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  2-SACRIFICE/HEALING HANDS-ELTON JOHN-July                         598
  3-ICE ICE BABY-VANILLA ICE-December                               590
  4-KILLER-ADAMSKI-May                                              534
  5-VOGUE/KEEP IT TOGETHER-MADONNA-April                            528
  6-NOTHING COMPARES 2 U-SINEAD O'CONNOR-February                   528
  7-SHOW ME HEAVEN-MARIA McKEE-October                              526
  8-DUB BE GOOD TO ME-Beats International-March                     488
  9-THE POWER-Snap!-March                                           472
 10-WORLD IN MOTION-Englandneworder-June                            448
 11-U Can't Touch This-MC Hammer-August                             438
 12-Turtle Power-Partners In Kryme-August                           428
 13-Get A Life-Soul//Soul-January                                   414
 14-Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini-Bombalurina-Aug. 410
 15-It Must Have Been Love-Roxette-June                             408
 16-Dirty Cash-Adventures Of Stevie V-May                           408
 17-Love Shack-B52s-March                                           384
 18-A Little Time-Beautiful South-October                           382
 19-When You Come Back To Me-Jason Donovan-January                  378
 20-All Together Now-Farm-December                                  376
 21-The Joker-Steve Miller Band-September                           370
 22-Black Velvet-Alanah Myles-April                                 358
 23-Opposites Attract-Paula Abdul With The Wild Pair-May            356
 24-Mona-Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2-July                           356
 25-Groove Is In The Heart-Deee-Lite-September                      348
 26-Naked In The Rain-Blue Pearl-August                             346
 27-Unbelievable-E.M.F.-December                                    342
 28-I've Been Thinking About You-Londonbeat-October                 334
 29-Got To Have Your Love-Mantronix featuring Wondress-January      334
 30-Kingston Town-UB40-April                                        330
 31-Hangin' Tough-New Kids On The Block-January                     324
 32-Don't Worry-Kim Appleby-November                                322
 33-Get Up(Before The Night Is Over)-Technotronic-February          320
 34-Tom's Dinner-Suzzane Vega & DNA-August                          318
 35-Got To Get-Rob 'n' Raz Featuring Leila K-January                318
 36-Ooops Ups-Snap!-June                                            316
 37-How Am I Supposed To Live Without You-Michael Bolton-March      308
 38-Tonight-New Kids On The Block-August                            304
 39-Touch Me-49ers-January                                          300
 40-Four Bacharach & David Songs-Deacon Blue-September              296
 41-Justify My Love-Madonna-December                                292
 42-Saviour Day-Cliff Richard-December                              290
 43-Blue Savannah-Erasure-March                                     290
 44-Tears On My Pillow-Kylie Minogue-January                        286
 45-Nessun Dorma-Luciano Pavorotti-July                             286
 46-Better The Devil You Know-Kylie Minogue-May                     274
 47-Hear The Drummer(Get Wicked)-Chad Jackson-June                  274
 48-What Time Is Love?-KLF And The Children Of The Revolution-Sept. 272
 49-Hold On-En Vogue-May                                            268
 50-I'm Free-Soup Dragons-August                                    266
 51-Anniversary Waltz-Part One-Status Quo-October                   264
 52-Blue Velvet-Bobby Vinton-October                                262
 53-Dear Jessie-Madonna-January                                     248
 54-You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'-Righteous Brothers-December     244
 55-I Don't Know Anybody Else-Black Box-February                    242
 56-Strawberry Fields Forever-Candy Flip-March                      242
 57-Take My Breath Away-Berlin-November                  (86)       240
 58-Hanky Panky-Madonna-July                                        240
 59-Where Are You Baby?-Betty Boo-September                         240
 60-Hapenin' All Over Again-Lonnie Gordon-February                  240
 61-Fantasy-Black Box-November                                      238
 62-Cover Girl-New Kids On The Block-May                            234
 63-Ghetto Heaven-Family Stand-April                                232
 64-Thunderbirds Are Go-F.A.B. featuring MC Parker-July             228
 65-Step On-Happy Mondays-April                                     228
 66-Lily Was Here-David A.Stewart-March                             226
 67-I Can't Stand It-Twenty4Seven featuring Captain Hollywood-Octob.224
 68-Hold On Wilson Phillips-June                                    224
 69-venus-Don Pablo's Animals-June                                  222
 70-Infinity-Guru Josh-March                                        222
 71-Don't Miss The Party Line-Bizz Nizz-April                       222
 72-Mary Had A Little Boy-Snap!-December                            218
 73-Megamix-Technotronic-October                                    218
 74-Doin'The Do-Betty Boo-June                                      218
 75-All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You-Heart-April                  216
 76-Groovy Train-Farm-September                                     212
 77-The Brits 1990-Various Artists-March                            208
 78-Fascinating Rhythm-Bass-O-Matic-September                       200
 79-Fog On The Tyne (Revisited)-Gazza & Lindisfarne-November        192
 80-I'm Your Baby Tonight-Whitney Houston-October                   190
 81-Enjoy The Silence-Depeche Mode-February                         188
 82-I'll Be Your Baby Tonight-Robert Palmer & UB 40-November        186
 83-I Wish It Would Rain Down-Phil Collins-February                 182
 84-Could Have Told You So-Halo James-January                       182
 85-Step Back In Time-Kylie Minogue-November                        180
 86-Listen To Your Heart/Dangerous-Roxette-August                   178
 87-I'll Be Loving You Forever-New Kids On The Block-March          178
 88-Close To You-Maxi Priest & Tiger-July                           178
 89-(We Want) The Same Thing-Belinda Carlisle-November              178
 90-Birdhouse In Your Soul-They Might Be Giants-April               178
 91-Walk On By-Sybil-February                                       178
 92-Praying For Time-George Michael-August                          176
 93-A Dreams A Dream-Soul//Soul-May                                 174
 94-The Magic Number-De La Soul-January                             170
 95-Hang On To Your Love-Jason Donovan-April                        170
 96-Moments In Soul-JT And The Big Family-March                     170
 97-Wicked Game-Chris Isaak-December                                160
 98-The Only Rhyme That Bites-MC Tunes vs 808 State-July            158
 99-Instant Replay-Yell-February                                    156
100-Going Back To My Roots-FPI Project/Rich In Paradise-January     156
101-That Sounds Good To Me-Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers-March      152
102-So Hard-Pet Shop Boys-October                                   150
103-Step By Step-New Kids On The Block-June                         148
104-You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)-Jimmy Somerville-January         146
105-I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For-Chimes-May           144
106-It Takes Two-Rod Stewart & Tina Turner-November                 138
107-The Space Jungle-Adamski-September                              136
108-One Love-Stone Roses-July                                       134
109-Kinky Afro-Happy Mondays-October                                134
110-Kinky Boots-Patrick Macnee & Honor Blackman-December            132
111-Falling-Julee Cruise-November                                   132
112-Thieves In The Temple-Prince-August                             130
113-Rockin' Over The Beat-Technotronic-July                         130
114-Put Your Hands Together-D Mob-January                           128
115-The Only One I Know-Charlatans-June                             128
116-To Love Somebody-Jimmy Sommerville-November                     126
117-Won't Talk About It-Beats International-May                     126
118-Vision Of Love-Mariah Carey-September                           120
119-Can Can You Party-Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers-August          120
120-Cubik/Olympic-808 State-November                                120
121-How Can We Be Lovers-Michael Bolton-May                         116
122-This One's For The Children-New Kids On The Block-December      116
123-Working Man-Rita MacNeil-October                                116
124-She Ain't Worth It-Glenn Medeiros & Bobby Brown-July            112
125-Holy Smoke-Iron Maiden-September                                108
126-Have You Seen Her-MC Hammer-October                              88
127-Elephant Stone-Stone Roses-March                                 88
128-Cult Of Snap!-Snap!-September                                    86
129-Rhythm Of The Rain-Jason Donovan-September                       86
130-Live Together-Lisa Stansfield-February                           84
131-Downtown Train-Rod Stewart-February                              82
132-Take Your Time-Mantronix featuring Wondrass-May                  82
133-Silhouettes-Cliff Richard-August                                 80
134-Star-Erasure-June                                                78
135-King Of The Road-Proclaimers-November                            78
136-Hardcore Uproar-Together-August                                  76
137-N-R-G-Adamski-January                                            76
138-Listen To Your Heart-Sonia-January                               76
139-18 And Life-Skid Row-February                                    74
140-Nothing Ever Happens-Del Amitri-February                         74
141-Papa Was A Rolling Stone-Was (Not Was)-June                      74
142-Just This Side Of Love-Malandra Burrows-December                 74
143-Thinking Of You-Maureen-July                                     74
144-Deep Heat'89-Latino Rave-January                                 74
145-Blaze Of Glory-Jon Bon Jovi-August                               72
146-Everybody Needs Somebody To Love-Blues Brothers-April            72
147-Crying In The Rain-A-ha-October                                  72
148-It's A Shame (My Sister)-Monie Love featuring True Image-October 72
149-LFO-LFO-August                                                   72
150-Don't You Love Me-49ers-March                                    72
151-Carry The Blame/California Dreamin'-River City People-July       70
152-Let's Try Again/Didn't I Blow Your Mind -New Kids The Block-Oct. 46
153-Suicide Blonde-Inxs-September                                    40
154-Just Like Jesse James-Cher-February                              40
155-From A Distance-Cliff Richard-October                            40
156-20 Seconds To Comply-Silver Bullet-January                       40
157-Then-Charlatans-September                                        38
158-November Spawned A Monster-Morrissey-May                         38
159-Butterfly On A Wheel-Mission-January                             38
160-Thunderstruck-AC/DC-September                                    36
161-Close To Me-The Cure-November                                    36
162-Never Enough-Cure-October                                        36
163-No More Mr. Nice Guy-Megadeth-January                            36
164-Room At The Top-Adam Ant-February                                36
165-Steamy Windows-Tina Turner-February                              36
166-It's My Life-Talk Talk-June                                      36
167-Black Betty(Ben Liebrand Remix)-Ram Jam-March                    36
168-The Crazy Party Mixes-Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers-December     36
169-My Definition Of A Bombastic Jazz Style-Dream Warriors-November  36
170-There She Goes-La's-November                                     36
171-Don't Be A Fool-Loose Ends-September                             36
172-The Face-And Why Not?-February                                   36
173-Stronger Than That-Cliff Richard-February                        34
174-The Beat Is Technotronic-Technotronic-April                      34
175-The Freestyle Megamix-Bobby Brown-June                           34
176-Mama Gave Birth The Soul Children-Queen Latifah&De La Soul-April 34
177-Situation-Yazoo-December                                         34
178-More-Sisters Of Mercy-October                                    34
179-Livin' In The Light-Caron Wheeler-September                      34
180-Tricky Disco-Tricky Disco-August                                 34
181-You've Got A Friend-Big Fun & Sonia-June                         34
182-This Is How It Feels-Inspiral Carpets-March                      34
183-Madly In Love-Bros-March                                         34
184-Hey You-Quireboys-January                                        34

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