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Written by Barry Kowal   
Aug 01, 2016 at 07:14 PM

Hello Americans,

   please do not vote for Hillary.If you have any scruples and believe in democracy you will not vote for Hillary.
Hillary deprived Americans of their democracy by sabotaging the Bernie Sanders campaign.Bernie Sanders should have been the Democratic nominee. See:
   If you vote for Hillary you will be rewarding Hillary for bad behavior. You will be telling Hillary you can deprive Americans from choosing the candidate of their desire and like sheep we will follow you.

  Many people say not voting Hillary is a vote for Donald Trump. Hello! when you choose the lesser of two evils you still are choosing evil. You have to look at the big picture.When you keep choosing between two evils the evils keep getting worse.Who will be running for president in 2020-David Duke.
  I am 63 year old and I lived through Nixon,Reagan and both Bush's presidencies. I would live with a Republican for 4 years  if it means that a message will be sent to the DNC that if they rig elections they will pay a heavy price.
  Further,if you are voting in a deep red state or a deep blue state voting for a third party won't make a difference.In the 2000 election I voted in the deep red state of Wyoming.The last time a Democratic candidate won in a presidential election in Wyoming was Lyndon Johnson in 1964.Al Gore never had a snowball's chance in hell of winning Wyoming.So,I voted for Ralph Nader.
 A politician has to earn my vote.I will note vote for a candidate like Hillary who supports "fracking". Also,Hillary supported wars in Iraq and Libya.While Trump opposed the Iraq War.Hillary supports TPP while Trump opposes TPP. As Secretary of State Hillary instigated all this shit in Syria just to prop up Israel,That is what was in those deleted emails. Hillary says if elected she'll review US policy on Syria. Trump wants to make friends with Russia so they can defeat  ISIL in Syria.Why black people support Hillary has me baffled.Her husband ended welfare and passed laws that made the incarceration rate for blacks sky rocket in the 1990s.
  I am no supporter of Donald Trump.I will not be voting for Trump. But a lot of the things Donald Trump says he'll do the US Congress would never approve. The US Congress will never approve building a wall on the Mexican border nor will they prohibit Muslims from entering the USA. When Trump made those remarks he was pandering to the right wing wackos.
  However,Trump says a lot of things. It is difficult to know what he'll do as president. He may be good or he may be an asshole.But Hillary we know she'll be an asshole. In a recent poll 60% of Americans do not trust Hillary. See:
   Also, the Necons,the Koch Brothers and the Military industrial complex are not backing Donald Trump.They are backing Hillary.
   If Hillary is elected with the Necons backing we may be going from a two party system to a one party system.
   Being not many people in the USA trust Hillary she will use fear mongering as her primary platform. Fear mongering will also be used to discourage people from voting for a third party. I am voting for Green Party Candidate Jill Stein. Most people say voting for a third party is like throwing your vote away. That is exactly why third parties never win. In 1912 Theodore Roosevelt ran as an independent on the Bull Moose Party.In the election he defeated William Taft the Republican candidate. But he lost to the Democratic Candidate Woodrow Wilson.In the 1992 presidential election Independent candidate Ross Perot  captured 20% of the popular vote. In 1998 Professional Wrestler Jesse Ventura ran as an Independent candidate for the governor
of Minnesota.He was only polling at 10% in September of 1998.That was good enough to allow him to enter the debates. In November of 1998 he won the election.
   If more people vote for third parties people will then have more choices,you will be holding candidates feet to the fire and you will not be throwing your vote away.
   So,again PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY. A vote for Hillary is a vote for rewarding corruption. 

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