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Written by Barry Kowal   
Feb 20, 2015 at 09:32 AM

  in December of 2014 US President Obama said he would be lifting sanctions against the Caribbean island nation of Cuba.Seems somwhat humanitarian?-no so fast.Rarely does the USA do anything for humane reasons.More than likely ulterior motives are involved.A couple of months before Obama announced the lifting of sanctions Russia had been negotiating with Cuba about off-shore drilling for oil. Need I say any more.
  Also Cuba is the biggest exporter in the world for doctors (see:
and one of the highest countries that exports teachers. But The USA still considers Cuba a terrorist nation.
  On the other hand just this week US president Obama plans to sell armed drones (those things that indicriminately kill people) to the highest bidders in select countries.See:
  I guess a coutry considered by the USA to be a terrorist nation will go around the world exporting doctors to help stop famines,diseases and epidemics like Ebola. While the USA who proclaims to be the beacon of justice and freedom will be exporting weapons so that people can kill one another.

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