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?Rhythm Is a Dancer? cover
  1-RHYTHM IS A DANCER-SNAP-AUGUST                                         864
  2-STAY-SHAKESPEARS SISTER-March                                          820
  3-WOULD I LIE TO YOU?-CHARLES & EDDIE-December                           648
  4-PLEASE DON'T GO-K.W.S.-June                                            646
  5-END OF THE ROAD-BOYZ/MEN-November                                      628
  6-BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY-QUEEN-January                                        540
  7-THESE ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES-QUEEN-January                          540
  8-DEEPLY DIPPY-Right Said Fred-April                                     518
  9-EBENEEZER GOODE-The Shamen-October                                     490
 10-ABBA-ESQUE-Erasure-July                                                486
 11-Goodnight Girl-Wet Wet Wet-February                                    486
 12-Hazard-Richard Marx-June                                               480
 13-Baker Street-Undercover-September                                      474
 14-Ain't No Doubt-Jimmy Nail-July                                         466
 15-Sleeping Satellite-Tasmin Archer-October                               436
 16-Heal The World-Michael Jackson-December                                436
 17-On A Ragga Tip-SL2-May                                                 430
 18-It's My Life-Dr.Albin-October                                          412
 19-The Best Things In Life Are Free-Luther Vandross &Janet Jackson-August 404
 20-Just Another Day-Jon Secada-August                                     378
 21-I Love Your Smile-Shanice-March                                        366
 22-Achy Breaky Heart-Billy Ray Cyrus-August                               358
 23-People Everyday-Arrested Development-November                          352
 24-To Be With You-Mr.Big-April                                            352
 25-My Girl-Temptations-February                            (1965)         352
 26-I'm Doing Fine Now-Pasadenas-February                                  342
 27-Too Blind To See It-Kym Sims-January                                   342
 28-Out Of Space-Prodigy-December                                          338
 29-Something Good-Utah Saints-June                                        332
 30-I'm Gonna Get You-Bizarre,Inc.-October                                 310
 31-Don't You Want Me-Felix-August                                         306
 32-My Destiny-Lionel Richie-October                                       300
 33-Twilight Zone-2 Unlimited-February                                     300
 34-Phorever People-The Shamen-December                                    290
 35-Save The Best For Last-Vanessa Williams-April                          288
 36-Shake Your Head-Was (Not Was)-August                                   278
 37-Sesame's Treet-Smart E's-July                                          270
 38-Heartbeat-Nick Berry-June                                              262
 39-Slam Jam-WWF Superstars-December                                       260
 40-Jump-Kriss Kross-June                                                  260
 41-Finally-Ce Ce Peniston-March                                           256
 42-Barcelona-Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe-August                  254
 43-Give Me Just A Little More Time-Kylie Minogue-February                 252
 44-Don't Talk Just Kiss-Right Said Fred-January                           252
 45-This Used To Be My Playground-Madonna-August                           250
 46-Everything About You-Ugly Kid Joe-June                                 250
 47-Knockin' On Heaven's Door-Guns & Roses-May                             250
 48-Everybody In The Place-Prodigy-January                                 250
 49-I'll Be There-Mariah Carey & Trey Lorenz-July                          248
 50-Too Much Love Will Kill You-Brian May-September                        244
 51-Temptation (Brothers In Rhythm Remix)-Heaven 17-November               240
 52-It's A Fine Day-Opus III-March                                         238
 53-I Wonder Why-Curtis Stiger-February                                    238
 54-Too Funky-George Michael-June                                          236
 55-Boss Drum-The Shamen-November                                          234
 56-Addams Groove-Hammer-January                                           234
 57-You're All That Matters To Me-Curtis Stigers-May                       232
 58-Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda)-Rod Stewart-December           230
 59-My Lovin'-En Vogue-May                                                 230
 60-Run To You-Rage-November                                               228
 61-Iron Lion Zion-Bob Marley & Wailers-October                            226
 62-L.S.I-The Shamen-August                                                226
 63-Tears In Heaven-Eric Clapton-March                                     226
 64-God Gave Rock & Roll To You II-Kiss-January                            226
 65-I Drove All Night-Roy Orbison-August                                   216
 66-Boney M Megamix-Boney M-December                                       214
 67-Weather With You-Crowded House-March                                   212
 68-Roobard And Custard-Shaft-January                                      210
 69-Deeper And Deeper-Madonna-December                                     208
 70-You-Ten Sharp-May                                                      204
 71-The Days Of Pearly Spencer-Marc Almond-May                             202
 72-Never Let Her Slip Away-Undercover-November                            200
 73-Erotica-Madonna-October                                                198
 74-Remember The Time-Michael Jackson-February                             198
 75-The One-Elton John-June                                                194
 76-Even Better Than The Real Thing-U2-July                                192
 77-Hang On In Ther Baby-Curiosity-May                                     192
 78-Montreux EP-Simply Red-November                                        188
 79-A Trip To Trumton-Urban Hype-July                                      186
 80-Joy-Soul/Soul-April                                                    186
 81-Why-Annie Lennox-April                                                 186
 82-America:What Time Is Love?-KLF-March                                   186
 83-A Million Love Songs-Take That-October                                 182
 84-It Only Take A Minute-Take That-June                                   182
 85-Workaholic-2 Unlimited-May                                             182
 86-Tetris-Doctor Spin-October                                             180
 87-I Can't Dance-Genesis-January                                          180
 88-We've Got A Love Thang-Ce Ce Peniston-January                          176
 89-Walking On Broken Glass-Annie Lennox-September                         172
 90-Be My Baby-Vanessa Paradis-November                                    170
 91-Supermarioland-Ambassadors Of Funk & MC Mario-November                 160
 92-Rock Your Baby-KWS-August                                              160
 93-For Your Babies-Simply Red-February                                    160
 94-One Shining Moment-Diana Ross-July                                     156
 95-Let's Get Rocked-Def Leppard-April                                     156
 96-Sexy M.F.-Prince & N.P.G.-July                                         146
 97-Strollin'-Prince & N.P.G.-July                                         146
 98-Keep The Faith-Bon Jovi-November                                       144
 99-November Rain-Guns & Roses-March                                       140
100-Ruff In The Jungle-Prodigy-December                                    136
101-Theme From M.A.S.H./Everything I Do-Manic Street Preachers-September   136
102-Nothing Else Matters-Metallica-May                                     136
103-Friday,I'm In Love-The Cure-June                                       134
104-It Must Be Love-Madness-March                              (1983)      134
105-Miami Hit Mix-Gloria Estefan-December                                  132
106-I Don't Care-Shakespears Sister-May                                    132
107-Evapor 8-Altern 8 & PP Arnold-April                                    132
108-Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven-Bryan Adams-February               132
109-I Still Believe In You-Cliff Richard-December                          130
110-The Bouncer-Kicks Like A Mule-February                                 130
111-Love Song-Simple Minds-October                                         126
112-Alive & Kicking-Simple Minds-October                     (1986)        126
113-Blue Room-The Orb-June                                                 124
114-Breath Of Life-Erasure-April                                           124
115-In My Defence-Freddie Mercury-December                                 122
116-Yesterdays-Guns & Roses-November                                       122
117-Piece Of My Heart-Erma Franklin-November                               122
118-Who Is It-Michael Jackson-August                                       120
119-Welcome To The Cheap Seats (EP)-Wonder Stuff-February                  120
120-House Of Love-East 17-September                                        118
121-Keep On Walkin'-Ce Ce Peniston-May                                     116
122-Magic Friend-2 Unlimited-August                                        112
123-Temple Of Love (1992)-Sisters Of Mercy-May                             108
124-Finer Feelings-Kylie Minogue-May                                       108
125-Disappointed-Electronic-July                                            96
126-The Only Living Boy In New Cross-Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine-May 94
127-Be Quick Or Be Dead-Iron Maiden-April                                   94
128-My Name Is Prince-Prince & NPG-October                                  92
129-One-U2-March                                                            92
130-Invisible Touch (Live)-Genesis-November                                 90
131-In The Closet-Michael Jackson-May                                       90
132-The Charming Man-The Smiths-August                            (1984)    88
133-Who Needs Love (Like That)-Erasure-November                             84
134-Book Of Days-Enya-August                                                82
135-(I Want To Be) Elected-Mr. Bean & Smear Campaign &Bruce Dickinson-April 82
136-Come As You Are-Nirvana-March                                           82
137-Sentinel-Mike Oldfield-October                                          80
138-Viva Las Vegas-ZZ Top-April                                             80
139-Human Touch-Bruce Springsteen-March                                     80
140-Fire/Jericho-Prodigy-October                                            78
141-Midlife Crisis-Faith No More-June                                       78
142-Beauty & The Beast-Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson-May                       78
143-Dixie-Narco-Primal Scream-February                                      78
144-Drive-R.E.M.-October                                                    74
145-15 Years (EP)-Levellers-May                                             74
146-Song For Love-Extreme-May                                               74
147-Always The Last To Know-Del Amitri-May                                  72
148-Take My Advice-Kym Sims-April                                           72
149-Live In Manchester (Pts. 1 and 2)-N-Joi-February                        72
150-Jam-Michael Jackson-September                                           70
151-How Do You Do!-Roxette-August                                           70
152-Raving I'm Raving-Shut Up And Dance & Peter Bouncer-May                 58
153-High-The Cure-March                                                     46
154-Leave Them All Behind-Ride-February                                     44
155-Come Play With Me-The Wedding Present-May                               42
156-Reverence-Jesus & Mary Chain-February                                   42
157-It Will Make Me Crazy-Felix-October                                     40
158-Amigos Para Siempre (Friends For Life)-Jose Carreras-August             40
159-Lithium-Nirvana-August                                                  40
160-Step It Up-Stereo MC's-December                                         38
161-The Assassin-The O)rb-October                                           38
162-Let Me Take You There-Betty Boo-August                                  38
163-Make Love Like A Man-Def Leppard-July                                   38
164-Back To The Old School-Bassheads-May                                    38
165-I Know-New Atlantic-March                                               38
166-Dragging Me Down-Inspiral Carpets-March                                 38
167-Different Strokes-Isotonik-January                                      38
168-Faithful-Go West-October                                                36
169-Skin Of My Teeth-Megadeth-October                                       36
170-Rest In Peace-Extreme-September                                         36
171-Take This Heart-Richard Marx-September                                  36
172-Crying-Roy Orbison-August                          (1961)               36
173-Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg-TLC-June                                            36
174-Rave Generator-Toxic Two-March                                          36
175-Covers (EP)-Everything But The Girl-March                               36
176-Born Of Frustration-James-February                                      36
177-Feel So High-Des'ree-January                                            36
178-Joseph Mega-Remix-Jason Donovan-January                                 36
179-Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses-U2-December                           34
180-Your Town-Deacon Blue-November                                          34
181-Hello (Turn Your Radio On)-Shakespear's Sister-November                 34
182-Highway To Hell-AC/DC-October                                    (1979) 34
183-What Kind Of Fool-Kylie Minogue-August                                  34
184-Damn I Wish I Were Your Lover-Sophie B.Hawkins-August                   34
185-Controlling Me-Oceanic-June                                             34
186-Silver Shorts-The Wedding Present-April                                 34
187-Time To Make You Mine-Lisa Stansfield-April                             34
188-Do Not Pass Me By-Hammer,Tramaine Hawkins & Trina Johnson-April         34
189-Three-The Wedding Present-March                                         34
190-Are You Ready To Fly-Rozalla-February                                   34
191-Feel The Passion-Blue Pearl-January                                     34
192-Black Or White (Clivilles & Cole Remixes)-Michael Jackson-January       34
193-Rubbish-Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine-January                      34
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