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Born  January 8, 1986
Hokkaid, Japan
Other names Miyabi
Ethnicity Japanese-Canadian
Height 1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)
Weight 48 kg (110 lb; 7.6 st)

   Maria Ozawa was born in Hokkaid,Japan.Her mother is Japanese and her father is Canadian.Ozawa graduated from Hokkaido International School and has asserted that she has a higher ability to read and write English than Japanese.Ozawa played hockey on a daily basis,and often sang karaoke after classes.She claims she became sexually active at the age of 13 and learned the "48 sexual positions" from a book she purchased.
   In 2002, when she was 16 years old,Ozawa debuted in a 30-second Japanese TV commercial for DARS Chocolate alongside two members of the Japanese pop group KinKi Kids.Ozawa is featured sharing chocolate with one of the two singers while secretly holding hands with the other.

   Ozawa became acquainted with adult videos (AV) by watching sex tapes she borrowed from a friend's brother.Unlike most AV actresses,Ozawa was not scouted.Instead,she was introduced to the AV industry through a friend appearing in AVs.She began by modeling as Miyabi for the adult site in June 2005,which resulted in several sets of photographs and a short hardcore gonzo video released in CD-R and DVD-R formats.
   She was then signed by S1 No. 1 Style,an AV studio that produces light hardcore pornography.On October 7, 2005,she premiered as Maria Ozawa with the video New Face,Number One Style ,directed by Hidetoki.Ozawa remembers that she was so nervous during the filming of her first AV that she could not look at Arnel Estoesta in the face.At S1,Ozawa subsequently appeared in one original video per month until February 2007.She was involved in several S1compilation videos including the company's entry in the 2006 AV Open,a competition between Japanese AV studios for the best selling video.The S1 video Hyper,Barely There Mosaic , featuring Ozawa along with other AV idols Sora Aoi,
Yua Aida,Yuma Asami, and Honoka (plus a short preview for Rin Aoki),won first place.
   Ozawa and S1 parted ways in early 2007.Along with Rin Suzuka,Reina Matsushima and Rin Aoki,she moved from S1 with its emphasis on glamour to a new start-up company,DAS, which featured scenes of creampie and simulated rape.On April 25, 2007,DAS released their first videos,one of which (Beautiful Eurasian News Anchor Maria Ozawa Desiring Nakadashi Rape) featured Maria Ozawa.By the end of 2007,she signed (not exclusively) with Attackers  an established AV studio that specializes in thematic rape pornography.
    Besides adult videos, she has appeared in V-Cinema films,a photobook and several glamour ("gravure") videos. In 2007,she played the character Anita on the popular Japanese TV drama Tokumei Kakaricho Tadano Hitoshi on TV Asahi.In addition,Ozawa was on a 2007 episode of the Japanese variety show Megami no hatena ("The Goddess of What Is That") on Nihon TV as part of a series with AV actresses telling why they went into AV work.She has also appeared on Japanese MTV with the hip hop artist Seamo and in the 2007 music video Summer Time in the D.S.C. with the Yokohama hip hop group DS455.
   Ozawa could be seen in 2007 performing twice at the Shinjuku striptease bar "Shinjuku New Art". She took dance lessons to prepare but was still very nervous.She danced in a variety of outfits, including appearing as a belly-dancer,a geisha and a cowgirl.Three videos were released of her performance and a behind-the-scenes interview.

Ozawa did her first "interracial sex" scenes in Multiple Black Rape ,which was released by DAS in May 2008.In June 2008,Ozawa changed studios once again,signing with a small studio,Ran-maru which released her first video with them on July 19,2008.Ran-maru,along with Ozawa's previous studios,S1,DAS and Attackers,are all part of Japan's largest group of AV companies,the Hokuto Corporation.
   In August 2008,Ozawa acted in her first mainstream movie,Invitation Only,billed as "Taiwan's First-Ever Slasher Horror".The film is produced by Three Dots Entertainment in Taipei,Taiwan and co-stars Julianne Chu.Ozawa plays a supermodel. She spoke both English and Japanese.Ozawa's professionalism impressed her co-workers and her role was expanded to include 
further scenes.Ozawa also did a photoshoot for the Taiwanese version of FHM in May 2009.  Ozawa 
followed up on her Shinjuku experience by starring in a cabaret show,"Tokyo Nights" at the Grand Lisboa Hotel in Macao from August 16 to September 6,2008 which also featured several other Japanese performers."Tokyo Nights" received mixed reviews.Promotional materials show her with a temporary tattoo.
   Ozawa began to be cast in a variety of videos from different producers,including her first exclusively lesbian 
(Rezu) video (W Cast Premium Lesbian) for LADYxLADY, a division of the Japanese porn conglomerate Soft On Demand (SOD).
    XVN advertised in September 2008 about Maria Ozawa appearing in her first "uncensored" movies,which do not have the mosaic pixelation used to obscure the genitals in standard Japanese porn.Four uncensored 45-minute videos of Ozawa and a single male actor were released online at XVN in September 2008.The material from the first two videos was edited for a 90 minute DVD,Tora-Tora Platinum Vol. 49 Maria Ozawa (October 1, 2008),and the second two videos were combined as Tora-Tora Platinum Vol. 52 Maria Ozawa (November 17, 2008).Unused clips were combined and published under Tora-Tora Platinum Vol.55 
Maria Ozawa (November 23, 2008).However it is later revealed that two little known fantasy themed uncensored titles predates the XVN clips.The first (now out of print)[31] is titled If Maria Ozawa Is a Bubble Princess (December 15, 2006).The second is a parody of the anime/manga Death Note titled Meath Note (December 15, 2006).
   According to a September 2009 news report, production house Maxima Pictures was "pulling the necessary strings" to have Ozawa appear in an Indonesian comedy film titled Menculik Miyabi ("Kidnapping Miyabi"), which was planned for release at the end of 2009.Although advertisements in the Indonesian language calling Ozawa's Muslim fans to piety and featuring Ozawa in jilbab (Indonesian hijab) were issued on occasions of Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr, the Indonesian Ulema Council condemned the efforts for the film.A protest was held and the film's producer canceled Ozawa's planned trip to Indonesia for the filming.
The movie's plot had to be altered and Ozawa's scenes were all filmed in Tokyo.Menculik Miyabi was eventually released in Indonesia in May 2010.
     In November 2009,articles in Weekly Playboy and The Tokyo Reporter reported that Ozawa was registered with the delivery health club Tiger's Hole (Tora no Ana) in Shibuya ward.They also cited the possibility that her photograph and profile at the club's site was "set up simply for publicity".
   For the 2009 AV GrandPrix, three studios:DAS, Moodyz, and M's Video Group-all selected videos starring Ozawa as their entries in the contest.The DAS compilation The Queen of DAS won the Best Violence Video Award and the M's Video Group entry Oral Venus took one of the Special Awards in the Featured Actress Video category.In January 2009,Ozawa returned to DAS to film Shemale Orgy Gangbang Rape with three transsexual actresses and in March 2009 entered the Japanese porn genre of tentacle rape with the video Monster Swallowing Ecstasy Maria Ozawa for SOD.Her last adult video of 2010,Queen of Bukkake,Nakadashi,Gang Rape,directed by Dragon Nishikawa,was released by Cross in April 2010.

      In November 2010,it was confirmed that Ozawa,who became the most popular porn actress in Indonesia,had arrived in Jakarta for the filming of the thriller Hantu Tanah Kusir.Maxima Pictures reportedly acted with caution and the Islamic Defenders Front failed to learn of Ozawa's visit.Ozawa was set to return to Jakarta on November 29 to promote the screening of the movie,but her visit was cancelled.It was reported that she may have been diverted to Bali to avoid the protests of the Islamic Defenders Front.
From December 2010 to June 2011, Ozawa was featured in twelve photosets at Petter Hegre's Hegre-Art website
     During 2011 Ozawa continued to work in uncensored DVD titles Catwalk Poison DX 02:Maria Ozawa and Encore 20: Maria Ozawa while working on her mainstream career in Asia.
    In November 2011,Ozawa co-starred with Asami and AV actress Mahiro Aine in Naoyuki Tomomatsu's science fiction V-Cinema release Karei naru erogami-ke no ichizoku: Shinso reijo wa denki shitsuji no yume o miru ka,which was also released with English subtitles as Erotibot.She was also cast in the starring role for the erotic horror V-cinema feature Tokyo Species which was released on DVD in February 2012.
        In October 2012,it was announced that Ozawa planned to engage in Mainland China entertainment market on a full-time basis and was to sign with the media company Beijing Tuopu Laiyin.
   In May 2013,a reporter from the weekly tabloid Shukan Taishu met Ozawa (still active at the Tiger's Hole) at a love hotel and narrated the session (consisting of erotic massage and fellatio to completion) in his report.

Ozawa enjoys shopping,playing video games, owns a pink Nintendo DS Lite and a pink PlayStation 2 console.Ozawa is open about her private life.She granted several interviews and keeps a very detailed text and picture blog of her life and activities dating back to October 2005.

Ozawa enjoys shopping,playing video games, owns a pink Nintendo DS Lite and a pink PlayStation 2 console.Ozawa is open about her private life.She granted several interviews and keeps a very detailed text and picture blog of her life and activities dating back to October 2005.


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