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Written by Barry Kowal   
May 02, 2015 at 06:13 PM

Hello people,

  here is the answer to the question as to what happened on May 2,2011.Answer: Osama Bin Laden died. According to the US Western narrative. Bin Laden orchestrated the September 11th attacks. So,for so doing he was considered a bad man for which he was executed. Is this all that meets the eye????
  Over here in Thailand I watch Al-Jazeera-English and RT-English.RT-English is Russian news broadcasted in English with many American newscasters. Let me tell you,you get a different narrative  on the news from the narrative being presented by the BBC,CNN or FOX so-called NEWS. A flag waving American moron would probably dismiss Russian News as propaganda. But by calling Russian News propaganda is propaganda in and of itself.At the same time Russians call western news propaganda. Fair enough.However,
the difference is that Russians can read between the lines. To dissect propaganda one should look at the bigger picture and not only at what is being said but how it is said.
  Americans have ingrained in their psyche called  "American exceptionalism". From the time they are born Americans are told they are the best and every one else is second rate or less.This message is reinforced by the western media.Many experts claim that Americans are manipulated more by the media than the Soviet peoplewere during the cold war.
  During the Vietnam War the US government and media became more honest and forthright about what was going on in Vietnam. This resulted in rioting and protests against the war.So now any criticism or negative comments against the military by the media are considered as treasonous by the Pentagon. They are considered as acts of treason because these comments tend to lower the morale of the troops.
  For example during the 2003 invasion of Iraq one western journalist posed this question. He said "You consider the September 11 hijackers to be cowards". He added the September 11 hijackers put their lives on the line.So who is a bigger coward.Them or someone sitting behind a desk in California dislodging a bomb from a drone that kills many innocent people in Pakistan? He was sacked.
  The western narrative considers portraying the USA somewhat Machiavellian as being righteous and virtuous to trumping over the virtues of truth and honesty.Just look at the recent decision handed down by the Pentagon. They considered 2015's US bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan that resulted in the death of 42 people not to be a "war crime". Such a decision is laughable at best and should say something as to the the credibility of the US government.
  Further, if you have a Russian as a friend you got a friend to the end. Where an American will turn his back on you in a second.Just look at Syria. Russia has always been Syria's friend going back to the Cold War Era. That is why when America and the terrorists they supported, illegally invaded and demolished Syria.Then the Syrian government asked for help,Russia was quick to oblige. On the otherhand, the so called "Moderate-Terrorists" , (some known as al-Nusra) who the US are backing in Syria,were once called "al-Qaeda" (now al-Qaeda in Syria). The same group that lead the 911 attacks. It'd be nice if Defense Secretary Ash Carter or Obama would tell the families of the 911 victims of how they are supporting the people who killed their loved ones.
  Then over in Iraq.Saddam Hussein in the 1980s during the "Iraq-Iran War" was considered a friend of the USA. He was openly supported by the USA.But covertly the US supported Iran. Then I don't have to tell you what the USA did to Iraq in 2003 and to Hussein in 2006.
  Now to Afghanistan and back to Osama Bin Laden. In 1979 the Afghan government asked their friend Russia to help them fight several insurgent groups in the country.One of these groups was called "the Mujahideen" which was backed by the CIA.The western narrative a total lie was that Russia invaded Afghanistan when in reality it was the USA creating problems in the country.
  One of the members of the Mujahideen was Osama Bin Laden. Again the Americans can be your friend one day then kill you the next.

  Back to May 2nd,2011. When Bin Laden was assassinated at first reports came out from the US State Department that there was a skirmish between Bin Laden and US Special forces. This comment was later retracted to the story that he was shot unarmed in the living room of his home.Then Pulitzer prize winning undercover journalist Seymour Hirsh investigated the story and went even further. He even wrote a book titled "The Killing of Osama bin Laden."
  In his book Hirsh claims the most blatant lie was that Pakistan's two most senior military leaders General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani,chief of the army staff and General Ahmed Shuja Pasha,director general of the ISI,were never informed of the US mission.This remains the White House position despite an array of reports that have raised questions,including one by Carlotta Gall in the New York Times Magazine of March 19,2014.Gall,who spent 12 years as the Times correspondent in Afghanistan,wrote that she'd been told by a "Pakistani official" that Pasha had known before the raid that bin Laden was in Abbottabad.The story was denied by US and Pakistani officials and went no further.In his book "Pakistan: Before and after Osama (2012)",Imtiaz Gul executive director of the Centre for Research and Security Studies,a think tank in Islamabad,wrote that he'd spoken to four undercover intelligence officers who "reflecting a widely held local view" asserted that the Pakistani military must have had knowledge of the operation.The issue was raised again in February,when a retired general,Asad Durrani,who was head of the ISI in the early 1990s,told an al-Jazeera interviewer that it was "quite possible"  that the senior officers of the ISI did not know where bin Laden had been hiding,"but it was more probable that they did [know].And the idea was that,at the right time,his location would be revealed.And the right time would have been when you can get the necessary quid pro quo" if you have someone like Osama bin Laden,you are not going to simply hand him over to the United States."
  Hirsh went on to state that Pakistan had known of bin Laden's whereabouts for four (4) years before he died. He added the Saudi Arabian government paid the Pakistan government money to keep bin Laden's location quiet in fear of what the USA might do had they got their hands on him. The fact that bin Laden's location was known to Pakistan for four years before he was assassinated is a good reason why Pakistan was quick to follow the fictitious narrative created my the USA.  
  Hirsh also revealed bin Laden was never meant to be taken alive. Which begs the question-Why? For all we know he could have been innocent of his involvement in the 911 attacks. But the USA did not want to provide bin Laden with justice by giving him a fair trial. Could that be because much embarrassing information could have been exposed regarding the CIA aiding "the Mujahideen", or the USA colluding with bin laden in the September 11 attacks,which was alluded to in the 2004 Michael Moore movie "Fahrenheit 911". The US government invaded a foreign sovereign country by breaking into a man's house in the middle of the night and then executing him. The only certainty of the events of May 2,2011 in Pakistan is that a human being living in a foreign country had his life taken from him by the US government without due process of law. 
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