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October 20,2015:Justin Pierre James Trudeau Canada's is elected as Canada's 23rd Prime Minister. PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Barry Kowal   
Oct 20, 2015 at 02:04 PM
October 20,2015:Justin Pierre James Trudeau Canada's is elected as Canada's 23rd Prime Minister.

  On Tuesday,October 20th,2015 Canadians elected 43 year-old Justin Pierre James Trudeau as their 23rd prime minister.The current Prime Minister Stephen Harper sucked America's dick. More Canadians got killed in Afghanistan in less than a year,then in 3 years under the old Jean Chretien/Martin government.
   Trudeau was born on Christmas Day,1971 in Ottawa,Canada.He is the second youngest prime minister in Canadian history. 
   Trudeau's dad,the 15th Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau has the main airport in Montreal named after him. His dad died in 2000 but was born on October 18,1919. The son gets elected from an election that began on October 19. Nice present for his dad. THe elder Trudeau refused to send Canadians to Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s. He put Canada on the metric system. He wanted Canada to have it's own identity and not be a shadow of the USA. When his dad was PM in the 1970s many Americans moved to Canada. We'll see how the son does.
I wish him the best.
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