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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jan 07, 2015 at 03:31 PM

  Last week the world witnessed the tragedies that occurred in Paris where 17 innocent people died. Last Friday the media gave full coverage to the two hostage situations unraveling in the French capital. While on the same day while the western media was focused on Paris 2000 people mostly woman & children were slaughtered to death by  Boko Haran in the northestern Nigerian town of Baga.The western media paid very little attention to this massacre.I guess 17 white people getting murdered in Paris is more important to them than 2000 black people getting slaughtered in Africa.

  Further one of the policeman that got murdered at the "Charlie Hebdo" massacre was a Muslim. Also a Muslim man working at the Jewish supermarket the site of the second hostage situation on Friday helped people avoid detection by hiding them in a freezer during the ordeal. The western media makes little mention of these two facts.

  In the aftermath of the attacks in Paris,the French government provided extra security for synagogues in France but none for mosques.While many mosques get fire bombed throught France during the aftermath.

  Following the Paris tragedy FBI director James Comey released a statement saying that this was the worse tragedy in Europle since the July 7,2005 London bombings (perpetrated by Muslims) where 52 people died. Mr, Comey seems to forget about July 22,2011 when Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people (mostly teenagers) and injuring 209 in Utoya,Norway. Mr. Breivik is a white Christian.So Mr. Comey probably doesn?t consider him a terrorist.Mr. Comey probably believes white people can't be terrorists.

  Timothy McVeigh kills 168 people in a 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City and he's considered by the media as just a wild card but not a terrorist. Last summer those yahoos who pointed guns at US federal agents on the Clyde Bundy Ranch in Nevada are not terrorists.According to Sean Hannity of FOX News they are freedom fighters.Also,the media gives very little attention to the recent bombing of the NAACP building in Denver. The western media also downplays the Israel slaughter and murder of about 2000 Palestinians in Gaza last summer.

  The western media does not criticize,pry or prod on our world leaders.It is nothing more than an echo chamber for western governments like the US,UK & France. Only black people,Muslims and people who are residents of governments the US doesn?t like are considered terrorists.It is no wonder people are looking for alternative sources to get their news.

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