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No. Song-Artist-Peak Month
  1-AFRICA-KARL WOLF-JULY                                                                           702
  2-SEX ON FIRE-KINGS OF LEON-January                                                               682
  3-LOVEBUG-JONAS BROTHERS-January                                                                  660
  4-DETROIT '67-SAM ROBERTS-January                                                                 660
  5-WE MADE YOU-EMINEM-July                                                                         608
  6-DRIVE MY SOUL-LIGHTS-January                                                                    608
  7-ONE LESS LONELY GIRL-JUSTIN BIEBER-December                                                     606
  8-LIVE YOUR LIFE-T.I & Rihanna-February                                                           602
  9-FIRE BURNING-Sean Kingston-September                                                            596
 10-IF U SEEK AMY-Britney Spears-June                                                             586
 11-Audience Of One-Rise Against-June                                                               580
 12-Tonight-Jonas Brothers-May                                                                      578
 13-Anybody Listening-Classified-May                                                                576
 14-I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)-Pitbull-September                                               554
 15-Summer Girl-Stereos-September                                                                   550
 16-Lovegame-Lady Gaga-May                                                                         548
 17-I Gotta Feeling-The Black Eyed Peas-September                                                   546
 18-Give Me The Music-Eva Avila-February                                                            546
 19-Waking Up In Vegas-Katy Perry-August                                                            544
 20-If Today Was Your Last Day-Nickelback-July                                                      542
 21-Throw Ya Hands Up-Stereos-November                                                             534
 22-Poker Face-Lady GaGa-February                                                                   520
 23-One Time-Justin Bieber-October                                                                  512
 24-Paparazzi-Lady Gaga-August                                                                      512
 25-Devil On My Shoulder-Billy Talent-November                                                      504
 26-Right Round-Flo Rida-May                                                                        498
 27-Halo-Beyonce-May                                                                           494
 28-Boom Boom Pow-The Black Eyed Peas-June                                                          482
 29-All To Myself-Marianas Trench-September                                                         476
 30-Paranoid-Jonas Brothers-August                                                                  466
 31-Cha Ching-Hedley-November                                                                       460
 32-Baby Doll-Girlicious-February                                                                   460
 33-You Belong With Me-Taylor Swift-October                                                         456
 34-My Life Would Suck Without You-Kelly Clarkson-April                                             450
 35-I Do Not Hook Up-Kelly Clarkson-July                                                            446
 36-Rusted From The Rain-Billy Talent-July                                                          444
 37-Sober-Pink-March                                                                                442
 38-I Hate This Part-Pussycat Dolls-March                                                           440
 39-The Climb-Miley Cyrus-June                                                                      436
 40-Dead And Gone -T.I. & Justin Timberlake-April                                                   436
 41-Kiss Me Thru The Phone-Soulja Boy Tell'em & Sammie-July                                         426
 42-Fantasy-Danny Fernandes-March                                                                   416
 43-Use Somebody-Kings Of Leon-April                                                                414
 44-Heartless-Kanye West-April                                                                      412
 45-Evacuate The Dancefloor-Cascada-November                                                        406
 46-Human-The Killers-January                                                                       404
 47-Cross My Heart-Marianas Trench-March                                                            402
 48-3-Britney Spears-December                                                                       398
 49-Gotta Be Somebody-Nickelback-March                                                              394
 50-G Get Up And Dance-Faber Drive-October                                                          380
 51-Rehab-Rihanna & Justin Timberlake-February                                                      376
 52-Good Girls Go Bad-Cobra Starship-October                                                        368
 53-Know Your Enemy-Green Day-July                                                                  368
 54-February Air-Lights-April                                                                       342
 55-Young Cardinals-Alexisonfire-August                                                             340
 56-Circus-Britney Spears-February                                                                  338
 57-Dead End Countdown-The New Cities-July                                                          336
 58-Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)-Beyonce-February                                               336
 59-Sexy Chick-David Guetta & Akon-November                                                         330
 60-Thinking Of You-Katy Perry-March                                                                314
 61-Until We Burn In The Sun-Bedouin Soundclash-January                                             304
 62-Meet Me Halfway-The Black Eyed Peas-December                                                    298
 63-Fly With Me-Jonas Brothers-October                                                              294
 64-4,3,2,1-k os-May                                                                                278
 65-Poison-Elise Estrada-September                                                                  274
 66-Day 'N' Night-Kid Cudi-June                                                                     272
 67-Party In The U.S.A.-Miley Cyrus-November                                                        268
 68-Goodbye,You Suck-Shiloh-July                                                                    252
 69-21 Guns-Green Day-September                                                                     250
 70-Decode-Paramore-February                                                                        236
 71-Love Story-Taylor Swift-April                                                                   230
 72-Operator (A Girl Like Me)-Shiloh-March                                                          222
 73-Never Again-Danny Fernandes-September                                                           202
 74-New Divide-Linkin Park-August                                                                   198
 75-Welcome To Wherever You Are-Ten Second Epic-July                                                198
 76-Hotel Room Service-Pitbull-October                                                              176
 77-Already Gone-Kelly Clarkson-October                                                             174
 78-Run This Town-Jay Z,Rihanna & Kanye West-November                                               170
 79-Every Day-Ten Second Epic & Lights-October                                                      142
 80-Radar-Britney Spears-October                                                                    142
 81-Notion-Kings Of Leon-August                                                                     120
 82-Down-Jay Sean & Lil? Wayne-October                                                              116
 83-Sweet Dreams-Beyonce-October                                                                    112
 84-Please Don't Leave Me-Pink-June                                                                 104
 85-Right Now (Na Na Na)-Akon-February                                                              104
 86-Get Up-50 Cent-February                                                                         102
 87-Automatic-Tokio Hotel-November                                                                   72
 88-Saviour-Lights-October                                                                           68
 89-Obsessed-Mariah Carey-October                                                                    68
 90-Life In Technicolor II-Coldplay-March                                                            68
 91-Mrs.Officer/Comfortable-Lil'Wayne & Bobby Valentino-January                                      68
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