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Written by Barry Kowal   
Mar 12, 2015 at 04:40 PM

March 12.2015

  Last night I was watching the news on NHK a Japanese channel that broadcasts in English
  Some of the news they  broadcasted on "NewsLine" on March 11 was just disgusting. How could they give someone like "Victoria Nuland" any credibility? I see how the Japanese suck  up to the USA (after they drop an atomic bomb on them) and then show Nuland addressing the US congress stating how Russia is being aggressive with Ukraine. However,they  fail to mention that "Victoria Nuland" backed the coup d'etat in the Ukraine in February,2014 (go see:
   I also never hear the channel mention about a resolution introduced in the UN.The resolution would condemn attempts to glorify Nazi ideology and to deny German Nazi war crimes,including the Holocaust.The resoltion overwhelmingly passed. But the USA,Ukraine 
and one other country voted against the resolution. You can read all about it at:
  Propaganda is not just telling lies. Propaganda is also not telling the WHOLE story.
  You should watch RT some time.You'd get a totally different narrative on the Ukraine crisis. I know RT stands for Russia Today but most of the newscasters on RT English are American and British.Many also have masters and PhD's.
  You know, you ask Americans about why the US got involved in World War II. They will mention "Pearl Harbor". But very few Americans probably even know why Japan bombed the USA. They won't tell you how the USA was strangling the Japanese economy with
their sanctions. They also won't tell you that Roosevelt cracked the Japanese codes and knew of the oncoming attack. But he just let it continue because he knew it'd invigorate Americans for going to war.
  Many Americans will also tell you it was good that they dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But most Americans don't know that more Japanese died in the battle of Tokyo and in August of 1945 Japan was on it's last leg and it wasn't necessary for the USA to drop a bomb on the Japanese. Like I say most propaganda occurs when you don't tell the whole story. 
  I am surprised NHK can't see the "big Picture". The biggest threat to peace and stability in the world is not Islamist extremists or Russians,it is the USA. In October,2014 a study was conducted at prestigious Harvard University and the 
study concluded that the USA was a bigger threat to world peace than ISIS

  You see,to understand the USA you have to know these three things: CREATE CHAOS-DIVIDE-CONQUER. The USA is obsessed with world domination. Do you think it was just an accident that the USA just abandons weapons and military equipment before leaving a middle eastern country? After the USA drops bombs on people in foreign countries killing family members do you think these people will just let it go? Leaving weapons behind was a design that led to the creation of ISIL & Boko Haram and to wars in Iraq,Syria & Libya. America wants this instability. Then DIVIDE AND CONQUER.
  In Europe America is instigating problems for a couple of reasons. There is oil in Ukraine (secondary reason).But the bigger reason is the USA wants instability in Europe.USA sees Russia as threat. So to hurt Russia economically the USA has to hurt it's relationship with Europe.That is why the Americans shot down that Malaysian Airliner on July 17-create hostility between Russia and Europe.
  Before the Ukranian coup d'etat. The Ukraine,Russia and Europe all had pretty good economies. Now all three are in shambles. But the USA economy is doing fine.What effect does a war in the Ukraine have on the USA? There is a big ocean that separates them from Europe. America hypes up Europeans by instilling fear in them about Russian
aggression in order for the US defense contractors to sell missiles & bombs to the European countries.
  Ukraine's economy since the civil war has become a basket case. The IMF (backed by the USA) just gave Ukraine a loan for several billion dollars. Now,the Ukraine probably will default (the USA knows this).So when that happens the USA takes land and natural resources from Ukraine. Monsanto will be getting some nice farm land. AMERICA INSTIGATES AND WANTS CONFLICT IN UKRAINE.
  Russia is not the only one the USA fears.They also fear China. At one time the relations between China,Japan and Korea was very good and the leaders were even thinking of creating a free trade zone. The USA does not like this. That is why the USA stirred up this dispute between China and it's neighbours about who possesses certain islands between the countries. That is why the USA wants a Pacific free trade agreement that excludes China. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.
   However, this propaganda and rhetoric the USA is espousing is irresponsible and can be very dangerous. World War III may be just around corner. The USA spent 5 billion dollars for the coup d'etat to overthrow the Ukraine government,they shot down a Malaysian Airliner killing 298 people then go around accusing Russia just to hurt them. The USA is not going to let things go or does it want any peace in Europe. The USA is hellbent on starting a war in Europe.More than likely the USA will continue unleashing their anti-Russian rhetoric in the hope of provoking Russia into combat.Then the USA can say "you see-gotcha". If a Pan-European war breaks out there will be no tanks rolling through the streets of the big apple or LA.No missles will be fired on Atlanta or Chicago.America would just love a pan-European war.They would continue their fear mongering to European nations so defense contractors could sell the countries bombs,missles and tanks.
  Now is the time is for Vladimir Putin to be the bigger person and not fall into the American trap. Hopefully, people will get smart and see what the hell is really going on.They should expose the USA for the frauds
that they are.

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