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I Will Always Love You
Pos.-Title-Artist-Peak Month 
  1-I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU-WHITNEY HOUSTON-JANUARY                        1006
  3-NO LIMIT-2 UNLIMITED-February                                          712
  4-ALL THAT SHE WANTS-ACE Of BASE-May                                     608
  5-CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE-UB40-June                                   600
  6-DREAMS-GABRIELLE-July                                                  570
  7-MR.VAIN-CULTURE BEAT-September                                         556
  8-TEASE ME-Chaka Demus & Pliers-July                                     552
  9-PLEASE FORGIVE ME-Bryan Adams-November                                 542
 10-OH CAROLINA-Shaggy-March                                               542
 11-Boom!Shake The Room-Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince-September                506
 12-Informer-Snow-April                                                    502
 13-What Is Love-Haddaway-July                                             480
 14-Young At Heart-Bluebells-April                                         472
 15-Living On My Own-Freddie Mercury-August                                452
 16-What's Up-4 Non Blondes-July                                           452
 17-Mr.Blobby-Mr.Blobby-December                                           424
 18-It Keeps Rainin'(Tears From My Eyes)-Bitty McLean-September            422
 19-Exterminate!-Snap-January                                              418
 20-Don't Be A Stranger-Dina Carroll-November                              414
 21-Could It Be Magic-Take That-January                                    412
 22-The River Of Dreams-Billy Joel-September                               394
 23-The Key The Secret-Urban Cookie Collective-August                      394
 24-Two Princes-Spin Doctors-June                                          382
 25-For Whom The Bell Tolls-Bee Gees-December                              380
 26-Pray-Take That-July                                                    380
 27-Mr. Loverman-Shabba Ranks-March                                        378
 28-The Love I Lost-West End & Sybil-February                              374
 29-Five Live (EP)-George Michael & Queen-May                              372
 30-Little Bird-Annie Lennox-February                                      362
 31-True Love-Elton John & Kiki Dee-November                               356
 32-Right Here-SWV-September                                               344
 33-Ain't No Love(Ain't No Use)-Sub Sub & Melanie Williams-April           334
 34-Deep-East 17-February                                                  322
 35-One Night In Heaven-M People-July                                      320
 36-Moving On Up-M People-October                                          312
 37-U Got 2 Let The Music-Cappella-October                                 302
 38-Are You Gonna Go My Way-Lenny Kravitz-March                            300
 39-She Don't Let Nobody-Chaka Demus & Pliers-October                      298
 40-Tribal Dance-2 Unlimited-May                                           298
 41-Babe-Take That-December                                                286
 42-When I'm Good And Ready-Sybil-April                                    286
 43-Life-Haddaway-October                                                  272
 44-Go West-Pet Shop Boys-September                                        262
 45-Everybody Hurts-R.E.M.-May                                             260
 46-U Got 2 Know-Cappella-April                                            260
 47-Show Me Love-Robin S-April                                             260
 48-That's The Way Love Goes-Janet Jackson-May                             256
 49-Give In To Me-Michael Jackson-March                                    250
 50-I Have Nothing-Whitney Houston-May                                     246
 51-Relight My Fire-Take That & Lulu-October                               244
 52-I'm Every Woman-Whitney Houston-February                               244
 53-Nuff Vibes (EP)-Apache Indian-August                                   240
 54-Stay-Eternal-October                                                   238
 55-I Will Survive (remix)-Gloria Gaynor-July                      (1979)  236
 56-Sweat(A La La La La Long)-Inner Circle-June                            236
 57-Give It Up-The Goodmen-November                                        228
 58-Have I Told You Lately-Rod Stewart-July                                228
 59-Mr.Wendal/Revolution-Arrested Development-January                      228
 60-Ordinary World-Duran Duran-February                                    222
 61-Sweet Harmony-The Beloved-February                                     216
 62-Again-Janet Jackson-November                                           214
 63-Don't Walk Away-Jade-April                                             214
 64-Hero-Mariah Carey-November                                             212
 65-Higher Ground-UB40-August                                              212
 66-In All The Right Places-Lisa Stansfield-June                           210
 67-Got To Get It-Culure Beat-November                                     208
 68-Cats In The Cradle-Ugly Kid Joe-March                                  206
 69-Dreamlover-Mariah Carey-September                                      204
 70-Why Can't I Wake Up With You?-Take That-February                       198
 71-Love Song For A Vampire-Annie Lennox-February                          194
 72-I'm Easy/Be Aggressive-Faith No More-January                           194
 73-Three Little Pigs-Green Jelly-June                                     186
 74-Relax-Frankie Goes To Hollywood-October                    (1985)      184
 75-Feels Like Heaven-Urban Cookie Collective-November                     182
 76-Open Your Mind-Usura-January                                           182
 77-Runaway Train-Soul Asylum-November                                     178
 78-Bat Out Of Hell-Meat Loaf-December                         (1978)      176
 79-Almost Unreal-Roxette-July                                             176
 80-Don't Look Any Further-M People-December                               156
 81-A Whole New World (Aladin's Theme)-Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle-Decemb. 146
 82-We Are Family ('93 Bemixes)-Sister Sledge-January                      142
 83-Regret-New Order-April                                                 140
 84-Stay(Faraway,So Close!)/Under My Skin-U2 & Frank Sinatra-December      138
 85-Rain-Madonna-July                                                      138
 86-Faces-2 Unlimited-September                                            134
 87-Stick It Out-Right Said Fred-March                                     134
 88-How Can I Love You More (Remixes)-M People-February                    132
 89-Can You Forgive Her-Pet Shop Boys-June                                 130
 90-Shout-Louchie Lou & Michie One-June                                    130
 91-Animal Nitrate-Suede-March                                             130
 92-Will You Be There-Michael Jackson-July                                 128
 93-Long Train Runnin'(Sure Is Pure Remix)-Doobie Brothers-December (1973) 128
 94-One Love-Prodigy-October                                               126
 95-I Don't Wanna Fight-Tina Turner-May                                    126
 96-Believe In Me-Utah Saints-May                                          126
 97-Stairway To Heaven-Rolf Harris-February                                126
 98-This Is It-Dannii Minogue-July                                         124
 99-Housecall (Remix)-Shabba Ranks & Maxi Priest-May                       122
100-Real Love '93-The Frequency-November                                   120
101-Creep-Radiohead-September                                              118
102-Do You See The Light-Snap & Niki Haris-June                            118
103-Wind It Up (Rewound)-Prodigy-April                                     118
104-Someday (I'm Coming Back)-Lisa Stansfield-January                      118
105-Slave To The Vibe-Aftersock-August                                     114
106-Play Dead-Bjork & David Arnold-October                                 112
107-Luv 4 Luv-Robin S-August                                               112
108-Blow Your Mind-Jamiroquai-June                                         112
109-If We Hold On Together-Diana Ross-January                              112
110-After All-The Frank & Walters-January                                  110
111-Independence-Lulu-February                                             108
112-Fever-Madonna-April                                                     98
113-Heart-Shaped Box-Nirvana-September                                      96
114-Both Sides Of The Story-Phil Collins-October                            90
115-I Feel You-Depeche Mode-March                                           90
116-Jump Around/Top O' The Morning To Ya-House Of Pain-May                  88
117-In These Arms-Bon Jovi-May                                              88
118-Jump They Say-David Bowie-April                                         86
119-Going Nowhere-Gabrielle-October                                         84
120-Peace In Our Time-Cliff Richard-March                                   84
121-Shortsharpshock (EP)-Therapy?-March                                     84
122-Bad Girl-Madonna-March                                                  82
123-It Must Have Been Love-Roxette-October                        (1990)    80
124-Looking Up-Michelle Gayle-August                                        80
125-The Power Of Love-Frankie Goes To Hollywood-December          (1984)    78
126-Ain't It Fun-Guns & Roses-November                                      78
127-Little Fluffy Clouds-The Orb-November                                   78
128-Too Young To Die-Jamiroquai-March                                       78
129-I Will Always Love You-Sarah Washington-August                          76
130-If I Can't Have You-Kim Wilde-July                                      76
131-Y.M.C.A.'93 Remix-Village People-December                      (1979)   74
132-Looking Through Patient Eyes-P.M. Dawn-March                            74
133-Here We Go-Stakka Bo-October                                            72
134-Rubberband Girl-Kate Bush-September                                     72
135-Disco Inferno-Tina Turner-September                                     72
136-Go Away-Gloria Estefan-April                                            72
137-Let Me Show You-K-Klass-November                                        70
138-You're The One That I Want-Debbie Gibson & Craig McLachlan-July         70
139-I Wanna Love You-Jade-June                                              70
140-Wrestlemania-The WWF Superstars-April                                   68
141-Contoversy-Prince-December                                              52
142-Fear Of The Dark-Iron Maiden-March                                      46
143-Hallowed Be Thy Name-Iron Maiden-October                                44
144-Condemnation (EP)-Depeche Mode-September                                44
145-Get The Girl/Kill The Baddies-Pop Will Eat Itself-January               44
146-On The Ropes-Wonder Stuff-September                                     42
147-Steam-Peter Gabriel-January                                             42
148-The Devil You Know-Jesus Jones-January                                  42
149-The Gift-Inxs-October                                                   40
150-I Believe-Bon Jovi-October                                              40
151-West End Girls-East 17-July                                             40
152-Civil War (EP)-Guns & Roses-May                               (1991)    40
153-Ruby Tuesday-Rod Stewart-February                                       40
154-Feel Like Making Love-Pauline Henry-November                            38
155-This Garden-The Levellers-November                                      38
156--Big Scary Animal-Belinda Carlisle-October                              38
157-Belaruse-Levellers-July                                                 38
158-Express-Dina Carroll-May                                                38
159-Puss,The Guilt-Jesus Lizard & Nirvana-March                             38
160-You're In A Bad Way-Saint Etienne-February                              38
161-Womankind-Little Angels-January                                         38
162-I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing-Pet Shop Boys-December        36
163-Open Up-Leftfield Lydon-November                                        36
164-World (The Price Of Love)-New Order-September                           36
165-Opal Mantra-Therapy?-August                                             36
166-Nothin' My Love Can't Fix-Joey Lawrence-July                            36
167-Slow It Sown-East 17-April                                              36
168-Come Undone-Duran Duran-April                                           36
169-Vienna-Ultravox-February                                  (1981)        36
170-Heaven Is-Def Leppard-February                                          36
171-Bed Of Roses-Bon Jovi-January                                           36
172-Broken English-Sunscreen-January                                        36
173-The SOS EP-The Shamen-November                                          34
174-Queen Of The Night-Whitney Houston-November                             34
175-Peach-Prince-October                                                    34
176-Into Your Arms-Lemonheads-October                                       34
177-Now I Know What Made Otis Blue-Paul Young-October                       34
178-If-Janet Jackson-August                                                 34
179-Can't Get Enough Of Your Love-Taylor Dayne-July                         34
180-Delicate-Terence Trent D'arby-July                                      34
181-No Ordinary Love-Sade-June                                              34
182-The Jungle Book Groove-Jungle Book-May                                  34
183-Walking In My Shoes-Depeche Mode-May                                    34
184-Do You Love Me Like You Say?-Terence Trent D'arby-April                 34
185-Lost In Music (Sure Is Pure Remixes)-Sister Sledge-March                34
186-If I Ever Lose My Faith In You-Sting-February                           34
187-Motownphilly-Boyz/Men-January                                           34
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