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 1-COCKER HAPPY-JOE COCKER-AUGUST                                                                   1958
 2-MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN-JOE COCKER-January                                                       1748
 3-TAPESTRY-CAROLE KING-October                                                                     1390
 4-RAM-PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS-August                                                                1354
 5-EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY-Rod Stewart-November                                                 1332
 6-PEARL-JANIS JOPLIN-May                                                                           1138
 7-DADDY WHO?DADDY COOL-DADDY COOL-September                                                        1116
 8-ALL THINGS MUST PASS-George Harrison-April                                                       1092
 9-PARANOID-Black Sabbath-March                                                                     1040
10-PENDULUM-Creedence Clearwater Revival-March                                                      1018
11-Abraxas-Santana-February                                                                         1002
12-Who's Next-Who-December                                                                           852
13-Deep Purple In Rock-Deep Purple-June                                                              746
14-A Question Of Balance-Moody Blues-January                                                         718
15-Leon Russell And The Shelter People-Leon Russell & The Shelter People-December         662
16-John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band-June                                                                 658
17-Led Zeppelin III-January                                                                          654
18-Aqualung-Jethro Tull-August                                                                       614
19-Emerson,Lake & Palmer-Emerson,Lake & Palmer-September                             598
20-Sticky Rolling Stones-July                                                                        596
21-New Morning-Bob Dylan-March                                                                       580
22-Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath-February                                                              542
23-Every Good Boy Deserves A Favor-Moody Blues-December                    530
24-Tumbleweed Connection-Elton-June                                                                  510
25-Sweet Baby James-James Taylor-January                                                             506
26-Elton John-Elton John-April                                                                       480
27-Masters Of Reality-Black Sabbath-November                                                         430
28-Cry Of Love-Jimi Hendrix-June                                                                     416
29-Toward The Blues-Chain-November                                                                   398
30-Chicago 3-June                                                                                    364
31-Experience-Jimi Hendrix-June                                                                      350
32-L.A. Woman-Doors-October                                                                          348   
33-4 Way Street-Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young-August                                                    344
34-Tarkus-Emerson,Lake & Palmer-October                                                              336
35-Highway-Free-June                                                                                 292
36-Songs Of Love And Hate-Leonard Cohen-September                                                    220
37-The Hoax Is Over-Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs-March                                                  214
38-Burt Bacharach's Greatest Hits-Burt Bacharach-January                                             202
39-Stephen Stills-Stephen Stills-April                                                               198
40-Mud,Slide,Slim And The Blue Horizon-James Taylor-August                           194
41-Survival-Grand Funk Railroad-October                                                              156
42-Confessions Of The Lonely Mind-The Hollies-April                                                  150
43-Symphonies For Swingers-Waldo De Los Rios-August                                                  134
44-Leftover Wine-Melanie-February                                                                    118
45-Songs For Beginners-Graham Nash-November                                                          116
46-James Taylor-James Taylor-March                                                                   112
47-Osibisa-Osibisa-October                                                                           112
48-Sounds Of Kamahl-Kamahl-January                                                                   112
49-Bloodstone-Russell Morris-September                                                               108
50-At The Mountains Of Madness-Blackfeather-July                                                      86
51-Carpenters-Carpenters-October                                                                      84
52-After The Gold Rush-Neil Young-February                                                            78
53-Spectrum Part 1-Spectrum-March                                                                     78
54-Woodstck 2-Various Artists-July                                                                    72
55-Wait-Ten Years After-June                                                                          72
56-If I Could Only Remember Your Name-David Crosby-July                     70
57-Santana-Santana-February                                                                           70
58-Friends-Elton John-November                                                                        68
59-On Time-Grand Funk Railroad-January                                                                68
60-Blood Sweat & Tears 4-Blood Sweat & Tears-October                                                  68
61-Choice Cuts-Masters Apprentices-July                                                               40
62-Two Years On-Bee Gees-June                                                                         38
63-That's The Way It Is-Elvis Presley-March                                                           38
64-Up To Date-Partridge Family-September                                                              36
65-Lizard-King Crimson-July                                                                           36
66-Free-Free-July                                                                                     36
67-Mosaic-Crow-June                                                                                   36
68-Chunga's Revenge-Frank Zappa-July                                                                  34
69-Rock Around The Clock-Bill Haley-April                                                             34
70-Close To You-Carpenters-January                                                                    34

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