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No.-Song-Artist-Peak Month
  9 OUT OF NOWHERE-Bing Crosby-May
 11 Just One More Chance-Bing Crosby-July
 12 Goodnight,Sweetheart-Guy Lombardo-December
 13 When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain-Kate Smith-October
 14 Just A Gigolo-Ted Lewis & His Band-February
 15 Star Dust-Isham Jones-April
 16 Minnie The Moocher-Cab Calloway-April
 17 Sweet And Lovely-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians-September
 18 Now That You're Gone-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians-October
 19 I Found A Million Dollar Baby-Bing Crosby-August
 20 Somebody Loves You-Ted Lewis & His Band-May
 21 (There Ought To Be A) Moonlight Savings Time-Hal Kemp & His Orchestra-June
 22 I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)-Ernie Burchill,Andy Hansen,Bill Enger,Wayne King & His Orchestra-Novem.
 23 Sugar Blues-Clyde McCoy & His Orchestra-May
 24 An Ev'ning In Caroline-Ted Lewis & His Band-December
 25 When Yuba Plays The Rhumba On The Tuba-Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees-August
 26 Gems From "George White's Scandals"-Boswell Sisters,Bing Crosby,Mills Brothers & Victor Young's Orch.-Dec.
 27 Dancing In The Dark-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-August
 28 I Surrender,Dear-Bing Crosby,Gus Arnheim & His Coconut Grove Orchestra-March
 29 Mood Indigo-Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra-March
 30 Many Happy Returns Of The Day-Bing Crosby-September
 31 Whistling In The Dark-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians-May
 32 You're Driving Me Crazy! (What Did I Do?)-Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees-January
 33 St.James Infirmary-Cab Calloway-June
 34 I'm Through With Love-Bing Crosby-August
 35 Now You're In My Arms-Bert Lown & His Orchestra-June
 36 Dancing In The Dark-Bing Crosby-October
 37 I Wanna Sing About You-Biltmore Rhythm Boys,Bert Lown & His Orchestra-July
 38 Good Night,Sweetheart-Russ Columbo-November
 39 I Apologize-Bing Crosby-October
 40 Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries-Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees-September
 41 Without That Gal!-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians-July
 42 I Found A Milion-Dollar Baby-Boswell Sisters & Victor Young's Orchestra-July 
 43 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone-Gene Austin,Leonard Jay & His Orchestra-May
 44 Just A Gigolo-Ben Bernie & His Orchestra-February
 45 To Whom It May Concern-Ben Bernie & His Orchestra-February
 46 The Waltz You Saved Me For-Wayne King & His Orchestra-February
 47 When You're Hair Has Turned To Silver-Frank Luther & Carson Robinson-March
 48 Wabash Moon-Wayne King & His Orchestra-May
 49 Nobody's Sweetheart-Mills Brothers-December
 50 Kickin' The Gong Around-Cab Calloway-December
 51 Guilty-Ruth Etting-October
 52 I Love Louisa-Fred Astaire,Leo Reisman & His Orchestra-August
 53 Would You Like To Take A Walk?-Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees-March
 54 Begging For Love-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians-September
 55 Little Girl-Harold Arlen-August
 56 Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams-Bing Crosby-June
 57 A Faded Summer Love-Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra-November
 58 The Little Things In Life-Bing Crosby,Gus Arnheim & His Orchestra-January
 59 Lady Of Spain-Ray Noble & His Orchestra-November
 60 Good Night,Sweetheart-Bing Crosby & Victor Young's Orchestra-November
 61 You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love)-Russ Columbo-October
 62 Love For Sale-Libby Holman-March
 63 I Got Rhythm-Red Nichols & His Five Pennies-January
 64 One More Time-Bing Crosby,Gus Arnheim & His Coconut Grove Orchestra-May
 65 Love Is Like That-Ruth Etting-April
 66 Star Dust-Bing Crosby-September
 67 Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)-Rob May,Jack Denny & His Orchestra-June
 68 Lady,Play Your Mandolin-Nick Lucas-February
 69 The Peanut Vendor-California Ramblers-February
 70 The Peanut Vendor-Red Nichols & His Five Pennies-February 
 71 When It's Sleepy Time Down South-Mildred Baley,Romancers,Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra-Dec.
 72 Love Letters In The Sand-Ted Black & His Orchestra-October
 73 Time On My Hands (You In My Arms)-Smith Ballew & His Piping Rock Orchestra-November
 74 HoHum!-Ted Lewis & His Band-June
 75 When I Take My Sugar To Tea-Boswell Sisters & Dorsey Brothers Orchestra-May
 76 Reaching For The Moon-Ruth Etting-February
 77 Something To Remember You By-Libby Holman-January
 78 Time On My Hands-Lee Wiley,Leo Reisman & His Orchestra-December
 79 Just One More Chance-Abe Lyman & His California Orchestra-July
 80 There Ought To Be A Moonlight Saving Time-High Hatters-July
 81 Ho Hum!-Bing Crosby,Loyce Whiteman,Gus Arnheim & His Coconut Grove Orchestra-June
 82 Out Of Nowhere-Frank Munn,Leo Reisman & His Orchestra-May
 83 Where Have You Been?-Emil Coleman & His Orchestra-January
 84 Dallas Blues-Ted Lewis & His Band-November
 85 The King's Horses (And The King's Men)-Ben Bernie & His Orchestra-March
 86 I'm Good For Nothing But Love-Ruth Etting-October
 87 I'm All Dressed Up With A Broken Heart-Ted Lewis & His Band-August
 88 When The Moonlight Comes Over The Mountain-Nick Lucas-August
 89 Roll On,Mississippi,Roll On-Boswell Sisters & Dorsey Brothers Orchestra-July
 90 Them There Eyes-Bing Crosby,Rhythm Boys,Gus Arnheim & His Orchestra-January
 91 Cheerful Little Earful-Tom Gerun & His Orchestra-January
 92 You're Driving Me Crazy-Nick Lucas-January
 93 Cuban Love Song-Jacques Renard & His Orchestra-November
 94 I'm Through With Love-Henry Busse & His Orchestra-July
 95 Walkin' My Baby Back Home-Parker Gibbs,Ted Weems & His Orchestra-April
 96 Walkin' My Baby Back Home-Nick Lucas-March
 97 You Try Somebody Else (We'll Be Back Together Again)-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians-December
 98 Tickeration-Cab Calloway-December
 99 Without That Gal!-Leo Reisman & His Orchestra-September
100 I'm An Unemployed Sweetheart(Looking For Somebody To Love)-Ted Wallace & His Campus Boys-August
101 Lonesome Lover-Frank Sylvano,Isham Jones & His Orchestra-February
102 Three Little Words-Ethel Waters-January
103 A Faded Summer Love-Bing Crosby-November
104 I Don't Know Why-Smith Ballew,Benny Krueger & His Orchestra-November 
105 Slow But Sure-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-September
106 Why Shouldn't I-Loyce Whiteman,Gus Arnheim & His Coconut Grove Orchestra-July
107 Bidin' My Time-Foursome-December
108 Call Me Darling (Call Me Sweetheart,Call Me Dear)-Ben Selvin & Cavaliers-
109 I'm Alone Because I Love You-Frank Luther-March
110 Sweet And Lovely-Bing Crosby-October
111 Shine On,Harvest Moon-Ethel Waters-September
112 It's The Girl-Boswell Sisters & Dorsey Brothers Orchestra-September
113 Egyptian Ella-Ted Lewis & His Band-May
114 My Woman!-Ted Lewis & His Band-April
115 Truly (I Love You)-Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra-February
116 You're My Everything-Arden-Ohman Orchestra-December
117 Blue Again-Red Nichols & His Five Pennies-February
118 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone-Bert Lown & His Orchestra-May
119 My Song-Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees-October
120 Georgia On My Mind-Paul Tremaine & His Orchestra-September
121 New Sun In The Sky-Fred Astaire,Leo Reisman & His Orchestra-August
122 Dancing In The Dark-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-July
123 When Your Lover Has Gone-Gene Austin,Leonard Jay & His Orchestra-May
124 Lady,Play Your Mandolin-Havana Novelty Orchestra-February
125 Ooh! That Kiss-Arden-Ohman Orchestra-December
126 The Thrill Is Gone-Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees-September
127 Give Me Your Affection,Honey-Abe Lyman & His California Orchestra-September
128 On The Beach With You-Cliff Gamet,Johnny Hamp & His Orchestra-July
129 Goofus-Wayne King & His Orchestra-February
130 You're The One I Care For-Bert Lown & His Orchestra-February
131 Guilty-Wayne King & His Orchestra-November
132 Me!-Ben Bernie & His Orchestra-September
133 Were You Sincere?-Ruth Etting-June
134 When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain-Ben Gordon,Leo Reisman & His Orchestra-August
135 Heartaches-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians-March
136 You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love)-Smith Ballew & His Piping Rock Orchestra-November
137 Two Hearts In Waltz Time-Johnny Hamp & His Orchestra-May
138 Tears-Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees-February
139 My Ideal-Maurice Chevalier-January
140 That's Why Darkies Were Born-Kate Smith-December
141 I Apologize-Paul Small,Nat Shilkret & The Victor Young Orchestra-October
142 High And Low-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-August
143 It Looks Like Love-Abe Lyman & His California Orchestra-July
144 Were You Sincere?-Bing Crosby-June
145 At Last,I'm Happy-Ted Lewis & His Band-April
146 Sweet And Lovely-Ben Bernie & His Orchestra-September
147 Just A Gigolo-Bing Crosby-April
148 Blue Again-Sid Garry,Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra-January
149 As Time Goes By-Jacques Renard & His Orchestra-December
150 Now That You're Gone-Ruth Etting-October
151 Where The Blues Of The Night (Meets The Gold Of The Day)-December
152 I'll Bw Glad When You're Dead.You Rascal You-Louis Armstrong-November
153 Guilty-Russ Columbo-October
154 Limehouse Blues-Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra-September
155 You Can't Stop Me From Loving You-Ethel Waters-July 
156 In A Cafe On The Road To Calais-Abe Lyman & His California Orchestra-May
157 For You-Joe Green's Novelty Orchestra-April
158 Ninety-Nine Out Of A Hundred (Wanna Be Loved)-Ben Bernie & His Orchestra-March
159 Cuban Love Somg-Jack Fulton,Romancers,Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra-November
160 Nobody's Sweetheart-Cab Calloway-June
161 It Must Be True-Earl Burtnett & His Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orchestra-January
162 Basin Street Blues-Charleston Chasers-May
163 Somebody Stole My Gal-Ted Lewis & His Band-January
164 I Love To Hear A Military Band-Parker Gibbs,Ted Weems & His Orchestra-November
165 Six Or Seven Times-Cab Calloway-August
166 Smile,Darn Ya,Smile-Joe & Don Mooney,Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-April
167 Got The Bench,Got The Park-Noble Sissle & His Orchestra-March
168 Love For Sale-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-March
169 I'm One Of God's Children-Libby Holman-March
170 I've Got Five Dollars-Emil Coleman & His Orchestra-February
171 Yours And Mine-Smith Ballew,Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-January
172 Walkin' My Baby Back Home-Chaleston Chasers-April
173 Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea-Cab Calloway-December
174 Come To Me-High Hatters-August
175 I Don't Know Why-Kate Smith-November
176 As Time Goes By-Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees-September
177 When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain-Radiokites-August
178 Come To Me-Jacques Renard & His Orchestra-July
179 Chant Of The Weed-Don Redman & His Orchestra-December
180 Say A Little Prayer For Me-Smith Ballew & His Orchestra-May
181 Lonesome Valley-Carter Family-April
182 Imagine-Gene Conklin,Earl Burtnett & His Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orchestra-March
183 The Peanut Vendor-Louis Armstrong-March
184 Just A Gigolo-Leo Reisman & His Orchestra-February
185 Casa Loma Stomp-Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra-January
186 Body And Soul-Frank Luther,Leo Reisman & His Orchestra-January
187 Choo Choo-Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra-August
188 Star Dust-Louis Armstrong-December
189 Many Happy Returns Of The Day-Ipana Troubadors-September
190 Some Day,Sweetheart-Ted Lewis & His Band-February
191 Hello,Beautiful-Ernie Burchill,Bill Enger,Wayne King & His Orchestra-March
192 What Is It?-Smith Ballew & His Piping Rock Orchestra-October
193 Good Night,Sweetheart-Ruth Etting-December
194 Siboney-Alfredo Brito & His Siboney Orchestra-June
195 Star Dust-Wayne King & His Orchestra-June
196 You,Rascal,You-Cab Calloway-November
197 Do The New York-Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra-September
198 You Rascal,You-Red Nichols & His Five Pennies-July
199 Running Between The Rain-Drops-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians-March
200 I Got Rhythm-Ethel Waters-January
201 Creole Rhapsody,Parts 1 & 2-Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra-July
202 River,Stay Away From My Door-Ethel Waters-October
203 Mama Inez-Maurice Chevalier-September
204 On The Beach With You-Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra-July
205 Wabash Moon-Morton Downey-June
206 Walkin' My Baby Back Home-Lee Morse-April
207 Corrine Corrina-Red Nichols & His Five Pennies-March
208 Overnight-Ruth Etting-March
209 I Surrender,Dear-Earl Burtnett & His Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orchestra-February
210 Blues In My Heart-Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra-December
211 It Had To Be You-Red Nichols & His Five Pennies-November
212 Who Am I?-Jacques Renard & His Orchestra-October
213 Sweet And Lovely-Russ Columbo-October
214 Elizabeth-Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians-June
215 I've Got Five Dollars-Ben Pollack & His Orchesra-May
216 Rockin' In Rhythm-Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra-March 
217 Lies-Gene Austin,Ben Pollack & His Orchestra-December
218 Gems From "The Band Wagon"-Songsmiths,Victor Young & His Orchestra-October
219 (With You On My Mind I Find) I Can't Write The Words-Boswell Sisters & New Yorkers-October
220 Fan It-Red Nichols & His Five Pennies-September
221 Star Dust-Lee Sims-August
222 Dancing In The Dark-Frank Munn,Jacques Renard & His Orchestra-July
223 Just One More Chance-Ben Selvin & His Orchestra-July
224 Trav'lin' All Alone-Mildred Bailey,Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-March
225 He's Not Worth Your Tears-Scrappy Lambert,Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-January

 * This list was compiled by data from the book titled 

"Joel Whitburn's Pop Memories 1890-1954"
(1986) by Billboard Publications,Inc.
Whitburn's book used data from:
               Record label best-seller rankings (published each month in trade
               periodicals from 1929-1938)
               Other trade publications
               Sheet Music Sales
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