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No. Song-Artist-Peak Month
   1-COVER GIRL-NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK-JANUARY                                                     544
   2-THE POWER-SNAP!-July                                                                         540
   3-MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY-ALIAS-November                                                       536
   4-I'M YOUR BABY TONIGHT-WHITNEY HOUSTON-December                                         534
   5-CAROLINE-CONCRETE BLONDE-December                                                            528
   6-DANGEROUS TIMES-SUE MEDLEY-June                                                              516
   7-IMPULSIVE-WILSON PHILLIPS-December                                                           516
   8-ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE-Phil Collins-January                                                 494
   9-ACROSS THE RIVER-Bruce Hornsby & The Range-August                                     494 
 10-ALRIGHT-Janet Jackson-May                                                                    486
 11-It Must Have Been Love-Roxette-July                                                          476
 12-Nothing Compares 2 U-Sinead O'Connor-April                                                   466
 13-Ice Ice Baby-Vanilla Ice-November                                                            462
 14-Drop the Needle-Maestro Fresh-Wes-June                                                       460
 15-Girl With A Problem-Northern Pikes-October                                                   450
 16-Thieves In The Temple-Prince-September                                                       442
 17-Do You Remember?-Phil Collins-June                                                           440
 18-Stranded-Heart-November                                                                      434
 19-Joey-Concrete Blonde-August                                                                  430
 20-Janie's Got A Gun-Aerosmith-January                                                          428
 21-Blaze Of Glory-Jon Bon Jovi-September                                                        426
 22-Step By Step-New Kids On The Block-June                                                      424
 23-Opposites Attract-Paula Abdul-February                                                       422
 24-Still Got This Thing-Alannah Myles-January                                                   422
 25-Vogue-Madonna-May                                                                            418
 26-Blue Sky Mine-Midnight Oil-Apri                                                              418
 27-Tom's Diner-D.N.A./Suzanne Vega-A&M-December                                                 412
 28-Suicide Blonde-Inxs-October                                                                  398
 29-Miracle-Bon Jovi-December                                                                    392
 30-Every Little Tear-Paul Janz-March                                                            392
 31-Escapade-Janet Jackson-March                                                                 390
 32-I'll Be Your Shelter-Taylor Dayne-July                                                       388
 33-Oh Father-Madonna-January                                                                    388
 34-Lover Of Mine-Alannah Myles-April                                                            384
 35-Black Cat-Janet Jackson-October                                                              380
 36-The Last Worthless Evening-Don Henley-January                                                380
 37-Show Don't Tell-Rush-January                                                                 378
 38-Sun Comes Up-Cowboy Junkies-May                                                              376
 39-Everybody Everybody-Black Box-October                                                        376
 40-Living In Sin-Bon Jovi-January                                                               372
 41-Love Takes Time-Mariah Carey-November                                                        370
 42-Roam-B52s-March                                                                              362
 43-All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You-Heart-June                                                358
 44-Carry On-The Box-April                                                                       358 
 45-Groove Is In The Heart-Deee-Lite-October                                                     358
 46-The Emperor's New Clothes-Sinead O'Connor-August                                             356
 47-Let Your Backbone Slide-Maestro Fresh-Wes-March                                              352
 48-I Wish It Would Rain Down On Me-Phil Collins-March                                           350
 49-Don't Know Much-Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville-January                                       350
 50-I Think I Love You Too Much-Jeff Healy Band-July                                             346
 51-Vision Of Love-Mariah Carey-August                                                           336
 52-Enjoy The Silence-Depeche Mode-June                                                          334
 53-A Little Love-Corey Hart-May                                                                 330
 54-Thunderstruck-AC/DC-November                                                                 326 
 55-You Can't Deny It-Lisa Stansfield-July                                                       324
 56-All The Lovers In The World-Gowan-September                                                  312
 57-The Other Side of Love-Terence Trent D'Arby-January                                          312
 58-Til The Fever Breaks-The Jitters-September                                                   310
 59-I Remember You-Skid Row-February                                                             304
 60-Dangerous-Roxette-February                                                                   302
 61-All Around The World-Lisa Stanfield-April                                                    300
 62-Woman In Chains-Tears for Fears-February                                                     300
 63-Unskinny Bop-Poison-September                                                                296
 64-Just Came Back-Colin James-August                                                            286
 65-I've Got You Under My Skin-Neneh Cherry-December                                             282
 66-Downtown Train-Rod Stewart-January                                                           280
 67-Crime Against Love-Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts-November                 270
 68-The Heart Of The Matter-Don Henley-April                                                     270
 69-Pray-MC Hammer-November                                                                      270
 70-L.A. Woman-Billy Idol-October                                                                262 
 71-This Is The Right Time-Lisa Stansfield-October                                               256 
 72-Rhythm Nation-Janet Jackson-January                                                          254
 73-Every Little Thing-Jeff Lynne-July                                                           252
 74-I Go To Extremes-Billy Joel-March                                                            244
 75-Hold On-En Vogue-July                                                                        242
 76-Close To You-Maxi Priest-October                                                             232
 77-No Myth-Michael Penn-March                                                                   230
 78-Have You Seen Her-M.C. Hammer-September                                                      226
 79-Oh Girl-Paul Young-October                                                                   224
 80-Tonight-New Kids On The Block-Columbia-September                                             224
 81-World Keeps On Turning-Candi & The Backbeat-November                                         222
 82-This Old Heart Of Mine-Rod Stewart & Ronald Isley-May                                        220
 83-The Other Kind-Steve Earle-July                                                              220
 84-Doubleback-ZZ Top-July                                                                       216
 85-Hold On-Wilson Phillips-June                                                                 214
 86-U Can't Touch This-M.C. Hammer-June                                                          208
 87-What It Takes-Aerosmith-May                                                                  208 
 88-Fearless-The Neville Brothers-December                                                       206
 89-Love Will Lead You Back-Taylor Dayne-April                                                   206
 90-Almost Hear You Sigh-Rolling Stones-March                                                    204
 91-She Ain't Pretty-Northern Pikes-July                                                         192
 92-I'll Be Your Everything-Tommy Page-April                                                     182
 93-Get Up(Before The Night Is Over)-Technotronic-April                                          178
 94-Type-Living Colour-November                                                                  174
 95-Come Back To Me-Janet Jackson-August                                                         174
 96-That's Life-Sue Medley-September                                                             172
 97-Steamy Windows-Tina Turner-February                                                          170
 98-Two Girls In One-The Pursuit of Happiness-July                                               168
 99-Free Fallin'-Tom Petty-January                                                               162
100-Policy Of Truth-Depeche Mode-October                                                         162 
101-Don't Want To Fall In Love-Jane Child-April                                                  158
102-Mr. Cab Driver-Lenny Kravitz-June                                                            154
103-Something To Believe In-Poison-December                                                      152
104-Letter Back-Zappacosta-November                                                              150 
105-Lambada-Koama-March                                                                          144
106-Epic-Faith No More-September                                                                 144
107-Little Salvation-Luba-February                                                               128
108-Come And Get My Love-D-Mob-March                                                             126
109-Just Between You & Me-Lou Gramm-January                                            118
110-When I'm Back On My Feet Again-Michael Bolton-August                      118
111-Save Me-Fleetwood Mac-May                                                                    118
112-Forever-Kiss-April                                                                           114
113-This & That-Michael Penn-June                                                                106
114-Baby It's Tonight-Jude Cole-June                                                                 106
115-Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)-Motley Crue-July                                   96 
116-Pump Up The Jam-Technotronic Featuring Felly-January                            80
117-Chocolate Box-Bros-March                                                                      80
118-Inside Out-Crash Vegas-March                                                                  80
119-Turtle Power-Partners In Kryme-June                                                           78
120-Got The Time-Anthrax-October                                                                  76
121-Bird On A Wire-Neville Brothers-August                                                        74
122-This One's For The Children-New Kids On The Block-January                                     72
123-Lyin' To Myself-David Cassidy-November                                                        72
124-Ooops Up-Snap!-November                                                                       70
125-In The 21st Century-Men Without Hats-April                                                    68 
126-She Ain't Worth It-Glenn Medeiros-August                                                      68 
127-Say A Prayer-Breathe-November                                                                 34
128-A Rock And A Hard Place-Rolling Stones-January                                                34
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