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  2-SIDE SADDLE-RUSS CONWAY-April                                          1094
  3-A FOOL SUCH AS I-ELVIS PRESLEY-May                                      952
  4-I NEED YOUR LOVE TONIGHT-ELVIS PRESLEY-May                              952
  5-TRAVELIN' LIGHT-CLIFF RICHARD-November                                  884
  6-SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES-PLATTERS-March                                  846
  7-ROULETTE-RUSS CONWAY-July                                               826
  8-IT'S LATE-Ricky Nelson-May                                              800
  9-NEVER BE ANYONE ELSE-Ricky Nelson-May                                   800
 10-DREAM LOVER-Bobby Darin-July                                            740
 11-Only 16-Craig Douglas-September                                         734
 12-It's Only Make Believe-Conway Twitty-January                            706
 13-I've Waited So Long-Anthony Newley-May                                  706
 14-As I Love You-Shirley Bassey-March                                      706
 15-What Do You Want-Adam Faith-December                                    702
 16-Living Doll-Cliff Richard-July                                          698
 17-Petite Fleur-Chris Barber's Jazz Band-April                             678
 18-Red River Rock-Johnny & Hurricanes-November                             626
 19-Oh,Carol-Neil Sedaka-December                                           622
 20-A Teenager In Love-Marty Wilde-July                                     610
 21-(Til) I Kissed You-Everly Brothers-October                              602
 22-Mack The Knife-Bobby Darin-October                                      582
 23-Here Comes Summer-Jerry Keller-October                                  554
 24-A Pub With No Beer-Slim Dusty-March                                     552
 25-One Night-Elvis Presley-February                                        544
 26-I Got Stung-Elvis Presley-February                                      544
 27-Guitar Boogie Shuffle-Bert Weedon-June                                  544
 28-Tea For Two Cha Cha-Tommy Dorsey-January                                520
 29-Sea Of Love-Marty Wilde-November                                        516
 30-Lonely Boy-Paula Anka-September                                         506
 31-Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me-Shirley Bassey-February                     494
 32-Donna-Marty Wilde-May                                                   488
 33-My Happiness-Connie Francis-March                                       484
 34-To Know Him Is To Love Him-Teddy Bears-January                          470
 35-Tom Dooley-Lonnie Donegan-January                                       468
 36-Seven Little Girls (Sitting In The Back Seat)-Avons-December            444
 37-Tom Dooley-Kingston Trio-January                                        442
 38-Love Makes The World Go Round-Perry Como-January                        430
 39-The Three Bells-Browns-October                                          410
 40-Baby Face-Little Richard-January                                        402
 41-Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavour-Lonnie Donegan-February         396
 42-Stagger Lee-Lloyd Price-March                                           390
 43-Three Stars-Ruby Wright-June                                            388
 44-Charlie Brown-Coasters-April                                            386
 45-The Day The Rain Came-Jane Morgan-January                               386
 46-Lipstick On Your Collar-Connie Francis-August                           384
 47-Peter Gunn-Duane Eddy-July                                              380
 48-Poor Jenny-Everly Brothers-July                                         368
 49-Take A Message To Mary-Everly Brothers-July                             368
 50-Little Drummer Boy-Beverly Sisters-March                                368
 51-The Heart Of A Man-Frankie Vaughan-September                            364
 52-Battle Of New Orleans-Lonnie Donnegan-August                            356
 53-Mona Lisa-Conway Twitty-September                                       356
 54-China Tea-Russ Conway-September                                         348
 55-Someone-Johnny Mathis-September                                         346
 56-Snow Coach-Russ Conway-Decemmber                                        342
 57-Put Your Head On My Shoulder-Paul Anka-November                        314
 58-Just A Little Too Much-Ricky Nelson-September                           312
 59-Yep-Duane Eddy-July                                                     294
 60-C'mon Everybody-Eddie Cochran-April                                     286
 61-Broken Hearted Melody-Sarah Vaughan-October                             280
 62-I Go Ape-Neil Sedaka-May                                                280
 63-Come Softly To Me-Frankie Vaughan-May                                   280
 64-Personality-Lloyd Price-July                                            280
 65-Problems-Everly Brothers-February                                       274
 66-Come Softly To Me-Fleetwoods-May                                        272
 67-Forty Miles Of Bad Road-Duane Eddy-October                              268
 68-Rawhide-Frankie Laine-December                                          258
 69-Some Kind-A Earthquake-Duane Eddy-December                              256
 70-A Teenager In Love-Craig Douglas-June                                   238
 71-Mean Streak-Cliff Richard-May                                           236
 72-Never Mind-Cliff Richard-May                                            236
 73-A Big Hunk 'O Love-Elvis Presley-August                                 234
 74-(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings-Paul Anka-February                     220
 75-Makin' Love-Floyd Robinson-November                                     218
 76-Gigi-Billy Eckstine-April                                               202
 77-Mr.Blue-Mike Preston-November                                           194
 78-More & More Party Pops-Russ Conway-December                             160
 79-High Hopes-Frank Sinatra-November                                       160
 80-High School Confidential-Jerry Lee Lewis-February                       150
 81-Tomboy-Perry Como-March                                                 144
 82-Teen Beat-Sandy Nelson-November                                         110
 83-Ragtime Cowboy Joe-David Seville & Chipmunks-August                     110
 84-More Party Pops-Russ Conway-December                                     84
 85-Jingle Bell Rock-Max Bygraves-December                                   80
 86-Personality-Anthony Newley-July                                          78
 87-Wee Tom-Lord Rockingham's XI-February                                    78
 88-Fort Worth Jail-Lonnie Donegan-May                                       76
 89-I Know-Perry Como-August                                                 74
 90-Only Sixteen-Sam Cooke-August                                            70
 91-Idle On Parade-Anthony Newley-May                                        70
 92-Peggy Sue Got Married-Buddy Holly-September                              68
 93-Cannon Ball-Duane Eddy-January                                           68
 94-Sing Little Birdie-Pearl Carr & Teddy Johnson-April                      38
 95-I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time-Rosemary June-February            38
 96-You Alway Hurt The One You Love-Connie Francis-January                   38
 97-One More Sunrise (Morgen)-Dickie Valentine-November                      34
 98-Mr.Blue-David Macbeth-November                                           34
 99-Sleep Walk-Santo & Johnny-October                                        34
100-Plenty Of Good Lovin'-Connie Francis-September                           34
101-Chantilly Lace-Big Bopper-January                                        34

  *There were no Record Mirror Charts from June 21 until August 2nd in 1959 owing to a newspaper strike.During this time period the chart of the week of January 14th,1959 stands as the charts for the weeks of June 21 to July 26 in 1959. The chart for August 2nd,1959 is derived from figures displayed in the August 9th,1959 chart reading "position last week".These are the charts used in my calculations.

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