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  1-FEARLESS-TAYLOR SWIFT-FEBRUARY                                                      2770
  2-THE E.N.D-THE BLACK EYED PEAS-June                                                  2338
  3-ONLY BY THE NIGHT-KINGS OF LEON-January                                             2186
  4-CRAZY LOVE-MICHAEL BUBLE-October                                                    1812
  5-THE FAME-LADY GaGa-January                                                          1768
  6-IT'S NOT ME,IT'S YOU-LILY ALLEN-February                                            1746
  7-I DREAMED A DREAM-SUSAN BOYLE-November                                              1660
  8-TWILIGHT-SOUNDTRACK-January                                                         1120
  9-I AM... SASHA FIERCE-Beyonce-September                                              1014
 10-ESSENTIAL MICHAEL JACKSON-Michael Jackson-July               (2005)   784
 11-The Resistance-Muse-September                                                        734
 12-One Love-David Guetta-September                                                      692
 13-Greatest Hits-Foo Fighters-November                                                  688
 14-Rockferry-Duffy-February                                                             680
 15-Hannah Montana:The Movie Soundtrack-May                                              650
 16-State Of The Art-Hilltop Hoods-June                                                  594
 17-#1'S-Michael Jackson-July                                          (2003)            542
 18-Cradlesong-Rob Thomas-August                                                         524
 19-Curiouser-Kate Miller-Heidke-August                                                  520
 20-Walking On A Dream-Empire Of The Sun-February                                        496
 21-Golden Rule-Powderfinger-November                                                    490
 22-Glee:The Music-Season One-Volume 1 Soundtrack-November               474
 23-This Is It-Michael Jackson-October                                                   406
 24-The Rhythm And The Blues-Jimmy Barnes-September                                      398
 25-The Fray-The Fray-February                                                           386
 26-The Twilight Saga:New Moon-Soundtrack-October                                        382
 27-Reality Killed The Video Star-Robbie Williams-November                               354
 28-Relapse-Eminem-May                                                                   348
 29-21st Century Breakdown-Green Day-May                                                 344
 30-No Line On The Horizon-U2-March                                                      338
 31-Glee:The Music:Season One-Volume 2 Soundtrack-December                328
 32-Songs For My Mother-Ronan Keating-May                                                320
 33-My Dream:Mio Visione-Mark Vincent-July                                               306
 34-Soulbook-Rod Stewart-November                                                        296
 35-The Boat That Rocked-Soundtrack-April                                                282
 36-Backspacer-Pearl Jam-September                                                       278
 37-1000 Stars-Natalie Bassingthwaighte-February                                         256
 38-Thriller-Michael Jackson-July                                              (1983)    252
 39-Introducing Stan Walker-December                                                     240
 40-All I Ever Wanted-Kelly Clarkson-March                                               232
 41-Conditions-The Temper Trap-June                                                      224
 42-Inshalla-Eskimo Joe-June                                                             224
 43-Them Crooked Vultures-Them Crooked Vultures-November                                 210
 44-Brand New Eyes-Paramore-October                                                      210
 45-Defying Gravity-Keith Urban-April                                                    200
 46-As Day Follows Night-Sarah Blasko-July                                               198
 47-Working On A Dream-Bruce Springsteen-February                                        198
 48-The Essential 3.0-John Farnham-September                                             196
 49-The Way The World Looks-Wes Carr-March                                               196
 50-Invaders Must Die-The Prodigy-February                                               192
 51-Good Lovin'-David Campbell-January                                                   190
 52-Passione-Paul Potts-May                                                              188
 53-Celebration-Madonna-October                                                          182
 54-Confetti-Little Birdy-May                                                            178
 55-You'll Never Walk Alone-Andre Rieu-May                                               162
 56-The Script-The Script-May                                                            156
 57-Wonder-Lisa Mitchell-August                                                          146
 58-Cosmic Egg-Wolfmother-October                                                        144
 59-Sound Awake-Karnivool-June                                                           140
 60-R.O.O.T.S.(Route Of Overcoming The Struggle)-Flo Rida-April              138
 61-Shaka Rock-Jet-August                                                                136
 62-The Essential 3.0-Leonard Cohen-February                                             124
 63-Masterpieces-Andre Rieu-May                                                          114
 64-The Time Of Our Lives-Miley Cyrus-October                                            110
 65-Stack Is The New Black-Short Stack-August                                            106
 66-Humbug-Arctic Monkeys-August                                                         102
 67-Like It Like That-Guy Sebastian-October                                               96
 68-Rebuilt By Humans-Newton Faulkner-September                                           94
 69-The Collection-Michael Jackson-August                                                 94
 70-The Circle-Bon Jovi-November                                                          92
 71-Everything Is True-Paul Dempsey-August                                                92
 72-Battle Studies-John Mayer-November                                                    90
 73-Together Through Life-Bob Dylan-May                                                   90
 74-Tonight:Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand-February                                      90
 75-Six To Midnight-Grinspoon-September                                                   86
 76-The Annie Lennox Collection-Annie Lennox-May                                          84
 77-It's Blitz!-Yeah Yeah Yeahs-April                                                     84
 78-Hazardous-Vanessa Amorosi-November                                                    82
 79-Mr. Lucky-Chris Isaak-March                                                           80
 80-Been Waiting-Jessica Mauboy-January                                                   78
 81-Faith + Hope + Love-Hillsong-July                                                     76
 82-Lines,Vines And Trying Times-Jonas Brothers-June                                      52
 83-Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel-Mariah Carey-October                                    50
 84-The Gotcha Calls:The Final Calls-Matt Tilley-October                                  46
 85-Battle For The Sun-Placebo-June                                                       46
 86-Wrath-Lamb Of God-February                                                            46
 87-World Painted Blood-Slayer-November                                                   44
 88-Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da-Rammstein-November                                              44
 89-Your Songs-Harry Connick Jr.-October                                                  44
 90-The Blueprint 3-Jay-Z & Alicia Keys-September                                         44
 91-The Boy Who Knew Too Much-Mika-September                                              42
 92-Far-Regina Spektor-July                                                               42
 93-Endgame-Megadeth-September                                                            40
 94-West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum-Kasabian-June                                        40
 95-Ten-Pearl Jam-April                                       (1992)                      40
 96-Black Gives Way To Blue-Alice In Chains-October                                       38
 97-Abbey Road-The Beatles-September                                            (1969)    38
 98-Killswitch Engage-Killswitch Engage-July                                              38
 99-The High End Of Low-Marilyn Manson-May                                                38
100-Planet Country-Lee Kernaghan-November                                                 36
101-Bad-Michael Jackson-July                                                  (1987)      36
102-Music For Men-Gossip-June                                                             36
103-Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix-Phoenix-May                                                  36
104-Differently-Cassie Davis-August                                                       34
105-The Motown Years 50-Michael Jackson And The Jackson 5-July                            34
106-History:Past,Present And Future:Book 1-Michael Jackson-July           (1995)   34
107-Dangerous-Michael Jackson-July                                               (1991)   34
108-Transformers:Revenge Of The Fallen:The Album-Soundtrack-July                 34
109-Swoon-Silversun Pickups-April                                                         34
110-Quiet Nights-Diana Krall-April                                                        34
111-Truth Of The World:Welcome To The Show-Evermore-March                      34
112-Live On Earth-The Cat Empire-March                                                    34
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