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 1-MY COO CA CHOO-ALVIN STARDUST-APRIL                                         962
  2-THE NIGHT CHICAGO DIED-PAPERLACE-October                                    944
  3-SEASONS IN THE SUN-TERRY JACKS-May                                          920
  4-BILLY DON'T BE A HERO-PAPERLACE-July                                        810
  5-SORROW-DAVID BOWIE-February                                                 802
  6-EVIE-STEVE WRIGHT-September                                                 780
  7-LEAVE ME ALONE-HELEN REDDY-January                                          770 
  8-48 CRASH-Suzi Quatro-January                                                770
  9-I HONESTLY LOVE YOU-Olivia Newton-John-November                             760
 10-PHOTOGRAPH-Ringo Starr-February                                             716
 11-Kung Fu Fighting-Carl Douglas-December                                      712
 12-Devil Gate Drive-Suzi Quatro-June                                           704
 13-The Entertainer-Marvin Hamlisch-June                                        702 
 14-Farewell Aunty Jack-Grahame Bond-March                                      692
 15-Hey Paula-Ernie Sigley & Denise Drysdale-November                           680
 16-Ballroom Blitz-The Sweet-January                                            678
 17-(You're)Having My Baby-Paul Anka-October                                    670
 18-Can't Stop Myself From Loving You-William Shakespeare-October               658
 19-The Lord's Prayer-Sister Janet Mead-April                                   650
 20-I Love You Love Me Love-Gary Glitter-April                                  604
 21-She(Didn't Remember My Name)-Osmosis-May                                    596
 22-Bonaparte's Retreat-Glen Campbell-November                                  594
 23-Hooked On A Feeling-Blue Swede-June                                         572
 24-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-Elton John-February                               568
 25-Daytona Demon-Suzi Quatro-May                                               550
 26-The Air That I Breathe-Hollies-June                                         544
 27-Rock Your Baby-George McCrae-September                                      536  
 28-The Streak-Ray Stevens-August                                               520
 29-Bennie & The Jets-Elton John-July                                           516
 30-Candle In The Wind-Elton John-July                                          516
 31-You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me-New Seekers-May                         494
 32-The Way We Were-Barbra Streisand-May                                        474
 33-The Loco-Motion-Grand Funk Railroad-August                                  462
 34-Sugar Baby Love-Rubettes-September                                          460
 35-Ships In The Night-Vicki Lawrence-June                                      454
 36-Would You Lay With Me In A Field Of Stone-Judy Stone-August                 444
 37-I'll Take You Home Again,Kathleen-Lieutenant Pigeon-September               442
 38-Silvery Moon-Sherbet-November                                               422
 39-Could You Ever Love Me Again-Gary & Dave-November                           400
 40-You Make Me Feel Brand New-Stylistics-September                             388
 41-The Most Beautiful Girl-Charlie Rich-February                               380
 42-For The Good Times-Perry Como-January                                       376
 43-Good Morning(How Are You)-Moir Sisters-December                             374
 44-Room Full Of Roses-Mickey Gilley-October                                    372
 45-Mama's Little Girl-Linda George-October                                     372
 46-Theme From "Rush"-Brain May & The ABC Show Band-December                    366
 47-The Joker-Steve Miller Band-March                                           356
 48-Heartbeat It's A Love Beat-DeFranco Family-March                            346
 49-Annie's Song-John Denver-October                                            344
 50-Emma-Hot Chocolate-September                                                342
 51-Waterloo-Abba-September                                                     336
 52-Rock On-David Essex-February                                                324
 53-Knockin' On Heaven's Door-Bob Dylan-December                                310
 54-Mockingbird-Carly Simon & James Taylor-May                                  298
 55-Mockingbird-Johnny O?Keefe & Margaret McLaren-May                           298
 56-Longfellow Serenade-Neil Diamond-December                                   296
 57-You're Sixteen-Ringo Starr-May                                              278
 58-Helen Wheels-Paul McCartney & Wings-January                                 274
 59-Country Dreamer-Paul McCartney & Wings-January                              274
 60-My Girl Bill-Jim Stafford-July                                              274
 61-My Girl Bill-Cash Backman-July                                              274
 62-Love's Theme-Love Unlimited Orchestra-May                                   258
 63-The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)-Bootleg Family Band-November        256
 64-Eye Level-Simpson Park Orchestra-April                                      240
 65-Kissin? In The Back Row Of The Movies-The Drifters-September                236
 66-Paper Roses-Marie Osmond-March                                              224
 67-Mr.Natural-Bee Gees-December                                                222
 68-Slipstream-Sherbet-August                                                   220
 69-Smokin? In The Boys Room-Brownsville Station-March                          200
 70-Sundown-Gordon Lightfoot-September                                          184
 71-Radar Love-Golden Earring-September                                         156
 72-Who's In The Strawberry Patch With Sally-Tony Orlando And Dawn-March        156
 73-Let Go-Brian Cadd-November                                                  124
 74-The Show Must Go On-Leo Sayer-May                                           124
 75-Mind Games-John Lennon-January                                              118
 76-Midnight At The Oasis-Maria Muldar-September                                110 
 77-Mare,Mare,Mare-Judy Stone-March                                             110
 78-Teenage Rampage-Sweet-April                                                 108
 79-I Shot The Sherrif-Eric Clapton-November                                     78
 80-Long Live Love-Olivia Newton-John-September                                  76
 81-Amoureuse-Kiki Dee-September                                                 76
 82-Too Big-Suzi Quatro-November                                                 72
 83-I?m Leaving It Up To You-Donny & Marie Osmond-November                       68
 84-The Puppy Song-David Cassidy-April                                           68
 85-Daydreamer-David Cassidy-April                                               68
 86-Do The Spunky Monkey-Digby Richards-July                                     38
 87-Like Sister And Brother-The Drifters-January                                 38
 88-Don?t Let The Sun Go Down On Me-Elton John-September                         36
 89-TSOP-MFSB-June                                                               36
 90-Feel Like Makin? Love-Roberta Flack-November                                 36
 91-Takin? Care Of Business-Bachman Turner Overdrive-December                    34
 92-Star Of Mykonos-Katja Ebstein-April                                          34
 93-Spiders And Snakes-Jim Stafford-March                                        34
 93-Do You Wanna Dance?-Barry Blue-February                                      34
 95-Any Dream Will Do-Max Bygraves-January                                       34

* August 24,1974 the final "Go Set" chart was published. 
Up until that date charts from "Go Set" were used in 
compiling this list. After August 24 charts from "David Kent"
were used in copiling this list.
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