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Written by Barry Kowal   
Apr 01, 2015 at 01:22 PM


    In February 2014 the US backs a coup d'etat overthrowing the democratically elected Ukranian government with the democratically elected president of Viktor Yanukovych. Fearing for his life Yanukovych flees the Ukraine. The USA claims he just left and this was not a coup d'etat but a revolution.

  Fast forward to January 2015. In that month Shiite militiamen of the Houthi insurgency seize the presidential palace in Yemen's capital,Sana and overthrow President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi and his US-backed government.The president fearing for his life goes to Saudi Arabia to live in exile. The USA

calls this a coup d'etat and not a revolution. It seems if the Americans don't like the person in charge and he and his government are overthrown it is considered a revolution.On the otherhand if the USA likes the guy at the helm and he gets overthrown,then it's a coup d'etat.

      Now Saudi Arabia (being backed and supplied with weapons from the USA) is bombing Yemen to smithereens. Saudi Arabia probably the most undemocratic country in the world. A country that funds many terrorist organizations like ISIL and Al-Qaieda. So much for the USA's desire to create democracy through out the world.

  What makes this situation more schizophrenic is that the USA is portraying Iran as the boogie man in the room. Just like how they blame Russia without evidence for the problems in Ukraine.The USA blames Iran for the trouble in Yemen.Claiming without evidence that Iran is supporting the Houthis. But at the same time the USA is helping the Shiites (who are Iranian) in their war against

ISIL who is backed by Saudi Arabia.

  Sounds rather inconsistent. Is it really? As I've said in previous blogs the US loves war and is primarily concerned with hegemony. Once again the three magical words:




  Weapons manufacturing is big business in the USA. You don't make money if you don?t sell those weapons. So,the USA creates wars and conflicts in order to make profit. The fighting is also going on outside  the USA (try not to stir up trouble at home). So,as long as fighting continues The USA makes money and it keeps themselve on top.


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