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  1-END OF THE ROAD-BOYZ/MEN-MOTOWN-SEPTEMBER                              1130
  2-BABY GOT BACK-SIR-MIX-A-LOT-REPRISE-July                                992
  3-RHYTHM IS A DANCER-SNAP-ARISTA-November                                 804
  4-BABY BABY BABY-T.L.C.-Laface-September                                  786
  5-JUMP-KRISS KROSS-Columbia-May                                           784
  6-I'D DIE WITHOUT YOU-P.M. DAWN-Gee Street-November                       704
  7-NOVEMBER RAIN-GUNS & ROSES-Geffen-August                                694
  8-MY LOVIN'-En Vogue-Atco-May                                             684
  9-SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST-Vanessa Williams-Wing-April                      664
 10-HOW DO YOU TALK TO AN ANGEL-The Heights-Capitol-November                642
 11-To Be With You-Mr.Big-Atlantic-March                                    642
 12-Under The Bridge-Red Hot Chili Peppers-Warner Brothers-June             640
 13-Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough-Patty Smyth-MCA-October                628
 14-Achy Breaky Heart-Billy Ray Cyrus-Mercury-July                          616
 15-Can't Let Go-Mariah Carey-Columbia-January                              546
 16-Black Or White-MIichael Jackson-Epic-January                            532
 17-I'll Be There-Mariah Carey-Columbia-June                                532
 18-Just Another Day-Joey Secada-SBK-September                              528
 19-Life Is A Highway-Tom Cochrane-Elektra-August                           524
 20-Tears In Heaven-Eric Clapton-Reprise-April                              516
 21-Remember The Time-Michael Jackson-Epic-March                            512
 22-Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen-Hollywood-May                                   492
 23-Humpin' Around-Bobby Brown-MCA-September                                478
 24-This Used To Be My Playground-Madonna-Sire-August                       476
 25-Real Love-Mary J.Blige-Uptown-November                                  472
 26-Masterpiece-Atlantic Starr-Reprise-April                                454
 27-Giving Him Something He Can Feel-En Vogue-Atco-September                452
 28-Jump Around-House Of Pain-Tommy Boy-October                             446
 29-Just Take My Heart-Mr.Big-Atlantic-June                                 430
 30-The Letter-Wayne Newton-Curb-December                                   422
 31-No Son Of Mine-Genesis-Atlantic-January                                 420
 32-If You Asked Me To-Celine Dion-Epic-July                                418
 33-Wishing On A Star-Cover Girls-Epic-July                                 408
 34-Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me-George Michael & Elton-Columbia-January 406
 35-Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover-Sophie B.Hawkins-Columbia-June             404
 36-Stay-Shakespear's Sister-London-September                               404
 37-I Love Your Smile-Shanice-Motown-February                               402
 38-Good For Me-Amy Grant-A&M-March                                         384
 39-Diamonds & Pearls-Prince & N.P.G.-Palsey Park-February                  376
 40-Mysterious Ways-U2-Island-February                                      366
 41-I Can't Dance-Genesis-Atlantic-April                                    364
 42-Live & Learn-Joe Public-Columbia-May                                    362
 43-Missing You Now-Michael Bolton-Columbia-March                           354
 44-Make It Happen-Mariah Carey-Columbia-April                              346
 45-The Way I Feel About You-Karyn White-Warner Brothers-February           336
 46-One-U2-Island-May                                                       314
 47-What About Friends-T.L.C.-Laface-November                               314
 48-I'll Get By-Eddie Money-Columbia-March                                  308
 49-The One-Elton John-MCA-September                                        296
 50-Justified And Ancient-Tammy Wynette and KLF-Arista-March                290
 51-Free Your Mind-En Vogue-Atco-October                                    284
 52-Tennessee-Arrested Development-Chrysalis-July                           274
 53-Please,Don't Go-K.W.S.-Next Plateau-October                             266
 54-She Plays Hard To Get-Hi Five-Jive-October                              264
 55-When I Look Into Your Eyes-Firehouse-Epic-October                       258
 56-Everything About You-Ugly Kid Joe-Stardog-May                           256
 57-Everything Changes-Kathy Troccoli-Reunion-April                         256
 58-Broken Arrow-Rod Stewart-Warner Brothers-January                        248
 59-Too Much Passion-Smithereens-Capitol-April                              246
 60-What Becomes Of A Brokenhearted-Paul Young-Columbia-March               244
 61-Do I Have To Say The Words-Bryan Adams-A&M-September                    238
 62-Love Is On The Way-Saigon Kick-Third Stone-December                     226
 63-Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana-DGC-February                            220
 64-Hazard-Richard Marx-Capitol-April                                       220
 65-Vibeology-Paula Abdul-Virgin-March                                      208
 66-Erotica-Madonna-Warner Brothers-October                                 202
 67-Best Things In Life Are Free-Luthur And Janet Jackson-Perspective-July  202
 68-I'm Too Sexy-Right Said Fred-Charisma-February                          190
 69-Until Your Love Comes Back Around-RTZ-Giant-March                       190
 70-Too Funky-George Michael-Columbia-August                                188
 71-Wildside-Marky Mark & Funky Bunch-Interscope-January                    186
 72-Thinkin' Back-Color Me Badd-Giant-April                                 176
 73-Finally-Ce Ce Peniston-A&M-January                                      174
 74-Thought I Died And Went To Heaven-Bryan Adams-A&M-May                   172
 75-There Will Never Be Another Tonight-Bryan Adams-A&M-February            170
 76-Let's Get Rocked-Def Leppard-Mercury-May                                166
 77-I Can't Make You Love Me-Bonnie Raitt-Capitol-February                  166
 78-Come And Talk To Me-Jodeci-Uptown-August                                154
 79-Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad-Def Leppard-Mercury-October         150
 80-All I Want To Do-Toad The Wet Sprocket-Columbia-September               150
 81-Hold On My Heart-Genesis-Atlantic-June                                  148
 82-Do You Believe In Us-Jon Secada-SBK-December                            148
 83-Warm It Up-Kriss Kross-Buffhouse-August                                 140
 84-Layla-Eric Clapton-Reprise-December                                     136
 85-People Everyday-Arrested Development-Chrysalis-October                  132
 86-In The Closet-Michael Jackson-Epic-May                                  128
 87-Beauty And The Beast-Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson-Epic-April            120
 88-Will You Marry Me?-Paula Abdul-Captive-May                              108
 89-Tell Me What You Want Me To Do-Tevin Campbell-Palsey Park-February      108
 90-Someone To Hold-Trey Lorenz-Epic-November                               106
 91-Where You Goin' Now-Damn Yankees-Warmer Brothers-December               102
 92-Slow Motion-Color Me Badd-Giant-June                                     82
 93-Would I Lie To You?-Charles & Eddie-Capitol-November                     78
 94-Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg-TLC-Laface-April                                     78
 95-Walking On Broken Glass-Annie Lennox-Geffen-November                     74
 96-Mama,I'm Comin' Home-Ozzy Osbourne-Epic Associated-April                 74
 97-Human Touch/Better Days-Bruce Springsteen-Columbia-April                 70
 98-Again Tonight-John Mellincamp-Mercury-March                              70
 99-Move This-Technotronic-SBK-October                                       38
100-Keep On Walkin'-Ce Ce Peniston-A&M-August                                38
101-I Will Remember You-Amy Grant-A&M-June                                   34
102-Paper Doll-PM Dawn-Streetsland-February                                  34
103-Forever Love-Color Me Badd-Giant-November                                34

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