald Trump won by double digit margins such as North Dakota,West Virginia,Montana,Indiana and Missouri.Those aren't the
only perilous races:Democratic incumbents also need to defend Senate seats in Ohio,
Pennsylvania,Michigan,Wisconsin, and Florida,states that voted for Obama in two
presidential elections before switching to vote for Trump.In 2018 you may get a veto proof Congress which you can not block with a filibuster.
"There's no question in 2018 the map will be extremely difficult for Democrats." For now,however, the outlook is grim for Democrats. According to the National
Conference of State Legislatures,Republicans have control of both state houses as
well as the governor's mansion in twenty four states, while Democrats have total
control in only seven states in the wake of the 2016 elections. The extent to which the party's power has eroded at the state and national
level makes the the task of rebuilding all the more urgent for Democrats. It also makes the task far more difficult. Tough odds may convince some demoralized
Democrats in Congress to retire, altering the match-ups in the 2018 midterm races.But even if that happens, the electoral map will remain challenging
for the party. As a result, Democrats should prepare for the possibility that they
may face additional setbacks in the near-future that make it even harder to regain
a substantial foothold in Washington and statehouses across the country. Then by complaining about Russian hacking and voter fraud by
2020 we may see the demise of the Democratic.For their ignorance and stupidity they help and are continuing to help "Trump" and the Republicans to
continue running the country.


The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States
marked commencement of the four-year term of Donald Trump as President and Mike
Pence as Vice President.An estimated 300,000-600,000 people attended the public
ceremony held on Friday,January 20, 2017 on the West Front of the United States
Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Along with being the oldest and wealthiest
person to assume the presidency,he is the first without prior military or
governmental service experience.
The event was the 58th presidential inauguration.The official theme of the
event was "Uniquely American".Held in Washington, D.C. from January 17 to 21, 2017,
inaugural events included concerts,the swearing-in ceremony,a Congressional
luncheon,parade,inaugural balls and the interfaith inaugural prayer service. Administered by Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts,the
oath was taken by Trump as his first task after becoming president at noon,in
keeping with Article Two, Section 1, Clause 8 and the 20th Amendment to the
U.S. Constitution, with the vice presidential oath taken by Pence and administered
by Associate Justice Clarence Thomas immediately preceding it.[5] Trump was sworn
in with his left hand on a pair of Bibles, his personal copy and the Lincoln Bible. The inauguration was accompanied by protests in the United States and other
countries. On the eve of the inauguration,January 19,protestors gathered outside the
National Press Building in Washington D.C. where the DeploraBall was held. Several protesters threw debris at attendees,hitting one man in the head.
Police responded with teargas and pepper spray scattering the crowd. On the day of the Inauguration,January 20 a group of around 100 protesters
smashed windows of businesses in downtown Washington and tipped over garbage cans.
The protesters also blocked entryways to the event and chained themselves to
barricades,attempting with little success to prevent Trump supporters from
gathering near the inaugural parade route.Along the parade route,hundreds of
demonstrators gathered at designated protest sites,waved signs and chanted
anti-Trump slogans.Occasional clashes between police and demonstrators occurred,
with masked protesters throwing rocks and chunks of concrete at police.Police in
riot gear responded with tear gas,pepper spray,flash grenades and other crowd
dispersing tools.Violent protests continued late into the afternoon near
Pennsylvania Avenue.A limousine was tagged with graffiti,its windows were
shattered and it was later set on fire.The limo was owned by a Muslim immigrant.
The fire spread to a Fox News crew SUV which was parked behind the limo.230 people
were arrested, and of those,217 were charged at the federal level with felony
rioting,which,if convicted,is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine
of up to $250,000.Six officers suffered minor injuries. COP KILLS 26 YEAR OLD WHITE MAN IN COLD BLOOD,THEN GETS ACQUITTED
In January of 2016 a cop shot an unarmed 26 year old WHITE man who had his hands
up in the air while he was on his knees.The cop had on a bullet proof vest and a
high powered rifle pointed at the victim with others who had guns were standing
around him.The entire incident was caught on video (see video on URL posted below).
On the video the deceased can be heard pleading with the cop not to shoot him.On
December 8,2017 the cop was acquitted of both murder and manslaughter.The American
justice system is shit.Police have a license to kill unarmed people.At first it
was unarmed black people getting shot to death now it is unarmed white people
become victims. Now white people know what it is like to be black.When the police
kill innocent unarmed people,then the justice system lets them walk that tells me
justice in the USA is a joke.Perhaps Russia is the land of freedom.Russia unlike
the USA doesn't have the death penalty.I have not been in the USA in over 8 years
and I do not miss it.I don't feel like getting shot by some trigger happy cop
knowing a corrupt judicial system won't hold him accountable.
Being an American lawyer or a judge used to be a respectable occupation now it
is a disgrace.This just disgusts me.
I spent 2 years in law school.A lawyer told me
"if all the people became bad,we would still have a job,
 if all the people became good,we would still have a job,
but if all the people became smart,we would have a problem."
Perhaps we should replace judges and lawyers with robots.
After this former Arizona cop in December was acquitted of murder in the
shooting death of an unarmed man,officials released video of the victim's final
moments.On the nearly five-minute video,which was recorded by then-Mesa police
officer Philip "Mitch" Brailsford's body camera,an officer can be heard giving
commands to 26-year-old Daniel Shaver in a La Quinta Inn & Suites hallway on
January 18,2016. "If you make a mistake,there is a very real possibility that you will be shot,"
one of the officers can be heard shouting. "I'm not here to be tactical or
diplomatic with you." Brailsford and several other officers were at the hotel investigating a report
of someone seen pointing a gun out a fifth-floor window.They suspected Shaver was
involved. Shaver,who had been ordered out of his hotel room by police,was commanded to
lie facedown in the hallway and to refrain from making sudden movements. The married father of two from Granbury,Texas,can be heard crying and appears
confused by some of the officers' commands.On the video,Shaver says,"Please do not
shoot me," as he obeys a command to crawl toward the officers.As he inched forward,
Shaver reached toward his waistband. The movement prompted Brailsford to fire his
AR-15 rifle five times,killing Shaver.The former cop said he suspected Shaver was
reaching for a weapon.A detective assigned to investigate the case later said it
appeared Shaver was attempting to pull his pants up. No weapon was found on or near Shaver's body.However,investigators did find
two pellet rifles in his hotel room.Those rifles were reportedly related to
Shaver's pest-control job.Authorities later learned that he was at the hotel on a
work-related trip. Two months after the shooting,Brailsford was removed from the force for
violations of departmental policy.Prosecutors ultimately charged him with
second-degree murder and reckless manslaughter. A Maricopa County jury deliberated for six hours before finding Brailsford
not guilty on both counts on December 7.
After the verdict,Laney Sweet,Shaver's widow,declined to comment to reporters.
Her attorney,Mark Geragos,told USA Today he was disappointed in the verdict.He
called the shooting an "execution." "The justice system miserably failed Daniel [Shaver] and his family," Geragos
said. You can watch the execution at: THIS POLICEMAN SAYS HE WAS FIRED FOR NOT SHOOTING A MAN
Police reform advocates have demanded in recent years that officers face
consequences for using excessive force,especially in shootings.But a new lawsuit
alleges that a former Weirton,West Virginia,police officer was disciplined for
doing the opposite.During an incident last May,Officer Stephen Mader decided not
to shoot an armed suicidal man.Police brass determined he showed poor judgment
during the encounter.Soon after,Mader was fired from the town's police force.Now
he is suing the city for wrongful termination. The lawsuit,filed May 10 against the city of Weirton by Mader's attorney
along with the ACLU of West Virginia,accuses the department of firing Mader to buttress its defense of another officer who did shoot the man. According to the lawsuit,on the evening of May 6,2016,Mader responded to a 911
call from a woman who reported that her ex-boyfriend was at her home and had threatened to kill himself.Mader'a veteran of the Marines,was a rookie officer
at the time.When he arrived at the scene,he encountered Ronald Williams,a
21-year-old African American man,standing outside the home with his hands behind
his back.After initially refusing to show his hands,Williams brought them to his
side and revealed that he was holding a handgun.Mader demanded that Williams drop
it,but he refused and told Mader to shoot him. During the encounter,Williams was visibly despondent but not aggressive,the
lawsuit says.Mader says he determined that Williams was attempting to commit suicide-by-cop and believing that he was not a threat,decided not to shoot him.As
Mader tried to talk him down,two other officers arrived on the scene.Williams
then raised his gun, and one of the officers shot him in the head,killing him.The
officers later determined that Williams' gun was unloaded. Mader was fired the next month following an investigation into the incident.
Weirton's city manager told local media after Mader's dismissal that he was fired
because of two other incidents that took place earlier in the year.In the
termination letter,the Weirton police chief wrote that Mader displayed
difficulties in critical incident reasoning" and had failed "to meet probationary
standards of an officer." The letter does not refer to Mader's encounter with
Williams or other incidents.But in an accompanying memo,a police captain accused
Mader of "negligence" during the May 6 incident because he "failed to engage the
suspect" and eliminate a threat,forcing another officer to shoot Williams in order
to protect his ex-girlfriend,her child and other officers on the scene. A
prosecutor also determined that the officer who shot Williams" and who remains on
the force" was justified in doing so.
According to his lawsuit,it was Mader's responsibility to decide for himself
what kind of force to use based on his own assessment of whether Williams posed an imminent threat.Department protocol and the Fourth Amendment of the
Constitution" barred him from using deadly force in any other circumstance.The
suit also argues that the department's decision to fire him encourages other
Weirton Police Department officers to use force in incidents where it may not be
necessary by sending the message that they could lose their jobs if they don't.
"What I think it shows" and this is a problem I think we have throughout the
country "is that because you can use deadly force,you should use deadly force,"
Mader's attorney Tim O'Brien told me. "And what this case is about is that an
officer should be entitled to exercise that discretion based on facts known to
that officer." The same can be said of officers who choose to shoot,O'Brien noted,
but the same Fourth Amendment standard applies. General de-escalation training for police and more precise training on
dealing with individuals in a mental health crisis have been increasingly adopted
by police departments around the country in recent years,but the training is
still not widespread. Just 16 states mandate de-escalation training for police
officers,according to a recent investigation by AMP Reports.West Virginia is not
one of them.Among those states that do require it,some require as little as one
hour of training per year. Mader says he received some de-escalation training in the Weirton police
academy,but he mostly drew on his military training during his encounter with Williams.There is little research on whether military veterans "which account for
nearly 20 percent of of all police officers nationwide,according to a recent
Marshall Project investigation" are more or less likely to use force. A recent
Pew Research survey found that cops who were veterans were slightly more likely to
say they had used force than their non-veteran peers. Mader told me he believes Williams might still be alive if he had had
more time to talk to him before other officers arrived on the scene.O'Brien
agreed, and said that while the case is about a single officer,it has implications
for policing nationwide and the context in which we have arrived in this society
where it has become almost second nature to accept the fact that a first option is
to shoot and kill a citizen.It's become much more the norm than perhaps it should
be and that's what we need to evaluate."
On the night of October 1, 2017,a gunman opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers
at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada,leaving 58
people dead and 546 injured.Between 10:05 and 10:15 p.m.PDT, 64-year-old Stephen
Paddock of Mesquite,Nevada,fired more than 1,100 rounds from his suite on the
32nd floor of the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel.About an hour after Paddock fired
his last shot into the crowd of 22,000,he was found dead in his room from a
self-inflicted gunshot wound.His motive is unknown. The incident is the deadliest mass shooting committed by an individual in the
United States.The shooting reignited the debate about gun laws in the U.S., with attention focused on bump fire stocks,which Paddock used to allow his
semi-automatic rifles to fire at a rate similar to that of a fully automatic
weapon. MORE AMERICANS KILLED BY GUNS SINCE 1968 THAN IN ALL U.S. WARS:COMBINED More Americans have died from gunshots in the last 50 years than in all of the
wars in American history.Since 1968,more than 1.5 million Americans have died in
gun-related incidents,according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.By comparison,approximately
1.2 million service members have been killed in every war in U.S. history,according
to estimates from the Department of Veterans Affairs and, a website
that maintains an ongoing database of casualties from the wars in Iraq and

The October 1st massacre in Las Vegas,which left 59 dead and 530 others injured
is the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.
And such attacks are becoming more common. What we've seen in Las Vegas is an uniquely American scene," former FBI agent
Ali Soufan said on MSNBC. "The aftermath of such traumatic events have become an
all too familiar scene in our society and in our politics,unfortunately." The June 2016 shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando,Florida,which killed 49
people,is now the second deadliest attack,followed by the 2012 massacre at
Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown,Connecticut,which killed 26 people,most of them
children. After the Sandy Hook shooting,a tearful President Barack Obama announced a
series of executive actions aimed at curbing violence in America. The orders
included a measure to overturn a 20-year-old amendment that prevented the CDC
from conducting federally funded research into how gun violence affects Americans. But despite the elimination of the ban,the agency has remained hesitant to
comprehensively research one of the most divisive issues in America. Many
activists blame the influence that the NRA and other powerful pro-gun lobbies seem
to have on some members of Congress,and the agency's fear that funding could be
reduced or revoked. President Trump has ignored shouted questions on whether the Las Vegas shooting
should prompt stricter gun control laws.But he did have harsh words for the
suspected gunman,Stephen Paddock. "He's a sick man, a demented man, lot of problems, I guess," Trump said. "We're
dealing with a very, very sick individual." HOOKWORM,A DISEASE OF EXTREME POVERTY,IS THRIVING IN THE US SOUTH.WHY? Children playing feet away from open pools of raw sewage;drinking water pumped
beside cracked pipes of untreated waste;human feces flushed back into kitchen sinks and bathtubs whenever the rains come; people testing positive for
hookworm,an intestinal parasite that thrives on extreme poverty. These are the findings of a new study into endemic tropical diseases,or in
places usually associated with them in the developing world of sub-Saharan Africa
and Asia,but in a corner of the richest nation on earth: Alabama. Scientists in Houston,Texas,have lifted the lid on one of America's darkest
and deepest secrets: that hidden beneath fabulous wealth, the US tolerates poverty-related illness at levels comparable to the world's poorest countries.
More than one in three people sampled in a poor area of Alabama tested positive for traces of hookworm,a gastrointestinal parasite that was thought to have been
eradicated from the US decades ago. The long-awaited findings,are a wake-up call for the world's only superpower
as it grapples with growing inequality.Donald Trump has promised to "Make America Great Again" and tackle the nation's crumbling infrastructure,but
he has said very little about enduring chronic poverty,particularly in the southern states. The study,the first of its kind in modern times,was carried out by the National
School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in conjunction with
Alabama Center for Rural Enterprise (ACRE),a non-profit group seeking to address
the root causes of poverty.In a survey of people living in Lowndes County, an area with a long history of racial discrimination and inequality,it found that
34% tested positive for genetic traces of Necator americanus. The parasite,better known as hookworm, enters the body through the skin,usually
through the soles of bare feet,and travels around the body until it attaches itself
to the small intestine where it proceeds to suck the blood of its host.Over months
or years it causes iron deficiency and anemia,weight loss,tiredness and impaired
mental function,especially in children,helping to trap them into the poverty in
which the disease flourishes. Hookworm was rampant in the deep south of the US in the earlier 20th century,
sapping the energy and educational achievements of both white and black kids and
helping to create the stereotype of the lazy and lethargic southern redneck.As
public health improved,most experts assumed it had disappeared altogether by the
1980s. But the new study reveals that hookworm not only survives in communities of
Americans lacking even basic sanitation,but does so on a breathtaking scale. None of the people included in the research had traveled outside the US,yet
parasite exposure was found to be prevalent,as was shockingly inadequate waste
treatment. The peer-reviewed research paper,published in the American Journal of Tropical
Medicine and Hygiene,focuses on Lowndes County,Alabama,the home state of the US
attorney general,Jeff Sessions and a landmark region in the history of the nation's
civil rights movement. "Bloody Lowndes", the area was called in reference to the
violent reaction of white residents towards attempts to undo racial segregation in
the 1950s. It was through this county that Martin Luther King led marchers from Selma to
Montgomery in 1965 in search of voting rights for black citizens,more than half a century later,King's dream of what he called the "dignity of equality"
remains elusive for many of the 11,000 residents of Lowndes County,74% of whom are African American. The average income is just $18,046 ($13,850) a year and almost a third of the
population live below the official US poverty line.The most elementary waste
disposal infrastructure is often non-existent. Some 73% of residents included in the Baylor survey reported that they had been
exposed to raw sewage washing back into their homes as a result of faulty septic
tanks or waste pipes becoming overwhelmed in torrential rains. The Baylor study was inspired by Catherine Flowers,ACRE's founder,who
encouraged the Houston scientists to carry out the review after she became
concerned about the health consequences of having so many open sewers in her home
county."Hookworm is a 19th-century disease that should by now have been addressed,
yet we are still struggling with it in the United States in the 21st century," she
"Our billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates fund water treatment around
the world,but they don't fund it here in the US because no one acknowledges that
this level of poverty exists in the richest nation in the world." Flowers took the Guardian on a tour of Lowndes County to witness the conditions
in which hookworm continues to proliferate. One stop was at a group of mobile homes
outside Fort Deposit that graphically illustrated the crisis. An eight-year-old child was sitting on the stoop of one of the trailers. Below
him a white pipe ran from his house,across the yard just a few feet away from a
basketball hoop,and into a copse of pine and sweet gum trees. The pipe was cracked in several places and stopped just inside the copse,barely
30 feet from the house,dripping ooze into a viscous pool the color of oil.Directly
above the sewage pool,a separate narrow-gauge pipe ran up to the house,which
turned out to be the main channel carrying drinking water to the residents. The open sewer was festooned with mosquitoes,and a long cordon of ants could be
seen trailing along the waste pipe from the house.At the end of the pool nearest
the house the treacly fluid was glistening in the dappled sunlight" a closer look
revealed that it was actually moving,its human effluence heaving and churning
with thousands of worms.
"This is the definition of "Make America Great Again"," said Aaron Thigpen, 29,
a community activist who assisted with the hookworm study."This is the reality of
how people are being forced to live." Thigpen's cousins live in the trailer park, and he has talked to them about the
perils of piping sewage from their homes and dumping it in the open just a few feet
away." They are disgusted about it,they're sick and tired of living like this,but
there's no public help for them here and if you're earning $700 a month there's no
way you can afford your own private sanitation." He added that people were afraid to report the problems,given the spate of
criminal prosecutions that were launched by Alabama state between 2002 and 2008 against residents who were open-piping sewage from their homes, unable to afford
proper treatment systems.One grandmother was jailed over a weekend for failing to
buy a septic tank that cost more than her entire annual income. "People are scared.They don't like to speak out as they're worried the health
department will come round and cause trouble," Thigpen said. The challenge to places like Lowndes County is not to restore existing public
infrastructure, as Trump has promised, because there is no public infrastructure
here to begin with.Flowers estimates that 80% of the county is uncovered by any
municipal sewerage system, and in its absence people are expected,and in some
cases legally forced,to provide their own. Even where individuals can afford up to $15,000 to install a septic tank "and
very few can'the terrain is against them.Lowndes County is located within the "Black Belt", the southern sweep of loamy soil that is well suited to growing
cotton and as a result spawned a multitude of plantations,each worked by a large
enslaved population. The same thing that made the land so good for cotton,its water-retaining
properties" also makes it a hazard to the thousands of African Americans who still
live on it today.When the rains come,the soil becomes saturated, overwhelming
inadequate waste systems and providing a perfect breeding ground for hookworm. Ruby Rudolph lives just beside the main Selma to Montgomery road where King led
the protest walk.On the other side of the road there's a brown history placard to mark the spot where her grandmother,Rosie Steele,ran a campsite for the
weary marchers. After they moved on and the campsite was cleared,Rudolph said,her grandmother's
grocery store was set on fire in an arson attack.She was 13 at the time,and can
remember the flames leaping into the night sky. Rudolph, now 66,does have her own septic tank at the back of her house,which
she shows us in the sweltering 41C (105F) heat.But it doesn't function properly and when it rains the tank spills over, spreading raw waste all over the yard."
That's better than when it flushes back into the house,and I've had that too," she
said. She's been told a replacement system would cost her at least $12,000,which is
beyond her means.She runs through her finances:she gets up at 4 AM every day to do
an early shift at a Mapco convenience store,which brings in less than $1,200 a
month.From that amount she has to pay $611 for her mortgage and there's the
electricity bill that can be more than $300 a month when it's hot and the air
conditioning is busy.There's not a lot left to put toward a new tank. Perman Hardy,58,lives in nearby Tyler in a collection of seven single-storey
homes all occupied by members of her extended family.Only two of them have septic tanks,the rest just pipe raw waste into the surrounding woods and creeks. Hardy is one of the lucky ones with a treatment system of her own,but like
Rudolph's it is often overwhelmed in the rains with feces washed back into her
home.Last year the stench was so bad she had to vacate the property for two weeks
over Christmas while it was professionally cleaned. Hardy has traced her family back to slaves held on the Rudolph Bottom plantation
about five miles away.The road that leads to the old plantation from her house is
still called to this day by white neighbors "Nigger Foot Road", she said,though she
and other African Americans call it Collerine Cutoff Road. As a child,Hardy worked in the cotton fields after school and,mindful of that
and her family's slave history,she's determined to see a better future for her grandchildren. "I don't want the same for my boys.But it's still a struggle.It's
the 21st century and we shouldn't be struggling like we still are today." The daily hardship faced by Hardy,Rudolph and fellow inhabitants of Lowndes
County is reflected in the Baylor study's glaring statistic of 34% testing
positive for hookworm.The sample size was low "67 people participated with 55
giving stool samples all of whom were African American" but the results are so
stark that the Houston scientists now want to conduct a larger survey across the region. "We now need to find how widespread hookworm is across the US," said Dr Peter
Hotez,dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine,who led the research team
along with Rojelio Mejia.Hotez,who has estimated that as many as 12 million
Americans could be suffering from neglected tropical diseases in poor parts of the
south and midwest,told the Guardian the results were a wake-up call for the nation.
"This is the inconvenient truth that nobody in America wants to talk about," he
said. "These people live in the southern United States,and nobody seems to care;
they are poor,and nobody seems to care;and more often than not they are people of
color,and nobody seems to care." SEXUAL HARRASSMENT-TAXPAYERS:FOOT THE BILL
In October 2017,The New York Times and The New Yorker reported that dozens of
women had accused Harvey Weinstein,a prominent film producer and executive,of
sexual harassment,sexual assault or rape.More than 80 women in the film industry
subsequently accused Weinstein of such acts.Weinstein denied "any non-consensual
sex".Shortly after the first allegations were published, Weinstein was fired from
his company,The Weinstein Company and expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and other professional
associations.Criminal investigations into complaints from at least six women are ongoing in Los Angeles,New York City, and London. The scandal triggered many similar allegations against powerful men around the
world and led to the ousting of many of them from their positions. It also led a great number of women to share their own experiences of sexual
assault,harassment,or rape on social media under the hashtag #MeToo. The scandal's impact came to be called the "Weinstein effect". If Weinstein settles these allegations with payments.He can deduct the cost of
the settlement as a tax deduction. In other words,the US taxpayers pay the bill. During the week of December 2nd Matt Lauer,Garrison Keillor and Russell Simmons
all lost their jobs as a result of sexual misconduct allegations against them.John
Conyers,Blake Farenthold and Ruben Kihuen kept theirs.Donald Trump still has his
and Roy Moore might be about to get a new one. The list of high-powered men hit by sexual harassment allegations continued to
grow this week both in corporate America and on Capitol Hill. While the private sector has generally dealt swiftly with such allegations,
Congress has been much slower to act,even as more of its members come under the
microscope. Rep. Ruben Kihuen (D-NV) is the latest member of Congress to be hit with
allegations of sexual misconduct.BuzzFeed News reported that the Nevada Democrat
made repeated unwanted sexual advances toward a 25-year-old woman named Samantha
during his 2016 campaign.The woman became so uncomfortable with the situation that
she quit her job. She told BuzzFeed she spoke with a contact at the Democratic Congressional
Campaign Committee (DCCC) about her decision to leave,telling a midlevel staffer
who no longer works there that Kihuen had made her uncomfortable.That staffer
confirmed to BuzzFeed that a conversation took place but said she did not tell him
specifics.The staffer then informed Kihuen's campaign manager at the time,who
confronted the congressman.Kihuen denied anything improper had happened. "I didn't
know what they could do, but I felt like I had to let someone know," the woman
told BuzzFeed. In a pair of statements to BuzzFeed News,the Nevada Democrat apologized "for
anything that I may have said or done that made her feel uncomfortable," but added
he wanted to,make it clear that I don't recall any of the circumstances" described
by the woman. Democratic leaders,including DCCC Chair Rep. Ben Lujen (D-NM) and House Minority
Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA),have called on Kihuen to resign."In Congress,no one
should face sexual harassment in order to work in an office or in a campaign.The
young woman's documented account is convincing and I commend her for the courage
it took to come forward," Pelosi said in a statement released overnight Friday.
"In light of these upsetting allegations, Congressman Kihuen should resign." Kihuen's office did not immediately return request for comment on calls for his
resignation. Pelosi also called on Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) to resign this week, amid
multiple claims that the congressman had made sexual advances toward his female
staffers.She initially offered a much more equivocal response to the allegations,
raising eyebrows in an appearance on Meet the Press last weekend when she told NBC's
Chuck Todd that Conyers is an "icon" who has" done a great deal to protect women."
She also called into question his accusers: "I do not know who they are. Do you?"
An attorney for Conyers said that the representative would decide what to do in
the coming days. But he has not yet decided to resign.Neither has Kihuen.Or Sen. Al
Franken (D-MN),who faces allegations of sexual misconduct from several women and is
under a preliminary inquiry by the Senate Ethics Committee.He returned to work in
the Senate this week. A Texas Republican was behind a secret $84,000 harassment claim.Politico
reported that Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) in 2014 used $84,000 in taxpayer
dollars to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit with a former aide.He is the only
known sitting member of Congress to make use of the little-known congressional
account used to cover workplace settlements involving lawmakers "everything from
sexual harassment and racial discrimination to violations of the Americans With
Disabilities Act. Farenthold is the first member of Congress confirmed to have benefited from a
Treasury Department fund created under the Congressional Review Act of 1995. Since 1997,the fund has paid at least $15 million to settle complaints" but it has
made only one sexual harassment payment over the last five years,
the congressional Office of Compliance (OOC) disclosed on Friday.That appears to be
Farenthold's, although he's refused to confirm or deny the settlement. Lauren Greene,Farenthold's former communications director,sued the Texas
Republican in 2014 over allegations of gender discrimination,sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. She said Farenthold had told another
aide that he had fantasized about Greene and that both he and his top aide,Bob
Haueter,had sexually harassed her. When she complained directly to Farenthold in
June 2014,she said in a court complaint she was marginalized and undermined at work
and several weeks later was fired.Greene filed a lawsuit but dropped the case after
a settlement was reached. In light of heightened scrutiny on the Office of Compliance and Congress's
secret settlement fund, the House Ethics Committee has launched an investigation
into the OOC.This means that some details on Congress's sexual harassment problem,
which the settlements have largely kept under wraps,could end up becoming public"
though the names of those accused or paid will remain secret. House Speaker Paul Ryan's (R-WI) office said he would not call for Farenthold's
resignation.Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) said through a spokesman Farenthold should resign. He has not done so. Another Texas Republican, Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) announced he wouldn't seek
reelection in 2018 after a nude photo and salacious text messages surfaced online. Sexual harassment in Congress is pervasive, and crosses party lines.Both the
House of Representatives and the Senate have recently passed bipartisan resolutions requiring sexual harassment training for members and staffers. The private sector, thus far,has responded better to sexual misconduct than
Congress.With the exception of Barton,who at least in the case of the nude photo
may have been the victim of "revenge porn," the lawmakers accused of sexual
misdeeds thus far have resisted calls to step aside.In Alabama, Republican Senate
candidate Roy Moore has bounced back in the polls despite multiple sexual
misconduct allegations.And President Trump has reportedly started to suggest in
conversation that the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which he brags about
sexually assaulting women is not real. (It is.) Major figures accused of sexual misconduct in the private sector in recent
months and weeks,on the other hand, haven't fared so well.Journalists Charlie Rose,
Mark Halperin,Bill O'Reilly, and Glenn Thrush have all lost their jobs or been
suspended following allegations.In Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Jeffrey Tambor and John Lasseter have
been ousted, taken leaves of absence,lost projects or otherwise faced consequences
after accusations of sexual harassment, misconduct, or abuse came to light. In general,the private sector appears to respond better to allegations than
government bureaucracy. Prominent men in Hollywood in the media and in corporate
America all have to answer to someone,the C-suite, the board of directors,
shareholders.And companies ultimately have to contend with their customers as well.
O'Reilly's ouster was, in part, the result of public pressure on advertisers to
drop his show. Congressional lawmakers have no such forces to contend with and,if anything,
have a system and bureaucracy that protects them instead.Weather in the private
or public sector it is the US taxpayer who pays the bill for the settlements in
sexual harassment cases. TRUMP SENDS MORE THAN 3,000 TROOPS TO AFGHANISTAN Trump liked the war,but now his legacy is wrapped up in the quagmire too. US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis announced on September 18 that the US will
send more than 3,000 troops to Afghanistan in an effort to win America's 6-year war there "the longest in US history.It's also a reversal for President Trump,
who entered office promising to minimize America's involvement abroad. They will add to the approximately 11,000 US troops already serving in
Afghanistan,bringing the total to at least 14,000.These new service members claims
he will help Afghan forces in their effort to defeat the nearly 20 terrorist groups
in the country especially the Taliban,ISIS and al-Qaeda by advising them and
providing artillery and air support. The announcement came less than a month after Trump outlined his war strategy in a
high-profile August 21 speech in front of around 2,000 troops at Fort Myer,Virginia.
Trump said the US would win the war but didn't disclose when US troops would come
home."Conditions on the ground,not arbitrary timetables,will guide our strategy
from now on," he said in his remarks, which were heavy on harsh rhetoric but
strikingly light on details. One day after Trump's comments,Secretary of State Rex Tillerson offered a
different assessment of America's goals in Afghanistan."I think the president was
clear this entire effort was intended to put pressure on the Taliban,to have the
Taliban understand that you will not win a battlefield victory," Tillerson said
during a press conference on August 22. "We may not win one, but neither will you."
As Tillerson hinted, it's unclear how sending a few thousand more troops will
turn around the dire situation in Afghanistan.In 2011,the US had around 100,000 troops deployed in the country.Yet the Taliban,the hardline Islamist group
hat America and NATO set out to dislodge more than 15 years ago"survived and has
recently made a startling comeback.It currently controls more than 40 percent of
the country and around 8.4 million Afghans,about a third of the country's
population,live under its rule. But by deploying these troops,Trump becomes the third president,joining George
W. Bush and Barack Obama to wade into the quagmire.It's a stunning turnaround for
Trump,who spent years railing against leaders who waded into unwinnable conflicts. Trump goes against his "instinct".Trump was inherently skeptical about spending
more blood and treasure in Afghanistan and tweeted for years about how much he
didn't like the war. What US politicians don't realize is that "Afghanistan" is the grave yard for
empires.Just ask the Brits and the Soviets.America-welcome to the club. U.S. ARMY LIFTS BAN ON WAIVERS FOR RECRUITS WITH HISTORY OF
SOME MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES The US Army is in such a desperate need for recruits they are now accepting crazy
people.People with a history of "self-mutilation," bipolar disorder,depression and
drug and alcohol abuse can now seek waivers to join the Army under an unannounced
policy enacted in August. The decision to open Army recruiting to those with mental health conditions
comes as the service faces the challenging goal of recruiting 80,000 new soldiers
through September 2018.To meet last year's goal of 69,000, the Army accepted more
recruits who fared poorly on aptitude tests, increased the number of waivers granted for marijuana use and offered hundreds of millions of
dollars in bonuses. Expanding the waivers for mental health is possible in part because the Army
now has access to more medical information about each potential recruit, Lt. Col. Randy Taylor,an Army spokesman,said in a statement.The Army issued the
ban on waivers in 2009 amid an epidemic of suicides among troops. "The decision was primarily due to the increased availability of medical
records and other data which is now more readily available," Taylor said. "These
records allow Army officials to better document applicant medical histories." But accepting recruits with those mental health conditions in their past
carries risks, according to Elspeth Ritchie,a psychiatrist who retired from the Army as a colonel in 2010 and is an expert on waivers for military service.People
with a history of mental health problems are more likely to have those issues
resurface than those who do not,she said. "It is a red flag," she said. "The question is,how much of a red flag is it?" While bipolar disorder can be kept under control with medication,self-mutilation,
where people slashing their skin with sharp instruments,may signal deeper mental
health issues,according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health
Disorders,which is published by the American Psychiatric Association.
If self-mutilation occurs in a military setting, Ritchie said, it could be
disruptive for a unit. A soldier slashing his or her own skin could result in blood on the floor,the assumption of a suicide attempt and the potential need
for medical evacuation from a war zone or other austere place. A legacy of problems Accepting recruits with poor qualifications can cause problems.In 2006,for
example,an Iraqi girl was raped and her family killed by U.S. soldiers,one of whom
required waivers for minor criminal activity and poor educational background to
join the Army.Memos and documents obtained outline the hurdles that a potential
recruit must clear to join the Army.Guidance for screening potential recruits with histories that include self-mutilation make clear that the applicant must provide
"appropriate documentation" to obtain the waiver,according a September memo to
commanders.Those requirements include a detailed statement from the applicant,
medical records, evidence from an employer if the injury was job-related,photos
submitted by the recruiter and a psychiatric evaluation and "clearance." Slides for military officials who screen recruits show examples of people whose
arms,legs and torsos have been scarred by self-mutilation. "For all waivers," one memo states, "the burden of proof is on the applicant to
provide a clear and meritorious case for why a waiver should be considered." Taylor said many "meritorious cases" had been found of highly qualified
applicants who had been disqualified because of events that had occurred when they were young children. "With the additional data available, Army officials can now consider applicants
as a whole person,allowing a series of Army leaders and medical professionals to
review the case fully to assess the applicant's physical limitations or medical
conditions and their possible impact upon the applicant's ability to complete
training and finish an Army career," Taylor said. "These waivers are not considered
Under the right circumstances, a waiver for self-mutilation could be
appropriate, Ritchie said.:I can see a rationale that that shouldn't be an
absolute but could be a waiver," she said. Unknown number of waivers In fiscal year 2017,the active-duty Army recruited nearly 69,000 soldiers,and
only 1.9% belonged to what is known as Category Four.That refers to troops who
score in the lowest category on military aptitude tests.In 2016, 0.6% of Army
recruits came from Category Four.The Pentagon mandates that the services accept no more than 4% of recruiting classes from Category Four.In addition,
waivers for marijuana use, illegal while in uniform, jumped from 191 in 2016 to
506 in 2017. Eight states have legalized recreational use of marijuana. Recruiting generally is more challenging for the services when the economy is
strong.The Army has responded by offering more bonuses to those who sign up for service.In fiscal year 2017, it paid out $424 million in bonuses,up from
$284 million in 2016.In 2014, that figure was only $8.2 million. Some recruits can
qualify for a bonus of $40,000. The Army's decision to rescind the ban for a history of mental health problems
is in part a reaction to its difficulties in recruiting.You're widening your pool
TOMAHAWK MISSLES OUT OF 59 REACHED A SYRIAN AIRFIELD The Russian Defense Ministry says the April 7,2017 US missile strike on a Syrian
airfield wasn't very effective,with only 23 out of 59 Tomahawk missiles reaching their target.The locations of the remaining 36 missiles' impact
is now unknown. The strike on the Shayrat airfield in Syria's Homs Province destroyed a material
storage depot,a training facility,a canteen,six MiG-23 aircraft in repair hangars
and a radar station. The runway,taxiways and the Syrian aircraft on the parking apron remained
undamaged,Russia's Defense Ministry spokesman said in a statement.The ministry
described the combat efficiency of the strike as "quite poor." "On April 7, 2017,between 12:42am and 12:56am GMT,two US Navy destroyers
(USS Porter and USS Ross) fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Shayrat airfield in
Homs Province,Syria,from an area near the Island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea.
"Only 23 of them reached the Syrian airbase," Russian Defense Ministry spokesman
Major-General Igor Konashenkov said,adding that the points of impact of the other
36 cruise missiles remain unknown.
The ministry also slammed the US actions as "a gross violation" of the
memorandum of understanding signed by Moscow in Washington back in 2015 to prevent flight incidents in Syrian airspace. All justifications for the strike are "groundless claims," the ministry
continued."Russia made an earlier statement that the Syrian forces did not use chemical weapons.We are waiting for clarification from the US on undisputed "as
they claim" evidence that it was the Syrian Army that deployed chemical weapons in
the town of Khan Sheikhoun." The ministry also pointed to the events that followed the strikes,a large-scale
offensive against the Syrian Army carried out by Islamic State and Al-Nusra Front
terrorists. "We hope that this offensive was in no way coordinated with the USA," the
ministry said. In April of 2017 the war with ISIL in Syria was winding down.Bashar al-Assad was
going to Switzerland to get international aid to rebuild his country from the war.
He would have had to be insane to gas his own people.The parts of Syria occupied
Al-Nusra Front were never subjected to weapons inspections.I would not be surprised
that Al-Nusra Front orchestrated the gas attack in an effort to drag the USA into
the fray.

 RUSSIA DID NOT HACK THE DNC In November,NSA whistleblower William Binney spoke to members of the press about
meeting with CIA director Mike Pompeo,where they discussed accusations that Russia
meddled in 2016 US presidential election by hacking the Democrats. In an interview
Binney said tests have "clearly showed" the DNC was not hacked by Russia before the 2016 presidential election,but that the data was
downloaded locally. Binney met with CIA director Mike Pompeo on Wednesday to review analysis by the
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS),which challenged the notion that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was hacked by Russia.In a
letter to President Donald Trump,the group claims the "data was leaked (not hacked)
by a person with physical access to DNC computers." After analyzing the data,VIPS concluded that the transfer simply does not
support the claim the documents were hacked by Russian agents,as leaders of the US intelligence community claimed in a January report.Binney shared test
findings gleaned on the transfer rate of data,which he said "clearly showed that it was a local download and not an international hack." "It was very clear it was a local download,because of the speeds and all,"
Binney said, explaining how his colleagues set up a test between a data center in
New Jersey and another in the UK and could not reproduce the download that took
place on July 5,2016. The approximately 16GB of data was downloaded in two bursts,totaling 87 seconds,
with a 12-minute pause between them."It had to be done locally," Binney said.The
data logs and the speed test were the only concrete evidence available for
examination,he pointed out.:Everything else is speculation,and agenda-and
emotionally-driven assertions." If the intelligence community had some factual evidence proving Russian hacking,
that would be another matter the NSA whistleblower said, but "so far they've
produced nothing." When asked who could have been behind the leak,Binney said it may have been an
"inside job," but he couldn't attribute it to anybody in particular,because "we
never knew who did the download or whether or not it went anywhere else."
President John F. Kennedy presented aerial surveillance photos of Soviet
missiles in Cuba during the 1962 missile crisis,Binney pointed out. Reagan presented Japanese radio intercepts of orders to shoot down the Korean
airliner in 1983.No such evidence has been offered for the hacking accusation, though many lawmakers have described it as an act of war. "They need to put up or shut up," said Binney. He said he does not buy into
such claims without any factual evidence,"and that's basically what their situation
is. They have zero evidence." However,if there was an agency who would be able to detect if the DNC was
hacked,it would be the NSA, Binney said."If anybody did anything across the net,
NSA has so many taps on the fiber network inside the US and around the world and
so many traceroute programs embedded by the hundreds around the network,they would
know where these packets went," Binney said. The NSA and FBI "know a lot more than they're telling the president," Binney
added. The analysis from VIPS implies the intelligence community is not telling the
Trump administration what really happened, Binney said.They don't want the American
people to hear the truth either, he added. "They're hiding this.They keep the population ignorant,uninformed so they can
manipulate them any way they want," Binney said. "This is the same thing the
mainstream media is doing." Mainstream media outlets have branded the VIPS analysis as "disputed,"
"fringe," or a "conspiracy theory" (Washington Post,NBC,and CNN respectively)
while failing to apply the same level of skepticism to the US intelligence
community narrative.The NSA whistleblower was repeatedly called Binney a
"conspiracy theorist" in a CNN article about the meeting with Pompeo. "That's basically showing the shallow weakness of their argument,"
Binney said. "They produce no facts whatsoever and simply throw labels at
people to do character assassination." See: NORTH KOREA:WHO IS THREATENING WHO?
Korea had existed as a unified and cohesive nation, with its own unique
language and culture for more than a millennium. After the defeat of Japan in
World War II,the brutal Japanese occupation of the Korean Peninsula (1910-1945)
was replaced by the brutal U.S. occupation of the southern part of the Korean
Peninsula.The occupation designed to enforce the division of the Korean Peninsula
and maintain U.S. war against North Korea,the Democratic People's Republic of
Korea DPRK,as a pretext for U.S. hegemony. Since 1950,successive U.S. regimes have been at war with the people of the
DPRK.The U.S.-imperialist war against the DPRK (the "Korean War", 1950-1953) has
been described by Jeremy Kusmarov as the most barbaric war" with the U.S.
committed mass atrocities against civilians" matched only by the barbarity of the
Second World War.The U.S. and South Korea are technically still at war with the
DPRK because the U.S. refuses to sign a peace treaty with the DPRK.At the end of
U.S. naked aggression in 1953,U.S. General Curtis LeMay,the head of the Strategic
Air Command during the Korean War,told the Office of Air Force History in 1984:
"After destroying North Korea's seventy eight cities and thousands of her villages
and needlessly killing countless numbers of civilians" Over a period of three years
or so we killed off "what" twenty percent of the population" of the DPRK.The
destruction of a nation was criminal and the death toll was more than 30 percent
of the total population of the DPRK.For the same war crimes in Europe,the Nazis
had been tried at Nuremberg.LeMay added: "It is now believed that the population
north of the imposed [artificial] 38th Parallel lost nearly a third its population
of 8-9 million people during the 37-month long U.S. aggressive war,1950-1953,
perhaps an unprecedented percentage of mortality suffered by one nation due to the
belligerence of another", the U.S.
During the U.S. war on the DPRK,the U.S. Air Force dropped more bombs on the
DPRK than was dropped during the whole of U.S. Pacific War against Japan.The criminal U.S. aggression against the DPRK killed more than 4 million Korean
civilians and ravaged a once bountiful nation.It was a deliberate act of genocide
against defenseless people.One of the U.S. regime's most decorated war criminals,
General Douglas MacArthur,testified to Congress in 1951:"I have never seen such
devastation,you are perpetuating a slaughter such as I have never heard of in the
history of mankind." The U.S. political establishment has never been held to
account for its war crimes in the Korean Peninsula or elsewhere. It is evident that
the U.S. political establishment lacks the compunction about committing war crimes
against defenseless civilians. Since 1953,the people of DPRK have been under siege and barbarous economic
sanctions,imposed by U.S. attack dog,the United Nations Security Council (UNSC),
which has become the U.S. instrument of war and terror.As always, these sanctions
are enforced by the Anglo-Zionist regime and its vassal-state allies. On September 11,2017,the UNSC imposed a raft of new barbarous sanctions on the
DPRK,including a ban on the sale of natural gas liquids to the North-East Asian
nation,and on its textile exports,while also prohibiting Member States from
providing work authorizations to its nationals.Earlier,on June 3RD,2017,the UNSC
voted to impose a wave of sanctions against the DPRK.The UNSC first imposed
sanctions on North Korea in 2006,following the DPRK's ballistic missile test.
Resolution 1718 of that year also provided for a Security Council Sanctions
Committee.Sanctions were extended in 2009 following a nuclear test by the DPRK,and
a UNSC Panel of Experts was created to assist the 1718 Sanctions Committee (DPRK)
which oversees the sanctions imposed.In 2013,the UNSC approved two resolutions
imposing further sanctions on the DPRK,the first in response to the DPRK's launch
of a satellite and the second in response to the DPRK third nuclear test.A March
2016 UNSC Resolution imposed and expanded arms embargo and non-proliferation
measures.Then,in November 2016,Australia co-sponsored a UNSC motion to impose
further sanctions on the DPRK to condemn the DPRK's September 9,2016 nuclear test.
The resultant Resolution 2321 was unanimously adopted by the Security Council
on November 30,2016. On June 2,2017,the same day as Australia's autonomous
sanctions were announced,the UNSC adopted Resolution 2356 (2017),which extended
the number and scope of sanctions against the DPRK. "Predictably,in its servile
fashion,the Security Council,which failed to hold an emergency meeting condemning
the U.S.-ROK military provocations, in its melodramatic and bellicose fashion held
an emergency meeting at 8 PM on August 29, "condemning the August 28 ballistic
missile launch by the DPRK." Yet, in a curiously revealing, and certainly
unintended way, the Security Council confessed its barbaric cruelty toward North
Korea by listing its barbaric sanction resolutions, a lengthy list of torture:
Resolution 1675 (2006), 1718 (2006), 1874 (2009), 2087 (2013), 2094 (2013), 2270
(2016), 2321 (2016), 2356 (2017), 2371 (2017) and 2375 (2017). It shows that the
UNSC is nothing more than a tool used by the Anglo-Zionist ruling class to advance
Anglo-Zionist interests. "In effect, when the UNSC is brought before the bar
of history, and condemned for crimes against humanity, it will have made the
investigators, work easier by so neatly listing its attempts to strangle the
life out of the North Korean people. This most recent resolutions expose the
sadistic and malicious intent of these resolutions, as fish [and textiles] have
nothing to do with construction of nuclear weapons and the prohibition of sale
of fish, one of the indispensable sources of income for the innocent people of
North Korea, is one of the cruelties intended to starve the Korean people and
break their spirit.For their courage and integrity shames and condemns the
opportunism, greed and psychopathology that defines the behaviour of their
tormenters",writes Carla Stea,a credited journalist at the UN in New York,who just
returned from a visit to the DPRK.The irony of this is,the U.S. that developed,
tested and used nuclear weapons.The U.S. first used nuclear bombs not on military
targets but on Japanese civilians.It was history's most heinous act of terrorism
that can never be forgotten. All UNSC resolutions against the DPRK have been illegal and scandalous
resolutions serving Anglo-Zionist interests and in attempts to strangle the life
out of the North Korean people. "The sanctions are,in themselves aggressive action,
intended to weaken and demoralize the intended nation-targeted victim and
ultimately destroy the will,the spirit and unity of the nation." Under
international law and treaties,the DPRK is not doing anything illegal.The DPRK is
legitimately developing the means to defend its people from the ongoing U.S.-led
global terror.It is important to remember that,the people of the DPRK are the main
target of these genocidal sanctions. Like in Iraq, where the U.S. and its allies
deliberately poisoned Iraq's public water supply,destroyed Iraq's sewage treatment
plants and denied the Iraqi people necessary medicines,including vaccines for the
sole purpose of killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children.Syria is under the
same U.S.-imposed genocidal sanctions and destructive war. The latest round of sanctions,targeted the DPRK's exports of coal and various
metals with the goal of reducing the nation's export revenue by 25 percent.In
addition,the U.S. regime continues its daily military provocation of the DPRK,
depicted as "show of force". As Carla Stea observes: "For the past decades,the DPRK
has repeatedly requested the Security Council to convene,on an emergency basis,
meetings to discuss and halt the provocative U.S.-South Korea military manoeuvres.
All urgent requests by the DPRK have been denied by the Security Council,which
holds emergency meetings called by the U.S. so frequently that the Security Council
schedule appears to be determined by the U.S. Although,on August 16,2017, the
Reuters correspondent provided the opportunity for the UN Secretary-General
[Antonio Guterres] to appropriately show at least token acknowledgement and
respect for the agonies of the North Korean people,who are continually terrorized
by these U.S.-South Korea manoeuvers,he failed to acknowledge the destructive and
provocative character of the U.S.-South Korea military manoeuvers,thereby tacitly
endorsing these dangerous,chronic threats to the survival of the DPRK, including
the frequent violations of the DPRK's airspace by U.S. nuclear-capable bombers threating the DPRK. It is an understatement and misleading to call the U.S. regime a "fascist"
regime.The U.S. regime"controlled by the Anglo-Zionist "Deep State", is far more
evil than Nazi Germany was.Today, U.S.-led fascism is the real enemy of humanity.
It is a global fascism characterised by a collection of full-blown tyrannies.The
difference is that today's fascism is more disguised and its victims are not white
Europeans,but dark skin Arabs and Asians.It is a monstrous regime,second only to
the Israeli regime.It is a super fascist regime with total monopoly on and control
of the mass media,the Internet (including the so-called "Social Media") and global
propaganda,all forms of violence, global terrorism,criminal militarism,global
financial system,imperialist exploitation,oppression,racism,illegal interference
in other nations affairs and endless wars of naked aggression.Yet the U.S. regime
has the audacity to accuse the DPRK of doing what the U.S. regime does in broad
daylight and on a regular basis,bullying,threating,attacking and invading and
destroying other sovereign defenceless nations.To understand the U.S.-Israel
fascist alliance, one should look no further than the ongoing U.S.-sponsored
terror to destroy and divide Syria. The U.S. and its vassal-regime allies,including
Israel are recruiting,arming and encouraging terrorists to attack the sovereign
nation Syria which poses no threat to other nations.Without U.S.-supplied weapons,
money and recruits,the terrorists attack on Syria would not have been possible.To
avoid the fates of Iraq and Libya,Syria had to ask Russia for military assistance.
The DPRK knows very well how valuable its steadfast commitment to its nuclear
program. Unashamedly,Russia and China backed the recent U.S.-drafted resolutions banning
exports of coal,iron,lead ore,seafood,textile exports and capping the DPRK's
imports of crude oil.Both,China and Russia are trying to save face by continuously
ranting about resolving the nuclear issue peacefully when in fact they became more
business-like and complicit in U.S. barbarism against the DPRK.Instead,China and
Russia should pressure the U.S. to sign a permanent peace treaty with the DPRK,
and insist ending the occupation of South Korea and Japan. Russia which is under U.S.-led sanctions is an interesting case.Since the
demise of the USSR,Russia became a subcontractor to U.S. foreign policy.Despite
the sanctions imposed on Russia by the U.S. and the disparaging treatment of
Russian diplomats and citizens by authorities U.S., including police raids on and
ransacking (and seizure) of Russia's diplomatic properties,Russia is desperately
trying to gain favor with the U.S. and be recognized as a "partner' in this
monstrous Anglo-Zionist fascism.The U.S. has no partners or allies;only obedient
vassals.President Vladimir Putin, who can't stop crawling to Anglo-Zionist leaders,
has recently acknowledged Russia's obsequious servility to the U.S. when he said:
"It's ridiculous to put us on the same (sanctions) list as North Korea and then
ask for our help in imposing sanctions on North Korea." Russia,of course,has a
history of treacherous betrayals of her allies and friends.Iraq,Yugoslavia,Libya
and Armenia are good examples. It is worth noting that the U.S. political and media establishments (the Deep
State) considers Russia as America's "formidable enemy". Russia's self-serving
policies"supporting and voting for U.S. terror are rightly described as
"unprincipled opportunism". As a permanent member of UNSC,the least Russia can do
is support UN Charter and international law.Unfortunately,Russia is (very often)
doing the opposite,licking Washington's blood-soaked boots. Russia is supporting the genocidal sanctions against the people of the DRPK
despite the DPRK being the victim of Anglo-Zionist imperialism.As Christopher
Black,an international war crimes lawyer based in Canada pointed out:"The fact
that the U.S.,as part of the UNSC is imposing sanctions on a country it is
threatening is hypocritical and unjust.That the Russians and Chinese have joined
the U.S. in this,instead of calling for sanctions against the U.S. for its threats
against the DPRK and its new military exercises,which are a clear and present
danger to the DPRK are shameful.If the Russians and Chinese are sincere why don't
they insist that the U.S. draw down its forces,there so the DPRK feels less
threatened and take steps to guarantee the security of the DPRK" They do not
explain their actions but their actions make them collaborators with the U.S.
against the DPRK." Moreover, the recent UNSC Resolution 2270 against DPRK is a
flagrant violation of international law and UN Charter."One of the most infamous
and provocative resolutions adopted in the history of the UNSC is Resolution 2270
(2016),adopted under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. The unconscionable cruelty of
this resolution literally taunts and baits the DPRK to react,as the Resolution
strangles the economy of the DPRK,inevitably causing intolerable suffering to the
people of that bullied nation", says Carla Stea. The DPRK is paying a heavy price to protect its independence and sovereignty
rights. The heroic people of the DPRK have been under brutal and inhumane
U.S.-orchestrated siege for decades.The UNSC's genocidal sanctions are comparable
to the genocidal sanctions enforced on Iraq and now Syria.It was the same policy,
of collective punishment,perfected by Nazi Germany and used in its extermination
campaign in Nazi-occupied Soviet territories during WW II.The same goes for the
civilian population of Syria and the Palestinians in Gaza.The aim of these
barbarous genocidal sanctions is a collective punishment to inflict great
suffering on the people of the DPRK.Indeed,the leading Anglo-Zionist's mouthpiece,
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ),argued that starving the people of the DPRK to death
is the most humane way to solve the nuclear issue (The Wall Street Journal,
04/09/2017). Collective punishment of civilians is a war crime under international
law.That is what is the Anglo-Zionists have been doing to the Palestinians in
Palestine since 1947,a premeditated slow-pace Palestinian Holocaust.
U.S.-led criminal policy of siege (and sanctions) is being wielded a powerful
weapon across the world like never.The DPRK is facing an existential threat and is
legally and rightly building its defenses to defend its people and preserves its
sovereignty and security in the face of U.S. naked aggression. The DPRK has not
forgotten U.S. barbaric aggression and extermination atrocities against its people
(1950-1953).The U.S.-led war on the DPRK was an asymmetrical conflict in which the
U.S. monopolized the skies, raining down ruin.Four million Koreans,the clear
majority of them civilians.were killed.The DPRK lost 30 percent of its population.
It was a premeditated racist genocide against a defenseless people who resisted
three years of U.S. terror heroically.When asked to comment on a U.S. pre-emptive
nuclear strike on the DPRK,Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC),a self-proclaimed
Anglo-Zionist responded with fascistic candor: "Yes,it would be terrible,but the
war would be over there.It wouldn't be here.It would be bad for the Korean
Peninsula,it would be bad for China,it would be bad for Japan it would be bad for South Korea,it would be the end of North Korea but what it would not do is hit
America". Who has the audacity to question the DPRK right for self-defense against
a criminal entity that is shown to be the greatest threat to international
security" The nuclear issue is a plot to scapegoat the DPRK.It is a deception and a
pretext to justify U.S. aggression,and more importantly a pretext orchestrated to
justify the stationing of nuclear missile on China's borders.The decades-long U.S.
war threats against the DPRK has included numerous threats of nuclear annihilation
and the deployment of nuclear weapons into South Korea and Japan that threaten
China and Russia.Indeed,"Washington gung-ho approach to the DPRK has served to
destabilize the region and given the U.S. a perfect cover for expanding its
strategic forces on the far-east borders of China and Russia", writes Finian
Cunningham.The DPRK (or Chairman Kim Jong-Un) is not suicidal, crazy or murderous
regime like many of U.S. allies,Israel,India,Columbia,the Philippines,Egypt,the
United Arab Emirates,Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are just a few examples of murderous
regimes that the U.S. calls "democratic" regimes.The DPRK is a wise and reasonable
state which is longing for peaceful resolution and prepares to live in peaceful
coexistence with its neighbors. It is important to remember that,the hypocrisy of nuclear weapons is blaring
when it comes to the DPRK's peaceful nuclear program.Western hypocrites who are
concern about the DPRK's nuclear weapons,should look no further than the illegal
acquisition of large arsenals of nuclear weapons' estimated to be between 300 and
400 nuclear warheads,by the world's greatest terrorism entity, Israel. The Israeli
fascist regime,second only to its U.S. financier,poses enormous threat to the
security of the region and to world peace in general.As always,the U.S. is
determined to shift the global spotlight away from Israel's massive,covert,nuclear
weapons program,Israel war crimes against the Palestinians and Israel Jewish-only
colonization of Palestine.The DPRK and Iran are the Anglo-Zionists target to
deflect attention away from Israel.The terrorist entity has been threatening,and
attacking neighboring countries non-stop,and has committed horrific crimes against
Arab civilians in Palestine,Lebanon and in Syria.Wealthy U.S. Jews and supporters
of Israel have called on Trump to "nuke" Iran instead of negotiating with Iran.
People are being brainwashed by a steady diet of anti-DPRK propaganda into holding
unequivocally an anti-DPRK attitudes. The DPRK has not attacked or threatened the U.S. or another UN member nation.
The DPRK made it clear that it will retaliate if it is attacked.The DPRK seeks
peace and coexistence.In fact,Defence Secretary Jim "Mad Dog" Mattis said:"Those
missiles are not directly threatening any of us." And when asked why the military
didn't shoot them down.Re said:"The bottom line is that, when the missiles" were
they to be a threat,whether it be to U.S. territory,Guam,obviously Japan,Japan's
territory,that would elicit a different response from us". Hence,the DPRK is not
threatening the U.S. or any other nation.The DPRK missiles and nuclear program are
intended as a deterrent to U.S. ongoing nuclear threats.In other words,it is
self-defense against the U.S. 6,800 nuclear warheads.It is preposterous to call
the DPRK a threat. The real threat to world's peace and humanity is the U.S. regime.The U.S.
regime is overtly refusing to resolve the crisis peacefully and instead threatened
to destroy the DPRK.Reading from the Nazis. aggression manual at the UN General
Assembly on September 20,2017, U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to "totally
destroy North Kora" in flagrant violation of international law and UN Charter.
Trump's speech was without historical context and was nothing but expletives and a
pile of delusional allegations.Trump indicated an intent to commit genocide and
crimes against humanity. "Such unilateral use of military force is also a
violation of the Nuremberg principles which condemned Nazi Germany for promulgating
similar baseless justification for its aggression", write Christopher Black. Like his violent predecessors,Trump threatened to attack any nation that refuses to
submit to Anglo-Zionist dictates,including the DPRK,Iran and Venezuela. It has become a U.S. ritual to threat the DPRK with destruction.Colin Powell,
another U.S. war criminal, has on two occasions blithely threatened to turn DPRK
into "charcoal briquette". These were criminal threats (genocidal threats to kill
people) against a nation of 25 million people that for three years had 50,000
gallons of Napalm dropped on it by the U.S. regime.As New York University
Professor of Psychiatry and Law, James Gilligan observed: Trump "publicly boasts
of violence and has threatened violence.He has urged followers to beat up
protesters.He approves of torture.He has boasted of his ability to commit and get
away with sexual assault". Hence, Trump is a dangerous sociopathic front man of t
he dark forces of the Anglo-Zionist Deep State. For more than six decades,the U.S. Anglo-Zionist political establishment has
been begging for war to "destroy" the DPRK,bribing and coercing other nations to
support its criminal policy towards the people of the DPRK.As always,U.S. threats
coupled with a Nazi-like propaganda that distort and sanitize Western criminal
conduct and promote the ongoing occupation of South Korea and Japan.Instead of
contemplating the use of nuclear weapons to commit genocide against the people of
the DPRK,the U.S. should,at the very least, critically examine its criminal
behavior on the Korea Peninsula over the past 72 years. U.S. politicians are
accustomed to proclaiming that "all options are on the table",including
pre-emptive nuclear attacks. The DPRK survived barbarism and is standing-up to Anglo-Zionist fascism. The
people of the DPRK are not "starving" as Western propagandists like to rant.The
people of DPRK are building their country and their formidable defense force,
despite the long genocidal sanctions imposed upon it.According to UNESCO,public
education in the DPRK is universal and fully state-funded."Education in North Korea
is free,compulsory and universal for 11 years,from ages four to 15,in state-run
schools.The national literacy rate for citizens 15 years of age and older is 99
percent," reported the Library of Congress,Federal Research Division in July 2007".
The DPRK is a country that must be described as a paradise for children,providing
excellent,up-to-date health care and education,free of charge,an achievement that
few western capitalist countries can demonstrate.World Health Organization's
Director General,Margaret Chan,who visited the DPRK in April 2017 said:The DPRK
"health system is the envy of the developing world.The DPRK had no lack of doctors
and nurses". According to WHO,some 99 percent of the population has access to
sanitation and 100 percent has access to drinking water". True socialism is the
cure against the disease of Western capitalism. The DPRK is not and cannot be the economic basket case and technological
backwater.The DPRK success in making its own smart phones and tablets and in
developing its own apparently extensive intranet (the "Kwangmyong") suggests it
must have a reasonably sophisticated computer and IT industry it can draw upon.The
DPRK per capita annual GDP growth rates of 9 percent,as revealed by the Hyundai
Research Institute makes it one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Finally, the DPRK has not invaded,attacked or threatened any country in its
entire history.The people of the DPRK are yearning for peace on equal terms. The Anglo-Zionists warmongering about the DPRK nuclear weapons is a pretext to
justify U.S. military occupation of Japan and South Korea and the stationing of
the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) interceptor missile system in
South Korea,threatening China and Russia.The people of the DPRK reject the
Anglo-Zionists worldview and they are worried "with good reason"about Anglo-Zionist
murderous aggression and criminal destruction of defenceless nations like Iraq,
Afghanistan,Somalia,Libya,Syria and Yemen.In Yemen,the U.S.-Britain sponsored
Saudi Arabia's terror has caused mass starvation and a cholera epidemic that is
worse than any the world has witnessed in the past 50 years, with the latest
estimate of Yemeni victims at well over half a million lives.The DPRK is determined
never to submit to threats and will not conform to Anglo-Zionist dictates.There is
no military solution to the U.S.-orchestrated conflict on the Korean Peninsula.
The U.S. should respect DPRK;s sovereignty and stop its military provocations of
the DPRK. In the past I have predicted World War III was coming soon.It didn't happen \
in 2017.But the chances have increased that it will be occurring in 2018.Just look
at the situation. Now America is using bellicose language by threatening to
annihilate the DPRK.North Korea is not going to give up their nuclear weapons and
intends to conduct more nuclear weapons tests.If America does nothing they will be
perceived on the world stage as a paper tiger.So I believe in 2018 the USA will
perform a pre-emptive strike on the DPRK and the results will be catastrophic. The people of the Korean Peninsula suffered great atrocities and hardships.
For more than six decades,they had made great sacrifices to defend their freedom
and sovereignty in the face of war and genocidal sanctions.The people of the DPRK
have stood their ground because they knew that this is a long U.S. war to destroy
their nation and exterminate them.Their nation stands as a reminder of defiance
against barbarism. The U.S. threat against the DPRK is an intent to commit genocide in violation
of international law and UN Charter.The DPRK has exerted every possible effort to
live in peace,prompted by its sincere desire to realize the demilitarization of
the Korean Peninsula.Instead of preparing for war,the U.S. should give up its
gangster mentality,withdraw its (unwelcomed) troops in South Korea,sign a
long-lasting peace treaty and a non-aggressive pact with the DPRK. Solving the
Korean Peninsula crisis peacefully is in everyone's interests and will contribute
June 8th marked the 50th anniversary of the sinking of the USS Liberty.On
June 8,1967 the Israeli pilots DELIBERATELY attacked the USS LIBERTY near
the Sinai peninsula during Israel's "Six Day War" with Egypt.They intended
to use the crew of the USS Liberty as sacrificial lambs,blame the attack on
Egypt to bring America into the "Six Day War".Further the US government was
complicit. They knew about this. The only reason the plan fell through was
because several members of the USS Liberty survived.The original plan was to
kill ALL crew members. The official narrative the US government released to
the press at the time was that this was an "accident" and the surviving crew
members were departed to different parts of the world and were instructed to
be quiet about this.Up until recently the narrative that the sinking of the
USS Liberty was an accident was the universally held view.However several
investigators have uncovered the truth. A former Navy attorney who helped lead the military investigation of the
1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 American servicemen
says former President Lyndon Johnson and his defense secretary,Robert
McNamara, ordered that the inquiry conclude the incident was an accident. In a signed affidavit released at a Capitol Hill news conference,retired
Capt. Ward Boston said Johnson and McNamara told those heading the Navy's inquiry to "conclude that the attack was a case of 'mistaken identity'
despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary." It was "one of the classic all-American cover-ups," said retired Admiral
Thomas Moorer, a former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman who spent a year investigating the attack as part of an independent panel he formed with
other former military officials.The panel also included a former US
ambassador to Saudi Arabia,James Akins. "Why would our government put Israel's interests ahead of our own?"
Moorer asked from his wheelchair at the news conference.He was chief of
naval operations at the time of the attack. Moorer,who has long held that the attack was a deliberate act,wants
Congress to investigate. Fifteen years after the attack,an Israeli pilot approached Liberty
survivors and then held extensive interviews with former Congressman
Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey about his role.According to this senior Israeli
lead pilot,he recognized the Liberty as American immediately,so informed
his headquarters and was told to ignore the American flag and continue
his attack.He refused to do so and returned to base,where he was arrested. Later, a dual-citizen Israeli major told survivors that he was in an
Israeli war room where he heard that pilot's radio report.The attacking
pilots and everyone in the Israeli war room knew that they were attacking an American
ship,the major said.He recanted the statement only after he received
threatening phone calls from Israel. The pilot's protests also were heard by radio monitors in the U.S.
Embassy in Lebanon.Then-U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dwight Porter has
confirmed this. Porter told his story to syndicated columnists Rowland Evans and Robert
Novak and offered to submit to further questioning by authorities.
Unfortunately,no one in the U.S. government has any interest in hearing
these first-person accounts of Israeli treachery. Israel attacked the USS Liberty using UNMARKED AIRCRAFT. This is the
single fact which proves Israel knew exactly who they were attacking.Israel's
story is that they thought USS Liberty was an Egyptian ship and therefore a
legitimate target of war.Were that true,there would be no reason to attack a
supposedly Egyptian ship with unmarked aircraft.The only possible reason to
use unmarked aircraft to attack the ship is that Israel knew it was an
American ship and intended to sink it,then to blame the attack on Egypt. Moorer,who as top legal council to the official investigation is in a
position to know,agrees that Israel intended to sink the USS Liberty and
blame Egypt for it,thus dragging the United States into a war on Israel's
behalf.This seems to be a common trick of Israel.Starting with the Lavon
affair,through the USS Liberty,to the fake radio transmitter that tricked
Reagan into attacking Libya,to potentially 9-11 itself,Israel's game is to
frame Arabs and set them up as targets for the United States. The official US investigation is discredited.And with it,every claim of
innocence for Israel that relied on the official investigation as a source. The real question facing the American people is why the US Government
seems more concerned with protecting Israel after they are caught playing
these dirty tricks,rather than doing something to convince Israel not to
kill any more Americans. The worst thing about this incident is that the family of these victims
have never known the truth about what really happened to their loved ones. BITCOIN

In January of 2017 one BITCOIN sold for $750. (US) and recently it sold for
$19,000. (US). People have already become millionaires with BITCOIN.In 2009 one BITCOIN sold for less than one US dollar. Some speculate that one BITCOIN may
go up to one BITCOIN costing a trillion dollars.No one really knows. However one thing is pretty certain to bring down world dominance of the US dollar.
If USA doesn't like you and they impose sanctions upon you you are
pretty much fucked.But governments throughout the world are figuring out ways to
go around US sanctions.China gas started its own banking system,China will trade
with others by using gold or Chinese yuan. Then there is BITCOIN. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system.It is the first
decentralized digital currency,as the system works without a central bank or single
administrator.The network is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between
users directly through the use of cryptography,without an intermediary. These transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded in an immutable
public distributed ledger called a blockchain.Bitcoin was invented by an unknown
person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and released as
open-source software in 2009.
Bitcoins are created as a reward for a process known as mining.They can be
exchanged for other currencies,products and services.As of February 2015,over 100,000 merchants and vendors accepted bitcoin as payment.Research produced by
Cambridge University estimates that in 2017,there are 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users using a cryptocurrency wallet,most of them using bitcoin. Bitcoin is to banks and fiat currency like what the printing press was to the
If you were to ask some flag waving American moron about the Communist party of
China he or she would probably tell you it is a monolithic authoritarian
institution.How misinformed.The Chinese communist party has an estimated 89 million
members,more than the population of Germany,with members from many diverse
backgrounds.They send their representatives to meet in Beijing.2280 delegates meet
in Beijing.At the meeting it is very quiet and sedate unlike the US congress or the
British parliament.They come to discuss the future of China for at least the next
five years and not to exchange insults. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (commonly referred to
as Shejii D Chinese:) was held at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing,between
18 and 24 October 2017.Preparations for the 19th National Congress began in 2016
and ended with a plenary session of the Central Committee a few days prior to the
Congress.In 2016,local and provincial party organizations began electing delegates
to the congress as well as receiving and amending party documents. During the congress,a new guiding ideology,labelled Xi Jinping Thought on
Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,was written into the party's
constitution.It marked the first time since Mao Zedong Thought that a living
party leader has enshrined into the party constitution an ideology named after
himself.The Congress also emphasized strengthening socialism with Chinese
characteristics,party-building and socialist rule of law,and setting concrete
timelines for achieving development goals,such as building a moderately prosperous
society and achieving "socialist modernization." It was also noted for rallying
China to play a more substantial role internationally. The 19th National Congress endorsed the membership list of the Central
Commission for Discipline Inspection and elected the Central Committee, which in turn approved the members of the Politburo and its Standing Committee.
Five members of the 18th Politburo Standing Committee left the body due to having reached retirement age and five new members joined the 19th Standing
Committee:Li Zhanshu, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Leji, and Han Zheng. The 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party,the most important
political event in China,kicked off on October 18 with a marathon speech of three-and-a-half hours by China's president and party chief,Xi Jinping. Already
the most dominant Chinese leader in decades,Xi is expected to further consolidate his power at the weeklong leadership reshuffle event,held every five
years.His speech outlines China's policy direction in all major fields until the next congress,or even longer.But it was so tortuously long that many of
his points may have been lost on the audience,including party elders who kept checking their watches.We've watched the entire session and whittled it
down to these three most important takeaways: Xi set a timetable for China's ultimate economic goal Xi said the theme of this
year's congress is to never forget the party's founding purpose,which now includes
the realization of :the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation"also known as
the "Chinese Dream",a catchphrase he put forward shortly after taking power five
years ago.
To fulfill this great dream,Xi has inherited two lofty economic targets set by
the party's previous leadership together known as "two centennial goals." The first centennial goal is to build a "moderately prosperous society" by wiping
out poverty by 2021,the 100th anniversary of the party's founding. The second and more challenging goal is to turn China into a "fully developed
nation" by 2049,the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic. In his speech,Xi for the first time outlined a specific timetable for reaching the
second centennial goal.He said the party will first lead China to "basically
realize socialist modernization, by 2035,when,among other things,the nation will
have narrowed its wealth gap and improved its environment significantly.And the
second stage will last from 2035-2050, during which China will become a leading
global power and the Chinese people will basically enjoy "common property." By
then,Xi said, "the Chinese nation will stand with a more high-spirited image in
the family of nations."
Theorist Xi put his stamp on the party's forward guidance. Although the congress report is traditionally a reflection of common policy
ground reached by senior party leaders,and not one man's view, Xi appears to have
successfully put his stamp on his work report.He repeatedly used his own buzz terms
to summarize the party's ideological work,including the catchy :four comprehensives,"
and "scrape the poison off the bone." (No, you don't need to know what these are.
Okay,fine,the second one refers to fighting corruption, a hallmark of Xi's time at
the top.)
Prominently, Xi rolled out his thinking for the country in the years to come.It's
called "Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era," which
takes a well-worn phrase and tacks a few extra words on it to make it his own.Xi
explained the notion in 14 bullet points that basically say" the party leads
everything,everywhere," as he noted in the first point.The bullet points cover
everything from national security to elder care to reform,which includes "the
determination to get rid of all outdated thinking and ideas and all institutional
ailments." Speculation has been rife in the run-up to the congress that Xi will attach his
own name to a signature policy to be enshrined in the party constitution to sum up
his legacy.The party will amend the constitution during the session, which ends
next week.The phrase "Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new
era" appears to be the term they'll amend with. Backing up his claim of a "new era," Xi declared that "the principal contradiction"
facing China's socialist society has evolved.For the past decades,the contradiction
has always been between "the ever-growing material and cultural needs of the people
and backward social production." Now, it is between "unbalanced and inadequate
development and the people's ever-growing needs for a better life," Xi said. It appears that China's politics textbooks will go through an overhaul. Globalist Xi says China's political system can be a model for the world. Ever since positioning himself as a defender of globalization during his big
speech at the Davos economic meeting earlier this year, Xi has led,or at least angled to lead,China in taking a more assertive role on issues including
trade and climate change.And in fact Xi stated early on in his speech that China is now "taking a driving seat" when it comes to fighting climate change. But Xi also said China's political model can make a contribution to the world.He
said the political system of "socialism with Chinese characteristics" is "a new choice" for other developing nations seeking to grow economically while
maintaining their independence. The party has always said China will never copy the political systems of other
countries "the western notion of democracy in particular"although Xi did say in his
speech that China should learn from other civilizations.Conversely,Xi seems to be
suggesting that if other countries want to look to China for inspiration,they
should feel free. If after this taste,you absolutely want more,you can watch the entire thing
yourself at: Xi predicts by 2050 China will be #1. It may be sooner. CATALAN INDEPENDENCE REFERENDUM
The Catalan independence referendum of 2017,also known by the numeronym 1-O
(for "1 October") in Spanish and Catalan media,was an independence referendum held on October 1,2017 in the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia,passed by
the Parliament of Catalonia and called by the Generalitat de Catalunya.It was
declared illegal on September 7,2017 and suspended by the Constitutional Court of
Spain after a request from the Spanish government,who declared it a breach of the
Spanish Constitution of 1978.Additionally,in early September the High Court of
Justice of Catalonia had issued orders to the police to try to prevent it,including
the detention of various persons responsible for its preparation.Due to the many
irregularities in the administration of the vote (with people being able to vote
more than once in some places despite organizers' claims to the contrary and on
whether there was any control about it),as well as to the use of force by the
National Police and Civil Guard,international observers invited by the Generalitat
declared that the referendum failed to meet the minimum international standards
for elections. The referendum was approved by the Catalan parliament in a session on
September 6,2017 along with a law which states that independence would be binding
with a simple majority,without requiring a minimum turnout.After being suspended,
the law was finally declared void on 17 October and is also illegal according to
the Catalan Statutes of Autonomy which require a two third majority in the Catalan
parliament for any change to Catalonia's status. The referendum question,which voters answered with "Yes" or "No", was "Do you
want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic". The "Yes" side won, with 2,044,038 (92.01%) voting for independence and 177,547
(7.99%) voting against,on a turnout of 43.03%. The Catalan government estimated that up to 770,000 votes were not cast due to polling stations being closed off
during the police crackdown,although the "universal census" system introduced earlier in the day allowed electors to vote in any given polling station. Catalan
government officials have argued that the turnout would have been higher were it
not for Spanish police suppression of the vote,On the other hand,many voters who
did not support Catalan independence did not turn out,as the constitutional
political parties asked citizens to not participate in what they considered an
illegal referendum. On the day of the referendum,the inaction of the autonomous police force of
Catalonia,the Mossos d'Esquadra,allowed polling stations to open. The National Police Corps and the Guardia Civil intervened and raided polling stations after
they opened. 893 civilians and 431 agents of the Nacional Police and the Guardia
Civil were reported to have been injured initially.According to various sources
these previously reported figures may have been exaggerated.According to the judge
from Barcelona that is currently investigating the accusations of police violence
there were 218 persons injured on that day,
20 of which were agents.The final official numbers by the Catalan government show
that 1066 civilians and 11 agents of the National Police and the Guardia Civil,
and 1 from the regional police the Mossos d'Esquadra were injured.
The Mossos d'Esquadra are being investigated for disobedience,for not having
complied with the orders of the High Court of Justice of Catalonia to prevent the referendum.Josep Llues Trapero Rlvarez, the Mossos d'Esquadra Major, is being
investigated for sedition by the Spanish National Court.The United Nations High
Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra'ad Al, urged the Spanish government to
probe all acts of violence that took place to prevent the referendum. 2017 FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS
The 2017 French presidential election was held on April 23 and May 7,2017.As no
candidate won a majority in the first round on April 23, a run-off was held between
the top two candidates,Emmanuel Macron of En Marche! and Marine Le Pen of the
National Front (FN),which Macron won by a decisive margin on May 7. The presidential
election was followed by legislative elections to elect members of the National
Assembly on June 11 AND 18.Incumbent president Francois Hollande of the Socialist
Party (PS) was eligible to run for a second term,but declared on December 1,2016
that he would not seek reelection in light of low approval ratings,making him the
first incumbent president of the Fifth Republic not to seek re-election. Francois Fillon of the Republicans (LR),after winning the party's first open
primary and Marine Le Pen of the National Front led first-round opinion polls in November 2016 and mid-January 2017.Polls tightened considerably by late January,
and after the publication of revelations that Fillon employed family members in
possibly fictitious jobs in a series of politico-financial affairs that came to be
colloquially known as "Penelopegate",Macron overtook Fillon to place consistently
second in first-round polling.At the same time,Benoit Hamon won the Socialist
primary,entering fourth place in the polls.After strong debate performances,
Jean-Luc Melenchon of la France Insoumise rose significantly in polls in late March,
overtaking Hamon to place just below Fillon. The first round was held under a state of emergency that was declared following
the November 2015 Paris attacks.Following the result of the first round,Macron and
Le Pen continued to the May 7 runoff.It was the first time since 2002 that a
National Front candidate continued to the second round and the first time in the
history of the Fifth Republic that the runoff did not include a nominee of the
traditional left or right parties;their combined share of the vote from eligible
voters,at approximately 26%,was also a historic low. Estimations of the result of the second round on May 7 indicated that Macron had
been elected by a decisive margin,and Le Pen immediately conceded defeat. After the Interior Ministry published preliminary results,the official result of
the second round was proclaimed by the Constitutional Council on May 10. Macron took office on May 14, becoming the youngest president in French history
and youngest head of state since Napoleon and named Douard Philippe as Prime
Minister on May 15,the initial government was assembled on May 17,and legislative
elections on June 11 and 18 gave Macron a substantial majority. ROBERT MUGABE AFTER 37 YEARS RESIGNS AS PRESIDENT OF ZIMBABWE 

Bowing to a nation that had turned against him,nn November 21,2017,Robert Mugabe
resigned as president of Zimbabwe, ending his 37-year rule and sparking scenes of wild celebration throughout the capital city. House of Assembly speaker Jacob Mudenda announced the resignation during a
joint sitting of lawmakers in Harare,the capital,called to vote on a motion of
impeachment of Mugabe,who at 93 was the world's oldest-serving leader.Cars honked
their horns and cheers filled the streets as a party mood gripped the Harare city
center. Mugabe's resignation came days after the Zimbabwe African National
Union-Patriotic Front party fired him as its leader and ordered him to step down.
Emmerson Mnangagwa,75,who Mugabe dismissed as vice president in November took over
as interim leader and be Zanu-PF's presidential candidate in elections next year,
the party said. :We have fought the lion and won," Lovemore Matuke, Zanu-PF's chief
parliamentary whip,said in an interview after the announcement. A new interim
president will take over in the next 48 hours,he said. The ruling party's decision to dump the president came four days after the
military placed him under house arrest and detained several of his closest allies-a move triggered by Mnangagwa's dismissal.Mugabe initially dug in his
heels,missing a party deadline to quit by noon on Monday or face impeachment, before finally agreeing to go. Armed forces commander Constantino Chiwenga,who led the military takeover,
said any acts of vengeance would "be dealt with severely," during a press The
ruling party's decision to dump the president came four days after the military
placed him under house arrest and detained several of his closest allies-a move
triggered by Mnangagwa's dismissal. Mugabe initially dug in his heels, missing a
party deadline to quit by noon on Monday or face impeachment, before finally
agreeing to go. Armed forces commander Constantino Chiwenga, who led the military takeover,
said any acts of vengeance would "be dealt with severely," during a press
conference on November 21 at the King George IV military barracks in Harare. "The ecstatic jubilation on the streets of Harare that evening at the news of
Mugabe's resignation gives some sense of what it is like to live under the heel
of a dictator," Charles Laurie, head of African analysis at Bath, England-based
Verisk Maplecroft, said by email."The almost unbelievable tenacity of Mugabe to
resist the will of his people and resign gives some sense of the near
impossibility of removing this man from power at the ballot box over the past 37
years." The moves against Mugabe were the culmination of a battle for control of the
ruling party between a military-aligned faction that's coalesced around Mnangagwa and another known as the Generation-40, which wants the president's wife,
Grace Mugabe,to succeed him. Mnangagwa emerged as the victor,with the party
expelling Grace and her allies. "It was long overdue.The president could no longer withstand the pressure,"
said Takavira Zhou,a lecturer at Great Zimbabwe University in the city of Masvingo.
"However,the key issue is when will we have a transitional government and how
will it work-will Zanu-PF go it alone." Mugabe leaves behind an economy in tatters.An estimated 95 percent of the
workforce is unemployed, public infrastructure is crumbling and there are
widespread shortages of cash and food.Many of the country's woes are rooted
in Mugabe's support for the seizure of white-owned farms,which slashed
agricultural production,export earnings and tax revenue. The son of a carpenter and a catechism teacher,Mugabe was born in Zvimba,
a peasant-farming area west of Harare and trained as a primary-school
teacher.He was introduced to politics while studying at South Africa's Fort
Hare University,and went on to help found the Zimbabwe African National
Union party in 1963.He was jailed the same year for calling for the violent
overthrow of Ian Smith's white-minority government. "Zimbabwe has an extraordinary opportunity to set itself on a new path,"
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a statement."Whatever
short-term arrangements the government may establish,the path forward must
lead to free and fair elections.The people of Zimbabwe must choose their own
leaders." During his 11-year incarceration,Mugabe obtained degrees in economics,
education and law.A year after his release,he fled to Mozambique where he
later became the leader of the then exiled Zanu,which controlled the
biggest of two guerrilla armies fighting Rhodesia. A U.K.-brokered peace deal that ended the war brought Mugabe to power
as the elected prime minister in 1980.While he initially preached
reconciliation, violence erupted in 1982 when Mugabe accused his coalition partner,Joshua
Nkomo,of plotting to overthrow him.He began a military crackdown that
claimed about 20,000 lives in the western region of Matabeleland,according
After February 2000,Mugabe allowed his supporters to take over white-owned
land,disrupting farming and creating food shortages in a country that had
once been the biggest corn exporter in southern Africa.And in 2005, he
authorized a slum-clearance program that left at least 750,000 people
homeless,according to the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum.
While Mugabe was the clear winner of the first four post-independence
elections, his victory in a violence-marred 2008 vote was disputed and his
party lost parliamentary elections. Mugabe refused to step down and
international mediators coaxed him into a power-sharing deal with the main
opposition.That lasted until 2013 when Mugabe reclaimed outright power
in an election the opposition said was neither free nor fair. Mugabe's exit won't necessarily usher in a new era of democracy in
Zimbabwe, with the country now under the control of some of his hard-line
former allies, who'd helped him crush dissent. Mnangagwa, who's known by his nomme de guerre Ngwena,or crocodile in the
Shona language,played a particularly pivotal role. He was the chief of
intelligence when Mugabe ordered the Matabeleland crackdown by North
Korean-trained Fifth Brigade, and is a leading securocrat within the ruling
party. He's previously served as the minister of defense and of justice. "This is a great moment for the people of Zimbabwe," said Nelson Chamisa,
deputy leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. "We want to

  Civilians in Yemen are suffering from an intense and widespread humanitarian
crisis.Staggering numbers include 7 million civilians in starvation,and 19 million
out of the country's 27 million population "in need of some form of aid." However,
all of this has just gotten far worse thanks to a blockade on humanitarian support
carried out by Saudi Arabia and aided by the West.It is nothing short of genocide. Yemen has been devastated by more than two years of civil war,fostered by the
Saudi Arabian government and supported militarily by the United States. President Abd-Rabu Mansour Hadi's government is backed by the Saudi-led coalition
and is fighting to drive the Houthis out of cities they seized in 2014 and 2015. Since the beginning of the US support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen,started by
Obama and continued by Trump,thousands of innocent civilians,including children,
have been slaughtered in the war. In spite of the fact that the Saudis have been
caught dropping US bombs on schools,hospitals and marketplaces, directly targeting
civilians,the US continues their support. Last week,Houthi rebels in Yemen allegedly launched a ballistic missile toward
the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh.In response to the attack which killed no one
the Saudis placed a blockade on all flights in Yemen,including humanitarian aid. The blockade has stopped the flow of the much needed medical supplies and food
and is on the brink of causing the largest genocide by starvation in modern history. After briefing the UN Security Council on December 7,Mark Lowcock,the UN's
humanitarian chief,said the move will worsen a "catastrophic" humanitarian crisis
that has pushed millions to the brink of famine and has caused a mass cholera
epidemic, reports Al Jazeera."I have told the Council that unless those measures
are lifted-there will be a famine in Yemen,"Lowcock, who visited Yemen late in
October,told reporters last week.
"It will not be like the famine that we saw in South Sudan earlier in the
year,where tens of thousands of people were affected.It will not be like the
famine which cost 250,000 people their lives in Somalia in 2011," he added. However, in spite of Lowcock's warning,the West has refused to act.Children
are being deliberately starved to death at the hands of a US ally and the West is
complicit by not only failing to step in and stop it but actually aiding it. According to recent reports,sales of weapons to the Saudis by the UK have
increased by nearly 500% since the start of the slaughter in Yemen.Instead of
decrying the mass starvation and genocide and pointing out the obvious,that Saudi
Arabia is buying the West[s silence through the purchase of weapons" Trump praised
the largest weapons deal in history with the Saudis on December 7. "A shot was just taken . . . at Saudi Arabia. And our system knocked it down,"
Trump said, referring to the Patriot missiles the United States has sold to the
kingdom. "That's how good we are. Nobody makes what we make, and now we're selling
it all over the world." Millions of children are starving to death and the United States government is
praising the sale of weapons to the country carrying out the starvation. The recent blockade has become so horrific that other countries have begun to
speak out,yet no one is taking action. "I hope there's increasing awareness around the world about the magnitude of
the crisis in Yemen," said Australian Suze Vanmeegen, the Yemen advocacy advisor for the Norwegian Refugee Council. "The impact of the current blockade is massive.We're looking at a population
that is larger than Australia;s.Their risk of a famine or a crisis that is
unprecedented is very, very high," she said. Apparently,the cost of maintaining "freedom" in America now involves aiding a
terrorist nation in the starvation of an entire country. LIBYA THE COUNTRY THAT THE USA AND THE EU SO-CALLED
So much for democracy.There is now a booming slave trade in Libya.A video of men
appearing to be sold at auction in Libya for $400 has shocked the world and
focused international attention on the exploitation of migrants and refugees in
the north African country. The footage and subsequent investigation conducted by CNN last month has rallied
European and African leaders to take action to stop the abuses. On November 29,the
leaders of Libya,France,Germany,Chad and Niger and four other countries agreed on
a plan to evacuate thousands of migrants stuck in Libyan detention camps. The grainy undercover video appears to show smugglers selling off a dozen men
outside of the capital city Tripoli. "Does anybody need a digger" This is a digger,a big strong man, he'll dig,"
said an auctioneer, according to CNN."What am I bid,what am I bid?" The report has drawn attention to an issue that aid and migrant groups say has
gone on for years.Libya is the main transit point for refugees and migrants trying
to reach Europe by sea. In each of the last three years, 150,000 people have made
the dangerous crossing across the Mediterranean Sea from Libya. For four years in
a row, 3,000 refugees have died while attempting the journey, according to figures
from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the U.N.'s migration
agency. Why is there a slave trade in Libya? The Libyan Coast Guard supported with funds and resources from the E.U. and more
specifically,Italy has cracked down on boats smuggling refugees and grants to
Europe.With estimates of 400,000 to almost one million people now bottled up Libya,
detention centers are overrun and there are mounting reports of robbery, rape and
murder among migrants,according to a September report by the U.N. human rights
agency.Conditions in the centers have been described as "horrific," and among
other abuses,migrants are vulnerable to being sold off as laborers in slave
auctions. "It's a total extortion machine,"Lenard Doyle, Director of Media and
Communications for the IOM in Geneva tells TIME. "Fueled by the absolute rush of
migrants through Libya thinking they can get out of poverty, following a dream
that doesn't exist."
The IOM said in April that it had documented reports of "slave markets" along
the migrant routes in North Africa "tormenting hundreds of young African men bound for Libya." "There they become commodities to be bought,sold and discarded when they have
no more value," Doyle said in the April statement. How is Libya handling the crisis? According to CNN, the U.N.-backed Libyan government has launched a formal
investigation into the allegations.But Libya is largely considered a failed state.
Since Muammar Gaddafi,who ran the country for four decades, was ousted in 2011,
the country has descended into civil war. A transitional government failed to
implement rule of law in the country, which has splintered into several factions
of militias,tribes and gangs.In lawless Libya, many see the slave trade and
smuggling as a lucrative industry.Tackling the country's humanitarian crisis will
require international assistance. On November 29,Libya reached a deal with E.U. and African leaders to allow the
emergency repatriation of refugees and migrants facing abuse in its detention
centers.The government also agreed to open a transit center for vulnerable
refugees after months of negotiations, according to Reuters. The center is
intended to safely house people before they are resettled or sent to a third
country. How is the international community responding? Following the publication of the video, there was outcry from all corners of
the globe, with some nations recalling their ambassadors from Libya.Protesters
rallied outside Libyan embassies across Africa and in Europe. On November 29,African and European leaders met at a summit in the Ivory Coast
and agreed on an urgent evacuation plan that would see about 15,000 people flown
out of Libya.Most of the migrants will be sent back to their home countries.
Speaking at the summit,French President Emmanuel Macron,called the abuse "a crime
against humanity" and vowed the summit members would "launch concrete military
and policing action on the ground to dismantle those networks," according to the Guardian. The deal also included initiatives to target traffickers, including
setting up a task force to dismantle trafficking networks, the BBC reports. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari expressed shock at how his compatriots were
being treated "like goats." On November 29, 242 Nigerian migrants were flown out
of Libya back to Nigeria. The day before, the U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting and said
it would be "stepping up its work" to stop the abuses.However, the U.N refugee
agency said it faces "dramatic" funding gaps, especially for its operations in
sub-Saharan Africa. "Slavery and other such egregious abuses of human rights have
no place in the 21st century," U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said. Since 2015,the IOM has repatriated 13,000 people from Libya under a voluntary
program. But Doyle, the IOM spokesperson, says more needs to be done to stop
migration at its core, particularly from tech companies who own online platforms
where traffickers can falsely lure people into paying smugglers. "They're being completely misled into thinking that's a happy future for them
and being misled thorough social media," he tells TIME.In November,the foreign
ministry of Rwanda said it would extend asylum to 30,000 mainly sub-Saharan
Africans stuck in Libya. "Given our own history " we cannot remain silent when
human beings are being mistreated and auctioned off like cattle," the foreign
ministry said. U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley condemned the abuses, saying: "To see
the pictures of these men being treated like cattle, and to hear the auctioneer
describe them as, quote, "big strong boys for farm work," should shock the
conscience of us all." "There are few greater violations of human rights and human dignity than this." Funny when it was the Americans and Europeans who created this monster. THE WAR IN SYRIA IS OVER (FOR NOW) On December 7 the Russian General Staff has declared the liberation of Syria
from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS),stating that all territories previously
under terrorist control were liberated in the final push by the Syrian Army. "All terrorist units of ISIS on Syrian soil have been destroyed,and the
territory is liberated," Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Valery Gerasimov said.
"Therefore, as of today, there's no territory controlled by ISIS in Syria,"
he added. Gerasimov made the announcement during an annual briefing for foreign
military attack's. After being briefed on the successful military operation on both banks of
the Euphrates River in Syria by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, President
Vladimir Putin said that the political process and organization of the Syrian
people's congress in Sochi,agreed upon by Russia,Iran and Turkey last month,must
now become the focus.Among other goals,Putin named the drafting of a new
constitution and eventually,parliamentary and presidential elections. "Naturally,there might be some spots of resistance,but the military work has
been largely completed in the area and at the time.Completed with a full victory,
I repeat,with a victory and defeat of the terrorists," Russian leader said. The peace process,however,will be "a very big and lengthy job," Putin
cautioned.For this to happen though,the bloodshed in Syria must stop completely,
he said. Securing the recent achievements and reinforcing the fragile de-escalation
zones should be the first steps to that end, Russia's president added. Russia began providing support to Syria following an official request from
Damascus in 2015 to prevent the terrorists from overrunning the country completely.
Russia's help allowed the Syrian Arab Army to turn the tide and liberate large
areas of the country previously occupied by the jihadists.Smashing the blockade
of Deir ez-Zor,an IS stronghold in eastern Syria,represented a turning point in
this year's campaign against the terrorists,ultimately leading to their demise. If you watch the Main Stream Media you will see them congratulating the USA
on defeating ISIL in Syria with no credit given to Russia. They will also not tell
you that the USA entered Syria without being granted permission from the
government of Syria which is a violation of international law. The MSM will not
tell you that he USA in Syria were supporting Al-Nusra terrorists the same group
who used to be called Al-Qaeda the same group that was responsible for the
September 11 attacks.

The residents of the Japanese island of Okinawa want the US Military out.
For decades US soldiers have wreaked havoc on the island by committing such crimes
as murder and rape. On December 4th the governor of Okinawa urged Tokyo to amend the pact on the
status of the US troops in Japan to combat the "significant anxiety" the locals
are enduring because of the rowdy Americans' presence. The governor of the southern prefecture,Takeshi Onaga,demanded that the central
government makes "drastic" and"fundamental" changes in the Japan-US Status of
Forces Agreement (SOFA) during his meeting with Foreign Minister Taro Kono on
Saturday,according to Japanese media. "People in Okinawa have been shocked and are enduring significant anxiety,"
Onaga said.The meeting followed a decision by the Naha District Court in the prefecture's main city to sentence a former US marine to life imprisonment for
raping and killing a Japanese woman.The case provoked public outrage and triggered
one of the massive anti-US protests on the island,with at least 50,000 people
gathering to decry heavy US military presence. In November,a 61-year-old woman was killed in a car accident after a member of
the US Marine Corps crashed their truck into a light vehicle she was driving.
His blood alcohol level was revealed to be three times over the legal limit.The
fatal crash prompted an alcohol ban for all members of the US military stationed
in Okinawa.The governor, however, protested: "We cannot contain our indignation,
"saying that the local government had repeatedly urged the US forces to take
preventive measures. The accord with Washington is "unfair," being overly protective of servicemen
and civil workers of the US military bases,the governor stressed during his
meeting with Kono.Onaga's calls have only been met with promises that Tokyo will
try to alleviate the burden borne by the Okinawa residents. "We want to improve
what we can improve,"Asahi Shimbun quoted Taro Kono's response. Earlier in the day,however,the foreign minister requested the top commander of
US military forces in Okinawa, Lt. Gen. Lawrence Nicholson,to take preventive
steps given the latest incidents. "We understand our obligation to the community and we can do that better as
well.We will continue to look at our behavior, our actions and how we represent our country," Nicholson said. Okinawa is the home to several major US military bases,and 70 percent of land
exclusively used by the US military in Japan is located in this prefecture. About 50,000 US military personnel are stationed there,according to Reuters.

JANUARY 10 Buddy Greco,American singer,actor (The Girl Who Knew Too Much) and pianist-age 90
11 Tommy Allsup,American rockabilly and swing guitarist,complications from
hernia surgery-age 85 11 Christopher Chubasco Wilkins,American murderer,execution by lethal injection.-age 48
14 John Boudreaux,American drummer.-age 80 14 Barry Cassin,Irish actor (Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog,The Count of
Monte Cristo,Byzantium).- age 92 16 Steve Wright,American bass guitarist (The Greg Kihn Band),heart attack.-age 66
17 Philip Bond,British actor (Doctor Who,The Onedin Line).-age 82 20 Joey Powers,American singer-songwriter.-age 82 23 Bobby Freeman,American singer and songwriter ("Do You Want to Dance"),heart
attack.-age 76
25 Mary Tyler Moore,American actress (The Dick Van Dyke Show,The Mary Tyler Moore Show,
Ordinary People),7-time Emmy winner,cardiopulmonary arrest.-age 80
26 Mike Connors,American actor (Mannix,The Ten Commandments,Tightrope!),leukemia.-age 91
26 Barbara Hale,American actress (Perry Mason, Airport),complications from COPD-age 94
31 Frank Pellegrino,American actor (Goodfellas,The Sopranos) and restaurateur
(Rao's),lung cancer.-age 72 31 John Wetton,British singer-songwriter ("Only Time Will Tell","Heat of the
Moment") and bass guitarist (Asia,King Crimson),colorectal cancer-age 67 FEBRUARY 01 Robert Dahlqvist,Swedish rock singer and guitarist (The Hellacopters,Dundertoget).-age 40
06 Inge Keller,German actress (The Last Year, Aimre & Jaguar,Lola and Billy the Kid-age 93
11 Howard Leeds,Canadian-born American television producer and writer (The Brady
Bunch,Silver Spoons,Diff'rent Strokes).age-97 12 Sara Coward,British actress (The Archers),breast cancer-age 69 12 Damian,British pop singer,cancer-age 52 12 Al Jarreau,American jazz and R&B singer ("Moonlighting","Since I Fell for You",
"We Are the World"),seven-time Grammy winner,respiratory failure-age 76 12 Alice Ludes,American singer, small illness-age 104 18 Omar Abdel-Rahman,Egyptian Muslim leader and convicted terrorist.-age 78 21 Joy Hruby,Australian actress (Brides of Christ) and television presenter.-age 89
25 Bill Paxton,American actor (Apollo 13,Titanic,Big Love),stroke as a complication
from heart surgery.-age 61
26 Joseph Wapner,American judge (Los Angeles County Superior Court) and
television personality (The People's Court,),respiratory failure.-age 97 27 John Harlan,American radio and television personality (Password,Name That
Tune)-age 91 28 Ric Marlow,American songwriter ("A Taste of Honey") and actor (Bonanza,
Magnum,P.I.,Hawaii Five-O).-age 91 MARCH 03 Jim Fuller,American guitarist (The Surfaris).-age 69 03 Miriam Colon,Puerto Rican-American actress (Scarface,Goal!,All the Pretty
Horses),pulmonary infection.-age 80 03 Tommy Page,American singer-songwriter ("I'll Be Your Everything") and music
industry executive (Reprise Records,Billboard),suicide.-age 46 06 Lars Diedricson,Swedish singer (Snowstorm), songwriter ("Take Me To Your
Heaven") and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1999.-age 55 17 Robert Day,British television and film director (The Green Man,First Man
Into Space,The Rebel).-age 94 17 Auntie Fee,American Internet personality and actress (Barbershop:The Next Cut),
heart attack.-age 59
18 Chuck Berry,American Hall of Fame guitarist, singer and songwriter
("Johnny B. Goode","Maybellene","Roll Over Beethoven"),heart attack.-age 90 18 Tony Russel,American actor (Behind the Mask of Zorro,Wild,Wild Planet,War
of the Planets).-age 91 18 Joe Mafela,South African actor (Zulu,Shout at the Devil,Escape from Angola),
traffic collision.-age 75 19 Jimmy Breslin,American journalist and author (New York Daily News,Newsday),
recipient of the Pulitzer Prize (1986),complications from pneumonia.-age 88 19 John Rogan,Irish actor (The Bill).-age 78 21 Chuck Barris,American television producer,game show creator,host
(The Gong Show,The Dating Game) and songwriter ("Palisades Park").-age 87 22 Sib Hashian,American drummer (Boston).-age 67 22 Keith Palmer,British police officer,stabbed during 2017 Westminster attack.-age 48
23 Lola Albright,American actress (Champion,Peter Gunn,Lord Love a Duck).-age 92
25 Sheila Bond,American actress (Wish You Were Here,The Marrying Kind,Damn Yankees),
Tony winner (1953).-age 90
27 Chelsea Brown,American-Australian actress (Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In,Number 96),
pneumonia-age 74 30 Rosie Hamlin,American singer (Rosie and the Originals)-age 71 APRIL 08 Brian Matthew,English TV and radio presenter (Saturday Club,Thank Your Lucky
Stars,Sounds of the 60s).-age 88 10 Linda Hopkins,American actress (Purlie, Me and Bessie) and singer ("Shake A
Hand"), Tony winner (1972).-age 92 11 J. Geils,American guitarist (The J. Geils Band).-age 71 15 Aref Lorestani,Iranian actor, heart attack.-age 45 15 Sylvia Moy,American songwriter ("Uptight (Everything's Alright)", "I Was Made To
Love Her", "My Cherie Amour") and record producer-age 78 22 Erin Moran,American actress (Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chachi,Galaxy of Terror),
tonsil cancer.-age 56 27 Peter Spier,Dutch-born American illustrator and children's writer.-age 89 MAY 05 Clive Brooks,British drummer (Egg, The Groundhogs,Pink Floyd).-age 67 05 Quinn O'Hara,Scottish-born American actress (The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini)-age 76 08 Curt Lowens,German-born American actor (Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory,The
Hindenburg,Angels & Demons) and Holocaust survivor,fall.-age 91 09 Robert Miles,Swiss-born Italian electronic dance musician and record producer
("Children"),cancer.-age 47 09 Michael Parks,American actor (Twin Peaks,From Dusk till Dawn,Kill Bill).-age 77 23 Sir Roger Moore,English actor (The Spy Who Loved Me, Maverick,The Saint),cancer.-age 89
27 Gregg Allman,American Hall of Fame singer-songwriter ("Whipping Post","Midnight
Rider") and musician (The Allman Brothers Band),liver cancer-age 69 JUNE 04 Roger Smith,American actor (77 Sunset Strip,Mister Roberts,Auntie Mame),
complications from Parkinson's disease.-age 84 13 Jack Ong,American actor (Next,Leprechaun in the Hood,General Hospital),brain
tumor.-age 76 16 Stephen Furst,American actor (Babylon 5,Animal House,St. Elsewhere),
complications from diabetes.-age 63 20 Prodigy,American rapper (Mobb Deep),accidental choking.-age 42 22 Jimmy Nalls,American rock guitarist (Sea Level), fall-age 66 22 Paul De Rolf,American actor (The Ten Commandments, The Beverly Hillbillies) and
choreographer (1941),Alzheimer's disease.-age 74 22 Gunter Gabriel,German singer,musician and composer,fall.-age 75 27 Valentin Pimstein,Chilean television producer (Maria la del Barrio,Marimar,
Carrusel),respiratory arrest.-age 91 28 Wally O'Connell,Australian rugby league footballer and coach (Eastern Suburbs,
Manly-Warringah).-age 94 29 Marrion Roe,New Zealand swimmer.-age 82 30 Barry Norman,British film critic and television presenter (Film...).-age 83 JULY 02 Chris Roberts,German singer and actor, lung cancer.-age 73 03 Joe Robinson,British actor (Diamonds Are Forever,The Loneliness of the Long
Distance Runner,Thor and the Amazon Women).-age 90 04 Carol Lee Scott,English actress (Grotbags).-age 74 05 John Karlsen,New Zealand actor (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure).-age 97 13 Simon Holmes,Australian musician (The Hummingbirds).-age 54 16 Trevor Baxter,British actor (Doctor Who, Maelstrom,Sky Captain And The World
Of Tomorrow) and playwright.-age 84 19 Blaoui Houari,Algerian singer and songwriter.-age 91 25 Barbara Sinatra,American fashion model,showgirl and wife of Frank Sinatra.-age 90 31 Jeanne Moreau,French actress (Elevator to the Gallows,The Lovers,Jules and Jim).-age 89 AUGUST 02 Wanda Chotomska,Polish children's author and screenwriter (Jacek i Agatka)-age 87 03 Ty Hardin,American actor (Bronco,Berserk!, Battle of the Bulge).-age 87 03 Robert Hardy,British actor (All Creatures Great and Small,Harry Potter,Winston
Churchill:The Wilderness Years).-age 91 08 Glen Campbell,American singer ("Rhinestone Cowboy") and actor (True Grit),
Grammy winner (1967,2015),Alzheimer's disease.-age 81 11 Terele Pavez,Spanish actress (Witching & Bitching, La Celestina,The Bar),Goya
winner (2013),stroke.-age 78 13 Joseph Bologna,American actor (Blame It on Rio,My Favorite Year,The Big Bus),
pancreatic cancer.-age 82 14 Andrzej Blumenfeld,Polish actor (The Pianist,Delivery Man,The Witcher).-age 66 19 Dick Gregory,American comedian and civil rights activist,heart failure.-age 84 20 Jerry Lewis,American comedian (Martin and Lewis),actor (The Nutty Professor)
and humanitarian,cardiomyopathy.-age 91 23 Viola Harris,American actress (Deconstructing Harry,The Other Guys,Sex And The
City 2).-age 91 24 Jay Thomas,American actor (Cheers,Murphy Brown,Love & War) and radio talk show
host,Emmy winner (1990,1991),cancer.-age 69 25 Sharry Konopski,American model and actress,pneumonia.-age 49 SEPTEMBER 01 Shelley Berman,American comedian and actor (Curb Your Enthusiasm,Meet The
Fockers),Alzheimer's disease.-age 92
06 Mike Neville,British television presenter (BBC North East and Cumbria,ITV Tyne
Tees),cancer.-age 80
08 Don Williams,American Hall of Fame country music singer ("Tulsa Time",
"I Believe in You","You're My Best Friend") and songwriter,emphysema.-age 78 13 Frank Vincent,American actor (The Sopranos,Goodfellas,Raging Bull),
complications during heart surgery.-age 80 24 Gisele Casadesus,French actress (My Afternoons with Margueritte).-age 103 25 Bobby Knutt,British actor and comedian (Coronation Street,Benidorm,Emmerdale),
heart attack.-Age 71 26 Gunter Halm,German World War II military officer.-age 95 27 Hugh Hefner,American magazine publisher (Playboy),businessman (Playboy
Enterprises),cardiac arrest due to septicemia.-age 91 30 Apex,British drum and bass music producer,suicide.-age 36 30 Monty Hall,Canadian-American game show host (Let's Make a Deal),heart failure.-age 96 OCTOBER
02 Tom Petty,American Hall of Fame musician (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers,
Traveling Wilburys) and voice actor (King of the Hill),heart attack-age 66 21 Lech Ordon,Polish actor (Letters to Santa).-age 88
24 Fats Domino,American Hall of Fame pianist and singer-songwriter
("Blueberry Hill", "Ain't That a Shame", "I'm Walkin'").-age 89 30 Daniel Viglietti,Uruguayan folk singer, guitarist, composer and political
activist.-age 78 NOVEMBER 03 Jiri Kormanik,Czechoslovakian wrestler,Olympic silver medalist (1964).-age 82 07 Hans-Michael Rehberg,German actor (Schindler's List).-age 79 08 Pat Hutchins,British illustrator,author and actress (Rosie and Jim),cancer.-age 75 11 Baard Owe,Norwegian-born Danish actor (The Kingdom), lung cancer.-age 81 13 Alina Janowska,Polish actress,Alzheimer's disease.-age 94 14 Little Mama,African-born chimpanzee (Lion Country Safari),oldest on record,
kidney failure .-age 79 15 Lil Peep,American singer and rapper,drug overdose.-age 21 16 John Gambino,Italian-born American mobster.-age 77 18 Frans Zwartjes (nl),Dutch film director and artist..-age 90 19 Della Reese,American actress (Touched by an Angel, Chico and the Man) and
singer ("Don't You Know?").-age 86 19 Charles Manson,American criminal (Tate murders),cult leader (Manson Family),
cardiac arrest from colon cancer.-age 83
21 David Cassidy,American pop singer ("Cherish", "How Can I Be Sure") and actor
(The Partridge Family), liver failure-age 67 26 Patrick Bourgeois,Canadian musician (Les B.B.),cancer.-age 54 27 Robert Popwell,American bass guitarist (The Young Rascals,The Crusaders).-age 66 30 Jim Nabors,American actor (Gomer Pyle,U.S.M.C.,The Andy Griffith Show,
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) and singer.-age 87 DECEMBER 03 Patrick Henry,French murderer,lung cancer.-age 64 07 Tommy Horton,British golfer.-age 76 08 Atsutoshi Nishida,Japanese businessman,President of Toshiba (2005-2009),
heart attack-age 73 09 Heitaro Nakajima,Japanese digital audio pioneer-age 96 11 Charles Robert Jenkins,American soldier,deserted to North Korea.-age 77 12 Pat DiNizio,American singer and musician (The Smithereens).-age 62 13 Warrel Dane,American rock singer (Sanctuary,Nevermore),heart attack.-age 56 13 Martin Ransohoff,American producer (The Beverly Hillbillies,Mister Ed,The
Cincinnati Kid),co-founder of Filmways.-age 90 13 Rory O'Donoghue,Australian musician and actor (The Aunty Jack Show),suicide.-age 68 14 Yurizan Beltran,American pornographic actress,drug overdose.-age 31 15 Ana Maria Vela Rubio,Spanish supercentenarian,nation's oldest person ever.-age 116 16 Keely Smith,American singer ("That Old Black Magic","I've Got You Under My Skin"),
Grammy winner (1959),heart failure.-age 89 19 Hiep Thi Le,Vietnamese-American actress (Heaven & Earth,Cruel Intentions,
Lakeview Terrace),stomach cancer.- age 46 19 Leo Welch,American blues musician.-- age 85 21 June Rowlands,Canadian politician, Mayor of Toronto (1991-1994)- age 93 SPORTS
Despite IOC's assurances that it's politically neutral,banning Russia from the
Winter Olympics is precisely a politically motivated decision,says sociology
professor at Aston University Ellis Cashmore.Other analysts also commented on the
matter. The International Olympic Committee banned the Russian Winter Olympics team
from competing at the 2018 Games. However,individual athletes that can prove they are clean will be allowed to
participate under a neutral flag and named as 'Olympic Athletes from Russia.' Thomas Bach,the President of the International Olympic Committee,assured that
"the IOC is politically absolutely neutral,and we would not allow to be influenced
by any kind of political considerations in such sporting matters." Ellis Cashmore,professor of sociology at Aston University argues this was
precisely a politically motivated decision. "They said this isn't a political decision.But of course,the world knows that
it is exactly that.This has been a controversy that has been clouded in
political judgment.It is impossible to separate this particular decision from
what is going on in the rest of the world regarding fake news and the alleged
intervention of Russia into Britain's Brexit vote and even the American
presidential election. There is a lot of this kind of stuff swirling around
the world at the moment.A lot of it is beyond belief,frankly.But people are
accepting some of it.So,I don't think you can disentangle the two things.
"Let;s remember this is a campaign that has been building for several years
since 2014 with the airing of these allegations from Sochi on German TV,
American TV.Remember,the banning in Rio of the Russian track and field team,
banning the Paralympic team from Russia," he says. "I think the fact that we
are talking about the banning the Russian team,the Russian flag,the Russian anthem,shows that this is really directed against Russia per se." Former US diplomat Jim Jatras said "It is not a question of clean athletes and
athletes that are engaged in doping,which we know is a widespread practice.There
was the 2011 WADA report that said between 29 and 45 percent of athletes worldwide
were engaged in doping and this is a problem in many other countries,but Russia
has been singled out for the special treatment, particularly against its national
symbols, and I think it is indeed quite political," "I can't think of a time when a country has been banned for that even when
it was clear that it was done with higher authority from the government.
I have to say, this looks like totally about politics.It is not about cleaning
up the Olympic sport," he added."The banning of the whole country's team is
excessive.They could have solved the problem by putting extra tests on
Russian athletes if they were suspicious," he continued. Alan Moore,the host of Moscow's Capital FM Sports,suggests the IOC has
found a profitable strategy in demonizing Russia.There is no fair play in
sport.At this level,the simple truth is that in order to compete at the
highest level,you have to do something to stay there.When you have a very
well-paying job at the level of Mr. Bach "they need to do it to stay on top.
And that is what they are doing. Russia is very useful to keep this," he said.
"It is very unfair on Russia.There is,of course,a political drive
behind this.The question that I have in my mind is: okay.Russia is banned,
what next? Who else will they go after?" it would be nobody because they
would want to keep beating Russia, keep beating the drum and say Russia is
bad."But there are a lot of bad guys everywhere"It won't change... "
As of now President Putin has let the athletes,who have trained all their
lives for the Olympics,decide if they wanted to go.It is no surprise,even though
they can not fly the Russian flag or have the Russian national anthem played upon
winning a medal,the athletes still want to participate in the 2018 Olympics.
So Putin has granted them their wish.But was this a good move? Russia now by
appeasing the IOC (or USA who is more than likely behind this) will only encourage
more aggression to continue from the IOC.Allowing the athletes to participate in
the Olympics in this manner can be interpreted as an admission of guilt.Mark my
words the IOC will continue their attacks on Russia in the 2018.2020 and 2022
Olympics. SUPER BOWL LI (51)
Super Bowl LI was an American football game played at NRG Stadium in Houston,
Texas, on Sunday,February 5, 2017,to determine the champion of the National
Football League (NFL) for the 2016 season.The American Football Conference (AFC)
champion New England Patriots,after trailing by as many as 25 points (28-3) during
the third quarter,defeated the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Atlanta
Falcons, 34-28 in overtime.The Patriots' 25-point comeback is the largest comeback
in Super Bowl history,and Super Bowl LI was the first to be decided in overtime. The Patriots' victory was their fifth, moving them into a three-way tie with
the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers for second place on the all-time
Super Bowl wins list, trailing only the Pittsburgh Steelers who have six victories.
New England,after finishing the regular season with a league-best 14-2 record,
advanced to their record-setting ninth Super Bowl appearance,their second in three
years,and their seventh under the leadership of head coach Bill Belichick and
quarterback Tom Brady.The Falcons entered the game after completing an 11-5
regular season record,and were trying to win their first Super Bowl title,having
lost their only previous appearance in Super Bowl XXXIII. After a scoreless first quarter,Atlanta scored 21 points before New England made
a field goal with two seconds left in the second quarter,to make it a 21-3 halftime
lead.The Falcons then increased their lead to 28-3 midway through the third
quarter,with quarterback Matt Ryan completing his second touchdown pass.The
Patriots then scored 25 unanswered points to tie the game,28-28,with 57 seconds
left in regulation.New England won the overtime coin toss, received the kickoff
and drove 75 yards to win with a 2-yard touchdown run by running back James White. When the game ended, more than 30 team and individual Super Bowl records had been
either broken or matched.White's 14 receptions and his 20 points scored (off of 3
touchdowns and a two-point conversion) were among these broken records.New England
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady,who also broke single-game Super Bowl records with
43 completed passes, 62 pass attempts, and 466 passing yards, was named Super Bowl
MVP for a record fourth time. Fox's broadcast of the game averaged around 111.3 million viewers, slightly
down from the 111.9 million viewers of previous year's Super Bowl. Average TV viewership for the halftime show,headlined by Lady Gaga,was higher at
117.5 million.On the following day a number of media outlets immediately hailed
the game as the greatest Super Bowl of all time. 2017 BASEBALL WORLD SERIES
The 2017 Baseball World Series was the championship series of Major League
Baseball's (MLB) 2017 season.The 113th edition of the World Series,it was played
between October 24 and November 1.The series was a best-of-seven playoff between
the National League (NL) champion Los Angeles Dodgers and the American League (AL)
champion Houston Astros.It was sponsored by the internet television service YouTube
TV and officially known as the World Series presented by YouTube TV.
The Astros defeated the Dodgers,four games to three,to win their first World
Series in franchise history and the first team from Texas to do so.Both teams set
a World Series record with a combined total of 25 home runs throughout the entire
series,including a team record 15 home runs by the Astros,and hit a combined total
of eight home runs in Game 2 to set the single game World Series mark.Houston
outfielder George Springer was named as the World Series Most Valuable Player (MVP)
after hitting five home runs in the series to tie a World Series record with Reggie
Jackson in 1977 and Dodgers' 2017 World Series representative Chase Utley in 2009
when he played for the Philadelphia Phillies. This was the first World Series in which home-field advantage was decided by
the regular season record of pennant winners.From 1903 to 2002,home-field
advantage alternated between the AL and NL,and from 2003 to 2016,it was determined
by results from that season's All-Star Game,when it was awarded to the team from
the winning league.With 104 regular season wins,the Dodgers earned home-field
advantage over the Astros,who had 101 regular season wins.The series was played in
a 2-3-2 format,with the Dodgers hosting Games 1,2,6, and 7;and the Astros hosting
Games 3,4, and 5.

The 2017 NBA Finals was the championship series of the National Basketball
Association (NBA)'s 2016-17 season and conclusion of the season's playoffs.The
Western Conference champion Golden State Warriors defeated the defending NBA
champion and Eastern Conference champion Cleveland Cavaliers 4 games to 1.These
Finals was the first time in NBA history the same two teams had met for a third
consecutive year.The Cavaliers sought to repeat as champions after winning the
championship in 2016,while the Warriors won the first meeting in 2015.Golden State
earned home court advantage with a 2016-17 regular season record of 67-15,while
Cleveland finished the regular season with a 51-31 record.The Warriors entered the
2017 Finals after becoming the first team in NBA playoff history to start 12-0,
while the Cavaliers entered the 2017 Finals with a 12-1 record during the first
three rounds of the postseason.The Warriors' 15-0 start in the playoffs is the
most consecutive postseason wins in NBA history and their 16-1 record is the best winning percentage (.941) in NBA Playoff history. 2017 AUSTRALIAN (AFL) GRAND FINAL
The 2017 AFL Grand Final was an Australian rules football game contested
between the Adelaide Crows and the Richmond Tigers,held at the Melbourne Cricket
Ground on September 30,2017.It was the 121st annual grand final of the Australian
Football League (formerly the Victorian Football League),staged to determine the
premiers for the 2017 AFL season. Richmond defeated Adelaide by 48 points,marking
the club's eleventh premiership and first since 1980.Richmond's Dustin Martin won
the Norm Smith Medal as the best player on the ground. The match was attended by
100,021 people,the largest crowd since the 1986 Grand Final. ENTERTAINMENT 

This year this part of the year-end review is very easy for me. On my website I
follow the music charts of five countries-US,UK,Canada,Australia and New Zealand.
Sometimes there may be a different #1 song of the year for all five countries.So
then I would have to address five different songs.This year though all five
countries have the same number one song-"Shape Of You" by "Ed Sheeran". "Shape of You" is a song by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.It was
released as a digital download on January 6,2017 as one of the double lead singles
from his third studio album ?(Divide) (2017),along with "Castle on the Hill".
The dancehall-infused pop song was written and produced by Ed Sheeran and
Steve Mac,along with additional writing contributions from Johnny McDaid,Kandi
Burruss,Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, and Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs. "Shape of You" peaked at number-one on the singles charts of 44 countries,
including the US Billboard Hot 100 (later becoming the best performing song of 2017),
as well as the UK, Australian,Canadian and New Zealand singles charts.It has stayed
at number one for a record-tying 16 consecutive weeks on the Canadian Hot 100,as
well as 14 non-consecutive weeks on the UK Singles Chart,and 12 non-consecutive
weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.On September 21,2017 it became the most streamed
song on "Spotify", with over 1.32 billion streams.

Although "Despacito" was not #1 for 2017 in any of the five countries (US,UK,
Canada,Australia and New Zealand) where I monitor the charts it can't be overlooked.
In the USA it was the #2 song of the year for 2017 spending 16 weeks at #1 on the
US Billboard Hot 100.Since 1940 no song has spent more time at #1 on the major
Billboard single charts."One Sweet Day" by "Mariah Carey and Boyz/Men" (1995-96) is
the only other song to spend 16 weeks at #1.
"Despacito" (American Spanish: [despa'sito]; English: "Slowly") is a single by
Puerto Rican singer "Luis Fonsi" featuring Puerto Rican rapper "Daddy Yankee" from
Fonsi's upcoming studio album.On January 12,2017,Universal Music Latin released
"Despacito" and its music video, which shows both artists performing the song in
La Perla neighborhood of Old San Juan,Puerto Rico and the local bar La Factoria.The
song was written by Fonsi,Erika Ender and Daddy Yankee and was produced by Andres
Torres and Mauricio Rengifo.A remix version featuring Canadian singer Justin Bieber
was released on April 17, 2017,which helped to improve the song's chart performance
in numerous countries,particularly in the English-speaking world. It is a reggaeton-pop song composed in common time with lyrics about having a
sexual relationship,performed in a smooth and romantic way.Commercially,the song
topped the charts of 47 countries and reached the top 10 of ten others,making it
both Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's most successful single to date.It became the first
song primarily in Spanish to top the Billboard Hot 100 since "Macarena" (Bayside
Boys Mix) in 1996.On August 4, 2017,the official music video for "Despacito" became
the most viewed YouTube video of all time after receiving its 3 billionth view,
making it the first video on the site to reach the milestone.It later became the
first YouTube video to hit 4 billion views on October 11,2017. Upon its release, "Despacito" received generally favorable reviews from music
critics,who praised the fusion between Latin and urban rhythms,the catchiness of
the song and its text painting.It has received Latin Grammy Awards for Record of
the Year,Song of the Year, Best Urban Fusion/Performance and Best Short Form Music
Video at the 18th Annual Latin Grammy Awards. In 2017,"Despacito" was ranked the
fifth best Latin song of all time by Billboard and was positioned within the top
ten songs of the year by Time,Billboard and Rolling Stone. PLAYMATE OF THE YEAR OR "SMASH HIT OF THE YEAR"
From my first year-end review in 2004 to 2015 I always posted "Playboy's Playmate
Of The Year".Then in 2016 Playboy discontinued publishing nude photos of the
playmates.Further in 2017 Hugh Hefner died.So I picked up the slack.In 2010 I
started posting playmates on my website.In 2011 I had what you call my first
THE YEAR" was chosen in response to votes casted by viewers.So in 2016 when Playboy
discontinued nude playmates I posted my "SMASH HIT OF THE YEAR" in my year-end
review.So I am doing the same in 2017. You can view the 2017 "SMASH HIT OF THE
YEAR" on my website
at: Above is a photo of MAYU NOZOMI the 2017 "SMASH HIT OF THE YEAR", If you go to the
above URL you can find more revealing photos of her. Below you will also find her biographical data reproduced from my website. MAYU NOZOMI Born:October,5,1989 in Tokyo Blood Type : A Breast : 84 cm Waist : 60 cm Hips : 85 cm Height : 153 cm Mayu Nozomi was born on October 5,1989 in Tokyo,Japan.She debuted as a junior
model with the stage name Hikari.In April and July 2009,she appeared in two
gravure videos,Kawaii and Hope!.In November of the same year,she made her AV debut
with the video First Impression 45,released by the manufacturer Idea Pocket. In January 2010,she debuted as a singer with the album "Nozomi",released by Duo
Entertainment.In November 2010,she made her film debut as the lead character of
the V-Cinema release "Yankii Joshik "sei 4:Chiba Saiky" Densetsu","Delinquent High
School Girl 4".In 2012,she was involved in the music project "Kiss",a J-pop group
consisting of her,Aino Kishi and Jessica Kizaki.Their debut album was
"Touch My S.P.O.T"..Nozomi also appeared on the "Free-Shobo Akiba Festival",a
photo application for "Android",together with other five popular gravure models. When the major Japanese adult video distributor DMM held a poll of its customers
in 2012 to select the 100 all-time best AV actresses to celebrate the 30th
anniversary of adult videos in Japan,Nozomi was listed as number 34.At the 2014 AV
Open ceremony, Nozomi's video,BEACHY VENUS,for the Idea Pocket studio co-starring
Airi Kijima and Aino Kishi won the Super Heavyweight Class Third Place award.

 CLOSING So much for the world in 2017.As for my world I started 2017 living in Chianyai,
Thailand and I will end 2017 living in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province in Thailand.
In February I turned 64.So you may want to hear the 1967 Beatles' song
"When I'm 64". Go to:
I spent every day of 2017 except for 4 on Thailand soil and the other four days
sorting out my visa in Malaysia.I am now retired and still live in a house all
alone.All of my 20,000 Cds,records and tapes,Plus my huge Playboy collection are
with me in my house.I will probably (unless I am kidnapped by the CIA) be in
Thailand for almost all of 2018.I now have not been on US soil in over (8) years
(I left the USA on September 15th, 2009).If things go as I would like them to
there is a good chance I may never see the USA again.I don't need the USA's war
machine,I don't need their ghetto scenes.
In 2017 I increased the size of my website.I now have approximately 4200 files
on my website ( October of 2018 I plan to begin
compiling the top 6500 of all time (1954-2019) which will be unveiled in July of
2019.My projections are to have 5000 files on my website by January 15,2020.It may
take me about five years for me to get my website up to snuff.So it may be at
least nine years before I begin writing that book about my life which I have been
wanting to do for the past 10 years.Also in about five years I am hoping to have
my own internet show.We will see.I take life one day at a time.I am hoping for this
book and my internet show will be my bonanza.As Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones
said back in 1967 "Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind". It was a pleasure to have all of you being part of my life this year.Anyway,
that is my year-end review for 2017.I hope you all had a cool year too and that
you have lots of dreams to aim for in the next 12 months or so. Remember every second of your life you spend thinking of bad and negative
thoughts it is one second less your are spending thinking of good and positive
thoughts and you don't get that one second back.So even if life does not deal you
the cards you wanted just remember to keep on dancing and enjoying the party.Have
a fantastic Xmas or whatever holiday you celebrate and I will e-mail you all
individually when the time frame is not so narrow!! It's been great to have you
all in my year and my life!!!! Joyeaux Noel,Feliz Navidad,Frohliches Weihnachten,Merry Xmas et la prochain

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