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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jul 05, 2015 at 04:28 PM

Hello people,
   On Tuesday,July 4,2017 North Korea claimed to have conducted its first test of an
intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM),a development that,if confirmed,could move
the regime closer to being able to strike the US mainland.North Korea claims they can
strike any where on the planet.
    However,within hours of the statement,the US and South Korea announced they had held
a new ballistic missile drill to what the US claims was to counter "North Korea's
destabilizing and unlawful actions." Sort of like children playing on the school
On July 5,2017 US Ambassador to the United Nations,Nikki Haley,said:North Korea's
actions were "quickly closing off the possibility of a diplomatic solution" and the
United States was prepared to defend itself and its allies.
    I like how Nikki uses the term "defend itself". During the Korean War in the 1950s
the USA invaded North Korea,destroying their history,culture.The USA murdered and
killed 20% of the population.In 2002 US President George W.Bush labeled "North Korea"
as an "axis of evil". In 2003,the US overthrows the sovereign, independent government
of Iraq.Then in 2011 the USA overthrows the sovereign, independent government of Libya.
In 2014 the USA supports a coup d'etat that overthrows the sovereign, independent
government of Ukraine. Libya was told to give up their nuclear weapons,which they did
and their government is overthrown.
    Witnessing this the government of North Korea realizes-"If we abandon our nuclear
weapons program we will be vulnerable to the USA overthrowing our government". At
the same time the USA ramps up the rhetoric with more threat and more bellicose
language.Then the USA holds military drills with South Korean troops in South Korea
close to the North Korean border in an effort to provoke and intimidate North Korea.
So as a reaction North Korea tests intercontinental ballistic missile. The USA
considers that threatening but when the USA threatens North Korea with military
drills,those threats do not count. In other words,the way an American thinks
it is OK for us to threaten you but you can not threaten us.
      Then in the UN the Russian and Chinese ambassadors propose that North Korea
declare a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests while the United States and
South Korea refrain from large-scale military exercises. Moscow and Beijing suggested
that if Pyongyang halts nuclear and missile tests while the U.S. and Seoul freeze military maneuvers, the parties could sit down for talks that should lead to obligations not to use force and to refrain from aggression. This proposal was clearly rejected by the USA.Nikki Haley said "The United States is ready to use force "if we must" to stop North Korea's nuclear missile program."
    I always knew Nikki Haley was an idiot but she clearly is displaying her stupidity.
She thinks invading North Korea would be like invading Iraq or Syria. North Korea is
no desert.It is a country with rugged and mountainous terrain.The 38th parallel is heavily fortified
with North Korean troops.Seoul is situated about 40 Kilometers south of the border
where many US military bases are situated.There are also many US military bases next
door in Japan.All these bases would be sitting ducks for North Korea.Hell,they
wouldn't even need nuclear weapons,conventional weapons alone would wreck havoc.
In other words,if the USA went to war with North Korea they would lose just like
they did in Vietnam.If by chance the US were to be victorious,it would be a
Pyrrhic victory at best.
    It is rather strange both China and Russia share a border with North Korea and
neither country could give a rats ass as to whether or not North Korea has a nuclear weapons.That is
because both countries know that North Korea will only use them if they are
antagonized and provoked.
     North Korea would have to be insane to give up their nuclear weapons programs.
It is their nuclear weapons program that protects them from invasion.So,the best
bet for the USA is to accept the fact that because of their antics North Korea is
now a nuclear power. Their best option is dialogue. If the USA,who does not
like compromise,does not accept this fact of life we may be on the verge of
world war III.

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