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 1-FUNHOUSE-P!NK-OCTOBER                             3386
  2-APOCALYPSO-THE PRESETS-April                                                        1486
  3-VIVA LA VIDA-COLDPLAY-June                                                          1338
  4-TIMBALAND PRESENTS SHOCK VALUE-January                                              1188
  5-EXCLUSIVE-CHRIS BROWN-July                                                          1146
  6-BLACK ICE-AC/DC-October                                                              938
  7-WE SING,WE DANCE,WE STEAL THINGSs-JASON MRAZ-August                                  806
  8-MAMMA MIA!-Soundtrack-July                                                           798
  9-LESSONS TO BE LEARNED-Gabriella Cilmi-May                                            756
 10-SLEEP THROUGH THE STATIC-Jack Johnson-February                                       734
 11-Spirit-Leona Lewis-January                                                           734
 12-Summer At Eureka-Pete Murray-May                                                     686
 13-Dark Horse-Nickelback-November                                                       656
 14-Oracular Spectacular-MGMT-August                                                     580
 15-Hand Built By Robots-Newton Faulkner-April                                           542
 16-Breakout-Miley Cyrus-September                                                       514
 17-Watershed-k.d. Lang-April                                                            506
 18-Packed To The Rafters-Soundtrack-December                                            498
 19-Back To Black-Amy Winehouse-January                                                  488
 20-Circus-Britney Spears-December                                                       484
 21-Thriller 25-Michael Jackson-February                                                 480
 22-Death Magnetic-Metallica-September                                                   478
 23-Indestructible-Disturbed-June                                                        478
 24-King Of Pop-Michael Jackson-September                                                458
 25-High School Musical 3:Senior Year-Soundtrack-November                                422
 26-Waltzing Matilda-Andre Rieu & Mirusia-May                                            400
 27-Here I Stand-Usher-June                                                              364
 28-Juno Soundtrack-February                                                             350
 29-Abba Gold-Abba-July                                                    (1993)        344
 30-Catch The Wind:Songs Of A Generation-Damien Leith-May                                336
 31-The Promise-Il Divo-November                                                         322
 32-100 Most Beautiful Melodies-Andre Rieu-April                                         318
 33-Dreaming Out Loud-OneRepublic-February                                               318
 34-Doll Domination 2.0-The Pussycat Dolls-September                                     316
 35-Step Up 2:The Streets-Soundtrack-April                                               300
 36-As I Am-Alicia Keys-January                                                          296
 37-And Winter Came...-Enya-November                                                     290
 38-Day & Age-The Killers-November                                                       290
 39-All Hope Is Gone-Slipknot-August                                                     282
 40-Hard Candy-Madonna-May                                                               272
 41-Gurrumul-Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu-October                                         270
 42-Somewhere In The Real World-Vanessa Amorosi-May                                      270
 43-Rattlin' Bones-Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson-April                                268
 44-In Ghost Colours-Cut Copy-March                                                      266
 45-White Noise-The Living End-July                                                      254
 46-Unessential Listening-Hamish & Andy-December                                         250
 47-This Is Our God-Hillsong-July                                                        248
 48-Truth,Beauty And A Picture Of You-Whitlams-August                                    246
 49-Rock N Roll Jesus-Kid Rock-September                                                 242
 50-Lost Highway-Bon Jovi-January                                                        242
 51-The Story So Far:The Best Of Rod Stewart-March                                       238
 52-Sex And The City Soundtrack-June                                                     234
 53-One Of The Boys-Katy Perry-August                                                    226
 54-In Rainbows-Radiohead-January                                                        220
 55-2-SneakySound System-August                                                          208
 56-Folie A Deux-Fall Out Boy-December                                                   198
 57-Rise And Fall...Rage And Grace-The Offspring-June                                    196
 58-Breed Obsession-Gyroscope-March                                                      172
 59-Home Before Dark-Neil Diamond-May                                                    156
 60-Dig,Lazarus,Dig!!!-Nick Cave & Bad Seeds-March                                       156
 61-Pretty Odd-Panic At The Disco-April                                                  154
 62-The Rise-Carl Riseley-May                                                            150
 63-A Symphony Of Hits-Human Nature-December                                             148
 64-The Ultimate Hits-Garth Brooks-January                                               148
 65-Chinese Democracy-Guns N' Roses-November                                             138
 66-A Hundred Million Suns-Snow Patrol-November                                          132
 67-Hillbilly Road-John Williamson-September                                             132
 68-Universes-Birds Of Tokyo-July                                                        132
 69-Year Of The Gentleman-Ne-Yo-September                                                120
 70-So Much Beauty-Kate Ceberano-May                                                     118
 71-Sharing Space-Cog-April                                                              108
 72-Coco-Colbie Caillat-May                                                              106
 73-Alive 2007-Daft Punk-February                                                        104
 74-Chimney's Afire-Josh Pyke-October                                                    100
 75-Final Conversation Of Kings-The Butterfly Effect-September                           100
 76-E=MC2-Mariah Carey-April                                                              98
 77-Dark Shades Of Blue-Xavier Rudd-August                                                96
 78-Scream Aim Fire-Bullet For My Valentine-January                                       94
 79-Dig Out Your Soul-Oasis-October                                                       90
 80-Nothing But The Best-Frank Sinatra-July                                               90
 81-With Hearts As One-Hillsong United-March                                              90
 82-Intimacy-Bloc Party-October                                                           88 
 83-Simple Plan-February                                                                  88
 84-Safe Trip Home-Dido-November                                                          86
 85-No Turning Back:The Story So Far-Shannon Noll-October                                 86
 86-Teeth Lost,Hearts Won-The Grates-August                                               86
 87-Keeps Gettin' Better:A Decade Of Hits-Christina Aguilera-November                     82
 88-Best Of Radiohead-June                                                                82
 89-In Silico-Pendulum-May                                                                78
 90-Seventh Tree-Goldfrapp-February                                                       74
 91-The Bedlam In Goliath-The Mars Volta-January                                          56
 92-Watch Me Disappear-Augie March-October                                                54
 93-Shogun-Trivium-October                                                                54
 94-Thieves-British India-July                                                            52
 95-Set In Stone-Brian McFadden-April                                                     52
 96-Narrow Stairs-Death Cab For Cutie-May                                                 50
 97-Appeal To Reason-Rise Against-October                                                 48
 98-Watershed-Opeth-June                                                                  48
 99-Summerland-The Herd-May                                                               48
100-Konk-Kooks-April                                                                      46
101-Third-Portishead-May                                                                  44
102-V-Van She-August                                                                      42
103-The Black Parade Is Dead!-My Chemical Romance-June                                    42
104-Flying Colours-Bliss N Eso-May                                                        42
105-Blame It On Eve-Adam Brand-January                                                    42
106-Beautiful Machine-Shihad-May                                                          40
107-Machine 15-Millencolin-March                                                          40
108-The Priests-December                                                                  38
109-808S & Heartbreak-Kanye West-November                                                 38
110-Songs Of Love & Loss II-Tina Arena-November                                           38
111-Off With Their Heads-Kaiser Chiefs-October                                            38
112-Dilettantes-You Am I-September                                                        38
113-L.A.X.-The Game-August                                                                38
114-Melodia-The Vines-July                                                                38
115-Attack And Release-Black Keys-April                                                   38
116-A Little Bit Longer-Jonas Brothers-October                                            36
117-Camp Rock-Soundtrack-October                                                          36
118-Modern Guilt-Beck-July                                                                36
119-Believe-Geoff Sewell-May                                                              36
120-Accelerate-R.E.M.-April                                                               36
121-Corner Of An Endless Road-Liar-February                                               36
122-Live In Australia-Andre Rieu-December                                                 34
123-Med Sud I Eyrum Spillum Endalaust-June                                                34
124-Saints Of Los Angeles-Motley Cruse-June                                               34
125-Seeing Sounds-N.E.R.D.-June                                                           34
126-Ready II Fly-Naturally 7-June                                                         34
127-Back Home-Westlife-May                                                                34
128-Other Voices,Other Rooms-Getaway Plan-February                                        34
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