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Written by Barry Kowal   
Aug 23, 2016 at 11:49 PM


?(Everything I Do) I Do It for You? cover

  2-BLACK OR WHITE-MICHAEL JACKSON-December                                 644
  3-LIFE IS A HIGHWAY-TOM COCHRANE-November                                 514
  4-GONNA MAKE YOU SWEAT-C&C MUSIC FACTORY-February                         420
  5-WIGGLE IT-2 IN A ROOM-January                                           420
  6-CAN'T STOP THIS THING WE STARTED-BRYAN ADAMS-November                   406
  7-YOU COULD BE MINE-GUNS & ROSES-September                                406
  8-SET ADRIFT ON MEMORY BLISS-PM Dawn-December                             374
  9-JOYRIDE-Roxette-May                                                     350
 10-UNBELIEVABLE-EMF-July                                                   290
 11-Rush Rush-Paula Abdul-July                                              280
 12-I've Been Thinking About You-Londonbeat-April                           280
 13-That's What Love Is For-Amy Grant-December                              248
 14-Blowing Kisses In The Wind-Paula Abdul-December                         236
 15-Because I Love You-Stevie B-February                                    232
 16-Justify My Love-Madonna-January                                         232
 17-Cream-Prince & N.P.G.-December                                          220
 18-Sadness Part I-Enigma-March                                             210
 19-Do Anything-Natural Selection-December                                  190
 20-Here We Go-C&C Music Factory-May                                        174
 21-All The Man That I Need-Whitney Houston-February                        174
 22-Fading Like A Flower-Roxette-August                                     168
 23-More Than Words-Extreme-June                                            140
 24-Enter Sandman-Metallica-October                                         140
 25-Freedom '90-George Michael-January                                      118
 26-Sensitivity-Ralph Tresvant-February                                     116
 27-Emotions-Mariah Carey-November                                          112
 28-Summertime-DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince-September                   112
 29-Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...-CC Music Factory-September             112
 30-People Are Still Having Sex-Latour-July                                 112
 31-I'm Not In Love-Will To Power-February                                  112
 32-The Fly-U2-December                                                      98
 33-Let's Talk About Sex-Salt & Pepa-December                                84
 34-Not Like Kissin' You-West End Girls-June                                 70
 35-Baby Baby-Amy Grant-May                                                  70
 36-I Touch Myself-Divinyls-June                                             56
 37-Cry For Help-Rick Astley-May                                             56
 38-Good Vibrations-Mark Mark & The Funky Bunch-October                      56
 39-It Ain't Over Til Its Over-Lenny Kravitz-August                          54
 40-Unforgettable-Natalie Cole-September                                     54
 41-Animal Heart-Glass Tiger-May                                             54
 42-Too Hot-Alanis-July                                                      54
 43-Coming Out Of The Dark-Gloria Estefan-March                              54
 44-All This Time-Sting-March                                                54
 45-Wind Of Change-Scorpions-August                                          54
 45-Rescue Me-Madonna-April                                                  54
 46-Tom's Diner-D.N.A./Suzanne Vega-February                                 52
 47-Love..Thy Will Be Done-Martika-November                                  52
 48-Conductin' Thangs-Maestro Fresh-wes-July                                 52
 49-Someday-Mariah Carey-April                                               52
 50-I Love You-Vanilla Ice-March                                             52
 51-Where Does My Heart Beat Now-Celine Dion-March                           50
 52-Primal Scream-Motley Crue-November                                       50
 53-(I Wanna Give Youi)-Devotion-Nomad-October                               50
 54-Rhythm Of My Heart-Rod Stewart-May                                       50
 55-Smooth As Silk-MCJ & Cool G-March                                        50
 56-Silent Lucidity-Queensryche-May                                          50
 57-Don't Cry-Guns & Roses-November                                          50
 58-Play That Funky Music White Boy-Vanilla Ice-January                      50
 59-Get A Leg Up-John Cougar Mellencamp-November                             48
 60-Love Is A Wonderful Thing-Michael Bolton-May                             48
 61-World Just Keeps On Turning-Candi-January                                48
 62-This House-Tracie Spencer-May                                            48
 63-I Don't Wanna Cry-Mariah Carey-May                                       48
 64-I Like The Way(Kissing Game)-Hi-Five-July                                48
 65-Call It Rock & Roll-Great White-April                                    48
 66-The Promise Of A New Day-Paula Abdul-October                             46
 67-Right Here,Right Now-Jesus Jones-July                                    46
 68-Power Of Love/Love Power-Luther Vandross-August                          46
 69-Romantic-Karyn White-December                                            46
 70-Spending My Time-Roxette-December                                        44
 71-Send Me An Angel-Scorpions-December                                      44
 72-Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)-Crystal Waters-September                    44
 73-Touch Me (All Night Long)-Cathy Dennis-June                              44
 74-Shelter Me-Cinderella-March                                              44
 75-Show Me The Way-Styx-March                                               44
 76-Temptation-Corina-October                                                44
 77-Let's Try It Again-New Kids On the Block-January                         42
 78-Top Of The World-Van Halen-December                                      42
 79-Somethinq To Talk About-Bonnie Raitt-August                              42
 80-Wicked Game-Chris Isaak-March                                            42
 81-Everyone's A Winner-Bootsauce-May                                        40
 82-Don't Treat Me Bad-Firehouse-August                                      40
 83-Disappear-Inxs-February                                                  40
 84-Couple Days Off-Huey Lewis & News-June                                   38
 85-My Definition Of A Bombastic Jazz Style-Dream Warriors-May               38
 86-Time,Love & Tenderness-Michael Bolton-October                            38
 87-Hey Stoopid-Alice Cooper-September                                       38
 88-I Can't Wait Another Minute-Hi-Five-November                             36
 89-Knockin' Boots-Candyman-February                                         36
 90-She's My Baby-Traveling Wilburys-January                                 36
 91-High Wire-Rolling Stones-May                                             36
 92-Just Another Dream-Cathy Dennis-April                                    36
 93-Money Talks-AC/DC-February                                               36
 94-I Adore Mi Amor-Color Me Badd-November                                   36
 95-How To Dance-Princessa & Bingoboys-May                                   34
 96-You Gotta Love Someone-Elton John-January                                34
 97-I Am Here-Grapes Of Wrath-December                                       34

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