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Pos.-Title-Artist-Peak Month 
   1-(EVERYTHING I DO)I DO IT FOR YOU-BRYAN ADAMS-AUGUST                        1420
   2-I'M TOO SEXY-RIGHT SAID FRED-August                                       622
  3-SHOOP SHOOP SONG(IT'S IN HIS KISS)-CHER-May                               620
  4-THE ONE AND ONLY-CHESNEY HAWKES-April                                     552
  5-INSANITY-OCEANIC-October                                                  530
  6-DO THE BARTMAN-SIMPSONS-February                                          516
  7-I WANNA SEX YOU UP-COLOR ME BADD-June                                     504
  8-ANY DREAM WILL DO-Jason Donovan-June                                      458
  9-3 A.M. ETERNAL-KLF-February                                               452
 10-JUSTIFIED AND ANCIENT-Tammy Wynette & KLF-December                        448
 11-Dizzy-Vic Reeves & The Wonder Stuff-November                              444
 12-Let's Talk About Sex-Salt 'n' Pepa-September                              430
 13-Sadeness Part I-Enigma-January                                            428
 14-Get Ready For This-2 Unlimited-October                                    424
 15-When You Tell Me That You Love Me-Diana Ross-December                     410
 16-Black Or White-Michael Jackson-November                                   378
 17-Sit Down-James-April                                                      376
 18-Sunshine On A Rainy Day-Zoe-September                                     368
 19-More Than Words-Extreme-August                                            360
 20-Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me-George Michael & Elton John-December      354
 21-(I Wanna Give You)Devotion-Nomad featuring MC Mikee Freedom-February      352
 22-Baby Baby-Amy Grant-June                                                  350
 23-Now That We Found Love-Heavy D. & The Boyz-July                           350
 24-Thinking About Your Love-Kenny Thomas-June                                336
 25-Last Train To Trancentral-KLF-May                                         318
 26-Wind Of Change-Scorpions-October                                          316
 27-Promise Me-Beverly Craven-May                                             314
 28-Charly-Prodigy-September                                                  304 
 29-Wiggle It-2 In A Room-February                                            302
 30-World In Union-Kiri Te Kanawa-October                                     300
 31-Crazy-Seal-January                                                        298
 32-Should I Stay Or Should I Go-Clash-March                                  294
 33-Joyride-Roxette-March                                                     292
 34-Grease Megamix-Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta-January                 290
 35-Sailing On The Seven Seas-OMD-May                                         290
 36-You Got The Love-Source featuring Candi Staton-March                      288
 37-The Whole Of The Moon-Waterboys-April                                     286
 38-All 4 Love-Color Me Badd-August                                           272
 39-The Stonk-Hale & Pace & The Stonkers-March                                272
 40-Rush Rush-Paula Abdul-July                                                270
 41-Gypsy Womam(She's Homeless)-Crystal Waters-May                            268
 42-Do You Want Me-Salt 'n' Pepa-June                                         268
 43-Everybody's Free(To Feel Good)-Rozalla-October                            262
 44-Driven By You-Brian May-December                                          260
 45-Chorus-Erasure-June                                                       258
 46-Move Any Mountain-Shamen-August                                           256
 47-Set Adrift On Memory Bliss-PM Dawn-August                                 254
 48-Love To Hate You-Erasure-Sweptember                                       252
 49-Rhythm Of My Heart-Rod Stewart-March                                      250
 50-Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life-Monty Python-October               246
 51-Rhythm Is A Mystery-K-Klass-November                                      242
 52-Activ8(Come With Me)-Altern 8-November                                    240
 53-Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...-CC Music Factory-July                    238
 54-Senza Una Donna (Without A Woman)-Zucchero & Paul Young-May               236
 55-Touch Me (All Night Long)-Cathy Dennis-May                                232
 56-Gonna Make You Sweat-C&C Music Factory-January                            226
 57-Tainted Love-Soft Cell-May                                   (81)         224
 58-What Do I Have To Do-Kylie Minogue-February                               222
 59-Shiny Happy People-R.E.M. & Kate Pierson-June                             220
 60-Saltwater-Julian Lennon-October                                           218
 61-Pray-M.C.Hammer-January                                                   214
 62-Pandora's Box-Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark-July                      210
 63-Secret Love-Bee Gees-April                                                210
 64-You Could Be Mine-Guns & Roses-July                                       208
 65-Crazy For You(Remix)-Madonna-March                           (85)         204
 66-Stars-Simply Red-December                                                 200
 67-Love...Thy Will Be Done-Martika-September                                 200
 68-Rescue Me-Madonna-April                                                   198
 69-Get Off-Prince & N.P.G.-September                                         196
 70-Get Here-Oleta Adams-February                                             196
 71-What Can You Do For Me-Utah Saints-September                              196
 72-Ride Like The Wind-East Side Beat-December                                196
 73-Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter-Iron Maiden-January                  194
 74-Only You-Praise-February                                                  192
 75-Live & Let Die-Guns & Roses-December                                      192
 76-Because I Love You-Stevie B-March                                         190
 77-It's Too Late-Quartz introducing Dina Carroll-March                       182
 78-The Fly-U2-October                                                        180
 79-Move Your Body(Elevation)-Expansion-March                                 180
 80-Deep Deep Trouble-Simpsons-April                                          178
 81-I Believe-EMF-February                                                    178
 82-Peace-Sabrina Johnson-September                                           178
 83-Winter In July-Bomb The Bass-August                                       178
 84-I'll Be Back-Arnee And The Terminaters-September                          176
 85-All Right Now-Free-March                                 (70)             172
 86-Get The Message-Electronic-May                                            168
 87-Innuendo-Queen-January                                                    166
 88-Cry For Help-Rick Astley-January                                          166
 89-Summertime-DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince-August                      158
 90-Human Nature-Gary Clail On-U Sound System-April                           154
 91-Where The Streets Have No Name-Pet Shop Boys-March                        152
 92-The Size Of A Cow-Woder Stuff-April                                       152
 93-It Ain't Over Til Its Over-Lenny Kravitz-June                             150
 94-If You Were With Me Now-Kylie Minogue & Keith Washington-November         150
 95-Is There Anybody Out There-Bassheads-November                             146
 96-From A Distance-Bette Midler-June                                         144
 97-I've Got News For You-Fergal Sharkey-April                                142
 98-Playing With Knives-Bizarre Inc.-November                                 140
 99-No Son Of Mine-Genesis-November                                           138
100-Always There-Incognito Featuring Jocelyn Brown-July                       138
101-Shocked-Kylie Minogue-June                                                136
102-Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana-December                                  134
103-Let There Be Love-Simple Minds-March                                      134
104-Light My Fire-Doors-June       (1967)                                     130
105-There's No Other Way-Blur-May                                             128 
106-Love And Kisses-Danni-April                                               128
107-Anthem-N-Joi-April                                                        128
108-In Yer Face-808 State-February                                            126
109-Hippychick-Soho-February                                                  126
110-I Can't Take The Power-Offshore-January                                   126
111-(I've Had)The Times Of My Life-Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes-January (87) 124
112-Twist And Shout-Deacon Blue-August                                        122
113-Success-Danii Minogue-May                                                 120
114-Mercy Mercy Me/I Want You-Robert Palmer-January                           118
115-The Motown Song-Rod Stewart-June                                          118
116-Go-Moby-October                                                           118
117-Happy Together-Jason Donovan-August                                       118
118-Only Fools(Never Fall In Love)-Sonia-June                                 118
119-I Touch Myself-Divynls-July                                               116
120-Change-Lisa Stansfield-October                                            114
121-Jump To The Beat-Danii Minogue-July                                       114
122-Play That Funky Music White Boy-Vanilla Ice-February                      112
123-Snap! Megamix-Snap-April                                                  112
124-Outstanding-Kenny Thomas-February                                         110
125-Bare Necessities Megamix-UK Mixmasters-December                           102
126-Born Free-Vic Reeves & Roman Numerals-May                                 100
127-Enter Sandman-Metallica-August                                             96
128-Holiday-Madonna-June                                     (84)              90
129-When A Man Loves A Woman-Michael Bolton-November                           88
130-7 Ways To Love-Cola Boy-July                                               88
131-Love And Understanding-Cher-July                                           84
132-G.L.A.D.-Kim Appleby-February                                              84
133-Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)-De La Soul-April                                82
134-Killer-Seal-November                                                       80
135-Something Got Me Started-Simply Red-September                              80
136-We Should Be Together-Cliff Richard-December                               80
137-DJs Take Control/Way In My Brain-SL2-November                              78
138-American Pie-Don McClean-November                                  (72)    76
139-Best Of You-Kenny Thomas-October                                           76
140-Are You Mine?-Bros-July                                                    76
141-Future Love-Seal-May                                                       74
142-Rocket Man-Kate Bush-December                                              74
143-Love Rears Its Ugly Head-Living Colour-March                               72
144-Fading Like A Flower-Roxette-May                                           72
145-Live Your Life Be Free-Belinda Carlisle-October                            72
146-Just Another Dream-Cathy Dennis-July                                       72
147-Move That Body-Techotronic-May                                             72
148-Total Mix-Black Box-January                                                72
149-Way Of The World-Tina Turner-November                                      70
150-Such A Feeling-Bizarre Inc.-October                                        70
151-Crazy-Patsy Cline-January   (1961)                                         68
152-Quadrophonia-Quadrophonia-May                                              68
153-International Bright Young Thing-Jesus Jones-January                       48
154-Don't Cry-Guns  Roses-September                                            46
155-If You Go Away-New Kids On The Block-December                              44
156-Sound-James-December                                                       44
157-Its Grim Up North-Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu-November                     42
158-After The Watershed-Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine-October             40
159-Faith(In The Power Of Love)-Rozalla-November                               40
160-Can't Stop This Thing We Started-Bryan Adams-September                     38
161-Hole Hearted-Extreme-November                                              38
162-Jealousy-Pet Shop Boys-June                                                38
163-Call It What You Want-New Kids On The Block-May                            38
164-All The Man That I Need-Whitney Houston-January                            36
165-Mysterious Ways-U2-December                                                36
166-Stand By Love-Simple Minds-August                                          36
167-Unfinished Sympathy-Massive-March                                          36
168-Word Of Mouth-Mike & Mechanics-April                                       36
169-20th Century Boy-Mark Bolan & T. Rex-September                             36
170-Caribbean Blue-Enya-October                                                36
171-DJ Culture-Pet Shop Boys-October                                           36
172-You To Me Are Ewverything-Sonia-November                                   36
173-Apparently Nothin'-Young Disciples-August                                  36 
174-Good Vibrations-Marky Mark & The  Funky Bunch-September                    34
175-Headlong-Queen-May                                                         34
176-Bring The Noise-Anthrax & Chuck D-July                                     34
177-Games-New Kids On The Block-February                                       34
178-Baby Love-Dannii Minogue-October                                           34
179-So Real-Love Decade-December                                               34
180-Such A Good Feeling-Brothers In Rhythm-October                             34
181-There's Nothing Like This-Omar-July                                        34
182-Anasthasia-T-99-May                                                        34
183-Today Forever-Ride-March                                                   34

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