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No. Song-Artist-Peak Month
  1-LOVE IS ALL AROUND-WET WET WET-JULY                                     1320
  2-I SWEAR-ALL-4-ONE-July                                                 640
  3-SATURDAY NIGHT-WHIGFIELD-September                                     638
  4-I LIKE TO MOVE IT-REEL 2 REAL & THE MAD STUNTMAN-April                 620
  5-BABY COME BACK-PATO BANTON-November                                    600
  6-ALWAYS-BON JOVI-October                                                588
  7-THINGS CAN ONLY GET BETTER-D:REAM-January                              584
  8-CRAZY FOR YOU-Let Loose-August                                         552
  9-WITHOUT YOU-Mariah Carey-March                                         522
 10-STAY ANOTHER DAY-East 17-December                                      498
 11-Twist & Shout-Chaka Demus & Pliers-January                             490
 12-Swamp Thing-The Grid-July                                              486
 13-The Sign-Ace Of  Base-March                                            480
 14-Breathe Again-Toni Braxton-February                                    458
 15-Return To Innocence-Enigma-February                                    452
 16-Come On You Reds-Manchester United Football Squad-May                  440
 17-Searching-China Black-August                                           434
 18-Come Baby Come-K7-January                                              426
 19-Regulate-Warren G.-July                                                418
 20-Hey Now (Girls Just Want To Have Fun)-Cyndi Lauper-October   (1984)    414
 21-The Real Thing-Toni Dibart-May                                         414
 22-Doop-Doop-March                                                        414
 23-Baby I Love Your Way-Big Mountain-June                                 410
 24-Streets Of Philadelphia-Bruce Springsteen-April                        408
 25-All For Love-Rod Stewart,Bryan Adams & Sting-January                   406
 26-(Meet) The Flintstones-B.C. B 52s-July                                 404
 27-Let Me Be Your Fantasy-Baby D-November                                 404
 28-The Most Beautiful Girl In The World-Prince-April                      400
 29-It's Alright-East 17-January                                           396
 30-The Rhythm Of The Night-Corona-September                               392
 31-Compliments On Your Kiss-Red Dragon,Brian & Tony Gold-September        386
 32-Sweetness-Michele Gayle-November                                       378
 33-7 Seconds-Neneh Cherry-September                                       376
 34-Sweets For My Sweet-CJ Lewis-May                                       348
 35-Crocodile Shoes-Jimmy Nail-December                                    344
 36-All Around The World-East 17-May                                       342
 37-We Have All The Time In The World-Louis Armstrong-December             336
 38-No Good (Start The Dance)-Prodigy-June                                 332
 39-Inside-Stiltskin-May                                                   330
 40-Get-A-Way-Maxx-June                                                    330
 41-The Perfect Year-Dina Carroll-January                                  316
 42-Stay(I Missed You)-Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories-October                    310
 43-Another Night-Real McCoy-December                                      302
 44-MMM MMM MMM-Crash Test Dummies-April                                   302
 45-You Don't Love Me (No,No,No)-Dawn Penn-June                            290
 46-She's Got The Vibe-R.Kelly-November                                    286
 47-Shine-Aswad-July                                                       284
 48-I'll Make Love To You-Boyz/Men-September                               282
 49-All I Wanna Do-Sheryl Crow-November                                    272
 50-All I Want For Christmas Is You-Mariah Carey-December                  270
 51-Don't Turn Around-Ace Of Base-June                                     258
 52-Everything Changes-Take That-April                                     246
 53-Endless Love-Mariah Carey & Luther Vandross-September                  242
 54-O Baby I...-Eternal-November                                           238
 55-Anything-Culture Beat-January                                          236
 56-The Power Of Love-Celine Dion-February                                 234
 57-Whatever-Oasis-December                                                230
 58-What's Up-DJ Miko-August                                               224
 59-Welcome To Tomorrow-Snap!-November                                     222
 60-Trouble-Shampoo-August                                                 220
 61-Let The Beat Control Your Body-2 Unlimited-March                       218
 62-Dedicated To The One I Love-Bitty McLean-April                         214
 63-Whatta Man-Salt 'n' Pepa & En Vogue-April                              214
 64-Just A Step From Heaven-Eternal-May                                    210
 65-I Miss You Haddaway-January                                            206
 66-Always-Erasure-April                                                   200
 67-Rock My Heart-Haddaway-April                                           200
 68-U R The Best Thing-D:Ream-April                                        198
 69-Power Rangers-The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-December                194
 70-Circle Of Life-Elton John-October                                      188
 71-Steam-East 17-October                                                  174
 72-Move On Baby-Cappella-February                                         174
 73-Everybody Gonfi Gon-Two Cowboys-July                                   172
 74-Light My Fire-Clubhouse-May                                            172
 75-Incredible-M-Beat & General Levy-September                             170
 76-Sure-Take That-October                                                 164
 77-Shine On-Degrees Of Motion-April                                       164
 78-Confide In Me-Kylie Minogue-September                                  162
 79-Let's Get Ready To Rhumble-PJ And Duncan-August                        162
 80-Love Ain't Here Anymore-Take That-July                                 160
 81-Hold Me,Thrill Me,Kiss Me-Gloria Estefan-December                      156
 82-Cornflake Girl-Tori Amos-January                                       152
 83-Sight For Sore Eyes-M People-November                                  140
 84-Absolutely Fabulous-Absolutely Fabulous-June                           140
 85-Girls And Boys-Blur-March                                              138
 86-Renaissance-M-People-March                                             138
 87-Go On Move-Reel 2 Real & Mad Stuntman-July                             136
 88-The Real Thing-2 Unlimited-May                                         136
 89-I'll Remember (from "With Honors")-Madonna-April                       136
 90-Secret-Madonna-October                                                 132
 91-Please Come Home For Christmas-Bon Jovi-December                       132
 92-No More (I Can't Stand It)-Maxx-August                                 126
 93-Word Up-Gun-July                                                       126
 94-Anytime You Need A Friend-Mariah Carey-June                            126
 95-More To This World-Bad Boys Inc.-May                                   126
 96-What's The Frequency, Kenneth?-R.E.M.-September                        124
 97-Eighteen Strings-Tinman-August                                         124
 98-Everything Is Alright (Uptight)-CJ Lewis-July                          124
 99-Don't Go Breakin' My Heart-Elton John & RuPaul-March                   124
100-Save Our Love-Eternal-January                                          122
101-Come In Out Of The Rain-Wendy Moten-February                           120
102-Carry Me Home-Gloworm-June                                             116
103-I'll Stand By You-Pretenders-April                                     114
104-Under The Bridge-Red Hot Chili Peppers-April                (1992)     106
105-Love Spreads-Stone Roses-December                                      104
106-A Deeper Love-Aretha Franklin-February                                 102
107-Stay Together-Suede-February                                            98
108-Some Girls-Ultimate Kaos-November                                       86
109-Cigarettes & Alcohol-Oasis-October                                      86
110-Dry Country-Bon Jovi-April                                              86
111-True Faith-New Order-November                           (1988)          84
112-Live Forever-Oasis-August                                               84
113-Give It Away-Red Hot Chili Peppers-February              (1991)         84
114-U & Me-Cappella-July                                                    80
115-Since I Don't Have You-Guns & Ross-June                                 80
116-Sweet Lullaby-Deep Forest-February                                      80
117-When We Dance-Sting-October                                             78
118-I Believe-Marcella Detroit-March                                        78
119-If Only I Knew-Tom Jones-November                                       76
120-Parklife-Blur-September                                                 76
121-Here I Stand-Bitty McLean-January                                       76
122-All I Have To Do Is Dream/Miss You Nights-Cliff Richard-December        72
123-This DJ-Warren G-November                                               72
124-Best Of My Love-CJ Lewis-October                                        72
125-Black Book-EYC-July                                                     72
126-Everybody's Talking-Beautiful South-June                                72
127-The Red Strokes/Ain't Going Down-Garth Brooks-January                   70
128-Eternal Love-PJ And Duncan-December                                     68
129-Liberation-PetShop Boys-April                                           68
130-Sleeping In My Car-Roxette-March                                        68
131-Linger-Cranberries-February                                             68
132-Run To The Sun-Erasure-July                                             50
133-Pretty Good Year-Tori Amos-March                                        48
134-Rocks/Funky Jam-Primal Scream-March                                     48
135-The More You Ignore Me,The Closer I Get-Morrissey-March                 46
136-In Your Room-Depeche Mode-January                                       46
137-Spin The Black Circle-Pearl Jam-November                                42
138-Put Yourself In My Place-Kylie Minogue-December                         40
139-Seventeen-Let Loose-October                                             40
140-Shakermaker-Oasis-July                                                  40
141-Hung Up-Paul Weller-April                                               40
142-Disarm-Smashing Pumpkins-March                                          40
143-Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through-Meat Loaf-February                      40
144-Locked Out-Crowded House-February                                       38
145-Violently Happy-Bjork-March                                             36
146-Thank You For Hearing Me-Sinead O'Conner-December                       36
147-Can You Feel It?-Reel To Real & Mad Stuntman-October                    36
148-Voodoo People-Prodigy-September                                         36
149-Yesterday,When I Was Mad-Pet Shop Boys-September                        36
150-Right Beside You-Sophie B. Hawkins-September                            36
151-Black Hole Sun-Soundgarden-August                                       36
152-Midnight At The Oasis-Brand New Heavies-August                          36
153-So Good-Eternal-August                                                  36
154-Any Time,Any Place-Janet Jackson-June                                   36
155-No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)-Kym Mazelle & Jocelyn Brown-June       36
156-Shoop-Salt 'n' Pepa-June                                                36
157-Son Of A Gun-JX-April                                                   36
158-Now And Forever-Richard Marx-February                                   36
159-Raise Your Hands-Reel 2 Real-December                                   34
150-You Want This-Janet Jackson-November                                    34
161-One Last Love Song-Beautiful South-November                             34
162-Zombie-The Cranberries-December                                         34
163-Someone To Love-Sean Maguire-September                                  34
164-Lifeforms-Future Sound Of London-August                                 34
165-Can You Feel The Love Tonight-Elton John-July                           34
166-Love Is Strong-Rolling Stones-July                                      34
167-Caught In The Middle-Juliet Roberts-July                                34
168-Dissident-Pearl Jam-June                                                34
169-Prayer For The Dying-Seal-May                                           34
170-Lean On Me-Michael Bolton-May                                           34
171-The Way You Work It-EYC-March                                           34
172-Action-Def Leppard-January                                              34
173-Your Love-Diana Ross-January                                            34
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