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?Left Outside Alone? cover


  2-THESE KIDS-JOEL TURNER & THE MODERN DAY POETS-November                           860
  3-BLACK BETTY-SPIDERBAIT-May                                                       802
  4-SHUT UP-BLACK EYED PEAS-January                                                  766
  5-SHE WILL BE LOVED-MAROON 5-September                                             746
  6-BEHIND BLUE EYES-LIMP BIZKIT-January                                             728
  7-HEY YA-OUTKAST-January                                                           696
  8-SCAR-Missy Higgins-August                                                        678
  9-MY IMMORTAL-Evanescence-January                                                  658
 10-WHAT YOU WAITING FOR-Gwen Stefani-November                                       638
 11-Superstar-Jamelia-March                                                          634
 12-The Prayer-Anthony Callea-December                                               606
 13-Broken-Seether & Amy Lee-September                                               596
 14-Milkshake-Kelis-February                                                         592
 15-Leave (Get Out)-Jo Jo-September                                                  580
 16-Angel Eyes-Paulini-July                                                          578
 17-Lose My Breath-Destiny's Child-November                                          562
 18-Suga Suga-Baby Bash-April                                                        558
 19-Welcome To My Life-Simple Plan-December                                          550
 20-Out Of The Blue-Delta Goodrem-October                                            534
 21-Just Lose It-Eminem-November                                                     518
 22-With You-Jessica Simpson-May                                                     510
 23-So Beautiful-Pete Murray-February                                                506
 24-What About Me?-Shannon Noll-February                                             502
 25-I Don't Wanna Know-Mario Winans-May                                              500
 26-Tilt Ya Head Back-Nelly & Christina Aguilera-November                            496
 27-Four To The Floor-Starsailor-August                                              486
 28-Be Faithful-Fatman Scoop-January                                                 462
 29-These Words-Natasha Bedingfield-October                                          446
 30-My Band-D-12-April                                                               444
 31-Burn-Usher-July                                                                  436
 32-Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)-Eamon-April                                      434
 33-Perfect-Simple Plan-July                                                         432
 34-My Place/Flap Your Wings-Nelly-August                                            424
 35-Let's Get It Started-Black Eyed Peas-July                                        416
 36-Pieces Of Me-Ashlee Simpson-August                                               414
 37-Turn Me On-Kevin Lyttle-February                                                 414
 38-F.U. Right Back-Frankee-June                                                     410
 39-Here Without You-Three Doors Down-January                                        400
 40-When The War Is Over-Cosima-August                                               398
 41-Hey Mama-Black Eyed Peas-March                                                   398
 42-American Idiot-Green Day-October                                                 396
 43-Call On Me-Eric Prydaz-October                                                   394
 44-Car Wash-Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott-October                              392
 45-Tipsy-J-Kwon-June                                                                390
 46-Trick Me-Kelis-June                                                              384
 47-Sick And Tired-Anastacia-August                                                  376
 48-Pointless Relationship-Tammin-November                                           374
 49-My Happy Ending-Avril Lavigne-August                                             356
 50-Summer Rain-Slinkee Mynx-August                                                  352
 51-Drive-Shannon Noll-May                                                           352
 52-Roses-Outkast-June                                                               346
 53-Toxic-Britney Spears-March                                                       344
 54-Listen With Your Heart-Casey Donovan-December                                    336
 55-One Call Away-Chingy-May                                                         326
 56-Push Up-Freestylers-July                                                         324
 57-The Reason-Hoobastank-June                                                       300
 58-Baby Boy-Big Brovaz-January                                                      294
 59-It's My Life-No Doubt-January                                                    292
 60-Yeah-Usher,Ludacris & Lil' Jon-March                                             290
 61-How Come-D-120-August                                                            288
 62-Come On Aussie,Come On-Shannon Noll-December                                     264 
 63-The Way You Move-Outkast-March                                                   260
 64-Thank You-Jamelia-May                                                            258
 65-I Like That-Houston,Chingy,Nate Dogg & I-20-September                            252
 66-Naughty Girl-Beyonce-April                                                       250
 67-When You Say You Love Me-Human Nature-April                                      250
 68-This Love-Maroon 5-April                                                         244
 69-Out With My Baby-Guy Sebastian-October                                            242
 70-Popular-Darren Hayes-August                                                       242
 71-Learn To Fly-Shannon Noll-July                                                    228
 72-All I Need Is You-Guy Sebastian-February                                          216
 73-My Prerogative-Britney Spears-November                                            214
 74-Confessions Part II-Usher-September                                               214
 75-My,My My-Armand Van Helden-October                                                206
 76-One Night Without You-Cosima-August                                               202
 77-Don't Tell Me-Avril Lavigne-April                                                 194
 78-Figured You Out-Nickelback-February                                               194
 79-Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson-September                                                192
 80-I Believe-Fantasia-July                                                           192
 81-Take Me To The Clouds Above-LMC & U2-April                                        188
 82-What Chu Want-J Wess-February                                                     186
 83-The Trouble With Love Is-Kelly Clarkson-February                                  154
 84-Accidentally In Love-Counting Crows-August                                        146
 85-The Voice Within-Christina Aguilera-January                                       134
 86-Amazing-George Michael-March                                                      130
 87-Everytime-Britney Spears-June                                                     128
 88-Ms. Vanity-Rob Mills-June                                                         124
 89-Do They Know It's Christmas-Band Aid 20-December                                  122
 90-Our Lips Are Sealed-Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff-September                           120
 91-Addicted-Simple Plan-September                                                    120
 92-Somebody To Love-Boogie Pimps-February                                            116
 93-Holidae In-Chingy-January                                                         104
 94-Hit That-The Offspring-January                                                    104
 95-Red Blooded Woman-Kylie Minogue-March                                              94
 96-I Believe In You Kylie Minogue-December                                            86
 97-Am I Ever Gonna See The Biff Again?-Reg Reagan-July                                76
 98-Look What You`ve Done-Jet-May                                                      68
 99-Vertigo-U2-November                                                                52
100-Heartbreaker-Kanye Taylor-June                                                     46
101-Me,Myself And I-Beyonce-January                                                    40
102-Sunsets-Powderfinger-January                                                       40
103-Radio-Robbie Williams-October                                                      38
104-In My Room-Lethbridge-May                                                          38
105-All Things (Just Keep Getting Better)-Wildlife with Simone Denny-March             38
106-Summer Sunshine-Corrs-May                                                          36
107-Miss You-Blink 182-March                                                           36
108-Flashdance-Deep Dish-December                                                      34
109-Chocolate-Kylie Minogue-July                                                       34
110-Bounce-Sarah Connor-May                                                            34   


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