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  1-DON'T BE CRUEL ELVIS PRESLEY-RCA-SEPTEMBER                                   1300

  2-HOUND DOG-ELVIS PRESLEY-RCA-September                                               1300
  3-GREEN DOOR JIM LOWE-DOT-November                                                                 1102
  4-ROCK AND ROLL WALTZ KAY STARR-RCA-March                                                          1032
  5-HEARTBREAK HOTEL ELVIS PRESLEY-RCA-May                                                            992
  6-JUST WALKING IN THE RAIN-JOHNNIE RAY-Columbia-November                                            972
  7-WAYWARD WIND GOGI GRANT-Era-June                                                                  896
  8-LOVE ME TENDER-Elvis Presley-RCA-November                                                         892
  9-WHATEVER WILL BE,WILL BE-Doris Day-Columbia-August                                            890
 10-HONKY TONK-Bill Doggett-King-October                                                              884
 11-My Prayer-Platters-Mercury-August                                                                 876
 12-I Almost Lost My Mind Pat Boone-Dot-July                                                          874
 13-Memories Are Made Of This-Dean Martin-Capitol-January                                             872
 14-Lisbon Antigua-Nelson Riddle-Capitol-March                                                        842
 15-The Great Pretender-Platters-Mercury-February                                                     838
 16-Allegheny Moon-Patti Page-Mercury-August                                                          818
 17-Hot Diggity-Perry Como-RCA-May                                                                    728
 18-I Want You,I Need You,I Love You-Elvis Presley-RCA-July                                           724
 19-Blue Suede Shoes-Carl Perkins-Sun-May                                                             708
 20-Poor People Of Paris-Les Baxter-Capitol-April                                                     706
 21-Canadian Sunset-Hugo Winterhalter & Eddie Heywood-RCA-October                  698
 22-Ivory Tower-Cathy Carr-Fraternity-June                                                            680
 23-I'll Be Home-Pat Boone-Dot-March                                                                  676
 24-True Love-Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly-Capitol-December                                              634
 25-A Tear Fell-Teresa Brewer-Coral-April                                                             632
 26-No,Not Much-Four Lads-Columbia-March                                                              612
 27-Juke Box Baby-Perry Como-RCA-May                                                                  594
 28-Tonight You Belong To Me-Patience & Prudence-Liberty-September                        566
 29-Moonglow & Theme From Picnic-Morris Stoloff-Decca-June                                            554
 30-(You've Got) The Magic Touch-Platters-Mercury-May                                                 538
 31-Tutti' Frutti-Pat Boone-Dot-March                                                                 538
 32-Moonglow & Theme From Picnic-George Cates-Coral-June                                              516
 33-I'm In Love Again-Fats Domino-Imperial-July                                                       514
 34-Band Of Gold-Don Cherry-Columbia-February                                                         508
 35-Why Do Fools Fall In Love-Frankie Lymon & Teenagers-Gee-May                                       500
 36-See You Later,Alligator-Bill Haley & The Comets-Decca-February                                    490
 37-More-Perry Como-RCA-July                                                                          448
 38-Glendora-Perry Como-RCA-July                                                                      448
 39-My Blue Heaven-Fats Domino-Imperial-July                                                          442
 40-A Teenage Prayer-Gale Storm-Dot-January                                                           438
 41-Standing On The Corner-Four Lads-Columbia-June                                                    420
 42-Dungaree Doll-Eddie Fisher-RCA-February                                                           414
 43-Sweet Old Fashioned Girl-Teresa Brewer-Coral-August                                  390
 44-Friendly Persuasion-Pat Boone-Dot-October                                                         386
 45-It's Almost Tomorrow-Dream Weavers-Decca-January                                                  386
 46-Born To Be With You-Chordettes-Cadence-July                                                       354
 47-Hey,Jealous Lover-Frank Sinatra-Capitol-December                                                  352
 48-Ivory Tower-Gale Storm-Dot-May                                                                    348
 49-Be-Bop-A-Lula-Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps-Capitol-July                                           334
 50-Bo Weevil-Teresa Brewer-Coral-April                                                               316
 51-The Fool-Sanford Clark-Dot-September                                                              308
 52-Cindy,Oh Cindy-Eddie Fisher-RCA-December                                                          308
 53-Are You Satisfied-Rusty Draper-Mercury-February                                                   296
 54-Cindy,Oh Cindy-Vince Martin & The Tarriers-RCA-December                                           290
 55-Canadian Sunset-Andy Williams-Cadence-September                                                   286
 56-Any Way You Want Me-Elvis Presley-RCA-November                                                    278
 57-The Flying Saucer(Parts 1 & 2)Buchanan & Goodman-Luniverse-September         270
 58-It Only Hurts For A Little While-Ames Brothers-RCA-August                                         268
 59-Chains Of Love-Pat Boone-Dot-October                                                              260
 60-You'll Never Never Know-Platters-Mercury-October                                                  256
 61-My Baby Left Me-Elvis Presley-RCA-July                                                            234
 62-Long Tall Sally-Pat Boone-Dot-May                                                                 234
 63-Eddie My Love-Fontane Sisters-Dot-April                                                           230
 64-Memories Are Made Of This-Gale Storm-January                                                      226
 65-Happy Whistler-Don Robertson-Capitol-June                                                         222
 66-It Isn't Right-Platters-Mercury-October                                                           222
 67-Mama From The Train-Patti Page-Mercury-December                                                   184
 68-I Was The One-Elvis Presley-RCA-May                                                               176
 69-Song For A Summer Night-Mitch Miller-Columbia-September                                           156
 70-My Little Angel-Four Lads-Columbia-June                                                           108
 71-Moritat(A Theme From The Three Penny Opera)-Dick Hyman Trio-MGM-March        104
 72-Go On With The Wedding-Patti Page-Mercury-February                                                 74
 73-Rock Island Line-Lonnie Donegan-London-May                                                         72
 74-Soft Summer Breeze-Eddie Heywood-Mercury-September                                                 70
 75-On The Street Where You Live-Vic Damone-Columbia-July                                              70
 76-Rock A Bye Your Baby-Jerry Lewis-Decca-December                                                    70
 77-Garden Of Eden-Joe Valino-Vik-December                                                             70
 78-Chain Gang-Bobby Scott-ABC-Paramount-February                                                      70
 79-Why Do Fools Fall In Love-Gale Storm-Dot-April                                                     68
 80-After The Lights Go Down-Al Hibbler-Decca-September                                                68
 81-Heaven On Earth-Platters-September                                                                 58
 82-Angels In The Sky-Crew Cuts-Mercury-January                                                        36
 83-Mostly Martha-Crew Cuts-Mercury-January                                                            36
 84-Since I Met You Baby-Ivory Joe Hunter-Atlantic-December                                            34
 85-Long Tall Sally-Little Richard-Specialty-May                                                       34
 86-You Don't Know Me-Jerry Vale-Columbia-September                                                    34
 87-It's Almost Tomorrow-Jo Stafford-Columbia-February                                                 34
 88-When My Dreamboat Comes Home-Fats Domino-August                                                    34
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