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No.Song-Artist-Peak Month
  9 BREEZIN' ALONG THE BREEZE-Johnny Marvin-December
 10 ALWAYS-Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra-June
 11 When The Red,Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobin' Along-Al Jolson-October
 12 Gimme A Lil' Kiss,Will Ya,Huh?-"Whispering" Jack Snith-June
 13 Five Foot Two,Eyes Of Blue-Gene Austin-May
 14 Brown Eyes Why Are You Blie-Nick Lucas-January
 15 Sunny-George Olsen & His Orchestra-March
 16 Dinah-Ethel Waters-February
 17 Reaching For The Moon-Ben Bernie & His Orchestra-August
 18 I've Found A New Baby-Ted Lewis & His Band-July
 19 Horses-George Olsen & His Orchestra-July
 20 Always-Henry Burr-June
 21 The Death Of Floyd Collins-Vernon Dalhart-January
 22 Black Bottom-Johnny Hamp & His Orchestra-December
 23 How Many Times?-Benny Krueger & His Orchestra-November
 24 Where'd You Get Those Eyes-Ted Lewis & His Band-October
 25 The Girl Friend-George Olsen & His Orchestra-September
 26 Lonesome And Sorry-Ruth Etting-August
 27 Valencia-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-August
 28 Drifting And Dreaming (Sweet Paradise)-George Olsen & His Orchestra-June
 29 Sleepy Time Gal-Nick Lucas-March
 30 Show Me The Way To Go Home-Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra-March
 31 Barcelona-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-November
 32 The Blue Room-Revelers-October
 33 At Peace With The World-Al Jolson-September
 34 Mary Lou-Abe Lyman & His California Orchestra-July
 35 Sleepy Time Gal-Gene Austin-April
 36 There's A New Star In Heaven Tonight:Rudolph Valentino-Vernon Dalhart-December
 37 Dinah-Revelers-February
 38 The Birth Of The Blues-Harry Richman-November
 39 Looking At The World Thro' Rose-Colored Glasses-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-November
 40 Mountain Greenery-Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra-October
 41 Cherie,I Love You-Ben Bernie & His Orchestra-August
 42 A Night Of Love-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-July
 43 Just A Cottage Small-John McCormack-April
 44 Bye Bye,Blackbird-Nick Lucas-August
 45 Always-Nick Lucas-June
 46 Lucky Day-George Olsen & His Orchestra-November
 47 Katinka-George Olsen & His Orchestra-November
 48 Am I Wasting My Time On You?-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-November
 49 Lost Your Head Blues-Bessie Smith-October
 50 Valencia (A Song Of Spain)-Revelers-September
 51 Sleepy Head-Ford & Glenn-June
 52 Thanks For The Buggy Ride-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-May
 53 Song Of The Vagabounds-Dennis King-May
 54 A Cup Of Coffee,A Sandwich,And You-Jack Buchanan & Gertrude Lawrence-March
 55 Brown Eyes,Why Are You Blue?-Carl Fenton & His Orchestra-January
 56 At Peace With The World-Isham Jones & His Orchestra-September
 57 Am I Wasting My Time On You?-Lewis James-August 
 58 I Wish I Had My Old Gal Back Again-Al Jolson-August
 59 Song Of The Flame-Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra-June
 60 That Certain Feeling-Paul Whiteman-May
 61 My Castle In Spain-Isham Jones & His Orchestra-April
 62 Dinah-Cliff Edwards-March
 63 Sentimental Me-Arden-Ohman Orchestra-February
 64 The Original Charleston-Isham Jones & His Orchestra-February
 65 You Forgot To Remember-Henry Burr-February
 66 Baby Face-"Whispering" Jack Smith-December
 67 On The Riviera-Carl Mathieu,Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-December
 68 Baby Face-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-November
 69 After I Say I'm Sorry-Abe Lyman & His California Orchestra-June
 70 I Love My Baby-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-May
 71 Miami-Al Jolson-April
 72 The Wreck Of The Shenandoah-Vernon Dalhart-January
 73 I Can't Get Over A Girl Like You (Loving A Boy Like Me)-Billy Murray-December 
 74 I Can't Get Over A Girl Like You (Loving A Boy Like Me)-Aileen Stanley & Frank Banta-December 
 75 Love Bound-Ted Weems & His Orchestra-September
 76 After You've Gone-Bessie Smith-August
 77 Here In My Arms-Leo Reisman & His Orchestra-June
 78 Im Knee Deep In Daisies (And Head Over Heels In Love)-George Olsen & His Orchestra-January
 79 When The Red,Red Robin Comes Bob,Bob,Bobin' Along-Paul Whiteman-December
 80 Bye Bye Blackbird-Benny Krueger & His Orchestra-September
 81 I'd Climb The Highest Mountain (If I Knew I'd Find You)-Al Jolson-August
 82 Only A Rose-Carolyn Thompson-May
 83 I Wonder Where My Baby Is To-night?-Billy Murray & Henry Burr-March
 84 Cecelia-"Whispering" Jack Smith-February
 85 My Yiddishe Momme-Willie Howard-January
 86 Rio Rita-Lewis James,Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-June
 87 Cross Your Heart-Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra-October
 88 Ya Gotta Know How To Love-Gene Austin-September
 89 Muskrat Ramble-Louis Armstrong-July
 90 The Governor's Prdon-Vernon Dalhart-July
 91 Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley-Johnny Marvin-May
 92 I Never Knew-Gene Austin-March
 93 Freshie-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-January
 94 That Certain Party-Ted Lewis & His Band-April
 95 A Little Bungalow-Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra-March
 96 Paddlin' Madelin' Home-Ipana Troubadors-March
 97 I Ain't Got Nobody-Bessie Smith-February
 98 There's A Blue Ridge In My Heart,Virginia-Abe Lyman & His California Orchestra-July
 99 Lullaby Lane-Frank Munn-January
100 The Convict And The Rose-Vernon Dalhart-January
101 Why Do Ya Roll Those Eyes?-Paul Whiteman-December
102 That's Why I Love You-Johnny Hamp & His Orchestra-November
103 When The Red,Red Robin Comes Bob,Bob,Bobbin' Along-"Whispering" Jack Smith-October
104 The Blue Room-Sam Lanin & His Orchestra-August
105 The Blue Room-Melofy Sheiks-August
106 Sugar-Ethel Waters-July
107 Sorry And Blue-Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra-July
108 This Means Nothing To Me-Irene Bordoni-June
109 Song Of The Flame-Ipana Troubadors-June
110 Song Of The Vagabonds-Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra-April
111 That Certain Party-Ernest Hare & Bill Jones-March
112 Then I'll Be Happy-"Whispering" Jack Smith-March
113 Just A Cottage Small-Franklyn Baur-March
114 I'm Sitting On Top Of The World-Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra-February 
115 Bam,Bam,Bamy Shore-Ted Lewis & His Band-February
116 Oh Boy! What A Girl-Eddie Cantor-January
117 Someone Is Losin' Susan-Harry Reser's Orchestra-December
118 Lucky Day-Revelers-December
119 Baby Face-Lewis James & Ipana Troubadors-November
120 Where'd You Get Those Eyes?-Vaughn Deleath-October
121 Only You And Lonely Me-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-September
122 Cherie,I Love You-Ross Gorman & His Orchstra-September
123 But I Do,You Know I Do-Ruth Etting-August
124 Spanish Shawl-Blossom Seeley-August
125 Poor Papa-"Whispering" Jack Smith-August
126 Tamiami Trail-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-July
127 Cossack Love Song-Ipana Troubadors-June
128 Sweet And Low-Down-Harry Archer & His Orchestra-June
129 Kentucky's Way Of Saying "Good Morning"-Brox Sisters-May
130 I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me)-Aileen Stanley-May
131 Here In My Arms-Jack Shilkret & His Orchestra-April
132 Five Foot Two,Eyes Of Blue-Art Landry & His Orchestra-April
133 Carolina Stomp-Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra-March
134 Sleep Time Gal-Henry Burr,Art Landry & His Orchestra-March
135 Remember-Cliff Edwards-February
136 Keep Your Skirts Down,Mary Ann-Billy Murray-February 
137 Keep Your Skirts Down,Mary Ann-Aileen Stanley-February   
138 Don't Wake Me Up,Let Me Dream-Howard Lanin & His Orchestra-January
139 Birth Of The Blues-Revelers-November
140 Breezin' Along With The Breeze-Abe Lyman & His California Orchestra-November 
141 Bye Bye Blackbird-Leo Reisman & His Orchestra-September
142 I'd Climb The Highest Mountain-August
143 Just Around The Corner-Revelers-August
144 I've Found A New Baby-Ethel Waters-June
145 Some Other Bird Whistled A Tune-"Whispering" Jack Smith-June
146 Poor Little Rich Girl-Gertrude Lawrence-April
147 Sleepy Time Gal-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-March
148 You Forgot To Remember-John McCormack-March
149 Brown Eyes Why Are You Blue-Franklyn Baur-February
150 Cross Your Heart-Vaughn Deleath & & Ed Smalle-December
151 At Dawning-Jesse Crawford-December
152 When The Red,Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob Bobbin' Along-Cliff Edwards-November 
153 When The Red,Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob Bobbin' Along-Ipana Troubadors-November 
154 At Peace With The World-Franklyn Baur & Lewis James-September
155 Valencia-Ross Gorman & His Orchestra-August
156 Always-Lewis James-June
157 I'm Sitting On Top Of The World-Frank Crumit-June
158 Looking For A Boy-Arden-Ohman Orchestra-April
159 Show Me The Way To Go Home-Ernest Hare & Bill Jones-March
160 Dleepy Time Gal-Lewis James-March
161 The Lonesomest Girl In Town-Morton Downey-February
162 The Prisoner's Sweetheart-Henry Burr-November
163 Tonight's My Night With My Baby-"Whispering" Jack Smith-November
164 I Wish I Had My Old Gal Back Again-Henry Burr-September
165 Horses-Georgians-August
166 Gimme A Little Kiss,Will Ya,Huh?-Billy Jones-August
167 Song Of The Flame-Victor Light Opera Company-June
168 Sweet Child (I'm Wild About You)-June
169 Dinah-Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra--April
170 Save Your Sorrow (For Tomorrow)-Gene Austin-March
171 Cecelia-Johnny Hamp & His Orchestra-February
172 Turkey In The Straw-Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers-December
173 Valencia-Jesse Crawford-November
174 Cherie,I Love You-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-November
175 Lonesome And Sorry-Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra-September
176 Everything's Gonna Be All Right-Ipana Troubadors-August
177 Let's Talk About My Sweetie-Ruth Etting-June
178 Let Me Linger,Longer In Your Arms-Peerless Quartet & Henry Burr-February
179 How Many Times?-Ernest Hare & Bill Jones-December
180 Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again-Brox Sisters-June
181 Flamin' Mamie-Coon-Sanders Orchestra-June
182 Five Foot Two,Eyes Of Blue-Ernie Golden & His Orchstra-March
 * This list was compiled by data from the book titled
"Joel Whitburn's Pop Memories 1890-1954"
(1986) by Billboard Publications,Inc.
Whitburn's book used data from:
               Talking Machine World
               Other trade publications
               Sheet Music Sales
               Best-selling records information
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