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No. Song-Artist-Peak Month
  2-YOUR LOVE IS A LIE-SIMPLE PLAN-July                                                    698
  3-THEM KIDS-SAM ROBERTS-August                                                           670
  4-HOT-AVRIL LAVIGNE-January                                                              670
  5-I'LL KEEP YOUR MEMORY VAGUE-FINGER ELEVEN-February             652
  6-APOLOGIZE-TIMBALAND & ONEREPUBLIC-January                                              646
  7-DON'T STOP THE MUSIC-RIHANNA-January                                                   642
  8-ELEVATOR-Flo Rida & Timbaland-May                                                      594
  9-STOP & STARE-Onerepublic-April                                                         568
 10-SHAKE IT-Metro Station-July                                                            560
 11-Hot N Cold-Katy Perry-December                                                         556
 12-In The Ayer-Will & Flo Rida-August                                                556
 13-Lollipop-Lil Wayne & Static Major-July                                                 556
 14-Like Me-Girlicious-July                                                                552
 15-Clumsy-Fergie-January                                                                  552
 16-Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis-June                                                         534
 17-No One-Alicia Keys-February                                                            534
 18-Can't Believe It-T Pain & Lil' Wayne-November                                          524
 19-Hold Me In Your Arms-The Trews-March                                                   524
 20-If I Were A Boy-Beyonce-December                                                       520
 21-Love In This Club-Usher & Young Jeezy-June                                             512
 22-When I'm Gone-Simple Plan-March                                                        502
 23-Start All Over-Miley Cyrus-April                                                       500
 24-Private Dancer-Danny Fernandes-October                                                 496
 25-Stupid-Girlicious-October                                                              492
 26-When You Look Me In Your Eyes-Jonas Brothers-April                                     482
 27-Womanizer-Britney Spears-November                                                      470
 28-Piece Of Me-Britney Spears-March                                                       470
 29-Viva La Vida-Coldplay-October                                                          462
 30-For The Nights I Can't Remember-Hedley-March                                           462
 31-Never Again-The Midway State-November                                                  458
 32-Whatever You Like-T.I.-November                                                        456
 33-When I Grow Up-Pussycat Dolls-August                                                   456
 34-Summertime-New Kids On The Block-August                                                456
 35-With You-Chris Brown-April                                                             456
 36-Dangerous-Akon & Kardinal Offishall-July                                               452
 37-Violet Hill-Coldplay-July                                                              442
 38-Being Here-The Stills-October                                                          440
 39-No Air-Jordin Sparks-May                                                               434
 40-Leavin'-Jesse McCartney-August                                                         422
 41-Waiting-City & Colour-March                                                            422
 42-So What-Pink-October                                                                   404
 43-Best I Ever Had-State Of Shock-November                                                396
 44-Burnin' Up-Jonas Brothers-August                                                       382
 45-Touch My Body-Mariah Carey-April                                                       382
 46-Just Dance-Lady GaGa & Colby O'Donnis-September                                       366
 47-Disturbia-Rihanna-August                                                               364
 48-I Don't Care-Fall Out Boy-November                                                     358
 49-Long Road To Ruin-Foo Fighters-February                                                358
 50-Scream-Teri Hilson,Timbaland & Nicole Scherzinger-March                                356
 51-7 Things-Miley Cyrus-September                                                         352
 52-This Suffering-Billy Talent-March                                                      352
 53-Kiss Kiss-Chris Brown & T-Pain-February                                                346
 54-I Kissed A Girl-Katy Perry-August                                                      344
 55-A Milli-Lil' Wayne-August                                                              332
 56-Ready,Set,Go!-Tokio Hotel-April                                                        330
 57-Bubbly-Colbie Caillat-January                                                          328
 58-Don't Call Me Baby-Kreesha Turner-August                                               326
 59-Shadow Of The Day-Linkin Park-January                                                  326
 60-Let It Rock-Kevin Rudolf & Lil' Wayne-November                                         314
 61-The Killer-Mobile-October                                                              308
 62-4 Minutes-Madonna & Justin Timberlake-June                                             308
 63-When I'm With You-Faber Drive-April                                                    308
 64-Break The Ice-Britney Spears-April                                                     306
 65-Hearts That Bleed-State Of Shock-March                                                 306
 66-Take A Bow-Rihanna-June                                                                304
 67-Low-Flo Rida & T Pain-February                                                         302
 68-Never Too Late-Hedley-May                                                              298
 69-Out Of My Head (Ay Ya Ya)-Ashlee Simpson-March                                         290
 70-I Feel It All-Feist-April                                                              286
 71-Love Like This-Natasha Bedingfield & Sean Kingston-February                            268
 72-With Me-Sum 41-April                                                                   250
 73-Love Lockdown-Kanye West-December                                                      232
 74-So Happy-Theory Of A Deadman-July                                                      228
 75-St.Andrews-Bedouin Soundclash-March                                                    214
 76-One Step At A Time-Jordin Sparks-September                                             210
 77-The Day That Never Comes-Metallica-November                                            196
 78-Calabria-Enur-April                                                                    160
 79-If I Never See Your Face Again-Rihanna & Maroon 5-July                                 158
 80-Sexy Can I-Ray J. & Yung Berg-June                                                     156
 81-Give IT 2 Me-Madonna-August                                                            152
 82-Nine In The Afternoon-Panic At The Disco-April                                         150
 83-Sequoia Throne-Protest The Hero-August                                                 140
 84-Single-New Kids On The Block-October                                                   122
 85-Hail Destroyer-Cancer Bats-August                                                      116
 86-Bye Bye-Mariah Carey-July                                                              106
 87-Homecoming-Kanye West & Chris Martin-June                                               74
 88-12:59 Lullaby-Bedouin Soundclash-August                                                 72
 89-Graves-Tokyo Police Club-October                                                        68
 90-Love Song-Sara Bareilles-April                                                          68
 91-Life Of A Soldier-ill Scarlet-January                                                   68
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