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   1-IRIS-GOO GOO DOLLS-AUGUST              1136
   2-I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING-AEROSMITH-October           1074
   3-TIME OF YOUR LIFE-GREEN DAY-October                                 1022
   4-FROM THIS MOMENT-SHANIA TWAIN-November                               1020
   5-MY HEART WILL GO ON-CELINE DION-February                              982
   6-PRETTY FLY(FOR A WHITE GUY)-OFFSPRING-December                        970
   7-IT'S LIKE THAT-RUN DMC & JASON NEVINS-March                           962
   8-HIGH-Lighthouse Family-September                                      940
   9-NEVER EVER-All Saints-April                                           914
 10-CRUSH-Jennifer Page-November                                          912
 11-Prisoner Of Society/Second Solution-Living End-June                   890
 12-You're Still The One-Shania Twain-May                                 878
 13-Maria-Ricky Martin-July                                               866
 14-All My Life-K-CI & Jo Jo-June                                         826
 15-Together Again-Janet Jackson-January                                  790
 16-Doctor Jones-Aqua-January                                             788
 17-You Sexy Thing-T Shirt-January                                        776
 18-Ghetto Supastar(That Is What You Are)-Pras Michel-August             726
 19-Rollercoaster-B'Witched-November                                      708
 20-As Long As You Love Me-Backstreet Boys-January                        706
 21-Finally Found-Honeyz-December                                         696
 22-Viva Forever-Spice Girls-September                                    674
 23-5,6,7,8-Steps-June                                                    672
 24-Last Thing On My Mind-Steps-September                                 650
 25-Torn-Natalie Imbruglia-February                                       630
 26-When The Lights Go Out-Five-August                                    630
 27-Cup Of Life-Ricky Martin-July                                         628
 28-The Boy Is Mine-Brandy & Monica-July                                  602
 29-Coco Jamboo-Mr.President-January                                                   566
 30-If You Could Read My Mind-Stars On 54-December                        562
 31-Lollipop-Aqua-March                                                    560
 32-Walkin' On The Sun-Smash Mouth-February                               552
 33-Everybody Get Up-Five-November                                        548
 34-All I Have To Give-Bacstreet Boys-March                               522
 35-This Is How We Party-S.O.A.P.-August                                  492
 36-Gettin' Jiggy-Will Smith-April                                        480
 37-Stop-Spice Girls-June                                                 432
 38-Cherish-Pappa Bear-March                                              426
 39-Frozen-Madonna-March                                                  420
 40-C'est La Vie-B*Witched-October                                        416
 41-Buses & Trains-Bachelor Girl-August                                   416
 42-Music Sounds Better With You-Stardust-October                         412
 43-Big Mistake-Natalie Imbruglia-June                                    396
 44-You Make Me Wanna...-Usher-April                                      370
 45-Under The Bridge/Lady Marmalade-All Saints-October                    354
 46-Sex And Candy-Marcy Playground-June                                   314
 47-Life-Des'ree-October                                                  304
 48-I'll Never Break Your Heart-Backstreet Boys-September                 298
 49-Unforgiven II-Metallica-April                                         288
 50-Crush On You-Aaron Carter-July                                        272
 51-All Cried Out-Allure & 112-March                                      254
 52-Turn Back Time-Aqua-August                                            236
 53-Too Much-Spice Girls-February                                         230
 54-Ray Of Light-Madonna-May                                              216
 55-Fuel-Metallica-June                                                   194
 56-Come With Me-Jimmy Page & Puff Daddy-July                             192
 57-The Sweetest Thing-U2-November                                        180
 58-Pash-Kate Ceberano-March                                              156
 59-Sway-Bic Runga-October                                                148
 60-The Impression That I Get-Mighty Mighty Bosstones-June                144
 61-Horny-Mousse T & Hot 'N' Juicy-December                               138
 62-I Wanna Be The Only One-Eternal-March                                 116
 63-Gotta Be...Movin' On Up-P.M. Dawn-June                                108
 64-Thinking Of You-Hanson-May                                             94
 65-I Don't Like It-Pauline Pantsdown-October                              78
 66-Turn The Page-Metallica-November                                       76
 67-I Want You Back-Melanie B.-October                                     76
 68-Fight For Your Right To Party-N.Y.C.C.-June                            72
 69-I Know Where It's At-All Saints-July                                   72
 70-Given To Fly-Pearl Jam-January                                         70
 71-Brick-Ben Folds Five-August                                            70
 72-Now I Can Dance-Tina Arena-June                                        70
 73-Cruel-Human Nature-September                                           68
 74-The Things I Love In You-Cold Chisel-September                         42
 75-Too Close-Next-October                                                 38
 76-Weird-Hanson-March                                                     38
 77-When You Believe-Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston-December               36
 78-Outside-George Michael-November                                        36
 79-Pushing Buttons-Grinspoon-October                                      36
 80-Cry-The Mavis's-April                                                  36
 81-The Way-Fastball-August                                                34
 82-Can't Get Enough Of You Baby-Smash Mouth-December                      34
 83-Polyester Girl-Regurgitator-July                                       34

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