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The Best of Russ Morgan

No. Song-Artist-Peak Month
   8 CRUISING DOWN THE RIVER-Russ Morgan Orchestra, Skylarks-April 1072 
   9 AGAIN-Gordon Jenkins Orchestra, Joe Graydon-July 1045 
 10 ROOM FULL OF ROSES-Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Don Cornell, Laura Leslie-September 1040 
 11 Cruising Down The River-Blue Barron Orchestra-March 1010 
 12 Forever And Ever-Perry Como, Mitchell Ayres Orchestra-May 963 
 13 Careless Hands-Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Don Cornell-May 923 
 14 So Tired-Russ Morgan Orchestra-April 913 
 15 Far Away Places-Bing Crosby, Ken Darby Singers-March 882 
 16 Some Enchanted Evening-Bing Crosby, John Scott Trotter Orchestra-July 868 
 17 Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!)-Evelyn Knight, Stardusters-March 865 
 18 Room Full Of Roses-Eddy Howard Orchestra-August 831 
 19 Red Roses For A Blue Lady-Vaughn Monroe Orchestra, Moon Men-April 825 
 20 Don't Cry Joe (Let Her Go, Let Her Go, Let Her Go)-Gordon Jenkins Orchestra, Betty Brewer-November 821 
 21 Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)-Vaughn Monroe Orchestra, Moon Men-September 808 
 22 Jealous Heart-Al Morgan-October 793 
 23 I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore-Stardusters, Gordon Jenkins Orchestra-July 776 
 24 Mule Train-Frankie Laine, Muleskinners-December 752 
 25 Room Full Of Roses-Dick Haymes-August 693 
 26 My Darling, My Darling-Jo Stafford, Gordon Macrae, Starlighters-January 660 
 27 Blue Skirt Waltz-Frankie Yankovic Orchestra, Marlin Sisters, Johnny Pecon-June 650 
 28 Far Away Places-Margaret Whiting, Crew Chiefs-February 640 
 29 Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)-Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Don Cornell, Kaydets-February 638 
 30 Far Away Places-Perry Como, Henri Rene Orchestra-February 625 
 31 That Lucky Old Sun-Vaughn Monroe Orchestra, Moon Men-November 622 
 32 Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)-Mills Brothers-October 613 
 33 You're Breaking My Heart-Ink Spots-October 612 
 34 Red Roses For A Blue Lady-Guy Lombardo Orchestra, Don Rodney-April 596 
 35 'a' You're Adorable-Perry Como, Fontane Sisters-June 571 
 36 The Hucklebuck-Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Charlie Shavers-August 537 
 37 Galway Bay-Bing Crosby, Victor Young Orchestra-April 537 
 38 Mule Train-Bing Crosby, Perry Botkin Orchestra-December 525 
 39 Sunflower-Russ Morgan Orchestra, Skylarks-April 520 
 40 Baby, It's Cold Outside-Dinah Shore, Buddy Clark, Ted Dale Orchestra-July 496 
 41 'a' You're Adorable-Jo Stafford, Gordon Macrae, Paul Weston Orchestra-May 480 
 42 Again-Mel Torme, Pete Rugolo Orchestra-July 467 
 43 Again-Art Mooney Orchestra, Madelyn Russell, Johnny Martin-July 464 
 44 Maybe It's Because-Eddy Howard Orchestra-September 458 
 45 Careless Hands-Mel Torme, Sonny Burke Orchestra-April 444 
 46 Baby, It's Cold Outside-Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Jordan-July 442 
 47 Maybe It's Because-Dick Haymes, Tattlers, Gordon Jenkins Orchestra-October 437 
 48 Baby, It's Cold Outside-Margaret Whiting, Johnny Mercer, Paul Weston Orchestra-July 427 
 49 Again-Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Marcy Lutes-July 418 
 50 Johnson Rag-Jack Teter Trio-December 415 
 51 Again-Vic Damone, Glenn Osser Orchestra-June 402 
 52 Sweet Georgia Brown-Brother Bones & His Shadows-February 389 
 53 Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes-Evelyn Knight, Stardusters-January 385 
 54 Need You-Jo Stafford, Gordon Macrae, Paul Weston Orchestra-May 373 
 55 My Darling, My Darling-Doris Day, Buddy Clark-January 367 
 56 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm-Les Brown Orchestra-February 359 
 57 I'll Never Slip Around Again-Margaret Whiting, Jimmy Wakely-November 352 
 58 I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts-Freddy Martin Orchestra, Merv Griffin-December 341 
 59 Jealous Heart-Jack Owens, Danny Mendelsohn Orchestra-November 339 
 60 You're Breaking My Heart-Buddy Clark, Harry Zimmerman Orchestra-October 331 
 61 I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore-Perry Como, Mitchell Ayres Orchestra-July 325 
 62 I Never See Maggie Alone-Kenny Roberts-October 322 
 63 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm-Mills Brothers-April 321 
 64 On A Slow Boat To China-Benny Goodman Orchestra, Al Hendrickson-January 294 
 65 Careless Hands-Bing Crosby, Ken Darby Singers-May 259 
 66 Some Enchanted Evening-Jo Stafford, Paul Weston Orchestra-July 257 
 67 All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)-Spike Jones & The City Slickers-January 254 
 68 I Love You So Much It Hurts-Mills Brothers-March 244 
 69 Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!)-Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Kaydets-March 234 
 70 Cruising Down The River-Jack Smith, Clark Sisters, Frank Devol Orchestra-April 226 
 71 A Little Bird Told Me-Blue Lu Barker-February 215 
 72 Riders In The Sky-Bing Crosby, Ken Darby Singers-July 194 
 73 You Were Only Fooling-Ink Spots-January 193 
 74 Again-Doris Day, Mellowmen, John Rarig Orchestra-August 188 
 75 Bali Ha'i-Perry Como, Mitchell Ayres Orchestra-July 180 
 76 Jealous Heart-Bill Lawrence-December 178 
 77 You're Breaking My Heart-Jan Garber Orchestra, Bob Grabeau-September 177 
 78 A Dreamer's Holiday-Buddy Clark, Girl Friends-December 177 
 79 The Four Winds And The Seven Seas-Sammy Kaye Orchestra, ony Alamo, Kaye Choir-August 168 
 80 Everywhere You Go-Guy Lombardo Orchestra, Don Rodney-May 167 
 81 Mule Train-Tennessee Ernie Ford-December 167 
 82 Bali Ha'i-Bing Crosby, John Scott Trotter Orchestra-July 154 
 83 Blues Stay Away From Me-Owen Bradley Quintet, Jack Shook, Dottie Dillard-December 149 
 84 Beautiful Eyes-Art Mooney Orchestra & Chorus-March 145 
 85 The Hucklebuck-Frank Sinatra, Ken Lane Singers-August 141 
 86 Whispering Hope-Jo Stafford, Gordon Macrae, Paul Weston Orchestra-November 141 
 87 Ain't She Sweet-Mr. Ford & Mr. Goon-bones-August 140 
 88 That's My Weakness Now-Russ Morgan Orchestra, Heartbeats-September 128 
 89 White Christmas-Bing Crosby, Ken Darby Singers-January 121 
 90 Lady Of Spain-Ray Noble Orchestra, Al Bowly-March 121 
 91 You, You, You Are The One-Russ Morgan Orchestra, Skylarks-May 120 
 92 Twenty-four Hours Of Sunshine-Art Mooney Orchestra, Art Mooney Choir-August 120 
 93 The Pussy Cat Song (Nyow! Nyot Nyow!)-Patty Andrews, Bob Crosby Orchestra-February 119 
 94 Hop-scotch Polka (Scotch Hot)-Guy Lombardo Orchestra, Kenny Gardner-October 118 
  95 Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)-Dinah Shore, Harry Zimmerman Orchestra-January 110 
 96 Down Among The Sheltering Palms-Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Don Cornell, Kaye Choir-January 107 
 97 Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!)-Blue Barron Orchestra-March 103 
 98 Baby, It's Cold Outside-Don Cornell, Laura Leslie, Sammy Kaye Orchestra-July 100 
 99 Forever And Ever-Dinah Shore, Harry Zimmerman Orchestra-July 92 
100 Barroom Polka-Russ Morgan Orchestra, Rhythmaires-May 90 
101 Hop-scotch Polka (Scotch Hot)-Art Mooney Orchestra, Art Mooney Choir-September 87 
102 Saturday Night Fish Fry (Parts I & Ll)-Louis Jordan & The Tympany Five-November 80 
103 Dime A Dozen-Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Kaydets-October 78 
104 You Told A Lie (I Believed You)-Marjorie Hughes, Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra-September 76 
105 (Round Her Neck) She Wore A Yellow Ribbon-Eddie Miller Orchestra, Phil Ellis Choristers-December 75 
106 Yingle Bells-Yogi Yorgesson, Johnny Duffy Trio-December 74 
107 Here Comes Santa Claus (Down Santa Claus Lane)-Gene Autry-January 66 
108 That Lucky Old Sun-Louis Armstrong, Gordon Jenkins Orchestra-November 65 
109 The Four Winds And The Seven Seas-Guy Lombardo Orchestra, Don Rodney-August 65 
110 Far Away Places-Dinah Shore-March 63 
111 Toot, Toot, Tootsie (Good-bye)-Art Mooney Orchestra, Art Mooney Choir-November 62 
112 Merry-go-round Waltz-Guy Lombardo Orchestra, Kenny Gardner-June 59 
113 Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me-Wayne Raney-October 56 
114 A Wonderful Guy-Margaret Whiting, Frank Devol Orchestra-August 55 
115 Yes, Yes, In Your Eyes-Eddy Howard Orchestra-August 55 
116 Slipping Around-Ernest Tubb-December 51 
117 Don't Cry Joe (Let Her Go, Let Her Go, Let Her Go)-Ralph Flanagan Orchestra, Harry Prime-December 47 
118 You're Breaking My Heart-Ralph Flanagan Orchestra, Harry Prime-December 46 
119 So Tired-Kay Starr-April 46 
120 Blue Moon-Billy Eckstine, Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra-April 45 
121 Don't Cry Joe (Let Her Go, Let Her Go, Let Her Go)-Frank Sinatra, Hugo Winterhalter Orch., Pastels-December 45 
122 A Wonderful Guy-Evelyn Knight, Victor Young Orchestra-August 45 
123 For Ever And Ever-Gracie Fields, Bob Farnon Orchestra, Wardour Singers-April 43 
124 I Wanna Go Home (With You)-Perry Como, Fontane Sisters-December 42 
125 You're So Understanding-Evelyn Knight, 4 Hits And A Miss-September 42 
126 'a' You're Adorable-Tony Pastor Orchestra, Clooney Sisters-May 42 
127 Be Mine-Anne Shelton, Roy Robertson Orchestra-March 41 
128 Doo De Doo On An Old Kazoo-Art Mooney Orchestra & Chorus-March 40 
129 Bali Ha'i-Peggy Lee, Dave Barbour Orchestra-August 40 
130 Sunflower-Jack Fulton, Eddie Ballantiner Orchestra-March 39 
131 The Wedding Of Lilly Marlene-Andrews Sisters, Gordon Jenkins Orchestra-October 38 
132 I Can Dream, Can't I?-Tex Beneke Orchestra, Glenn Douglas-December 37 
133 Forever And Ever-Margaret Whiting, Frank Devol Orchestra-May 37 
134 Canadian Capers (Cuttin' Capers)-Doris Day, John Rarig Orchestra-December 37 
135 Don't Rob Another Man's Castle-Eddy Arnold-March 35 
136 Now That I Need You-Frankie Laine, Carl Fischer Orchestra-October 35 
137 I'm Throwing Rice (At The Girl That I Love)-Eddy Arnold-September 35 
138 Room Full Of Roses-Jerry Wayne, Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra-September 34 
139 Sunflower-Frank Sinatra-April 34 
140 That Lucky Old Sun-Frank Sinatra, Jeff Alexander Orchestra-December 34 
141 Candy Kisses-Eddy Howard Orchestra-April 34 
142 Give Me Your Hand-Perry Como, Mitchell Ayres Orchestra-September 32 
143 Blue Christmas-Ernest Tubb & The Troubadettes-December 30 
144 It's Too Late Now-Evelyn Knight, Sonny Burke Orchestra, 4 Hits And A Miss-June 30 
145 Down By The Station-Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Denny Dennis, Lucy Ann Polk, Sentimentalists-February 29 
146 Room Full Of Roses-Sons Of The Pioneers-August 28 
147 A Dreamer's Holiday-Eileen Wilson, Gordon Jenkins Orchestra-December 28 
148 (Where Are You) Now That I Need You-Doris Day, Mellowmen-October 27 
149 Galway Bay-Anne Shelton, Roy Robertson Orchestra, Wardour Singers-March 26 
150 Cuanto La Gusta-Jack Smith, Clark Sisters-January 26 
151 Dime A Dozen-Margaret Whiting, Frank Devol Orchestra-October 25 
152 I Can Dream, Can't I?-Toni Arden, Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra & Chorus-December 24 
153 Sunflower-Ray Mckinley Orchestra, Jean Friley-April 24 
154 More Beer!-Andrews Sisters, Vic Schoen Orchestra-February 24 
155 My Bolero-Vic Damone, Glenn Osser Orchestra-September 23 
156 Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)-Jack Smith, Clark Sisters, Earl Sheldon Orchestra-February 22 
157 Maybe It's Because-Connie Haines, Roy Ross Orchestra, Highlighters-September 22 
158 Sunflower-Jack Smith, Crew-chiefs, Frank Devol Orchestra-April 20 
159 Who Do You Know In Heaven (That Made You The Angel You Are)-Ink Spots-September 20 
160 Careless Hands-Bob & Jeanne-May 20 
161 I Never See Maggie Alone-Art Mooney Orchestra, Tex Fletcher, Art Mooney Choir-November 20 
162 Bouquet Of Roses-Dick Haymes, Troubadours-March 19 
163 Don't Cry Joe (Let Her Go, Let Her Go, Let Her Go)-Johnny Desmond, Tony Mottola Orchestra-December 19 
164 One Kiss Too Many-Eddy Arnold-June 18 
165 Who'll Be The Next One (To Cry Over You)-Mills Brothers-December 17 
166 Love Me! Love Me! Love Me!-Eddy Howard Orchestra-April 17 
167 Once In Love With Amy-Ray Bolger-May 17 
168 My Darling, My Darling-Peter Lind Hayes, Stardusters-January 16 
169 Tell Me Why-Eddy Howard Orchestra-October 16 
170 Room Full Of Roses-George Morgan-October 16 
171 Drinkin' Wine Spo-dee-o-dee-Stick Mcghee-August 15 
172 Christmas Island-Andrews Sisters, Guy Lombardo Orchestra-January 15 
173 Cruising Down The River-Three Suns-April 15 
174 My Darling, My Darling-Eve Young, Jack Lathrop-January 15 
175 Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!)-Dean Martin, Paul Weston Orchestra-February 14 
176 Money, Marbles And Chalk-Patti Page, Zeb Masher Orchestra-April 14 
177 You, You, You Are The One-Ames Brothers-March 14 
178 'a' You're Adorable-Buddy Kaye Quintet, Artie Malvin-May 14 
179 That Lucky Old Sun-Bob Houston, Russ Case Orchestra, Quartones-November 14 
180 Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!)-Doris Day, Buddy Clark-March 13 
181 Sunflower-Jack Kilty-April 13 
182 I'll Keep The Love Light Burning (In My Heart)-Patti Page, Mitch Miller Orchestra-September 13 
183 Bella Bella Marie-Jan Garber Orchestra, Tim Reardon-January 13 
184 Vieni Su (Say You Love Me Too)-Vaughn Monroe Orchestra-November 13 
185 There's Yes! Yes! In Your Eyes-Carmen Cavallaro Orchestra-September 12 
186 Be Goody Good Good To Me-Evelyn Knight, Sonny Burke Orchestra, 4 Hits And A Miss-August 12 
187 Red Head-Eddy Howard Orchestra-June 12 
188 Cruising Down The River-Primo Scala Orchestra, Keynotes-March 12 
189 Clancy Lowered The Boom-Dennis Day, Charles Dant Orchestra-March 12 
190 Cruising Down The River-Helen Carroll & The Carolers-April 12 
191 You, You, You Are The One-Ken Griffin-April 12 
192 I Didn't Like It The First Time (The Spinach Song)-Julia Lee & The Boy Friends-April 12 
193 Kiss Me Sweet-Sammy Kaye Orchestra, Laura Leslie, Don Cornell-May 12 
194 Wedding Bells-Margaret Whiting, Jimmy Wakely-October 11 
195 The Blue Skirt Waltz-Guy Lombardo, Lombardo Quartet-October 11 
196 Circus-Bill Farrell, Earl Hagen Orchestra-October 11 
197 Let's Take An Old-fashioned Walk-Perry Como, Mitchell Ayres Orchestra-October 11 
198 Need You-Guy Lombardo Orchestra, Kenny Gardner-June 11 
199 I'm Bitin' My Fingernails And Thinking Of You-Andrews Sisters, Ernest Tubb & The Texastroubadors-May 11 
200 Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue-Benny Strong Orchestra-May 11 
201 Then I Turned And Walked Slowly Away-Eddy Arnold-January 11 

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