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?How Do I Live?? cover

   1-HOW DO I LIVE-LEANN RIMES-DECEMBER                          1778
   2-YOU WERE MEANT FOR ME-JEWEL-March                                   1712
   3-UN-BREAK MY HEART-TONI BRAXTON-January                              1598
   4-YOU MAKE ME WANNA...-USHER-November                                 1318
   5-CANDLE IN THE WIND (97)-Elton John-November                          1166
   6-I'LL BE MISSING YOU-PUFF DADDY & FAITH EVANS-August                 1148
   7-QUIT PLAYING GAMES-BACKSTREET BOYS-September                        1052
   8-CAN'T NOBODY HOLD ME DOWN-Puff Daddy-March                          1026
   9-DON'T LET GO(LOVE)-En Vogue-January                                 1020
 10-RETURN OF THE MACK-Mark Morrison-June                                914
 11-Wannabe-Spice Girls-March                                            898
 12-Semi-Charmed Life-Third Eye Blind-August                             878
 13-Something About The Way You Look-Elton John-December                 830
 14-Mmm Bop-Hanson-June                                                  742
 15-For You I Will-Monica-March                                          742
 16-Mo Money Mo Problems-Notorious B.I.G. & Puff Daddy-September         740
 17-My Body-LSG-December                                                 722
 18-My Love Is Shhh!-Something For The People-November                   664
 19-I'll Be-Foxxy Brown & Jay Z-March                                    662
 20-Bitch-Meredith Brooks-July                                           654
 21-Hard To Say I'm Sorry-Az Yet & Peter Cetera-March                    630
 22-4 Seasons Of Loneliness-Boyz/Men-October                             594
 23-Foolish Games-Jewel-August                                           586
 24-Everytime I Close Your Eyes-Babyface-February                        572
 25-Hypnotize-Notorious B.I.G.-May                                       566 
 26-I'm Still In Love With You-New Edition-January                       562
 27-Show Me Love-Robyn-December                                          560
 28-I Belong To You-Rome-June                                            540
 29-I Believe In You & Me-Whitney Houston-January                        538
 30-I Want You-Savage Garden-March                                       534
 31-Feels So Good-Mase-November                                          524
 32-In My Bed-Dru Hill-March                                             522
 33-2 Become 1-Spice Girls-September                                     518
 34-All Cried Out-Allure & 112-October                                   510
 35-Say You'll Be There-Spice Girls-June                                 502
 36-Honey-Mariah Carey-September                                         500
 37-G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.-Charmed Faces-June                                  488
 38-The Freshmen-Verve Pipe-June                                         454
 39-Do You Know-Robyn-July                                               436
 40-It's Your Love-Tim McGraw & Faith Hill-July                          398
 41-Sunny Came Home-Shawn Colvin-July                                    384
 42-Look Into My Eyes-Bone & Thugs-June                                  382
 43-All For You-Sister Hazel-September                                   306
 44-Where Have All The Cowboys Gone-Paula Cole-April                     302
 45-Never Make A Promise-Dru Hill-August                                 302
 46-All By Myself-Celine Dion-March                                      296
 47-Not Tonight-Lil' Kim-August                                          270
 48-I Will Come To You-Hanson-December                                   242
 49-Get It Together-702-March                                            230
 50-Invisible Man-98 Degrees-September                                   216
 51-Ooh AAh...Just A Little Bit-Gina G.-January                          214
 52-The One I Gave My Heart To-Aaliyah-November                          184
 53-Cold Rock A Party-McLyte-February                                    182
 54-Building A Mystery-Sarah McLaughlin-October                          178
 55-Barbie Girl-Aqua-September                                           176
 56-Don't Cry For Me Argentina-Madonna-March                             168
 57-Every Day Is A Winding Road-Sheryl Crow-March                        146
 58-Gotham City-R.Kelly-August                                           124
 59-My Baby Daddy-D.Rock & The Bizz-May                                  122
 60-Fly Like An Eagle-Seal-January                                       116
 61-C.U. When U Get There-Coolio-August                                  112
 62-Sock It 2 Me-Elliot & Da Brat-November                               106
 63-Cupid-112-May                                                        104
 64-Discotheque-U2-February                                               80
 65-On And On-Erykah Badu-February                                        74
 66-Up Jumps Da Boogie-Magoo & Timbaland-September                        72
 67-Smile-Scarface,2 Pac & Johnny P.-July                                 34

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