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Written by Barry Kowal   
Apr 09, 2017 at 04:10 PM




Hello people,


  I do not do these blogs for my health.I do them with the hope of enlightening others to the world around them.In 2015 I did a blog predicting World War III would be coming by 2017.See: 

  I hope I am wrong but due to recent events this doesn't appear to be the case. 

  Currently I live in Thailand and I haven't lived in the USA since 2004.I am still a US citizen. So I can say what I am about to say.Americans are engrained with the idea that they have "American Exceptionalism".They are brought up to believe they are the chosen people and everybody else is shit.They believe they can go around the world.Shit and piss on anybody they want,any time they want just because they can do it.Just look at what happened last week,US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said "I think the... longer term status of President Assad will be decided by the Syrian people.".Then on a Sunday Morning TV Show on April 2 US Senator John McCain was outraged by this comment and replied "how can the Syrian people determine their own future?"

  Americans believe they have the right to go into other countries,destroy their history,destroy their culture and tell them how to live.


  Thursday April 6,2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the USA entering World War I and 100 years later to the day Donald Trump fires 59 missiles into Syria. Although technically the "antebellum" this act may have just started World War III. Although Donald Trump as a candidate ran on a platform that he wants to stop all US interventions. Now he does a 180.

  Trump claims to have done the act because he believes Bashar al-Assad used poisonus gas on his own people.Whether or not he believes this I strongly doubt it. Pure logic would dictate that Assad would have to be insane to use chemical weapons on his own people. In 2013 inspectors inspected the government controlled area of Syria and found no presence of chemical weapons.The inspectors could not gain access to the rebel held territories. Last week the Syrian army attacked an ammunition depot controlled by US-EU backed terrorists. Unknown to the Syrian army,the US-EU backed terrorists were storing poisonous gas in the depot. This exploded causing over 80 people to die.

  Assad was involved in a six year war with US-EU backed terrorists.He had the upper hand.The war was winding down. In the near future he was going to Geneva to get aid to rebuild his country. Why would he kill his own people and risk international condemnation?

  Further scientists know that only low level poisonous gas can be dropped from a plane.Not enough to kill 80 people.

    The next day the United Nations determined there was not enough evidence to conclude who carried out the chemical attack.In response to this the fascist US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said on Wednesday,April 5 "When the United Nations consistently fails in its duty to act collectively,there are times in the life of states that we are compelled to take our own action".

   The next day Trump bombs Syria. The USA without displaying any evidence disregarded the findings of the UN and acted as judge,jury and executioner. There is little difference between Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler. The USA government like it also did with George Bush in 2003,flaunts international law and does what it so desires regardless of the consequences.

This like living in a community where the police don't abide by the law.If the police don't who else will. Same with the UN if the USA disrespects the law what kind of a message does this send to other nations. Just like in 1939 when Hitler unilaterally invaded Poland,he outraged others.Others should be outraged at the USA for bombing Syria.

  One side note. After the US attacked the Air Base in Syria the US-EU backed terrorists made advancements on the Syrian Army. Which begs the question-Are the terrorists and the US in cahoots?

 One other side note.Whlie Trump's goons were bombing Syria the Chinese President Xi Jinping was staying at Trump's home in Florida.Clearly,the USA was sending a message to both China and North Korea. 


  Trump after bombing Syria,the mainstream media and Trump's foes like Hillary Clinton and John McCain suddenly embrace him and the Neo-McCartyism witch hunts suddenly disappear.Did he bomb Syria to get the deep state off his back? or was he compromised?

  The CIA make the Mafia look like chumps. I would not be surprised if the CIA did not ask Trump "Do you like your daughter?" Then Trump replies "yes" and the CIA responds "then you give us our war".

  Next time you watch TV notice how Trump now speaks like he is reading from a teleprompter and not talking off the cuff like he did before the election.Look at Trump's eyes and face.It looks like he has an albatross around his neck.His eyes seem to be saying he knows something that is not good. 

Here is my prediction. The sociopaths in the deep state clearly want war with Russia. Their problem is they are lacking public support.They do not like all the protests. So,first the USA will continue showing pictures or dead small children.But they won't show pictures of the children the US slaughtered in Mosul or the children they just killed in their recent bombing of the Syrian Air Force base. Gimme a break Nikki Haley & Donald Trump feel pain for small children that die.But any way Trump & Haley will do it to garnish public support.


   Next the US government has to tie Russia into the Syrian chemical attack. This is why the US congress is now holding congressional hearings to try to link Russia to the chemical attacks. Then the US government will try to make Putin look like the Anti-Christ.Then the big one.The USA then needs another September 11 or Pearl Harbor.They may just create one.  This will be the catalyst for starting World War III.

  The question is not "IF there will be a World War III?" The question is "WHEN will there be World War III?"

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