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Tapestry cover

 1-TAPESTRY-CAROLE KING-JULY                                             2746
 2-JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR-SOUNDTRACK-May                                 2326
 3-EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY-ROD STEWART-October                       1306
 4-CARPENTERS-August                                                     1274
 5-RAM-PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS-September                                  1144
 6-MUD,SLIDE,SLIM-JAMES TAYLOR-August                                    1120
 7-PEARL-JANIS JOPLIN-March                                              1038
 8-STICKY FINGERS-Rolling Stones-June                                     984
 9-TEASER & THE FIRE CAT-Cat Stevens-December                             980
10-SHAFT SOUNDTRACK-Isaac Hayes-December                                  936
11-All Things Must Pass-George Harrison-January                           918
12-Aqualung-Jethro Tull-August                                            890
13-Santana(71)-December                                                   878
14-Led Zeppelin IV-December                                               844
15-4 Way Street-Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young-June                           840
16-Love Story Soundtrack-March                                            778
17-Every Good Boy Deserves A Favor-Moody Blues-October                    704
18-Up To Date-Partridge Family-May                                        658
19-Imagine-John Lennon-October                                            642
20-Chicago III-March                                                      614
21-Who's Next-Who-September                                               606
22-Golden Bisquits-Three Dog Night-May                                    600
23-Tumbleweed Connection-Elton John-March                                 586
24-What's Going On-Marvin Gaye-August                                     568
25-Pendulum-Creedence Clearwater Revival-February                         548
26-There's A Riot Goin' On-Sly & Family Stone-December                    530
27-Love Story-Andy Williams-April                                         522
28-Cry Of Love-Jimi Hendrix-April                                         436
29-Survival-Grand Funk Railroad-June                                      424
30-Aretha At The Fillmore-Aretha Franklin-July                            412
31-Elton John-January                                                     398
32-Tea For The Tillerman-Cat Stevens-May                                  382
33-Plastic Ono Band-January                                               370
34-E.Pluribus Funk-Grand Funk Railroad-December                           348
35-LA Woman-Doors-June                                                    344
36-Partridge Family Sound Magazine-October                                344
37-4-Blood,Sweat & Tears-August                                           274
38-Master Of Reality-Black Sabbath-October                                258
39-Paranoid-Black Sabbath-March                                           256
40-Stephen Stills II-August                                               246
41-Stony End-Barbara Streisand-March                                      242
42-Blessed Are-Joan Baez-October                                          228
43-Harmony-Three Dog Night-December                                       212
44-Bark-Jefferson Airplane-November                                       194
45-Maybe Tomorrow-Jackson Five-June                                       190  
46-To You With Love-Donny Osmond-December                                 186
47-Woodstock II Soundtrack-May                                            168
48-Barbara Joan Streisand-October                                         152
49-Stones-Neil Diamond-December                                           150
50-Give More Power To The People-Chi-Lites-November                       140
51-Tarkus-Emerson,Lake & Palmer-August                                    124
52-If You Could Read My Mind-Gordon Lightfoot-March                       114
53-11-17-70-Elton John-July                                               112
54-Meaty,Beaty,Big & Bouncy-Who-December                                  110
55-Best Of The Guess Who-June                                             110
56-Donny Osmond-September                                                 104
57-Osmonds-March                                                          102 
58-If I Could Only Remember My Name-David Crosby-March                     76
59-Elvis Country-Elvis Presley-February                                    74
60-Allman Brothers At The Fillmore East-August                             70
61-Naturally-Three Dog Night-January                                       68
62-Worst Of The Jefferson Airplane-February                                38
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