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Written by Barry Kowal   
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Biography: Zoe Britton
Height : 5'3
Hair : brunette 
Measurements : 34D-24-35
Birth Place : Riverside,California, United States
Date of Birth : Jan. 25,1977

        Zoe Britton was born in Riverside, California on January 25,1977 and soon after moved to Lubbock,TeXas (home also to Buddy Holly & the Dixie Chicks).Zoe also considers Lubbock her home town because that?s where she grew up.   She says she was a good child and enjoyed dance classes and soccer games. As a teenager,she became rebellious. The first thing she remember doing was dying her natural dark auburn hair black.Cigarettes came next and then she started hanging out with the punk rock crowd.She enjoyed causing a ruckus!She used to drive around Lubbock topless just to see who would notice.She loved 
going clubbing to get her groove on and going to shows to see live bands.

    She had a girlfriend,Shayla,through out her late teens.They went to the prom together and Shayla was the first person to take her to a strip club.They hung out there for about a year before either one of them actually even thought about dancing themselves. One day, Shayla told her a secret: she said that she had started dancing while Zoe had been out of town clubbing.She described to her what it  was like and Zoe then knew that she had to try it. Zoe started at a local club in Lubbock,TeXas.At first she was just another girl dancing in a small town.

     Then she met Jeff Russell. Jeff was (and still is) an agent for feature entertainers.At first Zoe wasn?t that interested in featuring,but then Jeff told her that he knew a photographer who might be interested in shooting her for publication.The idea of being a pin-up was a definite turn on for Zoe.So,she rushed to take test shots that were to be sent to Los Angeles. Zoe got a call a couple weeks later that a Penthouse photographer name Hank Londoner was going to fly her out to California and take pictures of her for SWANK magazine and submit the photos from that shoot to Penthouse. That launched her modeling career and 
feature dancing shortly followed. 

        She has enjoyed the past few years modeling and featuring all over the country.She absolutely loves the job. She thinks it?s the coolest  thing in the world. Many people have asked her which part of her dual career she loves more.She replies "Honestly,I like both for very different reasons and can not really compare the two". Feature dancing has taken her to 39 of the 50 states and she has met so many of the hottest girls and wonderful men.She just loves being on stage and interacting with the crowd.She love to work up a sweat while making the audience horny.She claims it is such a turn-on! She says "Modeling is amazing!I always feel like a princess during a photo shoot. I look forward to the professionalism of the entire process. The make-up artist, the stylist, the CATERING!! Seeing the finished product on line, in print, or on video is so much fun. Not to mention the gorgeous women I have had the honor to make out with and the photographers and 
their assistants I have met along the way!"



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