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   2-MISSING-EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL-November                             762
   3-GANGSTA'S PARADISE-COOLIO & L.V.-November                            742
   5-COTTON EYE JOE-REDNEX-January                                        660
   6-WONDERWALL-OASIS-November                                            584
   7-EARTH SONG-MICHAEL JACKSON-December                                  572
   8-BOOM BOOM BOOM-The Outhere Brothers-July                             548
   9-YOU ARE NOT ALONE-Michael Jackson-September                          544
  10-DON'T STOP(WIGGLE WIGGLE)-The Outhere Brothers-April                 536
  11-I Believe/Up On The Roof-Robson & Jerome-November                    524
  12-Hold Me,Thrill Me,Kiss Me-U2-July                                    492
  13-Set You Free-N-Trance-February                                       482
  14-Here Comes The Hotstepper-Ini Kamoze-February                        480
  15-Back For Good-Take That-April                                        472
  16-Fairground-Simply Red-October                                        468
  17-Don't Give Me Your Life-Alex Party-March                             438
  18-Who The Fuck Is Alice-Smokie & Roy Chubby Brown-October  436
  19-Shy Guy-Diana King-July                                              418
  20-Love Me For A Reason-Boyzone-January                                 414
  21-Guaglione-Perez Prado & Orchestra-May                                396
  22-Boombastic-Shaggy-September                                          394
  23-It's Oh So Quiet-Bjork-December                                      388
  24-I'll Be There For You-Rembrants-September                            382
  25-Never Forget-Take That-August                                        380
  26-Two Can Play That Game-Bobby Brown-April                             376
  27-Kiss From A Rose/I'm Alive-Seal-August                               374
  28-Waterfalls-T.L.C.-August                                             366
  29-I've Got A Little Something For You-MN8-March                        364
  30-A Girl Like You-Edwyn Collins-July                                   352
  31-Scatman-Scatman John-May                                             346
  32-Total Eclipse Of The Heart-Nicki French-February                     326
  33-Fantasy-Mariah Carey-September                                       324
  34-Chains-Tina Arena-May                                                314
  35-Alright/Time-Supergrass-July                                         304
  36-(Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime) I Need Your Loving-Baby D-June   304
  37-Bomb!(These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)-Bucketheads-March              304
  38-Common People-Pulp-June                                              298
  39-Country House-Blur-August                                            292
  40-Stayin' Alive-N-Trance-September                                     288
  41-When Love & Hate Colide-Def Leppard-October                          284
  42-Reach Up (Papa's Got A Brand New Pig Bag)-Perfecto Allstarz-March    272
  43-Try Me Out-Corona-August                                             270
  44-Love Can Build A Bridge-Cher,Chrissie Hynde,Neneh Cherry/Clapton-Mar.270
  45-You'll See-Madonna-November                                          268
  46-Run Away-MC Sar & The Real McCoy-February                            264
  47-No More I Love You's-Annie Lennox-February                           258
  48-I Luv U Baby-Original-August                                         256
  49-Julia Says-Wet Wet Wet-April                                         246
  50-U Sure Do-Strike-April                                               242
  51-Another Day-Whigfield-January                                        238
  52-In The Summertime-Shaggy-July                                        236
  53-Push The Feeling On-Nightcrawlers-March                              236
  54-Thunder-East 17-November                                             232
  55-Tell Me When-Human League-January                                    228
  56-Dreamer-Livin' Joy-May                                               224
  57-Think Of You-Whigfield-June                                          220
  58-Your Loving Arms-Billie Ray Martin-May                               212
  59-One Sweet Day-Mariah Carey & Boyz/Men-December                       210
  60-Roll With It-Oasis-August                                            210
  61-Anywhere Is-Enya-November                                               208
  62-Scream-Michael & Janet Jackson-June                                  208
  63-I'd Lie For You(And That's The Truth)-Meat Loaf-October               206
  64-Sunshine After The Rain-Berri-September                              202
  65-Mis-Shapes/Sorted For E's & Wizz-Pulp-October                        200
  66-Key To My Life-Boyzone-May                                           200
  67-Riverdance-Bill Whelan-February                                      198
  68-Baby Baby-Corona-April                                               194
  69-Whoomph! (There It Is)-Clock-July                                    192
  70-Turn On,Turn In,Cop Out-Freak Power-March                            188
  71-Them Girls Them Girls-Zig And Zag-January                            186
  72-Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman-Bryan Adams-April       184
  73-Some Might Say-Oasis-May                                             180
  74-Independent Love Song-Scarlet-February                               178
  75-Not Over Yet-Grace-April                                             176
  76-If You Love Me-Brownstone-April                                      172
  77-The Gift Of Christmas-Childiners-December                            162
  78-Hideaway-De'lacy-September                                           162
  79-Free As A Bird-Beatles-December                                      160
  80-Can I Touch You...There-Michael Bolton-September                     160
  81-Bump 'N' Grind-R.Kelly-February                                      160
  82-Heaven For Everyone-Queen-November                                   158
  83-Disco 2000-Pulp-December                                             156
  84-Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music)-Jam & Spoon-June        152
  85-I'm A Believer-EMF,Reeves And Mortimer-July                          148
  86-That Look In Your Eye-Ali Campbell-May                               148
  87-Power Of A Woman-Eternal-October                                     146
  88-This Is How We Do It-Montell Jordan-May                              146
  89-Just The One-Levellers-December                                      144
  90-Surrender Your Love-Nightcrawlers-May                                144
  91-If You Only Let Me In-MN8-April                                      134
  92-Axel F/Keep Pushin'-Clock-March                                      132
  93-Somewhere Somehow-Wet Wet Wet-October                                128
  94-Yes-McAlmont & Butler-June                                           128
  95-Basket Case-Green Day-January                                        128
  96-Light Of My Life-Louise-October                                      126
  97-3 Is A Family-Dana Dawson-August                                     126
  98-Pour Que Tu M'Aimes Encore (To Love Me Again)-Celine Dion-September  124
  99-Only One Road-Celine Dion-May                                        124
 100-Love City Groove-Love City Groove-May                                124
 101-Whoops Now/What'll I Do-Janet Jackson-March                          124
 102-Something For The Pain-Bon Jovi-October                              120
 103-Let It Rain-East 17-April                                            118
 104-Wonderwall-Mike Flowers Pops-December                                114
 105-So Good-Boyzone-August                                               112
 106-Love & Devotion-Real McCoy-April                                     112
 107-Scatman's World-Scatman John-September                               110
 108-Bedtime Story-Madonna-February                                       100
 109-Son Of A Gun-JX-August                                                98
 110-This Ain't A Love Song-Bon Jovi-June                                  98
 111-Runaway-Janet Jackson-September                                       96
 112-We're Gonna Do It Again-Manchester Un.'95 Football Squad&Stryker-May  94
 113-The Universal-Blur-November                                           92
 114-La La La Hey Hey-Outhere Brothers-September                           92
 115-Everybody-Clock-August                                                92
 116-I'm Only Sleeping/Off On Holiday-Suggs-August                         92
 117-Baby It's You-Beatles-April                (1964)                     92
 118-Someday I'll Be Saturday Night-Bon Jovi-March                         92
 119-Miss Sarajevo-Passengers-December                                     88
 120-Higher State Of Consciousness-Josh Wink-October                       88
 121-Don't Want To Forgive Me Now-Wet Wet Wet-June                         88
 122-A Winter's Tale-Queen-December                                        86
 123-Shoot Me With Your Love-D-Ream-July                                   86
 124-Lie To Me-Bon Jovi-November                                           84
 125-Wake Up Boo!-Boo Radleys-March                                        84
 126-Open Your Heart-M People-February                                     84
 127-I Believe-Happy Clappers-November                                     82
 128-Don't You Want Me-Felix-August                                        82
 129-Humpin' Around-Bobby Brown-July              (1992)                   82
 130-Search For The Hero-M People-June                                     82
 131-Sympathy For The Devil-Guns 'n Roses-January                          82
 132-Call It Love-Deuce-February                                           80
 133-She's A River-Simple Minds-January                                    80
 134-Walking In Memphis-Cher-October                                       78
 135-Happy Just To Be With You-Michelle Gayle-September                    78
 136-Short Short Man-20 Fingers-September                                  76
 137-Hope St.-Levellers-August                                             76
 138-Hold My Body Tight-East 17-June                                       76
 139-Itchycoo Park-M People-November                                       74
 140-Keep Warm-Jinny-July                                                  74
 141-Buddy Holly-Weezer-May                                                74
 142-One Night Stand-Let Loose-February                                    74
 143-On The Bible-Deuce-August                                             72
 144-One Man In My Heart-Human League-March                                70
 145-This Is A Call-Foo Fighters-July                                      52
 146-The Best Things In Life Are Free-Luthur Vandross-December    (1992)   48
 147-The Changingman-Paul Weller-May                                       48
 148-I Feel Love-Donna Summer-September                    (1977)          46
 149-Human Nature-Madonna-August                                           46
 150-In The Name Of The Father-Black Grape-August                          46
 151-Happy-MNB-July                                                        46
 152-Best In Me-Let Loose-April                                            46
 153-You Do Something To Me-Paul Weller-July                               44
 154-Stillness In Time-Jamiroquai-July                                     44
 155-Reverend Black Grape-Black Grape-June                                 44
 156-Strange Currencies-R.E.M.-April                                       44
 157-Gold-Prince-December                                                  42
 158-Golden Eye-Tina Turner-November                                       42
 159-Man On The Edge-Iron Maiden-October                                   42
 160-I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need-Method Man/Mary J. Blige-July 42
 161-Lenny-Supergrass-May                                                  42
 162-Army Of Me-Bjork-May                                                  42
 163-I Need You-Deuce-April                                                42
 164-Exhale (Shoop Shoop)-Whitney Houston-November                         40
 165-He's On The Phone-Saint Etienne-November                              40
 166-Renegade Master-Wildchild-October                                     40
 167-Where The Wild Roses Grow-Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave-October           40
 168-Girl From Mars-Ash-August                                             40
 169-Naked-Reef-June                                                       40
 170-Ten Storey Love Song-Stone Roses-March                                40
 171-Like A Rolling Stone-Rolling Stones-November                          38
 172-Just When Your Thinkin' Things Over-Charlatans-August                 38
 173-The Hell EP-Tricky & Grave Diggaz-August                              38
 174-Stuck On U-PJ And Duncan-July                                         38
 175-Love Enuf-Soul/Soul-July                                              38
 176-I'm Goin' Down-Mary J. Blige-April                                    38
 177-Old Pop In An Oak-Rednex-March                                        38
 178-Over My Shoulder-Mike & The Mechanics-March                           38
 179-Queer-Garbage-December                                                36
 180-The Beat Of The Drum (La Luna)-Ethics-November                        36
 181-Everybody Be Somebody-Ruffneck & Yavahn-November                      36
 182-Ain't Nobody-Diana King-October                                       36
 183-Alright-Cast-September                                                36
 184-Close To You-Whigfield-September                                      36
 185-Don't Let The Feeling Go-Nightcrawlers-September                      36
 186-Great Things-Echobelly-September                                      36
 187-Tongue-R.E.M.-July                                                    36
 188-Sour Times-Portishead-April                                           36
 189-Our Radio Rocks-P.J. &  Duncan-March                                  36
 190-Waking Up-Elastica-February                                           36
 191-Cowboy Dreams-Jimmy Nail-February                                     36
 192-Change-Lightning Seeds-January                                        36
 193-Glory Box-Portishead-January                                          36
 194-'74-'75-Connells-August                                               34
 195-Angel Interceptor-Ash-October                                         34
 196-Camden Town-Suggs-October                                             34
 197-What Do I Do Now?-Sleeper-October                                     34
 198-Move Your Body-Xpansions 95-August                                    34
 199-Sing It (The Hallelujah Song-Moziac-August                            34
 200-Sweet Harmony/One Love Family-Liquid-July                             34
 201-Daydreamer-Menswear-July                                              34
 202-Stories-Therapy?-June                                                 34
 203-Always Something There To Remind Me-Tin Tin Out & Espiritu-March      34
 204-You Gotta Be-Des'ree-March                                            34
 205-Protection-Massive Attack-January                                     34
 206-I'm Going All The Way-Sounds Of Blackness-January                     34

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