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?(Everything I Do) I Do It for You? cover

  2-ONE MORE TRY-TIMMY T.-QUALITY-March                                     658
  3-RUSH RUSH-PAULA ABDUL-VIRGIN-June                                       640
  4-IT'S HARD TO SAY GOODBYE TO YETERDAY-Boyz/Men-Motown-December           620
  5-THE FIRST TIME-SURFACE-Columbia-January                                 596 
  6-UNBELIEVABLE-EMF-EMI-July                                               592
  7-MORE THAN WORDS-EXTREME-A&M-June                                        588 
  8-SENSITIVITY-Ralph Tresvant-MCA-January                                  572
9-ALL 4 LOVE-Color Me Badd-Giant-December 560 10-COMING OUT OF THE DARK-Gloria Estefan-Epic-March 558 11-Romantic-Karyn White-Warner Brother-October 556 12-Love Will Never Do-Janet Jackson-AM-January 542 13-All The Man That I Need-Whitney Houston-Arista-February 540 14-I Adore,Mi Amour-Color Me Badd-Giant-September 524 15-Baby Baby-Amy Grant-AM-April 516 16-Rhythm Of My Heart-Rod Stewart-Warner Brothers-May 514 17-Someday-Mariah Carey-Columbia-March 504 18 Emotions-Mariah Carey-Columbia-October 498 19-Keep Coming Back-Richard Marx-Capitol-December 488 20-Blowing Kisses In The Wind-Paula Abdul-Virqin-December 486 21-Every Heartbeat-Amy Grant-AM-August 480 22 Justify My Love-Madonna-Sire-January 476 23-I've Been Thinking About You-Londonbeat-Radioactive-April 472 24-Set Adrift On Memory Bliss-PM Dawn-Gee Street-November 470 25-I Don't Wanna Cry-Mariah Carey-Columbia-May 468 26-I Wanna Sex You Up-Color Me Bad-Giant-June 466 27-High Enough-Damn Yankees-Warner Brothers-January 458 28-Love Is A Wonderful Thing-Michael Bolton-Columbia-May 452 29-Touch Me (All Night Long)-Cathy Dennis-Polydor-May 446 30-Promise Of A New Day-Paula Abdul-Virgin-September 446 31-Impulsive-Wilson Phillips-SBK-January 438 32-P.A.S.S.I.O.N.-Rhythm Syndicate-Impact-August 438 33-Hold You Tight-Tara Kemp-Giant-April 436 34-You're In Love-Wilson Phillips-SBK-April 432 35-Tom's Diner-D.N.A./Suzanne Vega-A&M-January 428 36-Can't Stop This Thing We Started-Bryan Adam-AM-November 422 37-Right Here,Right Now-Jesus Jones-SBK-July 418 38-Gonna Make You Sweat-C&C Music Factory-Columbia-February 406 39-Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)-Roxette-EMI-August 396 40-Cream-Prince & The N.P.G.-Palsey Park-November 390 41-Tlme,Love & Tenderness-Michael Bolton-Columbla-September 390 42-Where Does My Heart Beat Now-Celine Dion-Eplc-March 382 43-Joyride-Roxette-EMI-May 380 44-That's What Love Is For-Amy Grant-AM-November 380 45-When A Man Loves A Woman-Michael Bolton-Columbia-November 378 46-Good Vibrations-Mark Mar Funky Bunch-ast West-October 378 47-Here We Go-CC Music Factory-Columbia-May 374 48-Thls House-Tracie Spener-Capltol-March 368 49-I Touch Myself-Divynls-Virgin-May 360 50-Crazy-Seal-Warner Brothers-September 356 51-Do Anything-Natural Selection-East West-October 350 52-Hole Hearted-Extreme-October 344 53-A Place In This World-Michael W. Smith-Geffen-July 340 54-Losing My Religion-R.E-M.-Warner Brothers-June 328 55-After The Rain-Nelson-DGC-January 324 56-Temptation-Corina-Atco-August 322 57-Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...-CC Music Factory-Columbia-September 318 58-All This Time-Sting-AM-March 316 59-It Ain't Over Til Its Over-Lenny Kravitz-Virgin-August 316 60-Show Me The Way-Styx-AM-March 314 61-Love Of A Lifetime-Firehouse-Eplc-October 314 62-Set The Night To Music-Roberta Flack and Priest-Atlantic-November 284 63-Motownphilly Boyz/Men-Motown-October 268 64-Play That Funky Music White Boy-Vanilla Ice-SBK-February 264 65-Disappear Inxs Atlantic-February 260 66-Cry For Help-Rick Astley-RCA-April 260 67-Don't Cry-Guns Roses-Geffen-November 256 68-Real Real Real-Jesus Jones-SBK-November 256 69-I Like The Way(Kissing Game)-Hi Five-Jive-June 254 70-Somethinq To Talk About-Bonnie Raitt-Capitol-October 252 71-Shiny Happy People-R.E.M.-Warner Brothers-October 244 72-Power Of Love/Love Power-Luthur Vandross-Epic-June 228 73-Sadness (pt. 1)-Enigma-Charisma-April 220 74-Wind Of Change-Scorpions-Mercury-September 216 75-Here I Am (Come And Take Me)-UB40-Virgin-July 216 76-Couple Days Off-Huey Lewis & The News-EMI June 214 77-Street Of Dreams-Nia Peeples-Charisma-December 212 78-Motown Songs-Rod Stewart-Warner Brothers-September 210 79-I'll Be There-Ecscape Club-Atlantic-August 200 80-Piece Of My Heart-Tara Kemp-Giant-July 200 81-Get Here-Oleta Adams-Mercury-March 198 82-Live For Loving You-Gloria Estefan-Epic-December 192 83-I'm Not In Love-Will To Power-Epic-February 172 84-I Wonder Why-Curtis Stigers-Arista-November 168 85-Love..Thy Will Be Done-Martika-Columbia-October 160 86-Hang In Long Enough-Phil Collins-Atlantic-January 156 87-Everybody Plays The Fool-Aaron Neville-AM-October 154 88-I Saw Red-Warrant-Columbia-February 152 89-Walking In Memphis-Marc Cohn-Atlantic-July 152 90-Too Many Walls-Cathy Dennis-Polydor-September 150 91-Waiting For Love-Alias-EMI-March 150 92-Love And Understanding-Cher-Geffen-August 144 93-Miles Away-Winger-Atlantic-January 136 94-Lily Was Here-David A.Stewart Candy Dulfur-Anxious-July 126 95-You Don't Have To Go Home Tonight-Triplets-Mercury-May 126 96-Just Another Dream-Cathy Dennis-Polydor-January 122 97-The One & Only-Chesney Hawkes-Chrysalis-November 118 98-Round And Round-Tevin Campbell-Palsey Park-April 118 99-More Than Ever-Nelson-DGC-May 116 100-The Dream Is Still Alive-Wilson Phillips-SBK-July 112 101-Signs-Tesla-Geffen-April 110 102-Hey Donna-Rythm Syndicate-Impact-November 110 103-Mercy Mercy Me(The Ecology)/I Want You-Robert Palmer-April 106 104-Spending My Time-Roxette-EMI-December 102 105-Miracle-Whitney Houston-Arista-June 102 106-Save Some Love-Keedy-Arista-May 102 107-State Of The World-Janet Jackson-A&M-March 82 108-Rescue Me-Madonna-Sire-March 78 109-A Better Love-Londonbeat-Radioactive-July 74 110-Get A Leg Up-John Mellencamp-Mercury-November 72 111-Just The Way It Is,Baby-Rembrandts-Atco-Apriln 68 112-Strike It Up-Blackbox-RCA-June 68 113-Summertime-D.J.Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince-Jive-August 34

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