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Written by Barry Kowal   
Jun 18, 2019 at 03:04 PM

   1-LAST KISS-PEARL JAM-JULY                                             2570
   2-GOODBYE-SPICE GIRLS-June                                             1866
   3-MAMBO NO.5(A LITTLE BIT OF...)-LOU BEGA-October                      1360
   4-BAILAMOS-ENRIQUE IGLESIAS-September                                  1232
   5-BELIEVE-CHER-March                                                   1162
   6-I WANT IT THAT WAY-BACKSTREET BOYS-June                               962
   7-ARRIBA-JOEE-September                                                 916
   8-THE ANIMAL SONG-Savage Garden-April                                   844
   9-LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA-Ricky Martin-May                                  830
 10-HEARTBREAKER-Mariah Carey & JAY Z-November                            778
 11-No Pigeons-Sporty Thievz & Mr. Woods-July                             776
 12-Kiss Me-Sixpence None The Richer-May                                  694
 13-The Day The World Went Away-Nine Inch Nails-August                    652
 14-Blue Monday-Orgy-March                                                642
 15-Genie In A Bottle-Christina Aguilera-September                        606
 16-If You Had My Love-Jennifer Lopez-June                                580
 17-It's Not Right But It's Okay-Whitney Houston-August                   580
 18-Squeeze Toy-Boomtang Boys-May                                         548
 19-Lost In You-Garth Brooks As Chris Gaines-September                    528
 20-Wild,Wild West-Will Smith-August                                      524
 21-Love Like This-Faith Evans-February                                   514
 22-Larger Than Life-Backstreet Boys-October                              508
 23-Bills,Bills,Bills-Destinys Child-August                               460
 24-Written In The Stars-Elton John & Leann Rimes-March                   436
 25-(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You-`N Sync-March         436
 26-We Like To Party-Vengaboys-May                                        422
 27-If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time-R.Kelly-October                378
 28-Look At Me-Geri Halliwell-June                                        346
 29-Music Of My Heart-'N Sync & Gloria Estefan-November                   344
 30-Love Song-Sky-May                                                     316
 31-I Need To Know-Marc Anthony-October                                   312
 32-Everyone Falls In Love-Tanto,Metro & Devonte-August                   302
 33-From This Moment On-Shania Twain-January                              302
 34-Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy-David Bowie & Bing Crosby-December  300
 35-Paradox-666-March                                                     288
 36-Nobody's Supposed To Be Here-Deborah Cox-March                        284
 37-Summer Girls-LFO-August                                               266
 38-Hard Knock Life-Jay-Z-March                                           246
 39-Give It To You-Jordan Knight-May                                      224
 40-Promises-Cranberries-April                                            222
 41-Nothing Really Matters-Madonna-May                                    210
 42-She's All I Ever Had-Ricky Martin-September                           198
 43-Hey Boy Hey Girl-Chemical Brothers-July                               194
 44-Christmas EP-Enya-December                                            184
 45-You Are Everything-Dru Hill-July                                      180
 46-Waiting For Tonight-Jennifer Lopez-December                           172
 47-Guerrilla Radio-Rage Against The Machine-November                     172
 48-I Knew I Loved You-Savage Garden-November                             162
 49-That Don't Impress Me Much-Shania Twain-June                          160
 50-I Still Believe-Mariah Carey-March                                    152
 51-Would You...?-Touch & Go-February                                     148
 52-Angel Of Mine-Monica-March                                            120
 53-9PM(Till I Come)-ATB-October                                          114
 54-I've Dreamed Of You-Barbra Steisand-July                              112
 55-You Don't Know Me-Armand Van Helden-April                             112
 56-Rally'N-Jully Black-July                                              106
 57-Heartbreak Hotel-Whitney Houston,Faith Evans & Kelly Price-March      106
 58-Where My Girl's At-702-June                                            94
 59-Turnaround-Phatts & Small-June                                         80
 60-Did You Ever Think-R.Kelly-July                                        80
 61-These Are The Times-Dru Hill-March                                     76
 62-Don't Say You Love Me-M2M-November                                     74
 63-Keep A Lid On Things-Crash Test Dummies-March                          72
 64-Stay The Same-Joey McIntyre-March                                      68
 65-Have A Nice Day-Roxette-July                                           58
 66-Canned Heat-Jamiroquoi-June                                            48
 67-Bliss-Tori Amos-October                                                48
 68-Scar Tissue-Red Hot Chili Peppers-October                              44
 69-My Love Is Your Love-Whitney Houston-November                          42
 70-New Day-Wycleff Jean & Bono-October                                    42
 71-Cotton Eye Joe-Rednex-September                                        42
 72-Will 2K-Will Smith-December                                            38
 73-Stop & Panic-Cirrus-September                                          38
 74-Jackie's Strength-Tori Amos-April                                      38
 75-That's The Way It Is-Celine Dion-November                              36
 76-(You Drive Me) Crazy-Britney Spears-October                            36
 77-Tribute To Wayne Gretzky 1999-Cheryl Lescom-October                    36
 78-2 Future 4 You-Armand Van Helden-May                                   36
 79-I Don't Know What You Want,But I Can't Give It Anymore-Pet Shop-Septem.34
 80-Nas Is Like-Nas-April                                                  34
 81-Changes-2 Pac-March                                                    34

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