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No.-Song-Artist-Peak Month
  8 TOGETHER-Paul Whiteman-April
  9 LAUGH,CLOWN,LAUGH!-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-July
 10 I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE-Cliff Edwards ("Ukelele Ike")-October
 11 Ol' Man River-Paul Whiteman-May
 12 Girl Of My Dreams-Gene Austin & Bob McGimsey-July
 13 Jeanninie (I Dream Of Lilac Time)-Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-October
 14 Mother Of Mine,I Still Have You-Al Jolson-February
 15 Diane (I'm In Heaven When I See You Smile)-Franklyn Baur,Lewis James,Elliot Shaw & Troubadors-January
 16 I Wanna Be Loved You-Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra-December
 17 My Angel (Angela Mia)-Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra-August
 18 My Mammy-Al Jolson-July
 19 I Can't Give You Anything But Love-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-October
 20 Blue Yodel-Jimmie Rodgers-May
 21 Ah! Sweet Mystery Of Life-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-August
 22 The Sidewalks Of New York-Lewis James,Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-September
 23 Wildwood Flower-Carter Family-September
 24 Among My Souvenirs-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-March
 25 Sweet Sue:Just You-Earl Burtnett & His Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orchestra-July
 26 My Melancholy Baby-Gene Austin-February
 27 Sweet Sue:Just You-Ben Pollack & His Orchestra-August
 28 Mary Ann-Cliff Edwards-May
 29 I Scream-You-Scream-We All Screamed For Ice Cream-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-March
 30 I Can't Give You Anything But Love-Johnny Hamp & His Orchestra-November
 31 Chamges-Paul Whiteman-March
 32 My Ohio Home-Nick Lucas-April
 33 Bill-Helen Morgan-May
 34 The Man I Love-Marion Harris-April
 35 A Shady Tree-Paul Whiteman-January
 36 When You're Smiling-Seger Ellis & His Orchestra-December
 37 Chiquita-Paul Whiteman-September
 38 Get Out And Under The Moon-Paul Whiteman-August
 39 C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-I-N-O-P-L-E-Paul Whiteman-August
 40 Ol' Man River-Al Jolson-June
 41 My Yiddishe Momme-Sophie Tucker-November
 42 'S Wonderful-Frank Crumit-January
 43 Back In Your Own Back Yard-Ruth Etting-April
 44 My Heart Stood Still-George Olsen & His Orchestra-February
 45 King For A Day-Ted Lewis & His Band-November
 46 That's My Weakness Now-Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra-October
 47 Just Like A Melody Out Of The Sky-Gene Austin-September 
 48 Without You,Sweetheart-Gene Austin-July
 49 Laugh,Clown,Laugh!-Ted Lewis & His Band-July
 50 Did You Mean It?-Lewis James,Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-March
 51 Thinking Of You-Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-January
 52 Doin'The Raccoon-George Olsen & His Orchestra-December
 53 Someday:Somewhere-Nick Lucas-November
 54 I Can't Do Without You-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-June
 55 Together,We Two-Keller Sisters,Isham Jones & His Orchestra-February
 56 Memories Of France-Gene Austin-October
 57 I'm On The Crest Of A Wave-Paul Whiteman-October
 58 Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella-Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra-May
 59 Hallelujah,I'm A Bum-Vernon Dalhart-December
 60 Jeannine,I Dream Of Lilac Time-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-November
 61 Painting The Clouds With Sunshine-Ernie Golden & His Orchstra-October
 62 Coquette-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians-July
 63 Mississippi Mud-Paul Whiteman-June
 64 Dancing Tambourine-Paul Whiteman-January
 65 Sonny Boy-Ruth Etting-December
 66 Sunshine-Paul Whiteman-May
 67 Two Black Crows:Parts 5 & 6 (Curiosities On The Farm)-Moran & Mack-March
 68 My Blue Ridge Mountain Home-Vernon Dalhart-February
 69 The Brakeman's Blues-Jimmie Rodgers-August
 70 Old Man Sunshine,Little Boy Bluebird-George Olsen & His Orchestra-October
 71 The Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)-Ruth Etting-March
 72 Roses Of Yesterday-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-December
 73 Get Out And Under The Moon-Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra-October
 74 Ah!Sweet Mystery Of Life-Leo Reisman & His Orchestra-August
 75 Chloe (Song Of The Swamp)-Paul Whiteman-July
 76 Make Believe-Paul Whiteman-May
 77 Henry's Made A Lady Out Of Lizzie-Ernest Hare & Bill Jones-April
 78 My Blue Heaven-Nick Lucas-February
 79 Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me-Paul Whiteman-August
 80 Ol' Man River-Paul Robeson-June
 81 Ol' Man River-Paul Whiteman-June 
 82 Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man-Moran & Mack-June
 83 My Heart Stood Still-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-February
 84 West End Blues-Louis Armstrong-October
 85 Out Of The Dawn-Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-November
 86 A Good Man Is Hard To Find-Ted Lewis & His Band-September
 87 Dirty Hands! Dirty Face!-Al Jolson-June
 88 There's A Cradle In Caroline-February
 89 The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi-Gene Austin-January
 90 Keep On The Sunny Side-Carter Family-November
 91 You Took Advantage Of Me-Paul Whiteman-August
 92 The Soldier's Sweetneart-Jimmie Rodgers-January
 93 You're A Real Sweetheart-Nick Lucas-September
 94 Beloved-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians-July
 95 So Tired-Gene Austin-July
 96 Why Do I Love You?-Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-June
 97 Golden Gate-Al Jolson-May
 98 Keep Sweeping Cobwebs Off The Moon-Ted Lewis,His Band & Ruth Etting-April
 99 My Blue Heaven-Lewis James,Don Voorhees & His Orchestra-January
100 Happy Days And Lonely Night-Ruth Etting-September
101 Blue Yodel No.3-Jimmie Rodgers-December
102 I Must Have That Man!-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-November
103 Ten Little Miles From Home-Ben Bernie & His Orchestra-November
104 Beloved-Ruth Etting-September
105 Crazy Rhythm-Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra-August
106 Ramona-Ruth Etting-June
107 Mary Ann-Ted Lewis & His Band-May
108 Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow-Carter Family-May
109 Together-Cliff Edwards-April
110 Is She My Girl Friend?-Van & Schenck-March
111 Among My Souvenirs-Revelers-March
112 Thou Swell-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-March
113 There'll Be Some Changes Made-Sophie Tucker-February
114 For Old Times' Sake-Annette Hanshaw-November
115 Old Pals Are The Best Pals After All-Gene Austin-November
116 Dusky Stevedore-Elliot Shaw,Wilfred Glenn,Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-November
117 Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now-Ruth Etting-September
118 What Is A Dream?-Jan Garber & His Orchestra-July
119 Ol' Man River-Revelers-June
120 Hotter Than That-Louis Armstrong-May
121 When You're With Somebody Else-Ruth Etting-May
122 Is Everybody Happy Now?-Ruth Etting,Ted Lewis & His Band-March
123 Little Log Cabin Of Dreams-Paul Whiteman-July
124 King Porter Stomp-Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra--December
125 Neapolitan Nights (Oh,Night Of Splendor)-Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-November
126 Was It A Dream?-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-July
127 Say "Yes" Today-Ruth Etting-July
128 Little Mother-Vaughn Deleath-July
129 The Man I Love-Sophie Tucker-June                        
130 After My Laughter Came Tears-Cliff Edwards-April
131 Dream Kisses-Ipana Troubadors-February
132 Broken Dreams-Columbians-January
133 My Heart Stood Still-Paul Whiteman-March
134 Once In A Lifetime-Johnny Johnson & His Orchestra-December
135 Masqurtade-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-December
136 Anything You Say-Cliff Edwards-October
137 Rosetta-Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra-October
138 My Man-Fanny Brice-April
139 Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella-Sam Lanin & His Orchestra-April
140 'S Wonderful-Ipana Troubadors-April
141 Together-Nick Lucas-March
142 Together,We Two-Ruth Etting-March
143 Louisiana-Paul Whiteman-September
144 Singapore Sorrows-California Ramblers-June
145 Without You,Sweetheart-Nick Lucas-May
146 Sunshine-Nick Lucas-June
147 Among My Souvenirs-Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra-March
148 Nobody's Sweetheart-Red Nichols & His Five Pennies-August
149 My Stormy Weather Pal-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-July
150 Together,We Two-Vaughn Deleath-Vaughn Deleath & Ed Smalle-February
151 Nagasacki-Ipana Troubadors-October
152 Two Black Crows:Part 7 (No Matter How Hungry A Horse Is,He Cannot Eat A Bit)-Moran & Mack-July 
153 A Good Man Is Hard To Find-Bessie Smith-March
154 Up In The Clouds-Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-January
155 Baby,Won't You Please Come Home-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-January
156 Struttin' With Some Barbecue-Louis Armstrong-July
157 In The Jail House Now-Jimmie Rodgers-July 
158 Funny Face-Arden-Ohman Orchestra-April
159 Sonny Boy-Jan Garber & His Orchestra-December
160 Just Like A Melody Out Of The Sky-Cliff Edwards-September
161 Dream House-Scrappy Lambert,Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-September
162 In My Bouquet Of Memories-Gene Austin-July
163 She's A Great,Great Girl-Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra-June
164 From Monday On-Paul Whiteman-June
165 My One And Only-Jane Green-May
166 Did You Mean It?-Marion Harris-March
167 Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows-Bernie Cummins & His Orchestra-March
168 The Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)-"Whispering" Jack Smith-February
169 Riverboat Shuffle-Red Nichols & His Five Pennies-January
170 Black And Tan Fantasy-Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra-May
171 I'm On The Crest Of A Wave-George Olsen & His Orchestra-November
172 Just Like A Melody Out Of The Sky-Paul Whiteman-October
173 Evening Star-Paul Whiteman-September
174 Imagination-Harry Reser's Orchestra-August
175 At The Jazz Band Ball-Bix Beiderbecke-February 
176 When The Morning Glories Wake Up The Morning (Then I'll Kiss Your 2 Lips Goodnight)-Don Voorhees  Orch.-Jan.
177 The Man I Love-Paul Whiteman-September
178 Out Of Town Gal-Paul Whiteman-December
179 Down Where The Sun Goes Down-Coon-Sanders Orchestra-November
180 Do I Hear You Saying "I Love You"-Vaughn Deleath & Frank Harris-November
181 My Angel-Scrappy Lambert-August
182 Japansy-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians-August
183 Hello,Montreal!-Ted Lewis & His Band-July
184 Dawn-Lewis James,Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-March
185 Rain-Sam Lanin & His Orchestra-March
186 Wherever You Are-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-January
187 That Melody Of Love-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-June
188 Blue River-Al Jolson-February
189 Milenberg Joys-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-December
190 Four Or Five Times-King Oliver & His Jazz Band-December
191 Thinking Of You-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-February
192 An Old Guitar And An Old Refrain-Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra-February
193 My Blue Heaven-Seger Ellis & His Orchestra-February
194 Moonlight Madness (Then You Were Gone)-Ted Lewis & His Band-November
195 Mr.Hoover And Mr.Smith-Ernest Hare & Bill Jones-November
196 Dusky Stevedore-Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra-October
197 Diga Diga Doo-Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra-September
198 Evening Star-Irving Aaronson & His Commanders-August
199 Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers-Paul Whiteman-June
200 Washboaed Blues-Paul Whiteman-March
201 Moten Stomp-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-January
202 Forgetting You-Kitty O'Connor-October
203 I Still Love You-Johnny Marvin-September
204 My Pet-Paul Ash & His Orchestra-July
205 Ramona-Scrappy Lambert-July
206 Let's Misbehave-Ben Bernie & His Orchestra-June
207 Mississippi Mud-Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra-May
208 So Tired-Art Gillham-April
209 Cobble-Stones-Ted Weems & His Orchestra-April
210 Give Me A Night In June-Johnny Marvin-January
211 If You Don't Love Me-Johnny Marvin-December
212 A Monday Date-Louis Armstrong-December
213 Memories Of France-Henry Burr-October
214 I'm On The Crest Of A Wave-Harry Richman-October
215 I Must Be Dreaming-Lou Gold & His Orchestra & Scrappy Lambert-October
216 Dixie Dawn-Dorsey Brothers Orchestra-September
217 It Was The Dawn Of Love-Paul Whiteman-September
218 I Can't Give You Anything But Love-Seger Ellis & His Orchestra-September
219 Sugar-Paul Whiteman-August
220 Oh Baby!-Ted Lewis & His Band-August
221 Indian Cradle Song-August
222 Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man-Ben Bernie & His Orchestra-July
223 Wings-Clicquot Club Eskimos-June
224 Creole Love Call-Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra-May
225 Is She My Girl Friend?-Coon-Sanders-April
226 A Memory That Time Cannot Erase-Vernon Dalhart & Carson Robinson-March
227 My Stormy Weather Pal-Johnny Johnson & His Orchestra-March
228 The Man I Love-Vaughn DeLeath,Fred Rich & His Orchestra-March
229 Wolverine Blues-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-March
230 Diane (I'm In Heaven When I See You Smile)-Nathan Glantz & His Orchestra-March
231 Afternoon Of A Faun,Parts 1 & 2-Philadelphia Orchestra-January
232 Doin' The New Low Down-Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra-November
233 Who Wouldn't Be Blue?-Ted Weems & His Orchestra-October
234 Ready For The River-Coon-Sanders Orchestra-September
235 Without You,Sweetheart-Johnny Marvin,Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra-July
236 Stay Out Of The South (If You Want To Miss A Heaven On Earth)-Earl Burtnett / Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orch.-July
237 Empty Bed Blues-Bessie Smith-July
238 Coquette-Dorsey Brothers Orchestra-June
239 Mazurka In C Sharp Minor-Vladamir Horowitz-June
240 Mississippi Sweetheart-Adrian Schubert & His Salon Orchestra-May
241 Thinking Of You-Harry Archer & His Orchestra-March
242 In A Mist-Bix Beiderbecke-February
243 Here Comes The Showboat-Vaughn Deleath-January
244 Diane (I'm In Heaven When I See You Smile)-Franklyn Baur-January
245 Rain-Arnold Frank & His Roger's Cafe Orchestra-January

 * This list was compiled by data from the book titled
 "Joel Whitburn's Pop Memories 1890-1954"
(1986) by Billboard Publications,Inc.
Whitburn's book used data from:
               Talking Machine World (through 1929)
               Other trade publications
               Sheet Music Sales
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