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  1-LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND-PAT BOONE-DOT-JUNE                                                 1072
  2-SO RARE-JIMMY DORSEY-FRATERNITY-June                                                                     926
  3-TAMMY-DEBBIE REYNOLDS-CORAL-August                                                                       924
  4-JAILHOUSE ROCK-ELVIS PRESLEY-RCA-November                                                       918
  5-(LET ME BE YOUR)TEDDY BEAR-ELVIS PRESLEY-RCA-July                                            896
  6-LOVUNG YOU-ELVIS PRESLEY-RCA-July                                                                        896
  7-ALL SHOOK UP-ELVIS PRESLEY-RCA-April                                                                     888
  8-BLUEBERRY HILL-Fats Domino-Imperial-January                                                              876
  9-TREAT ME NICE-Elvis Presley-RCA-November                                                                 868
 10-BYE,BYE LOVE-Everly Brothers-Cadence-June                                                                836
 11-Searchin'-Coasters-Atco-July                                                                             816
 12-Bernadine-Pat Boone-Dot-June                                                                             784
 13-Little Darlin'-Diamonds-Mercury-April                                                                    778
 14-Young Blood-Coasters-Atco-July                                                                           774
 15-Wake Up Little Susie-Everly Brothers-Cadence-October                                                     766
 16-You Send Me-Sam Cooke-Keen-November                                                                      740
 17-Chances Are-Johnny Mathis-Columbia-October                                                               714
 18-April Love Pat Boone-Dot-December                                                                        694
 19-Round And Round Perry Como-RCA-March                                                                     682
 20-Young Love-Tab Hunter-Dot-February                                                                       680
 21-Honeycomb-Jimmie Rodgers-Roulette-September                                                        668
 22-Summertime-Sam Cooke-Keen-November                                                                       656
 23-Don't Forbid Me Pat Boone-Dot-February                                                                   654
 24-Diana-Paul Anka-ABC Paramount-August                                                                     642
 25-Silhouettes-Rays-Cameo-November                                                                          616
 26-Come Go With Me-Dell-Vikings-Dot-April                                                                   590
 27-Party Doll-Buddy Knox-Roulette-March                                                                     570
 28-Peggy Sue-Buddy Holly-Coral-December                                                                     568
 29-Young Love-Sonny James-Capitol-January                                                                   564
 30-Great Balls Of Fire-Jerry Lee Lewis-Sun-December                                                         542
 31-A White Sport Coat(And A Pink Carnation)-Marty Robbins-Columbia-May                     528
 32-Banana Boat Song-The Tarriers-Glory-January                                                              520
 33-Too Much-Elvis Presley-RCA-March                                                                         516
 34-Raunchy-Bill Justis-Phillips International-December                                                      496
 35-Banana Boat Song (Day O)-Harry Belafonte-RCA-March                                                  484
 36-Moonlight Gambler-Frankie Laine-Columbia-January                                                         482
 37-Be Bop Baby-Ricky Nelson-Imperial-October                                                                478
 38-A Teenager's Romance-Ricky Nelson-Verve-June                                                             478
 39-Have I Told You Lately-Ricky Nelson-Imperial-October                                                     478
 40-I'm Walkin'-Ricky Nelson-Verve-June                                                                      478
 41-That'll Be The Day-Buddy Holly & The Crickets-Brunswick-September                 474
 42-The Twelfth Of Never-Johnny Mathis-Columbia-November                                                     472
 43-Gone-Ferlin Husky-Capitol-April                                                                          468
 44-Butterfly Charlie Grace-Cameo-March                                                                      458
 45-School Day-Chuck Berry-Chess-May                                                                         454
 46-Send For Me-Nat King Cole-Capitol-August                                                                 454
 47-My Personal Possession-Nat King Cole-Capitol-August                                           454
 48-Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On-Jerry Lee Lewis-Sun-September                                   436
 49-Dark Moon-Gale Storm-Dot-June                                                                            430
 50-When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano-Pat Boone-Dot-December                 416
 51-Kisses Sweeter Than Wine-Jimmie Rodgers-Roulette-December                                    412
 52-I'm Walkin'-Fats Domino-Imperial-April                                                                   410
 53-Butterfly-Andy Williams-April                                                                            400
 54-Teenage Crush-Tommy Sands-Capitol-March                                                                  392
 55-Marianne-Terry Gilkyson & The Easy Riders-Columbia-March                                      392
 56-Rainbow-Russ Hamilton-Kapp-September                                                                     390
 57-Why Baby Why-Pat Boone-Dot-May                                                                           348
 58-My Special Angel-Bobby Helms-Decca-November                                                              328
 59-Mr.Lee-Bobbettes-Atlantic-September                                                                      318
 60-Short Fat Fannie-Larry Williams-Specialty-July                                                           302
 61-Remember You're Mine-Pat Boone-Dot-September                                                             298
 62-It's Not For Me To Say-Johnny Mathis-Columbia-June                                                       294
 63-Rock And Roll Music-Chuck Berry-Chess-December                                                      284
 64-Anastacia-Pat Boone-Dot-January                                                                          278
 65-Old Cape Cod-Patti Page-Mercury-July                                                                     272
 66-Little Bitty Pretty One-Thurston Harris-Aladdin-November                                                 270
 67-There's A Gold Mine In The Sky-Pat Boone-Dot-September                                          262
 68-Valley Of Tears-Fats Domino-Imperial-July                                                                260
 69-It's You I Love-Fats Domino-Imperial-July                                                                260
 70-Happy Happy Birthday Baby-Tune Weavers-Checker-October                                 258
 71-Blue Monday-Fats Domino-Imperial-February                                                                256
 72-Whispering Bells-Dell-Vikings-Dot-July                                                                   240
 73-Dark Moon-Bonnie Guitar-Dot-May                                                                          234
 74-I'm Gonna Sit Right Down-Billy Williams-Coral-August                                                     230
 75-Wondering-Patti Page -Mercury-July                                                                       228
 76-Mama Look At Boo Boo-Harry Belafonte-RCA-April                                                           222
 77-Fascination-Jane Morgan-Kapp-October                                                                     218
 78-Start Movin'-Sal Mineo-Epic-June                                                                         210
 79-Keep A Knockin'-Little Richard-Specialty-October                                                         200
 80-Love Is Strange-Mickey & Sylvia-Groove-March                                                             182
 81-I'm Waiting Just For You-Pat Boone-Dot-May                                                               180
 82-In The Middle Of An Island-Tony Bennett-Columbia-September                                  168
 83-I Am-Tony Bennett-Tony Bennett-Columbia-September                                                        168
 84-White Silver Sands-Don Rondo-Jubilee-August                                                              162
 85-Jenny,Jenny-Little Richard-Specialty-June                                                                156
 86-Miss Ann-Little Richard-Specialty-June                                                                   156
 87-Raunchy-Ernie Freeman-Imperial-November                                                                    154
 88-Rock-A-Billy-Guy Mitchell-Columbia-May                                                                   152
 89-I Like Your Kind Of Life-Andy Williams-Cadence-June                                                      152
 90-Marianne-Hilltoppers-Dot-March                                                                           146
 91-Party Doll-Steve Lawrence-Coral-April                                                                    140
 92-Hula Love-Buddy Knox-Roulette-October                                                                    138
 93-Over The Mountain,Across The Sea-Johnny & Joe-Chess-July                                  130
 94-Playing For Keeps-Elvis Presley-RCA-March                                                                122
 95-Melodie D'Amour-Ames Brothers-RCA-November                                                               108
 96-Lotta Lovin'-Gene Vincent-Capitol-October                                                                106
 97-Four Walls-Jim Reeves-RCA-June                                                                           102
 98-High School Dance-Larry Williams-Specialty-July                                                           86
 99-You Don't Owe Me A Thing-Johnnie Ray-Columbia-February                                          82
100-Love Affair-Sal Mineo-June                                                                                82
101-Who Needs You-Four Lads-Columbia-February                                                                 72
102-C.C. Rider-Chuck Willis-Atlantic-June                                                                     70
103-Wear My Ring-Gene Vincent-Capitol-October                                                                 70
104-You're My One & Only Love-Ricky Nelson-Imperial-September                                                 68
105-Honey Rock-Ricky Nelson-Imperial-September                                                                68
106-I Wonder If I Care As Much-Everly Brothers-June                                                           58
107-Red Sails In The Sunset-Tab Hunter-Dot-January                                                            54
108-What's The Reason (I'm Not Pleasing You)-Fats Domino-Imperial-January                        44
109-Mi Casa Su Casa-Perry Como-RCA-March                                                                      44
110-Look Homeward-Johnnie Ray-Columbia-February                                                               42
111-Love Me To Pieces-Jill Corey-Columbia-August                                                              40
112-Ninety-Nine Ways-Tab Hunter-Dot-April                                                                     38
113-Just Born-Perry Como-RCA-November                                                                         38
114-Ivy Rose-Perry Como-RCA-November                                                                          38
115-Wringle Wrangle-Fess Parker-Disneyland-February                                                           38
116-Bony Moronie-Larry Williams-Specialty-December                                                            34
117-I'm Sorry-Platters-Mercury-April                                                                          34
118-You Bug Me,Baby-Larry Williams-Specialty-December                                                         34
119-He's Mine-Platters-Mercury-April                                                                          34
120-Pumpa-Luml-Steve Lawrence-Coral-April                                                                     34
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